Day & Night

Pause. Take a minute and check out these sun and moon earrings from Shoplately! I absolutely love that they're not "perfectly" matching, although in my mind, they're the true pairs of each other. They can represent how life is - just like there are days and nights, there are bright spots and dark times in our life. But without night, we couldn't appreciate the sun's warmth, and if we lived in the sunshine all the time we'd get sunburned.
Okay, and now that I've spouted out the weirdest analogy ever, continue.
Spike Socks: c/o Oasap   Earrings: c/o Shop Lately   Jacket: Forever 21   Skirt & Bag: thrifted   Beanie: Rue 21
Here's a  peek at the photo from above so you know what the color of the earrings would be in person.
Noticed the spiked socks? I bet you had a laugh at that - I mean, how perfect are they though?? When I came across these on Oasap, I started smiling at the reaction they'd probably get. So naturally, I picked them out. They're a tad tight on my muscular legs, but at least they don't cut off my blood circulation!

These new earrings from Shop Lately are perfect though. I wore them to work one day and got so many compliments, and that was from customers seeing them from only one angle. When I showed them the other half and told them they were a sun and moon set, they loved them even more, just like I did!

Anyway, this is an outfit I plan on wearing to school. I've enjoyed challenging myself to wear skirts more often and still apply an edgy aesthetic without relying on black leather. So I dealt with it by wearing a leather jacket in white instead. Haha, the fact that it's white makes it much more crisp and eye catching! Plus, isn't that supposed to be an upcoming spring trend or something? Gotta stay on top of it all!

In other hair is RED!
Not in these photos. Haha, not yet at least. These were taken last week. It has that subtle reddish tint, but it's barely noticeable. So yesterday, Sarah and I went back in and re-dyed it. I'm going to go out and buy the hair care products needed to keep my hair healthy and I also plan on investing in hair vitamins. Anyone heard of them? Anyway, you can see a peek of it on my Instagram (@dragonfruit_diaries) if you're curious. I'll be waiting to get some nice photos on my Nikon soon!

Thanks so much for the positive responses on my last post by the way - so many made me smile!
Have a lovely day, Dragonistas ;)

I will not violate my covenant or alter the word that went forth from my lips.
Psalm 89:34
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Samantha said...

Oh, those tights and hat with the spikes are so you! This outfit is truly great, I love the mix of different things: the rougher leather with the softer, sheer shirt, looks amazing! And I really, really like those earrings!

Darcy said...

Betsey Johnson has earrings that match but dont necessariliy match, kind of like these! I have always loved them!

Rose-et-Violet said...

Linda, you're one of the few people that can rock so many spikes and get away with it. Those things are just MADE FOR YOU. You always look so nice in them :) Also, those earrings are beyond gorgeous...I can't wait to see your red hair on the blog!


Jessi said...

I love this outfit! Those spiked socks are actually pretty cool and SO you ;) I love them over the colored tights and that skirt is so cute too! Just a cute outfit all around!


Elsha said...

Your hair IS red! Love it! Have I ever told you how much you look like my best friend who is Ukrainian? So obviously you look lovely in red hair

Natalia | Fashioned by Love said...

Such an interesting and great way of adding another dimension with the socks! And I also love the earrings - so pretty! x

Jodie said...

I've seen yiur red hair on IG and FB and it looks awesome- a colleague took those vitamins for her nails and she turned into a lion. Her hair exploded ha ha ha.
Awesome earrings I love the not matching but soul mates of them.

Kati said...

Oh, I love the moon earrings! So lucky you can wear them whenever you please :-)

Have a great day,

P.S.: Thanks for commenting on my last post!

Kim Alston said...

your new hair color looks awesome on you! i love it linda. spiked socks. i've seen everything.

Maiken said...

well, those knee high socks are definitely "your socks" ;) and how well do they go with your beanie! every time I see a studded beanie at some stores I want it but have never actually bought it for myself. so now when I saw it on you I started wanting it again, obviously. oh and I must add those earrings are really cool indeed! no wonder your customers love them!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Elana said...

Woah. These earrings are seriously cool. As are these socks. I love all of the fun details in this outfit!

Laura Whitman said...

Oh my word, those socks are AMAZING. You always look so completely fantastic! Can't wait to see your red hair!


libys11 said...

those are gorgeous earrings, dear!!! :D

Animated Confessions

Sabrina said...

The studded details on your hat and socks are subtle, but I love them!


czarianonuevo said...

i'm loving this winter vibe outfits!! the layering is so stylish and the mix of colors is so nice to look at!! i really adore your white leather jacket!!! so cool!!!

that pair of earrings are so interesting!!

czarina :)


wow those earrings are stunning, i totally agree! they are different but the perfect pair!
and im loving the outfit, gorgeous!


♥ Ellen
Facebook + Instagram

Peet said...

Of course the first thing I did was check your Instagram.:D Your hair is red!! That so cool!! Red is my favorite hair color and it looks great on you.;) And so do the spiked socks, I want those too.:D

♥ Lauretha of Myrrh Goldframe ♥ said...

you are such a sweet heart stylish lady. i really love your blog. :)))

Talía Cardeña said...

Sooo beautiful!!! :):)

Alexandra Zakharova said...

Can't wait to see you with red hair) I think you look great)
as for this outfit, I have to say you look edgy and original. Those earrings are so ethnic and interesting, nice choice!
happy weekend:)

Toks said...

Great jacket, love it!!!

Sam said...

Hi Linda, so excited about the red hair! Your have masterfully styled and accessorized this outfit, its one of those looks where you have to keep on looking because its so interesting.

Bernadette Czle said...

love the spikes socks! xx

veronika girlandcloset said...

Love the spiked socks, seriously how fun are those!! You're looking absolutely beautiful as always!! xoxo

By The Shore, a life + style blog

Ann Grigorieva said...

awesome! I like your blog ❤
I would be happy if we could follow each other??
Let me know :)

JANICE G said...

super cute :)

the STYLE Fringe BLOG

Mili said...

I totally know what you mean with the whole sun + night thing. Freshman year I took a seminar on LOTR (yeah, nerd status represent) and we discussed how you basically can't have light without dark, since light is the absence of darkness. Anyways, it reminded me of your spiel :) The earrings are gorgeous and remind me of something a fortune teller would wear!


Juliet Polilova said...

love the idea with your high socks!
very nice blog by the way :)

kisses from Russia,


cool spiked shocks!


Mica T said...

Love the matching studs on your socks and hat! Such a cute detail :)

Those earrings are lovely as well, I can see why they got so many compliments :)

Away From Blue

Anonymous said...

love your skirt dear!
visit my blog:

Dale Janee said...

Gorgeous Look and I love that the earrings don't match perfectly. I really love your hair color and your bangs too.


Dale Janee said...

Gorgeous Look and I love that the earrings don't match perfectly. I really love your hair color and your bangs too.


Putri Valentina said...

Love your socks dear :D


roshimiztu said...

Those tights! My gosh you find the best items! So quirky! x

Michèle Kruesi said...

absolutely love this look my dear

Margarita M. said...

Super fun outfit!
That jewelry is stunning, dear)

his little lady said...

Yes, absolutely love this layered look. You seriously are just the cutest :)
xo TJ

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