Girl On Fire

Vest: thrifted   Sweater & Necklace: Forever 21   Beanie: c/o Shop Lately   Jeans: AE   Boots: Just Fab
Well, here it is. My red hair can finally make it's debut! It's odd since in certain lighting, my camera makes it look like it's still dark brown with just a red ombre at the ends. That's why there are two noticeably different photos that showcase the red shade better. Trust me, I'm a ginger Asian right now. Haha, I love it! It's so different from what I'm used to, and it's exactly the kind of change I needed.

Looking back, I feel so different from the girl I was just a year ago. How did that happen? I'm still me, but...different. It's odd to step back and ponder the ways you've adapted to your environment. Perhaps I'm a little less gullible, less bubbly, and less romantic. However, I'm also more focused, more bold, and more...well, like the person I'd like to be. I'm still an optimistic dreamer with big hopes for the future. I still have my faith, my passions, and my smile. That, this world will never take away from me.

For these photos, I decided to show off one of the best thrifted finds I've gotten to date - this fur vest, originally from Zara! I couldn't believe it when I saw the label. I knew when my hand brushed against it that it was good quality! I've worn it a couple times over the to style it up for a school day. Aha, I'm certain it'll garner quite a few odd looks. Perhaps I'll have to go around holding a sign saying it's not real's not!

So I'm sure most of you know by now of the upcoming concert that I'm going to (Imagine Dragons, AHHHH!), but when I found out through Spotify that Ellie Goulding was passing through Idaho, I just had find out when, where, and how much. Um, for $35, I couldn't say no. Since I haven't been to any concerts, I guess I'm trying to make up for it. Sooo, in April it looks like I'll be seeing that adorable little pixie-woman perform live! I'm so looking forward to that one too!

Hear, my son, your father's instruction, and forsake not your mother's teaching, for they are a graceful garland for your head and pendants for your neck.
Proverbs 1:8-9
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Tanya Minxy said...

I love love love your hair! It truly looks like a fire, and it looks great on you! You should keep it. =^.^=

Kati said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comment, it made my day!
Oh, I love it - truly have a soft spot for redheads! :-)

Have a great day,

Avi Valencia said...

You are the girl on fire. I really love your new look. The red color looks so good on you.

I can't believe that fur vest is from Zara. I want one.


Nathyness said...

Linda!! The red ombre suits you perfectly! LOVE this new look on you!

And that first shot-- gorgeous! Love the eye makeup. <3

Ali Hval said...

It's funny how we're so different but so much the same. We grow with wisdom like a tree with its roots in the waters of knowledge. *wise old man voice* Guwahahaha.

Oh man, that fur vest was thrifted? How cool is it? I love it on you, especially with your hat and BEAUTIFUL NEW RED HAIR! Yep, you're definitely ~on fire~ with this look, Miss Linda. I especially love that fierce first picture of your eyes--yes, yes!

Indie by heart said...

Your hair looks gorgeous ! :) Really lovely outcome I think. And lovely look too. Which reminds me I haven't worn my fur vests this winter. Must change that asap.

x Satu

Jodi H said...

Love the red hair!

Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle said...

$35 is a score! I love the outfit, esp. the hat. Surely a lot of women can identify with that - myself included.
Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

Mica T said...

Your hair looks great! Red really suits you :)

Away From Blue

Madeline Wainscott said...

Ahhh, I love your hair so much Linda!! It looks great! Also, I'm pretty jealous that you're seeing Imagine Dragons, not gonna lie. Excited that you get to see Ellie Goulding though! I saw her a few years ago, and her voice is just as good live as it is on album. She's so adorable and sweet!!


caffinatedlove said...

Your hair is gorgeous. I think the red suits you well. :)

Looking back at the person I used to be gives me the willies, so no worries. While I can pinpoint exactly how I changed, it's harder to see when I changed. You know, when I stopped being a judgmental know-it-all and let everyone live their own life.

Great thrift find! I'm not a fan of fur but, in a weird way, you wear it very well. I'm more impressed that you thrifted that. :D


Kat said...

linda, your hair looks freaking amazing!!! :D LOVE IT :) and ahhhh you thrifted that amazing fur vest?! its perfect, I'm so jealous :P I've been wanting one for the longest time! love the way you styled it :)
and thats so awesome you're seeing ellie goulding as well!!! that concert, and imagine dragon, should be so amazing! can't wait to see pics after you go to both of them! :)

Midwest Muse said...

Your hair looks so pretty!

Laura Whitman said...

Oh my word, your life is just rockin! Your hair looks amazing, that vest is an amazing thrift find, AND you get to go see Ellie Goulding! That is just so great!


Alexandra Zakharova said...

Hi, Linda! To my mind you look absolutely fabulous with this hair color, it matches your eyes and skin tone in a perfect way) Lovely snapshots as well! You look original and chic as always)
Have a fabulous time!


wow your hair looks amazing linda, love it!
and awesome vest, cant believe you thrifted that beauty!


♥ Ellen
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Toks said...

Cool look, nice vest and your hair looks great.

libys11 said...

first off.. gorgeous hair!! it really suits you and your fun personality! :D

second, I'm soooo jealous!!! not only are you seeing imagine dragons.. but also ellie goulding?!! and for $35 only?!! aaahhh.. so affordable! if only concerts were like that here. darn.. have fun though and totally post photos, ok? :) hahaha!

Animated Confessions

yati noah said...

Wow soo much pretty thing happens in this post, 1. love your hair , suit you well. 2. the Zara fur vest 3. the smiles :)


roshimiztu said...

Absolutely lovin the colour of your hair! It looks amazing and your fur vvest! Perfect style x

EMA said...

I absolutely love your vest! Very cute photos :)

Hoda Katebi said...

Such a cute hat! You look great! xx (Also your hair looks beautiful!)

<(") Hoda

Joyce said...

YOUR HAIR <3 You look so fierce! I love this look with the faux fur vest, the cool beanie, and the cat eyeliner :)

beautylover7694 said...

Amazing outfit:)

katie said...

The red looks so good on you, its a very natural shade and it really shows off your bright eyes. (its fun being a red head, isn't it?). And how exciting about getting to go see Ellir golding and for such a good price! I saw imagine dragons when they came up to fairbanks back in 2012, they recently said in a interveiw that they thought they're were finished, having to play in some small alaskan town in the middle of winter in -20 below. Heh, I guess they're doing pretty good now! Have fun at both concerts!

Sarah Phillips said...

The red hair look amazing on you, it really brings out your features :). Glad to hear you're becoming the person you want to be, and enjoy seeing Imagine Dragons :-) xo

Like Sarah

Sandra Leiva said...

Great jeans and cute vest!!


Federica Di Nardo said...

Nice.. love the beanie :)

The Cutielicious

Sam said...

Wow Linda, this colour is so dynamic on you, looks amazing and suits your sparkling personality! Hope you have a great and productive week ahead hun!

Carla Florendo said...

la la loveee it!! i think it made you look fiercer! you're definitely rocking the red hair, Linda!

xo, Carla

Maiken said...

I would also love to see Ellie Goulding :) you're lucky! and your hair does look like true ombre, it really does! doesn't matter how I look at it but it still does, hehe. anyway, that vest of yours sure is a lovely find and I'm glad it's not real fur.

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Annie said...

Your hair looks fab lady! And what a cute hat :)

The Other Side of Gray

Rs la mode said...

pretty outfit
love your blog followed on bloglovin
Have a nice day beauty

Kejmy Tatranská said...

so beautiful fur!
I love that outfit, you look so cool in it!
and I love your blog, too!

Kejmy ♥.

stevia indrawan said...

ooh your furry vest is fabulous! :)
and I also like your eyeliners!

The Sweetest Escape 
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Samantha said...

Ouuu, you look so pretty with your new 'do! I dyed my hair a reddish colour once, it was fun, but oh so hard to get out :S

These photos are great, Linda. You look really happy! And I want your vest! It looks incredibly cozy and warm - a perfect layering piece.

Kim Alston said...

your hair looks so good Linda! i love it. fabulous fur vest. you have so much to look forward to. that's going to be a great concert.

his little lady said...

You are jut too cute girl! Loving this "misfit" outfit :)
xo TJ

Lisa said...

I love the new hair and the new attitude on life! I'm glad to see you have such a positive outlook on life :)

The Lovely Memoir

Margarita M. said...

I love your hair!
And the outfit is amazing too, such cool jeans!!!

Peet said...

I don't know if less romantic is a good thing or not, but as soon as I've read that word, I remembered a line from a cartoon: "Romance is for the weak-minded.":D So I guess it's a good thing if you ask Cartoon Network.:D

I want your hat and you look great as a redhead. Very fiery, babe.;)

alexis said...

Your hair color looks beautiful and what a great thrifted find! Perfect for cooler weather :)

~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

czarianonuevo said...

this outfit is sooo chic!!! LOVE how your incorporated that beautiful fur vest!!! i like the top you wore with it! the jeans and boots are awesome too!!!

i'm glad you're able to perceive those good changes and at the same time, continue to look forward :)

omg, you're on a concert-spree this summer!

czarina :)

Ashley Taylor said...

Oooohh your vest! What a great find :) AND I LOVE YOUR HAIR!

xo Ashley

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