A Thankful Heart

While Thanksgiving is never a big holiday in my family, it's always a good time for me to reflect on the year and remember all the things I should be thankful for. So on this Americanized holiday (which means eating, a lot), here's my list of things I'm grateful to have gained/learned this year.

1. I'm capable of being independent.
This past summer, I moved out of my parent's house and lived in an apartment with three other girls. From there, my new roommate Corina and I found our own place and have been living in a decent apartment for almost $100 less than what we'd been paying. Living without my parent's presence and care has forced me to grow up much faster, and I love this feeling of being an independent woman. I've taught myself to cook, kicked my laziness in the butt, and knowing that everything is coming out of my pockets for rent, electricity, wi-fi, and phone bills makes me feel capable and self reliant. 

2. I've found the sister I never had
It's funny how Corina and I came to be friends. Last spring semester, we shared two classes, so I said hello one day in Pilates, and we became partners for an exercise. From there, our oddball friendship began. Most of the time, my close girl friends are always so sweet and kind to each other. With Corina, we act just like siblings. We'll smirk and say sly jokes that make the other pretend offense before we both start laughing. There have been many heart-to-heart moments though, and like she said one night, "I know this is a friendship that's going to last."

3. I rediscovered my passion for art
I came so close to choosing a completely different path. U-turning from dental assistant to visual arts major? Many may shake their head in disappointment, but I know in my gut I made the right choice. Every time I sit down to work on a project, I am inspired by what I'm creating and what my professors are pushing me to achieve. Also, this article says it perfectly.

4. My style has finally evolved enough that I feel confident in what I wear. 
In other words, my clothes no longer wear me. I wear my clothes, and when I look in the mirror, I don't question whether others will like it. As long as I like what I'm wearing, I feel confident and unstoppable. Before, I wore things I thought looked cool and my clothes didn't necessarily fit well. I'm not quite sure what it was, but it didn't work for me. Then while going through a depressing phase last year, I started wearing darker colors, edgier jewelry/shoes, and everything started coming together.

I have so much to be thankful for, such as always having food, a roof over my head, more clothes than I could need, and amazing, supportive people in my life, but these are four big highlights from this year. I've enjoyed learning and growing from my experiences, and I'm looking forward to even more!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
I Thessalonians 5:16-18
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Rebeca Muñoz López said...

So delicious! :9

Kat said...

beautiful post linda :) I'm so glad youve discovered so many things about yourself this year and decided to pursue your passions :) hope you're having and wonderful thanksgiving!!

Halie said...

Beautiful post lady. Stay you because you are so inspiring.

Danny said...

This is such a wonderful holiday, so sad we don't celebrate it in my country :\

Anonymous said...

What an amazing time you've had this year. It sounds like you've grown so much and have every reason to feel confident. I hope the next year is just as good for you and you really enjoy this time in your life :D. Great post.

Shamu Boo said...

All wonderful but #3 is my favorite. So wonderful that you follow your heart and do what fills you with joy instead of taking the "sure thing." I remember when you first posted about that on here and I am just as proud of you now as I was then. Bravo!!!

Kim Alston said...

You have accomplished so much Linda! I'm very proud of you. Keep it going.

Jessica Mattioli said...


The Fashion Heels

Maiken said...

it felt good when I read that post and realized I knew all those things about you. about your studies, the moves between different appartments, the changes at school and so on. and it sure was a great post, Linda. happy thanksgiving!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Satin Diaries(SD) said...

I feel like I have been away from blogosphere for the longest time and here i am starting off with your blog hahah. Great post and Happy thanksgiving.

Much love

Vania Aprilia said...

It feels good to have a lot of positive things that improve you :D hope you had a great thanksgiving!

Pudding Monster

Love and Ace said...

Definitely good things to be thankful about. Hope you had a wonderful holiday Linda! xx Kat

Love and Ace

Ali Hval said...

MISS LIIIINDA! Happy Thanksgiving! I am so glad to have et you and super thankful that we are still best of internet buddies (and one day, when we can drive faaaaar and far and far, real life buddies. muwahaha!)

Mmm, look at that food!

czarianonuevo said...

this is a wonderful post!!! it's so good to list these things and have the time to reflect :) really enjoyed reading this post!


Anonymous said...

Love love love this post. I'm so proud of you for becoming more independent and rediscovering art- these are two things that I can definitely relate to this year! Sometimes it's tough relying on yourself for everything, from grocery shopping to cleaning, but it's a wonderful feeling to know that you are capable of taking care of yourself.

Xo, Hannah

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