I Like Big Hats and I Cannot Lie

Sweater: c/o QQONE   Skirt: thrifted (Jason Wu)   Hat: JcPenney   Boots: Just Fab   Necklace: c/o Style Lately
Your other brothers can't deny!
Oh, hello there. Don't mind me, I'm just enjoying my big floppy hat and the glamorous touch it tends to lend my outfits. Who else loves print mixing? The small floral print meshes well with the block stripes in my opinion. Or I could just be obliviously walking around, a mismatched trainwreck. Oh well! I had too much fun twirling about in my pleated skirt.

My mom is such a great sport - I fiddle and mumble over my camera's settings before handing it to her and giving her a barrage of specific qualities I want from each photo. Closeups are always fun to direct - "No, no, hold it horizontally so it follows the lines of the bench." "Try cropping it in to where you see both prints together in detail but also enough of the background on the sides."

Man, trying to describe what you picture in your head is tough!
Then later it's all about the fun of going through each picture and editing, trying to figure out which will make the cut, how some should be cropped, and deciding on a title. Is it just me, or does anyone else struggle trying to think of creative titles?

I think it's clear that my creative juices are all evaporated if all I can think of is a lyrical reference to a song by Sir Mix-A-Lot...

What's your process in picking a post title name?

PS: In case you're wondering about the fall-esque leaves scattered about, that would be because these photos were taken quite a few months, when it was fall. Haha! Whoops! Kinda let these collect some dust, didn't I? 
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Samantha said...

Oh, I love this mix of prints, Linda! I really would have never thought to mix stripes with florals. And yes, yes, yes - a floppy hat is a perfect addition to any outfit, it gives a wow factor!

I do the same with Paul when he takes pictures. I have a folder with photography inspiration for him to look at because, yeah, I found it hard to describe a picture idea that I have in mind. Hah

Love and Ace said...

Haha love the title of this post, I like big hats too! Love that you paired it with an oversize sweater and skirt and your mom is awesome for snapping these pics of you! xx Kat

Love and Ace

Anonymous said...

Hats look great on you ;)


Kati said...

Haha, this title made me laugh! I always have a hard time coming up with something (that's why they are always so boring)...
Lovely mixing, miss!

Have a great day,

Mili said...

Yes to floppy hats! I love yours with the print mixing :) Haha and I know all too well the struggles of having my mom help take photos.


Gems - Fashion Well Done said...

Ooh I love a good floppy hat I do, just not on me because I have a teeny pea head :)

Gems x
Fashion, Well Done

Sandra Leiva said...

Beautiful skirt and great hat!


Akshara Vivekananthan said...

I definitely laughed out loud at the title of this post. I think your mixing of prints is spot on. And who doesn't love a floppy hat?!

Rinako グレー said...

Nice girly coord! I love your big hat! ^w^

❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

Laura Whitman said...

That hat is so adorable, but that skirt is just AMAZING. What a fantastic thrift find.

I find when I can't think of anything creative to go with my outfit and/or what I am talking about, I just go on my Spotify favorite list place it on random and whatever song comes up, I'll pick a lyric from that song! Much less stress.


Kim Alston said...

Linda, you wear hats so well! Love the one you're wearing and these pictures are so much fun. Tell your mom she did a great job. My mom gets frustrated too easily. HaHaHa My picture taking is getting better (when I look back at my 2012) posts. CRINGE!!!!!! HaHaHa I always have a lot of photos and have to go through them all. More bad then good! LOL I always choose the title at the very very end of writing everything.

Inês A. said...

lovely. :3

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

I totally laughed at the post title! =D

I agree, translating what you envision in your mind to words for someone else to understand is not as easy as it might seem. But, it sure does help in making you become a better communicator don'tcha think?! =D


Tanja S. said...

Nice outfit, I love this skirt! Haha, that's actually how my mum takes my blog pictures too, haha.

Indie by heart said...

Nice look! Love your hat, I own a similar one but I feel silly with it ..It's always on my eyes :P Maybe it just needs getting used to.

x Satu
Indie by heart

Carla Florendo said...

yeah i can see how much you love your big hat, Linda! haha i love this combination of florals and stripes. and haha it's so cute directing your own mom to photograph you - she's so supportive. you're so lucky you have such a mom!

xo, Carla

Danny said...

haha love the title! the hat is amazing, you look great!

Ali Hval said...

LOL I laughed at this post title, Linda! It's sort of perfect. Now we need to make a whole fashion blogger theme song from it! All the other bloggers can't deny... when a girl walks in with an itty bitty belt and a big purse in your face... haha!

That skirt is such an amazing find. I love all the fun colors in it. AND YOU ARE SUCH A HAT LADY! I can never pull off hats, so I'll let you do that one. :)

And yes! I know exactly what you mean by trying to think of fancy new post titles. My dad usually comments some silly ones as my mom and I walk out the door with the camera, shouting things like "yellow fellow!!! the angry red balloon!" etc etc and hey, sometimes they spark a new idea! But usually I just try to make something descriptive and cute, haha. I always enjoy your post titles, though. :)

have a magical week, my spiky little fruit lady!!! <3

libys11 said...

how gorgeous!!! i love the pleated skirt!!! :D love the title too, hahaha! :D

Animated Confessions

JANICE G said...

LOL love the title!

the STYLE Fringe BLOG

Jessica Mattioli said...

Pretty skirt!!!

The Fashion Heels

Francesca said...

Love the hat! I have one similar! Visit me sometime :)


Sam said...

Haha, super cute title, I own just one wide brimmed hat and its so huge I can't even see where I am walking, lol. Love your floral and striped look! It was great hearing your opinion on my last post.

Christina Lala Lamz said...

Love this look :)

Land of Lamz

Candida Maceo said...

I love your gorgeous hat! I swear whenever I'm having a bad "outfit" day or a bad hair day, throwing on a great hat always seems to fix it.
And that's so great that your Mom helps with your photos - it's so nice to have family and friends willing to be bossed around for our outfit shots. ;)


Rupsha said...

I love that skirt, you look so pretty! :D

Glitter And Blush

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

I love pattern mixing and texture mixing with it too. You ensemble is so cute! I love your hat and that you love your hat, too! ♥

megcasson said...

I absolutely love this style of hat, I had one just like it and wore it always this summer, until my cat ruined it!

caffinatedlove said...

YES YES stripes and florals YES. Also yes paired with a big floppy hat

mehehe, J is getting the hang of fashion photography now. In the beginning it was a challenge directing him -- getting across the shots in my head is difficult. When in doubt, ask for a wide shot and crop. XD


Elle said...

Linda, I love your personality, it truly guides your fabulous style. I am a print mixing fan and I think you have done it brilliantly here. Love the floral, stripe combo, and that glorious hat is fabulous . Hats off to you and your mom!
XX, Elle

Kat said...

hahahaha omg i love your post title! hates are freaking awesome! if my head weren't so small and my hats fit me more snuggly, id wear them a lot more! haha I'm the exact way with my roommate! though she never listens to me when she's taking pics for me so i always end up yelling at her in a lovingly way lol :P

Kat said...

hahahaha omg i love your post title! hates are freaking awesome! if my head weren't so small and my hats fit me more snuggly, id wear them a lot more! haha I'm the exact way with my roommate! though she never listens to me when she's taking pics for me so i always end up yelling at her in a lovingly way lol :P

Hoda Katebi said...

Ahh such adorable photos! They are so fun and full of energy, and I love your mixture of prints! Lovely photos! xx

<(") Hoda
JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

Maiken said...

wow, this time your surroundings remind me of autumn :O true autumn! and as I just read, it actually was autumn, haha. anyway, I agree, coming up with a decent title is such a headache! it's usually the last thing I do when creating a post. oh and what a cool vintage-y skirt that is! I like!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Share a Secret said...



Mouna said...

haha I don't know why but I find it so funny these were taken in fall! gorgeous colors <3 I really like that hat (can't lie) it's really cute!

Midwest Muse said...

Hats are AWESOME and you wear them so well!

Marlen said...

haha definitely NOT a trainwreck- i always loved how flowers and stripes looked together.

and my camera lamely doesn't have a remote control option so i have to make my brother and dad take my photos. with my dad it's always a lost cause- he just takes the pictures willy nilly and i have to go in and crop them so they look *somewhat* pleasing, haha!

xo marlen
Messages on a Napkin

katie said...

I wanted that skirt so badly when it came out, I think it was one of the prettiest things in the whole collection. (still do!) And oh, I get you on big hats, they are fun! :) (Hehhe, who doesn't secretly love that song?)

Tina Stefanovic said...

Well, you should definitely continue loving big hats :) They look wonderful on you!
xx, Tina

czarianonuevo said...

i love the fall vibe with this print mixing ensemble!!!!i really miss reading your posts!!

*finally have the time to read blogs after lonnggg weeks of exams in the Univ

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