Art is Hard

Ever since the fall semester ended, I feel like all the tightly controlled art classes I've sat through are boiling through my veins, exploding onto my drawing pad in a burst of inspiration. This first drawing is a result of that. I have to say, it's my favorite piece I've done yet. There are several projects and ideas I have in mind that I can't wait to create! 

So I figure since you've all heard about my drastic switch in majors (from English, to almost Dental Assistant, finally to Visual Arts), I thought you might like to see what I've been up to my first semester as an Arts major. Below is a mix of projects I completed in Design 1 and Drawing 1. Next semester will be composed of Painting 1 and Printmaking! I can't wait. Until then, I'll be working on my own projects. 
Design 1: Project on Positive and Negative Space
Design 1: Project on Texture 
Design 1: Project on Value
Design 1: Final - Create a cohesive CD design

These upcoming drawings are projects from my Drawing class, taken with the same teacher from Design 1. Since she was able to watch my progress in both classes, she told me at the end of the semester that she loves my high-contrast style. Looking at it overall, I'd have to agree. I think for this upcoming semester, my goal will have to be learning how to tame that side and learn the art of subtlety. At least for one project!
It's scary to put up your artwork on display for others to see, especially when I personally know some amazing artists (*cough, Ali, cough*). However, I've always shared so much on this blog (sometimes too much), and art has always been a huge part of me, so I felt it only appropriate to share it with you. I have much to learn, but it's the journey that makes reaching the destination so much sweeter!

I hope you enjoyed, and if you have any suggestions, let me hear them!

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Hélène Heath said...

Wowza, your art is beautiful, you are so talented! Thank you for sharing it with us, i know how hard it is to put it out there. But that's what it's meant for at the end of the day, right?

xx Hélène

Megan, said...

these are beautiful!

Xo, Megan,

Kym said...

Linda! You're amazingly talented!! This is just your first semester as an art major?! You should have seen my first semester as an art major - nowhere near the amount of creativity and talent you've already shown. And you're only going to get better! I'm especially impressed with the crumpled piece of paper; I know how hard it is to capture all of the various, subtle shades of light and shadow in all of the creases. It's really fun looking at your projects; I did a lot of those same exercises in school, too (texture and value and color gradations and still life w/ bottles haha)!
I really really REALLY love the first piece, the one with the girl w/ the text and watercolor. It is absolutely breathtaking.

Tallia said...

This stuff is amazing! I love the first drawing/painting as well. I took an art class this semester and what you are feeling about the "structure" is totally common in artists.

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Indie by heart said...

These are all really lovely. And I think the first one is my favorite too, out of these pieces you've shown :) There's so many layers and emotions packed in it...Well I'm not good at analyzing art, any form of art really - - perhaps cause I don't want it to be analyzed, it just must be Experienced. :)

x Satu

Brittney said...

I can see why you switched majors, you're really good! You seem to have a certain style, which is great, because it's very unique and identifiable. I love that first picture and I would totally buy it as a print.


Another Beautiful Thing

Anonymous said...

You are very talented, wish I could draw and paint this good! Would love to see more of your artwork, it is inspiring :)

Alexandra Zakharova said...

Oh, dear Linda! I didn't know you are an artist as well) I love to draw since childhood, but now I have less and less time for this hobby, unfortunatelly. So I definitely know how hard to draw something really worthy! I've got to say I do like your artworks, they are so original and spontaneous! Well done, keep on creating!
Wish you a great day ahead!

Ashley Taylor said...

While I do love that first painting, I think my favorite of your pieces is the crumpled paper! You're extremely talented, girl.

xo Ashley

Imke Db said...

This is really impressive! You're very talented and I love your work. Well done!

XO Imke

-PS: I'm hosting an international givaway right now; you can win 5 lovely Rosewholesale items picked by me! It would be so lovely if you'd participate!

.MyStyleDiary said...

You are really good! Keep up doing your thing youre going the right direction.

Jen K said...

WOW. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that first piece!!! I was a visual arts major in college as well (though my emphasis was in sculpture) and your first piece just resonated with me. If you make a print of that please let me know!

I'm looking forward to seeing more. :)


Kim Alston said...

Linda, you have major skills my friend. These are so good! Have you ever thought about opening an art & photography gallery? I can so see that for you. You're very talented. You should keep that in the back of your mind once you complete your studies. My mom asked me to THANK YOU! She blushed at your comment. You made her day. :D

Toks said...

The drawings are amazing Linda.

Jodi H said...

Looks like you are very talented.

Elisabetta Bertolini said...

i'm sure :D i love this art :D



Ali Hval said...

Aw Linda, I'm so glad that you're enjoying your new art classes! Looks like you accomplished a lot this semester--yay you! I like that first one a lot. I've never been able to incorporate text into my own work so when people do it sucessfully, I admire that! It's good that you're working off your own wants, especially since most (cough all) of the beginning art assignments are usually the same old, same old still lives that lack personal depth. GET IT GURL! You'll love printmaking!

Rifka Sams said...

Those were AMAZING! You really shouldn't be afraid to showcase your beautiful talent. I would pay so much to have those pieces around my room. Especially the the 'misfit' painting.

It is all truly beautiful :D

Rifka <3

Rifka Sams said...

Those were AMAZING! You really shouldn't be afraid to showcase your beautiful talent. I would pay so much to have those pieces around my room. Especially the the 'misfit' painting.

It is all truly beautiful :D

Rifka <3

Rifka Sams said...

Those were AMAZING! You really shouldn't be afraid to showcase your beautiful talent. I would pay so much to have those pieces around my room. Especially the the 'misfit' painting.

It is all truly beautiful :D

Rifka <3

Rifka Sams said...

Those were AMAZING! You really shouldn't be afraid to showcase your beautiful talent. I would pay so much to have those pieces around my room. Especially the the 'misfit' painting.

It is all truly beautiful :D

Rifka <3

nun khalida said...

Great art, dear!
you're so talented :))

fhenny said...

you did an amazing job!
i did these during university. i miss drawing now!

style frontier


the controlling art classes i did in high school drove me mad haha! but im trying to get back into my drawing now. your sketches are determinately inspiring, they are amazing!

♥ Ellen
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Imogen said...

This is fantastic and I am very impressed.

ninnikuneko said...

Hey Linda! I really like your art works and I think they look so professional! I didn't know you changed the major but many people do it! (me included) It's important that you find and do what you love :)
Printmaking is surely going to be AWESOME!!Also, thank you so much for still readig my blog! I'm such a lazy comment writer...

Natalia | Fashioned by Love said...

Absolutely amazing!!!! Must be so wonderful to study art and learn how to turn all the ideas and dreams into something visual… I think it was the right kind of switch indeed. x

Dina Karivalis said...

Honestly, this is all so amazing! You are very talented! I love the post. If you have time I'd love for you to stop by and enter my giveaway!
xo Dina

Shes Dressing Up said...

You have such an amazing talent, I'm in awe! I'm glad you switched to your perfect major <3

czarianonuevo said...

this is really an interesting post Linda!! i really love your art class projects!! they are amazing! may fave would be your project on value!

czarina :)

Andrea Goncalves, Cindy Gonzalez Ines Montiel. said...

Omg, I mean, there's no words to descibe how much I love your art.

Thank you for sharing it with us!

­Kisses from Venezuela.
Cindy González.

Maiken said...

oh Linda, you should not worry because your artwork is truly great! I think you definitely have your own thing going on through all those artworks and I like it ;) and I wish you all the luck with all other subjects too. plus you should definitely make posts like that in the future too :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

as scary as it seems, you are so amazing for posting your work, which by the way, is AMAZING. Talk about talent! I wish I could do half of what you do. I'm always in awe at people who can put pencil/pen/etc to paper and create something out of "nothing." It's so cool.

Ali Hval said...

Also I just saw that little shoutout now. WHATEVER PSH

Ivana Split said...

amazing! you're very talented! the fist one is also my fav!

Iwona said...

COOL illustrations and collages!!!Today on my blog the panther coat: ) Photos were taken at dark and light moods sun. I hope you like this style of photography? I invite and I greet: )

Peet said...

I like the first one the most out of these too! That's gorgeous, babe, I love the idea and the execution, it's just stunning. I like strong contrasts in general so this was definitely a pleasure, so don't be afraid to share your works and keep them coming!:D

katie said...

Oh man, aren't animal skulls so fun to draw?! I fell in love with them and bones in my first art class, i love the clean lines, the starkness and yet all of the delicatness of them. They're still my favorite subject matter, friends have given me a few over the years because im that "animal skull" chick. Ha, so of couse my favorite is your pencil of the skull and blacket, its a great mix of visual texture and warmth/Cold. Im really excited to see more of your art, i hope this becomes a regular feature.

Kat said...

your artwork is amazing linda! :D it reminds me of when i was taking general art classes and learning all the elements of art! i can't wait to see what you do in the future and how your art evolves! this is such a great collection of work especially for your first semester! :D

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