Balancing Act

Vest & Leggings: thrifted   Tee: Rue 21   Bag: c/o Oasap   Beanie: c/o Shop Lately   Boots: Just Fab   Glasses: c/o Firmoo

This bulky toggled vest is a recently thrifted item of mine that I was drawn to despite it's "old lady" brand name stamped on the tag. Christopher & Banks, ladies and gentleman - I don't care if their target group are ladies in their 40's and beyond, I love this vest. It's a bit large, but when paired with some sleek leather pants, a skull encrusted bag, and stiletto booties, I think it balances out perfectly.

So here's something that's been on my mind lately - sex.
Yup, you heard me. Now to clarify, I'm talking about how it's being presented and pushed today. It's been turned into something to market rather than cherish. Want to sell out a movie? Have a hot sex scene in there. In fact, have several. Want to get people interested in reading a book? Throw in some erotic chapters. Want a new hit single? Include heavy innuendo and have a guy rap exactly what he wants to do to a girl. Want to advertise about a hamburger? Have a hot girl skimpily dressed, drizzling ketchup seductively around her mouth.

Now I think there's something to be said about how we as humans can be incredibly seductive. It's a powerful thing to possess, and how we choose to use it can reveal a lot about us as a person. Some bury it, hiding it away like it's a shameful thing. Others swing the other way and wield it like a lethal weapon. I think as women who are interested by fashion, we should think about these things. When you get dressed are you hiding behind your clothes like a shield or using it as a sword? Where do you draw the line?

Much like the title of this post, everything is a balancing act. I'm still figuring it out (and I think it's interesting I'm wearing leather leggings while thinking about this topic...haha) and perhaps I'll fall off the tightrope I'm balancing on every now and then. But the thing is you have to keep trying to find your balance.

To the pure, all things are pure, but to the defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure; but both their minds and their consciences are defiled.
Titus 1:15
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Love and Ace said...

Your leather leggings kind of remind me of the skinnies I have on today! And that vintage vest if amazing! And I agree, I think it's all about "balance" when it comes to dressing! xx Kat

Love and Ace

Instant Milk said...

LOVE the pants and everything!

Come by soon!


Imke Db said...

Those pants suit you really well!

XO Imke

Kim Alston said...

loving those leggings and boots. you are rocking that vest linda. different people view sexy in different ways. just be you! men find that sexy.

Annie said...

You look adorable...and I love those pants on you - so fabulous!

The Other Side of Gray

Katie Aman said...

Linda, this has been on my mind a lot lately too. I specifically think about human trafficking in regards to this issue and how perhaps it would not be such a huge problem if we as a culture wouldn't be so obsessed with sexual saturation in every area of our lives/media/etc.
I love that you retain your modesty even while rocking the leather and spikes, haha. It's you're style! It just goes to show that you can be super cool and sexy without showing so much skin.

Samantha said...

I love your old-ladies vest! ;) It looks awesome paired with your leather leggings! And I totally agree with what you're saying - especially so with music! I'm more of an introverted wallflower, so I prefer not to have a sex appeal which usually attracts more attention.

Avi Valencia said...

You are wonderful. You can even rock and look so good with a old-ladies vest. It looks awesome the whole combination.

And about the sex topic, I'm very shy and introverted person. I don't feel sexy and don't have a sex appeal. For me it is very awkward. And music, tv shows and books needs to stop about the whole sex theme.

Tallia said...

That's a cute misfit beanie!

And I completely agree with you! I hate that they promote sex so liberally!


Elana said...

This vest is awesome! And so is this bag, which is perfect for you. And breaking out those kickass boots regularly, I see!

This is definitely an interesting thing to think about. I guess it really depends on whether you think it's a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand, it's sometimes a little unsettling how heavily sex is used as a marketing tool. However, on the other hand, it could also be seen as a good thing that society is moving toward being more open and accepting. But like you said, it's all about finding that balance.

I definitely hate the way songs use it (especially since they tend to be demeaning to women in the process), and I'm a pretty modest person myself. I love that you're able to use your dress as a way to express strength and empowerment (and be sexy while doing it!), but it's never trashy in the slightest. Basically, you're awesome.

Okay, I'm done writing my novel haha

Ashley Taylor said...

Haha, Linda! There's nothing that quite goes together better than sex and leather. You're so scandalous ;) Lol, but really you look great and I can't believe you thrifted the pants and the vest! They look amazing on you. Nothing like some leather legs to sex up a grandma vest. Amiright!?

xo Ashley

libys11 said...

i think the vest really adds that personality to this look!!! awesome!

Animated Confessions

czarianonuevo said...

the black and white vest is gorgeous indeed! i really LOVE how you paired it black leggings and a white tee!!! to finish the whole ensemble, you added that rad beanie!! so Chic!!!!

couldn't agree more with what you said. there's a thin line between looking stylish and looking skimpy,,, A proper balance is what one needs :)

czarina :)

Stephanie Dong said...

This outfit screams quirky but cute! I love each piece of clothing!

Stephanie Dong Fashion +

Imogen said...

Your vest is a great find. Love the pattern. I adore your sweet gorgeous necklace .

Charu Sharma said...

Fabulous look dear! Love the details and styling and neckpiece is classic!

how are you? For last few weeks I was unable to open you blog!!

Maiken said...

hey, Linda! I'm sorry I haven't been around lately but the times have been a little too busy :P
when it comes to the sex topic then yes, it totally is annoying when everything around us (films, music, ads, books) screams "sex". there are more important things than sex but those things don't sell so it's an easy way out to use somethng sex related. well and I think nowadays too young boys and girls have sex. in my opinion it's not okay when kids (a 13 year old IS a kid and so is a 15 year old!) do it. I know not everybody thinks like me but I still hope many do.
ps. your bag is simply a m a z i n g!!! it's so "you" ;)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

stevia indrawan said...

the vest definitely made the outfit!
and I love the adorable beanie

The Sweetest Escape 

Danny said...

you look so cute with that beanie :) and the pants, so damn cool!

Sam said...

Very interesting thoughts Linda, I find that the media has 'manufactured' something thats meant to be romantic and intimate into something rather perverse. I adore this retro vest and the fact that you styled it with these rocker chic leggings, works wonderfully.

Lisa said...

I am so in love with your boots! *drool

The Lovely Memoir

Chelsea Elizabeth said...

Those leather leggings! I've been looking for the perfect pair. You rock them perfectly girl!


ooo i can get to your blog through chrome now!!
anyway awesome outfit! i totally agree, the world seems to be all sexed up! interesting post :)


♥ Ellen
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Megan, said...

head to toe awesome Xo, Megan,



Nathyness said...

Sex?? You misfit you! Haha.
I'm really drawn to modest fashion, and I'm frequently told that my favorite stores are for "older" crowds (e.g., LOFT, J. Crew). I'm just really drawn to classic styles! Geez! But in Miami people expect you to be half-naked year round, and to show off every inch of your curvacious (or not) body every chance you get. That's really not my style.

Anyway, love this grungy look on you, and your beautiful red bag! The vest is oh so cute and a perfect little fall finishing piece.

-Nathy @ Earnestyle

Elsha said...

No way!! I never would have guessed. I was just scrolling through and loving that vest.

Shamu Boo said...

You are so right realizing the irony of this topic going through your mind when you are sexy and seductive personified in those leather leggings :) I am so done with sex (and violence as pop culture links them time and again) being used to try and sell me things. Love, sweetness and joy are just too smart for the room anymore? I think it is wonderful when a person feels sexy, whether it comes from an outfit, a perfume, a song...wherever you get it. It is an amazing feeling to walk around with and very empowering. Just don't let that feeling make your decisions or you end up sharing way too much of yourself with people who haven't earned that much awesome :)

Mica T said...

Lovely print on that vest, and I like your bright red bag too :)

Away From The Blue

two birds said...

what a fun outfit. i love those leggings. great topic...a good one to think about when you're dressing up!

ivette said...

cool look...digging the leggings!

Pop Champagne said...

ooh I love that toque! where did you get it?! and yeah pop culture has been using sex to sell for ages, even with Madonna back in the days and her sex book. Sex is good, sexy is good, as long as it's not outright like Miley Cyrus lately I think. that's a bit too much for me lol call me conservative

Manhattan Image and Style said...

I love your outfit!! You look super chic and stylish!! :)

Feel free to visit my blog as well if you wish! <3

New Blog Post: 10 Habits That Will Help You Succeed

Nancy said...

I agree with your sentiments. It's a shame that to be noticed people have to go that route. (Miley, I'm thinking of you.) While it's great some can embrace that part of themselves, I just don't feel it needs to be that ostentatious about it. We get it. But, we don't need to see it all the time.

On a happier note, I love that beanie on you!


Marlen said...

i LOVE how you were able to make that vest young and fresh, you've got such an amazing styling eye! and i was so confused by this topic that i took a philosophy of sex class in college haha, it really is such a fine line! i personally don't feel comfy baring it all while dressing, and i find that a lot of conservative outfits are sexy. even more so than the skimpy ones that leave nothing to the imagination. but i think in the end it all depends on a person's personality- i have a lot of friends who dress in, what on me, would like skimpy, but they have such a playful personality that on them it just looks normal haha

xo marlen
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