Snow Kisses

Coat & Tee: Target   Cardigan, Belt, & Skirt: thrifted   Tights: c/o Persunmall   Scarf & Earrings: c/o Shop Lately 
Either I'm having a brain freeze, or I just can't think of anything to say. Not much to say about real life - oh wait...THE HOBBIT TODAY!! Anyone else a LOTR nerd? I'm going with a new found friend who happens to nerd out over the same stuff.

In other news, I've been busy working on various art portfolios and preparing for a final. That, and I'm fretting over next semester's schedule and thinking about switching things around. Ugh, school. I cannot wait until this Christmas break gets here. I'm ready to give my brain a vacation!

Sartorially speaking, who else loves this tribal print scarf? That and the fringe earrings I'm wearing are from Shop Lately. Since partnering with them, I'm realizing just how fantastic their selection is! I absolutely adore these items, and I have a necklace from them I'm excited to show you. So far, nothing but good quality from Shop Lately!

This outfit is one of my favorites so far this winter. I've been layering knee high socks over my thinner tights, and paired with knee high boots, I've been comfortably warm in my deceivingly cold outfits. These sheer heart tights are from Persunmall, and unfortunately they run a little small. I don't expect them to last very long, but I'll certainly get my use out of them while I can!

Anyway, that's all my brain can come up with to talk about now.
So talk to me - what are you all up to?
PS: Random note I forgot to mention that I'm also happy about - I strung up Christmas lights at our apartment! Ahhh, it's all so pretty wrapped around our balcony!
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Laura Whitman said...

You look so adorable! I absolutely love those socks and tights together - the pop of color is perfect!

School is almost done! How crazy!? I hope that you kick butt as you continue through finals!


Chezka Cenon said...

LOTR mega nerd right here - read all the books, watched all the movies :) This is such a cool mix, love the tights and the hints of teal!

- Che

Vanessa A said...

Loving those tights and the pop of turquoise !

These photos are so cute! Sometimes I wish I lived where it snowed

Xo, Delightful Sunflower


cute outfit! i love how you blue belt and blue socks match!
and wow that last photo of you is sooooo pretty, great post!


♥ Ellen
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Kim Alston said...

I'll probably see the hobbit next weekend. Enjoy yourself Linda. At the end of the semester you definitely need a break. Have fun!

caffinatedlove said...

Adorable outfit. The heart tights have returned! One of my favorite things. :D

hurrah for Christmas lights! They make everything cheery.


Sam said...

Hi Linda, it looks freezing! I love the savvy layering in this look and the pretty pops of teal. The scarf and tights are so lovely. All the best with school. Have a warm and splendid weekend dear!

yati noah said...

such a cute outfit , and a sweet smiles from ya :)
You look great, dear. love the tribal scarf.

In my country is raining n a bit gloomy, but hey, Im enjoying my weekend, rest and cooking too hehehe.
Take care, love...
Yati from Malaysia.

czarianonuevo said...

this outfit is so cuutteee for winter!!! i specially love the scarf and the earrings!!! so Chic Linda!!!

i'm excited too for the holidays!!!! can't wait to Christmas shop :)

czarina :)))

Jeeshan Umar said...

Hey! great work with your blog I LOVE IT! would you like to be blogging friends? if you like follow me through google friend connect and ill definitely follow you back :)

xx Jeeshan

Ali Hval said...

Schedule planning can be so freakin' hectic, can't it?! I hope that you get through your exams and art portfolios! You know, the good thing about art portfolios is it's a little more enjoyable and you don't have to study for it... just create a ridiculously seemless body of work is all. Which is still stressful but hey, we'd rather be stressed about art, right?! :D

Ah man, I really love this outfit on you. I can see why it's one of your favs. Teal really is your color, Miss Ex-Trendy-Teal, muwahaha. <3 I love the socks especially. AND YOUR HAIR IS SO CUTE! What, I love it. You're just such a super pretty gorgeous lady.

Anonymous said...

I am not a big LOTR nerd, but I recently started watching them and I love them. I hope the movie is everything it is expected to be.


Ira Kharchenko said...

Amazing outfit! So pretty:)

Aleena said...

you look gorgeous!! followed <3

Elle said...

Wow, I love all of these layers: the tights, sweater, tribal scarf, the earrings.. all so lovely. Congrats on getting the lights up, that will out you in a cheery mood!
XX, Elle

Toks said...

Nice outfit, love black and white and that little touch of colour is just right.

Alessandra Mazzini said...

Gorgeous!! I love this outfit!! It's a pitty that we don't have snow here :(

Mica T said...

Such lovely layering in this outfit :) Hope you are enjoying the snow!

I really like your printed scarf too :)

Away From The Blue

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

You look amazing! Love the pop of turquoise :) xx

Cielo said...

Cute tights! Happy Holidays :)


Sonshu said...

Gorgeous scarf and tights. Must say I love the last picture, so adorable! Also, the snow looks divine.


Diana Horsfall said...

beautiful earrings!

Charmaine Gapasin said...

You look absolutely brilliant in this outfit! Love the heart print on the stockings! I want them.

I was about to watch The Hobbit yesterday but I was too tired from school and work so I just went home instead. ahaha
Good luck for you upcoming finals!:)

♥ Charms | my ∞ fashion confession

Putri Valentina said...

love your outfit dear, love the way you mix it :D


Plami said...

You're so beautiful darling! I love the outfit, especially the tights! Such a lovely detail!


Lily Fang said...

Ah, love this lovely layered look Linda! Your houndstooth and earrings are the perfect glam touch. I also adore that artsy snow kisses shot!

I've kept up with your past posts but my massive to-do list kept me from commenting! So glad that you were able to settle things and are still friends with Mr. Scruffy. Good for you, Linda--never resign to something you know isn't enough. It shows your maturity and courage, girl. And that last outfit is one of my favorites of yours! I gave you a heart on lookbook (:

Have a great week and good luck with school! My brain could use a break too!

Kierra Makayla said...

Such a stunning outfit! I love everything about it.

Shop Style Conquer said...

Oo exciting, I cant wait to see the hobbit! Making freinds by nerding out about the same things is always fun! Love the heart print tights, they look great layered with the blue socks!

-Tara x


Imogen said...

I love your coat and earrings the most. They are amazing.

Maiken said...

gosh, that definitely is a gorgeous look, Linda! I love love love it! black and white and teal make an amazing trio where teal totally pops. and what a cosy coat that is, such great additional pop of colour in your early winter outfit. yeah, you've done an absolutely beautiful job with that look :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Bernadette Czle said...

love the look, love your boots! sweet! xx

Peet said...

Lord nerd right here!! I'm going to see the Hobbit today!!! And I can't wait!!!!!:D Ok, too much excitement.:) We had our premiere a few days ago and some equipment broke and it was canceled, with people sitting in the theater and everything.:D So enough with the Hobbit, on with the clothes.:) I love your outfit, those tiny hearts are adorable!

Happy Monday, babe.;)

Kati said...

Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!
This must be one of my favourite outfits from you, I love all the layering (and the tights, of course)!

Have a great day,

Darcy said...

I love your tights in this look!! They are so pretty! And these pictures are amazing. Hope you had a great weekend!

Stephanie Georgiou said...

I absolutely love your outfit dear! Love the colour combination and that scarf is just gorgeous! Love your dress! Pretty as always!

Sam said...

Stopping by to say Hi and wish you a wonderful week!

Nicole K. said...

Lovely outfit! I love those tights and the boots. :) Haha, I think my family is the first to hang our Christmas decorations! :) Can't wait for xmas! xx

Bloglovin' | Facebook

Anonymous said...

Your art portfolio sounds exciting! I hope it went over well :) And girl I LOVE how you've been layering lately, you're definitely inspiring me!

Xo, Hannah

Toks said...

Great outfit and love the earrings.
Have a great Christmas

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