Diamond Ring: c/o Anjolee   Snake Ring & Midi Rings: c/o Shop Lately   Necklace: Macys   Dress: Forever 21   Sweater & Boots: thrifted  
Notice that flashy new ring on my finger? Okay, there are quite a few for today's outfit (I'm definitely liking the stacked rings look), but that diamond wedding ring had to catch your eye. It's bedazzling!
I was lucky enough to receive this bridal engagement ring set from Anjolee to review, and I'm loving it! It's so gorgeous and I can't stop glancing down at this sparkly little thing on my finger. If any of you girls are in a serious relationship and you coupling little nesting birds decide to tie the knot, consider looking at Anjolee rings for a customizable jewelry option!

Here are 3 reason single girls can wear a big rock:
1) It's pretty - Come on, you had to see that coming. It's just so...pretty.
2) You can fend off overzealous suitors - That guy who just won't leave you alone while you're out with your girlfriends? Slip your fancy ring onto your wedding finger and spin a tale of your loving husband. The catch is that this will only work on someone who you won't run into on a daily basis. Use cautiously.
3) When your newly engaged friends start showing off their gorgeous rings you have one to whip out as well!

It's probably weird to be mixing it in with a snake ring and several other rings as well, but I wanted to try and tone down it's appearance for a casual vibe. This is something I wore for a short trip out thrifting with Corina after running some errands. She came down to visit me for a day and it was nice catching up with her. Plus, I got to go to her new place and spent the night doing our favorite bonding activity - watching Supernatural!

Before school started I had quite a few days spent just hanging out with all my friends and socializing while I could - because the mayhem has begun! Spring semester is in full swing now, and I'm juggling 19 credits, working on Senate events, and a weekend job. Yup, back to the ole grind!

In other news, Sarah and I dyed our hair! Haha, she went for a chestnut-blonde color while I took a leap and attempted a dark reddish brunette. Yup, you'll have to see it once I get it photographed. I'm quite pleased with the result since I've been craving a change for a while now!

"Change can be scary, but you know what's scarier? Allowing fear to stop you from growing, evolving, and progressing."
-Mandy Hale
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Anonymous said...

So exciting that you've dyed your hair! I can't WAIT to see how it turned out! And this diamond ring is beautiful, I like that you paired it with your other stackable rings! I can definitely relate to starting a busy spring semester-- I hope the rest if your year is amazing!

Xo, Hannah

Anita Bóková said...

What an awesome blog:) Love it.
Wanna follow each other via FB and GFC? Let me know:)

Ashley Taylor said...

Excited to see your hair :D It sounds almost as pretty as this ring looks! Love your black and white outfit here, and I'm obsessing over rings too, so please hold while I oogle your hands.... too weird?

xo Ashley

Kat said...

ooh stunning ring! i love that you wore it with edgier rings! i saw your hair on instagram! i don't think its really a fail! haha as long as your hair doesn't turn out like green, i consider it a success in my book :P

Lisa said...

I love the outfit and the anjolee ring is so cute! I like how you mixed it with other jewelry to tone it down! :)

The Lovely Memoir

M+K said...

So cute! We're loving midi rings at the moment, and agree with you that being single doesn't have to stop you from rocking a big...rock!

Samantha said...

Wow, your plate sounds quite full! How do you manage all of that?! Seriously. I started blogging after uni when I found myself with all this spare time haha. Good for you!

And I LOVE this outfit. It's totally me. And you too, I suppose! I love the classic gingham with the boho pieces. And those boots! You look great, Linda.

Ali Hval said...

Oooh what a fun thing to get! Rings are fun to wear, haha, I see nothing wrong with wearing a diamond even if you're not married or taken... just sounds like another standard created--ok I'll shush lol lol

Ooh Linda, these pictures are especially cool. I love the yellow backdrop and your black and white look! I actually remember trying on that same exact dress once, but it was way too short on me! Aaah, I shall live vicariously through you as you wear it. Cute, cute Linda. :D

be careful out there, my goodness! *___*

caffinatedlove said...

Your dress is adorable as usual, but I can't stop looking at your rings, madam. I'm particularly in love with your snake one. It lends just the right amount of quirk, and no, there is never a thing as wearing too many rings. ;)

I can't wait to see your hair! You have such a peachy skin tone I bet the red looks AMAZING on you.


Brae L said...

Haha I'm just starting to hit that awkward age where everyone I went to high school with is suddenly getting married and having children and I'm just over here posting my OOTD photos online. SO I can totally relate to this post.


katie said...

Haha, once you go red, you just keep going reder. :). I'm excited to see you in your new redish brown hue! On another note, I didn't even realize that was an "engament" rock, you mixed it with your other jewelry so well that it looks very you.

Jessica Mattioli said...

super pretty my dear!

The Fashion Heels

Imogen said...

I love your dress, it is gorgeous. I have been looking for a dress like that for awhile now.

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Love those rings! You look fab as always x

Patrícia M. said...

Love your dress, really pretty!


Rebecca said...

Those rings look so chic & so much fun....& that dress is so adorable on you!!!


Love and Ace said...

I've been wanting a fringe crossbody forever! Love this one - you look great Linda! xx kat

Love and Ace

Love and Ace said...

I've been wanting a fringe crossbody forever! Love this one - you look great Linda! xx kat

Love and Ace

Lisa Yang said...

cute dress:)

Lisa Yang said...

cute dress:)

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

I don't think it's odd you mixed the "fancy ring" with the snake ring. You rock it. =)

Kim Alston said...

anjolee has pretty rings and i love your dress linda.

Sam said...

Gosh Linda, first I saw the title and then the ring and I almost thought there was something you were about to announce, lol! Very cool modern mix, I like the graphic grid print dress, very striking and thats a lovely nail shade

Kati said...

Those rings are truly eyecatchers, too pretty! And I love the cute stockings layering that is going on!

Have a great day,

P.S.: Thanks for commenting on my last post!

Avi Valencia said...

I can't wait to see your new hair color :D I'm still thinking what color I want.
I wish I have a big rock on my hand just to mess up my friends jajaja it is really beautiful ring :D


Chloe, Wardrobe Quarry said...

I am loving the quirky mixture of rings! I have never been one to wear rings, I hate the feeling of having things on my hands (no idea what I'm going to do if I do ever get married), but I do love the look. Also loving that plaid dress!

Wardrobe Quarry


all of your rings are gorgeous! you made me look at my hands and realise how naked the are haha, i must go put rigns on now!


♥ Ellen
Facebook + Instagram

Nora said...

Lovely rings! Cute!

XX Nora /

Mica T said...

The stacked rings look great on you! :) That diamond ring is so pretty :)

Really like that cute dress on you too!

Away From Blue

Christine Adelina Tjhia said...

Cute rings! Cute backgrounds too! The yellow really made the outfit stand out <3


Anonymous said...

Fun jewelry! I see that you are rocking the Dress and Dwell bangle also. Love it.


Maiken said...

oh, it's a pretty ring and I remember Anjolee. they wanted me to review earrings I think but unfortunately they don't ship to my country. at least they didn't back then. anyway, since you combined it with other, more casual pieces it doesn't look too fancy and goes beautifully with your whole look. I like the smart combo of your tunic and vest!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Alexandra Marie said...

Love these pictures! This is adorable! Alex

Sam said...

Thanks for the visit doll.....Happy Friday!

Shes Dressing Up said...

I love this post! And your socks are so cute :)

Toks said...

Cool black and white combo, love the dress.

Sandra Leiva said...

Love your rings!!


Alexandra Zakharova said...

Hi, Linda! I've got to say I do love the way you pair that plaid top with white cardigan, looks so chic and pretty) Your look is pretty good as always:) Lovely snapshots as well!

p.s. I have no idea how you manage to do that thing with your fingers, it's really amazing:)))))

Pop Champagne said...

lol. love the ring idea. yeah next time one of my married friends show off their ring I'll show off my big random rock too haha

gabrielle said...

cuuute babydoll top & the dreamcatcher necklace is just adorable! you don't need to be engaged to rock a beautiful ring. that one is lovely!!


Halie said...

Almost bought that dress. Love it on you.

Bernadette Czle said...

pretty rings! pretty look too! xx

czarianonuevo said...

such cool and comfy outfit for a day of errands!! that diamond ring is amazing!!!

saw you sporting the red hair in facebook!! i LOVE it!!

czarina :)

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