Music Monday: Alexander Rybak

Today's Music Monday features someone new I stumbled across (so, new as in new to me) named Alexander Rybak, a Norwegian-Belarusian artist. His parents are professional musicians, so he naturally began playing piano and violin - turns out, he was really good at it. He won the 54th Eurovision Song Contest, with a record 387 points. So now he's signed with Universal and living the life making music.

Oh, and I think he's absolutely adorable. Like, an adorkable version of Enrique Iglesias. Anyone else seeing this?

This first song is a cute little feel-good song, but if you're wanting a more catchy, pop sound ("Rihanna-like" as my dad called it), listen to the second one. Alexander is definitely versatile! I love that he implements his violin in almost all his songs too.
 In the music video for Leave Me Alone he has a cool little dance he does while playing the violin. Talent!

And to top things off, here's a music video showcasing his adorable hotness, violin skills, and foreign language. You know it's attractive ;)

Hope you enjoyed his music!
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Sandra Leiva said...



Lily Fang said...

Ooh, he is rather dreamy-looking. And you know how I feel about violin! I'm absolutely enamored by that music video--the tune is so catchy and the scenery is gorgeous!

Alexandra Zakharova said...

oh, he is well known in Russia and I'm really shocked you got acquainted with his music))) You keep surprising me, dear Linda!

Sam said...

Great find Linda, he is indeed so so talented! I am grateful for your insightful comments. Have a great week ahead hun!

Kim Alston said...

he is awesome! thanks for the introduction.

Kati said...

Yap, he definitely is cute!

Have a fantastic time,

fhenny said...

thank you for introducing his music to us!
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Margaret Dallospedale said...

Wowww He's amazing artist!!! Thank you for sharing honey!!!
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Madame Poupée said...

so talented!

Mica T said...

He is very talented! :)

Hope you're having a great start to the week :)

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog :)

Away From Blue

Anni said...

He is adorable and extremely talented musically , pleased you have discovered him.
Here is his facebook page
and if you want to find out more about him look here
welcome to his funny little world

Plami said...

His music is so beautiful and puts me in such a great mood! Thank you for sharing, dear! I will have to put this on repeat now :)


czarianonuevo said...

such an interesting music artist suggestion!

czarina :)

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