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Sweater & Bag: thrifted   Skirt: Rue 21   Boots: Just Fab   Necklaces: c/o Shop Lately   
(Flashback photos to pre-red hair...yup, I've got a few still in storage for ya)

Oh, it's that BLT guy again!
I recognized the fair headed stranger that walked into the coffee shop, his heavy backpack weighing down his strong shoulders. Last week he'd ordered that sandwich from us, and I remembered being aggravated that we had to fire up the grill for him. However, he was cute, so I didn't mind too much.

"Yes, I'd like a small mocha and a BLT," he ordered again.
As I rattled off the price and he pulled out his wallet, he smiled up at me.
"Oh, and you made it really good last time."
So he remembers me...
He seated himself at a table that was near the espresso machine, which placed him constantly within my eyesight. As the day progressed, I caught him glancing over at me, smiling.
What do I do with my eyes? Do I look over at him too? Do I ignore him? Is it normal to glance up or is it more awkward if I just keep my eyes focused down?? What do normal people do!?
Yeah, I'm a bit of an awkward person.

Anyway, he chatted me up and we did the usual small talk conversation. Turns out he goes to the same college as I do and he's a Math major.
As soon as he said his name, it clicked.
Oh my goodness, that's him! 
I had met this guy so briefly last semester, but I'd always wondered if I'd run into him again.

Towards the end of December, right when school was about to get out, I was out in a hallway hanging up photos for Senate. My friend and I were arguing over how to arrange them so there'd be enough room on the bulletin board we were working on. I made a suggestion, and right at that moment, someone chimed in, "I agree, that's a good idea."

We turned around as a tall guy with sleek headphones walked by. It was very random. He continued on to take a seat at a table off in the corner. So while we eventually finished our board, he remained in the corner, working on his laptop. As I packed up and prepared to leave for another errand, I decided to pass by his table. He saw me approaching and slipped off his headphones to strike up a conversation.

While I wanted to keep talking with him, I had to cut it short since I really did have to leave.
"Well, I'll see you around," he called after me.
"Yeah, maybe."

I never did see him, although whenever I was in that part of the building, I couldn't help peering over at the corner table, wondering if I'd run into him again.
Well here he was, sitting at the coffee shop I'd only recently been hired at, chatting me up once again.
It seemed like fate.

Once we made that connection, his glances in my direction increased, and I had a feeling in my gut he would approach me before he left. Sure enough, he came up to the counter about an hour before we closed.
"So I have two questions for you: First, I noticed you're gathering up all the trashes and was wondering if you wanted some help with that. I've got a good raincoat and it's rather nasty out. I wouldn't mind taking them out for you."
I enthusiastically agreed, because at this point, it was raining cats and dogs outside.
"Secondly, how would you like to grab a bite to eat after you're done here?"

Whoa, wait, what? He was asking me out already? I was expecting him to ask for my number! To be honest, I've never been asked out so quickly before. Perhaps it was his age that made him more confident...I found out later he was 24.
"Oh, um...well, I don't have anything going on today, so...sure."

I was riding high on a giddy ego boost for the rest of the day. It's felt like so long since I'd been out on a date! As our set time arrived closer, I felt nervous.
But you know what? There was no reason for that.
Want to know why?
There were absolutely no sparks.

Haha, sorry if I built up your hopes! Mine had been as well, but as we talked over our food, I realized I wasn't interested in this guy. He's a good conversationalist and obviously intelligent, making references to authors, movies, and people I've never heard of before. Yet as the night progressed, I found myself lacking in the bubbly feelings of a newborn crush. The butterflies simply weren't there.

Then he suggested we split the bill, which definitely made me feel less interested. Haha, I certainly don't mind doing that when I go out, and was planning on offering to do so anyway. However, the fact that he didn't offer to pay for it himself says something. I know I'm being old fashioned about this, but I do like a gentleman.

When he walked me out to my car, I'm grateful he was able to read my body language. Instead of initiating anything, we ended the night on an awkward handshake.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the story of how I got a date while at work!
Sometimes a girl doesn't need the promise of a second date or budding romance of a new crush. Instead, she just needs that one date as a reminder that she's still got it! ;)

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nancy @ adore to adorn said...

haha well definitely threw me for a loop at the end of your story!! But, hey. At least you know and there isn't a different kind of build up of hope where you envision this guy to be someone else he is not. =) Perhaps him splitting the bill with you was also his way of letting you know that the feeling of sparks wasn't there for him and rather than be misleading (as oppose to not being a gentleman?) he asked for a split bill so there were no feelings of obligation? I'm a bit old fashioned as well in terms of the guy settling the bill but, I think in this day and age people's feelings may be different and especially for a guy and his "obligations." BUT, I am just offering the flip side here. =)


Kim Alston said...

Linda, my heart was fluttering for you, but WOW he should've paid for everything. He asked YOU out! And it was all of a sudden. Well, it was nice how it all came together and you rather find out now then later. HAHAHA Another guy will come along doll! The "in the meantime" ones can be fun. I LOVE your outfit! Great sweater and floral combination. Looks so pretty!

Vanessa A said...

omg this was great! Loving that story and i do the same awkward over analyzing thing figuring out if I should look at him or not lol

Loving all the neutral colors on this outfit and of course loving those fringe boots!

xo, Vanessa (Delightful Sunflower)

Ashley said...

I always love your stories...but especially ones involving your run in's with boys! I think it's great that you had this experience! It makes for a seriously great story and great life experience! But seriously dude...he didn't pay?!!? Gahh! When will they learn? This is the most Un-Gentleman like behavior! He even asked YOU out! My goodness! Anyways, whats that saying, "you have to kiss a couple of frogs before you find your prince"? Even though you didn't kiss him, I think a date with a frog totally falls under that category...just one step closer to your prince!
PS I am LOVING this combo! That skirt and those boots! Perfection, as always!

xo Ashley

Sonshu said...

My heart skipped when I reached the end. After the suspense and what I expected...damn.

I love what you’re wearing! The sweater is gorgeous :)


Rinako グレー said...

I really like these photoshoot! <3

❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

Lisa said...

Linda I was getting so excited for you as I was reading! I'm very much like you in the fact that I'm old fashioned too. At least OFFER to pay lol. Oh well, it's always nice to meet someone new. :)

Ali Hval said...

hahaha Linda you are far from awkward! Goodness no. But hey, I'm glad that you're feeling a little better. As weird as it sounds, getting asked out suddenly like that totally does give us an ego boost... I got asked out the other day by some dude and then invited to some club the same day (ohgoodnessIwouldnevergotoaclubhahaha) and even though I didn't want to have anything to do with either of them, it was... reassuring? To say the least. SO I KNOW THAT FEELS.

And of course you're gonna get hit on and asked out immeditely like that BECAUSE THEY WANNA SNATCH YOU UP! Cause you're a pretty, lovely girl. :) :)

Ali Hval said...

oops forgot to comment how darling your outfit is.

done :) :) i love my little spiky dragonfruit lindaaaa

Avi Valencia said...

well I like the story, I wish a gut just ask me out only for dinner. I wish someday you would feel butterflies :D also I'm old fashioned ;D thumps up!

Mica T said...

Such a cute printed skirt!

Shame the date wasn't awesome for you, but at least you made a new friend! :)

Away From Blue

Sam said...

haha Linda, you really did get my hopes up, I was already imagining the outfit post you were going to do for the next date. My friends tell me that sometimes there doesn't need to be that instant spark and chemistry and that feelings can be developed on something deeper and more profound like intelligence or humour. He sounds like a great guy, but then again he is so lucky you said yes to him the first time. Loving this cute prairie chic outfit, adorable boots. Thanks for stopping by dear...I value your opinion.

Alexandra Zakharova said...

Your look is pretty good today, dear Linda! I love that flower print on the skirt, it looks absolutely gorgeous:) I'd love to own something like this:) I've got to say I love reading your life stories, you had my attention from beginning to end) I hope that you can meet somebody really worthy, no matter how it will happen, the only result is important;)
Have a fabulous time!

Filipa Moreira said...



Love and Ace said...

Love this Spring look... the floral skirt is sweet but those fringe boots spice everything up! xx Kat

Love and Ace

Pop Champagne said...

awww thats cute, and ya how come the poeple we want never want us back but the people we don't want chases after us!! life!!

Toks said...

Definately wasn't expecting that ending hahaha. I don't think you're old fashioned at all. If a guy asks you out for a bite to eat, you imagine that he's inviting you and no way would you expect to pay half the bill. NO WAY!!! That's okay when you've been out on a few dates. Great outfit btw, great combination of colours.

Sabrina said...

Love this outfit! The neutrals with the floral skirt and boots are so perfect together. Do you ever feel a bit guilty for using photos in storage? Especially when they're obviously not recent because of a hair change? Asking for a friend......



Great boots! I was getting excited for you until I kept reading, yes, he certainly should have footed the bill or offered at the very least. Although, Nancy @adoretoadorn has a good point as well. Yes, perhaps you can just be friends.

Emma Henderson said...

Ah BOO to no sparks but what a great story anyway! I love this outfit, especially your gorgeous necklaces.

Emma | Fluff and Fripperies

Paisley said...

I really thought that story was going to end up differently! It's true though, sometimes the chemistry simply isn't there.

Btw, I really like how you accessorized your outfit :)



Bernadette Czle said...

pretty skirt! xx

Chloe, Wardrobe Quarry said...

Love the outfit, hun. Great layering. The pattern on the skirt is so pretty.

Sorry the date wasn't spectacular, but maybe it's better to notice early on that there was nothing there.

Wardrobe Quarry

April Cheung said...

love reading your life stories. they are always so fascinating! Loving the tan sweater.

Sam said...

Hi dear, thank you greatly for your last comment.

Jenn said...

the dreamcatcher necklace is so great. i just stumbled upon your blog and i love that you add such a personal touch to it with your life stories!

a small bit

czarianonuevo said...

LOVE this spring appropriate outfit!! makes me want to go back with florals nowadays!!

seriously glad to read your story! it taught me something which i'll keep in mind always :)

czarina :)

Peet said...

Maybe all that says is that he's broke.:D I always insist on paying everything myself, it's a culture thing. Guys aren't expected to pay here as they are in the States, but it's kind of a bummer that there were no sparks. It would make up for a great story, especially when you said it was fate.:)

katie said...

Hah, you so led me on there!

I totally love how your wore your hair, the braids are really pretty and totally suit your style. (PS- the new hair color is beautiful! Red is addictive, you start going red-er and red-er!) Again, I'm really jealous of all of your sunshine, it looks like it's summer already down there. It must feel amazing!

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