Let's Get Real: Fear

Fear is a powerful thing. A complete lack of it, and you can cross the line and head straight into dangerous territory. Too much, and you end up missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Let's talk about having too much fear, because that is something that I feel is my weakness.
Too much fear can cause you to chicken out of some of life's simplest yet sweetest moments.

When I saw her walking down the aisle in her graduation cap and gown, I felt pride in my friend for making it her Senior year. I glanced down, expecting to see the pretty little mint wedges I'd loaned her for her special day. To my disappointment, I saw her simple black flats instead. I'd had a feeling she would change her mind, but I'd hoped so much that she would overcome her fear and let her glamorous self take a walk for a bit; especially as her fellow classmates strutted down in tall wedges and heels. However, I understood her decision. Flats are safe, they're comfortable, and she'd be ensured a safe walk up and down the stairs to the stage.

Yet it got me thinking, which led to this post about fear. Too many times in life we let our fear dictate us. It keeps us from taking chances, from saying "yes" to something unknown or unfamiliar. Even something as simple as high heels.

If we stay safely swaddled in our blanket, how will we experience the world? If we stay inside our cocoon, we'll never metamorphosize into a free roaming butterfly. How will we branch out and learn to grow? How can we expect things to change when we're not willing to take chances on reaching our goal?

As a Christian, I have faith in God's plan for my life. Yet when I talk to other Christians about this, I hear too many lackadaisical responses:
"Just pray and see where He takes you."
"You'll see, it's all in His time."

While these are points that I agree with on a certain level, I also want to take a more active role in my life. It may be easier to sit back and wait, but did we forget that verse in Jeremiah?
You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.
Jeremiah 29:13

I want to take this verse and apply it in the way I live as well. I want to full-heartedly seek out my purpose in life - and if I take a few detours along the way, so be it. If I reach an old age, I want to be able to look back on my life and smile over the misadventures I may have taken, and know that at least I risked the chance and know, instead of never knowing what might've been. We need to seek full-heartedly God's will for our life, and pursue it with a passion. I want to forge ahead and not let fear stop me from taking a chance that could lead me to something even better than I imagined.

This will always include wearing all the crazy shoes I want!
After all, what does that one quote say?
The higher the heel, the closer to God.


Jodie said...

Excellent post- and posted at the right time. Thanks to you I just clicked "send" on two job applications :)
Tomorrow im going to go to an event on my own and Sunday I'm going to finish applinh to uni.

Love and Ace said...

Super inspiring! I love how fashion can be representative of taking risks. Thanks for this Linda! xx Kat

Love and Ace

Kim Alston said...

It's important to take risks and accept change. It's how we grow as individuals. Good for you!

Dr. A.E. Wright said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your thoughts today.

Lily Fang said...

Oh, Linda. Your thoughts always seem to hit home with me--this is basically my life philosophy! I feel the same way--we have to act, not just sit around and think that we'll get things handed to us. It's better to regret taking certain risks than to regret not taking a risk. At least you found out what happened and grew a little braver each time!

Haha, I absolutely love that quote. Man, what bold shoes--perfect for you!

Sylvia Haghjoo said...

Fantastic post. I loved it, especially your thoughts and the cool quote image.

Dear, I have a very exclusive perfume giveaway. I would love if you would come and check it out.


haha i love this post linda! numerous yet informative and good point you have raised!
I will totally be wearing heels to my graduation dinner next week and embrace my fear! ;)


♥ Ellen
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caffinatedlove said...

I love being able to pick your brain. So often we're dismissed by flippant answers to "lean on God" when we need something more concrete than that. I think that's where other believers come in to fill the physical need while we wait on prayer. <3


Carla Florendo said...

this is such a great post, and i cna totally relate. I fear the future,, like whats going to happen to me and can i handle it... but then why not take chances and embrcae our fears right? God will always bethre to guide us, besides. =)

have a great week Linda!

xo, Carla

Nicole Aguinaldo said...

Love photos and quote ;) those boots are soooo cute!


Kati said...

Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
What a nice article, and really true. I've recently convinced myself to take more small risks, and it's doing me good!

Have the best day ever,

Lisa said...

Beautifully written. There are many times in my life when i've taken the safer route because I was scared. This makes me rethink those moments.


Amanda said...

what a great quote! Excellent post Linda ==)

Mili said...

Good for you! Conquering your fears, huzzah! And the last quote just killed me lol ;)

Mili from Call me, Maeby

Mica T said...

Interesting post about fear! :)

It's funny, my church ( is starting a series about fear this week. I'm really looking forward to it, as I've been worrying and stressing a lot about things recently. Need to remember to let go of my fear.

Away From The Blue

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What a wonderful post and so inspiring. Thanks, I enjoyed reading this dear. Happy weekend./Madison xx

Rory said...

Hahaha I absolutely love that last quote..."the higher the heel the closer to God!" I'm Christian too but it's not really something that is a part of me as much it is of you. I'm not sure what I believe yet, or how I feel about God, or any of that. But I want to find something, some belief that's right for me. Reading all of your posts like this, where you just talk about life, inspires me so much. I can tell how much of a role god plays in your life and I hope someday I'll believe in something that much, because you're so proactive in what you do and I think religion helps with that. You're an inspiration to me, Linda! Always. I hope you know that although I dont visit blogs as often anymore, I see your stuff on FB all the time and you're one of my role models. Ever since i found your blog right when we'd both just started off. You rock. Keep it going, girl, love ya <3

Elle said...

That was an inspiring post, and an awesome Shoe!!
I hope you are enjoying the holiday season!
XX, Elle

Margarita M. said...

Amen to that, Darling!
You are truly an inspiration!

Shamu Boo said...

You crack me up, dear. High heels closer to God. Awesome :) I hate fear. Simple as that. Fear NEVER makes a good decision. Fear does not keep you from making bad decisions, wisdom does. The only thing the Bible says to fear is God and that pretty much just means respect. Fear is a paralyzing weakness that lives in all of us, impossible to eradicate but manageable by making bold choices and doing uncomfortable things. Heck, dear, even the comments I leave you hear scare me to share but I do it anyway because I think you are OK with them and maybe like them. But then sometimes I doubt it and it makes me want to wander away and hide again. Fear plagues us all and bravo to you for dragging that monster out of the shadows and giving him a few swift kicks :)

yati noah said...

Wow what a words, In other words be brave to reach your dreams :))
I love this post, its refer to self confidence I believe :)
Take care lovely,
Yati Noah

feel free to visit me :

Maiken said...

haha, I love the last statement you put down! well written, girl! ;) and yes, fear can often stop as from doing something we want to do. sometimes it's right to be afraid because not everything we want to try is safe and good. but there are also those times when we should just go for it, do it! I think it's important to realize if fear is the right feeling and you really shouldn't do it or if fear is just a layer that stops you from being happy, excited and without annoying doubts.

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Samantha said...

Girl, you exude awesomeness! I totally agree with you, but sometimes I forget too and I succumb to my fears. And you were so sweet with your friend, she's lucky to have you hon! Thanks for up-lifter :)

Tom Epfinger said...

Amazing shoes!

Lindsay Truax said...

What a great post. I jumped off a cliff like that in Missouri. Is that where the picture was taken? Thanks for sharing your faith. Great post.

czarianonuevo said...

this is wonderful and very uplifting! i like how you handle this sad but inevitable issue most of us experience and sometimes choose not to talk about it.

czarina :

Margaret Dallospedale said...

Wonderful outfit! So cool.
The Indian Savage diary

Margaret Dallospedale said...

Wonderful outfit! So cool.
The Indian Savage diary

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