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Hat, Bag, & Necklace: c/o Oasap   Cardigan: Sears   Jeans: AE   Sneakers: Wet Seal

In case you haven't heard, one big spring trend for 2014 are statement necklaces. When I spotted this blue bedazzler on the Oasap website, I knew immediately it had to go in my shopping cart. I'm pleased to say that despite it's cheap price tag, it fits the look of those fancy necklaces that go upwards of $20. I'll take this bib necklace at $7.90 quite happily, thank you.

Oh, and that little anchor tattoo?
Sorry to disappoint, it's actually a temporary one. Haha, there were a few at the Rue 21 beauty section, and my friend Kirsten gave me a devilish look before saying, "We should get them!"
Well, who was I to say no? I've actually seriously considered getting one, and have even sketched out exactly what I want. It's something that references my Filipino heritage, combining the nation's stars in the flag with our family's personal, Igorot tribe symbol.

These photos were taken at my old middle school's playground, and it felt incredibly bizarre to be there again. When I got dressed for the day, I knew I wanted to get a playful theme for the blog photos.
I need to find a swing set!

It seriously felt like an acid trip or something with the flashbacks that came to me. Twirling on the swings, I could picture the annoying little girls that used to tail my friends and I around, constantly hanging around just to be near the "cool, older girls." Sitting on the slide, I turned around expecting the boys to be up at the top, sending bee corpses sliding down towards me in the impish hopes of seeing a girl shriek. Across the field, the old junkyard still remained, and I was disappointed to see the pickup we'd accidently batted a baseball into was gone.

Ahhh, memories.

Anyway, what do you guys think of this outfit? Lately I've felt more drawn to simple outfits that are just well put together. While I usually like to spice things up with an over the top piece styled into a comprehensive outfit, for today, it was all about classic staples. A good pair of jeans, a cardigan, some sneakers, and a few stylish  touches with the hat and necklace made for the perfect outfit.

"A classic is a book that doesn't have to be written again."
W. E. B. Du Bois
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Samantha said...

Ah, Linda, your pictures exude happiness! You're always so adorable. I love casualness of this outfit with it's pops of fun. Those sparkly shoes are so cool and I totally want your striped cardigan!

And maybe fake tattoos are better to play with. Real ones are addictive and before you know it you have more than you ever thought you'd get in the first place! I have five and have so many ideas for more :S

Rinako Camellia said...

Linda chan, you look so beautiful and happy! I love your photoshoots! <3


Kim Alston said...

Linda, this is the cutest photo shoot! You make me want to do the same. HAHAHA I love your outfit! That cardi is too cute. Love your necklace and sneakers. Great temporary tattoo.

Ashley Taylor said...

This is so cute, Linda :) Swings are my favorite! I've definitely been drawn to more basics lately, myself. Except my faux fur that I suddenly want to wear constantly... what is life.

xo Ashley

czarianonuevo said...

totally comfy chic look for spring!!! ohh i love your jeans!! the acid wash is so nice!!

czarina :)

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Loving this casual yet chic outfit! Looking great! xx

erica marie said...

Love the stripe cardigan...I happen to think stripes make everything better and OMG what a total steal on your necklace!

xo erica

Chloe, Wardrobe Quarry said...

I love the stripes and the necklace. Too pretty. The tattoo suits you, even if it is fake.

Wardrobe Quarry

Shes Dressing Up said...

Such a fun shoot! I love your necklace :)

London Loafers said...

gorgeous outfit! I just love how you accessorised with the hat and the bold necklace :)


Dylana Suarez said...



Flavia Eriel said...

Such a great post! :)
♥ ♡ ♥ ♡
Do you want to follow each other on instagram? I'm Chic Street Choc ! Thank uuu

Hoda Katebi said...

ohh my gosh you are too adorable! I love how playful this shoot is! And I am adoring your watch! xx

<(`) Hoda || JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

hi Linda! Haven't seen you in FOR like EVAH! I love this photo spread. I knew that anchor was fake but I also want to let you know it was cute, tho. I am NOT into Tatts, let me tell you but, that one is cute. Simple and a Sequin. lol

Thanks for the vote of courage and such in my dear fight with boob cancer. Lately I feel like I am fighting my doctors, too. Dang! I am so glad I postponed that ct scan; you have no idea how GLAD I am. Now I can enjoy Easter, which I was ready to sacrifice until I was pushed up against a wall, as it were.

HAPPY EASTER GIRLFRIEND! { I love the shoes in this ensemble a ton!}

Toks said...

Great look, minimalistic and chic

Lala H said...

im in to casual look too, it just feels right and easy right now.
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Mica T said...

Such a cute casual outfit! I like the printed shoes :)

Away From Blue

Ali Hval said...

Aw, it's amazing how being around childhood places like that can stir up such fond memories! I still live near my elementary school and can remember the same thing when I visit there. It's weird and everything seems so SMALL! when it used to seem so big, haha.

Those are some snazzy kicks, Linda!! I hope you have an AWESOMETASTIC WEEKEND!

Kati said...

What a fun photo shoot concept, Linda! I'm all tempted to go down to the playground, too, now!
The shoes are lovely and that hat perfect!


Natalia Bosch said...

Great style,

Lots of love.


adorable outfit, and super cute photos!


♥ Ellen
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Maiken said...

I think it's one very cool location! and just today I was sitting on a swing, thinking how cool location it would be.. nice coincidence, isn't it, hehe? :P anyway, I like your bold blue statement necklace and in my opinion statement necklaces are always in ;) oh and that rusty red bag is fierce too!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Joyce said...

I love this casual but stylish outfit! The statement necklace really dresses it up and I LOVE the cute sneakers :)

The tattoo you sketched out sounds really cool and meaningful! Though the anchor one is cute too ;)

Mili said...

I love that statement necklaces have made a comeback! Love yours, it contrasts nicely against the stripes :)


Elana said...

Ah, this shoot is so fun! Loving all these accessories, especially the necklace and watch. And a temporary tattoo is such a fun idea!

Marlen said...

i've definitely been feeling that way over my outfits, too! i really like how this look turned out- that striped cardi is adorable. and i loved hearing about your kid memories, haha. i feel that way every time i walk past my old house.

xo marlen
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Margarita M. said...

Awesome look! Great sneaks and I am forever in live with stripes !!! That's one amazing hat too! I've been looking for one like this forever!!

Lisa said...

Always adore anything striped! I love how you paired it with the blue statement necklace!

The Lovely Memoir

Peet said...

I like simple and clean but still imaginative outfits too and you definitely nailed it - I especially love the sneakers, the print is great! And you'd look damn cool with a tattoo, just saying.;)

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