Shake It Off

Dress: c/o Crash & Burn   Jacket & Belt: Target   Boots: Just Fab   Rings: c/o Shop Lately

Hello from my apartment car port! Hey, blank yellowish slats work well for a backdrop, right?
Lately I feel as if my style has pulled together and formed into an edgy street style. For example, for class and Senate, I settled on this tie dye dress from Crash & Burn and a leather jacket. Plus, my killer boots from Just Fab topped it off. Just wearing this tough ensemble inspired me to play around more with my photography while getting these shots.

Don't you love that feeling you get when you're wearing something that inspires you? It seems odd that you can get that feeling from something as simple as clothes, but why are fashion bloggers popular? Its because they inspire! So of course, we feed off our own inspiration to create even better posts and projects.

And on that note, I think we should all take a moment and just admit we're human and have flaws. Why should we let that prevent us from wearing what we want? Why should I stress over whether I've got a perfect manicure, gorgeously curled hair, or a Barbie-like figure? I'm not going to look like that all the time (let alone every now and then) so why analyze every little fault until I can't even enjoy my day? I'm not built like your typical modelesque fashion blogger. I have athletic muscles and a pudgy stomach. But hey, at least I've got a functioning body that allows me to do things. This body has made it through endless preseason practices, intense Spinning sessions, scaled telephone poles, strutted on five inch heels confidently, and hasn't scared off admirers. So why should I feel insecure in who I am? Why should any of us? If you've got both your arms, legs, and they're functioning, then be grateful!

As girls especially, I know we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to look a certain way. It's a never ending struggle, and we all have our weak days. However, when those self-disgusted days come along, try and shake it off. Put on your pair of hottest shoes, let your hair down, and play some dancing music. Because when you think about it, life is far too short to focus on these miniscule details that hardly anyone else even notices.

Learn to love yourself, including the flaws.

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well
Psalm 139:13-14
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful look!!!! Head to toe loveliness ;)


Nicole K. said...

Lovely outfit look- as always! <3 You're gorgeous!xx

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Kym said...

Love the photography, love the dress, love the jacket.

katie said...

This dress is so you! You've just been killing it with your style, every outfit you post seems so true to you. (this dress is so cool looking and the dark colors are so dramatic on you.). I suppose I'm always surpised when you mention insecurities, your such a stunning and gorgous young lady that it seems crazy that someboby as pretty as you wouldn't be considered perfect. You mist have been reading my mind though, I just scheduled a post with a rant about this, although not really from the girls side. I think we expect ourselves to look perfect but most of the time, especially lately, I've noticed way more pressure from me in real life for women to look "perect". Its like most of the male population has turned into serious jerks about wanting girls to be skinny with big boobs and long hair, make lots of money but not have a thougjt in their head. I suppose i'm grumpy but i've delt with so many dudes like this lately, blah. Social media seems tp be proving the same thpugh. Hah sorry about the rant dear, you always wriye thought provocining(sorry bad spelling typing on phone) posts.

What Kenny Hearts said...

this is such a lovely post dear! I am so liking your outfit here in this post. Already excited to see your future posts.

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Peet said...

No, it hasn't scared off admirers, you're damn right, it has attracted them and I'm sure there aren't only a few so please do strut some more - especially in those insanely hot boots! Now these are some BOOTS.:D

Kim Alston said...

Your message is so beautiful Linda. We need to appreciate what we have so much more. So many are without certain things. It's sad. Be happy and work with what you do have. Things could be worse. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics! Girl, you keep getting better and better with photography. Looks like a magazine. That outfit is absolutely gorgeous! I love that dress and those shoes are killer. FIERCE!!!

vanessa (the gal) said...

Super cute love the tie dye with the snake belt!
xx, Vanessa

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Sam said...

You are wise wise beyond your years, I love your attitude on figures and weights Linda, we all need to develop this type of thinking, thanks for the pep talk, I needed it. Tie-dye has never looked this good!

Joandy said...

love this edgy look, you look perfect!!!

Danny said...

wow, absolutely love that dress! You look amazing, super fierce and powerful

Megan Butcher said...

What a thoughtful post. I totally needed this :) Great set of photos, I love this outfit!

<3 Megan

SaraM said...

I love this look! It's so wintery!!
Linda, you have no reason whatsoever to be down on yourself--you are positively gorgeous! Society does put a ton of pressure on women to look perfect all the time, but the reality of it is that perfection has never had a static definition. So you shake it, girl, no matter what anyone says!


Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Wow! Tremendous boots Linda! I love those soulful pensive photos you do too. I haven't been able to pull those off yet but I am interested in do them some day. You are such a talented blogger and woman!

czarianonuevo said...

such a chic outfit to start with! i LOVE the leather pieces here; the jacket and those killer sex boots!!! the look is indeed so edgy!

thanks again for the wonderful write up about loving yourself and embracing your flaws. I need something like this once in a while :)

czarina :)

Shamu Boo said...

Wonderful message, dear. So true and something I am so glad to see you posting. As for the outfit, yes you do look quite tough but also so gorgeous. Your hair looks extra beautiful here for some reason and those tights accent your amazing, awesome legs so well. Always glad to see them featured so much :) Lovely dress and some very cool photo tricks too.

Kati said...

Thanks for your lovely words on my last post!
I love this outfit - the dress is so pretty and these shoes...well, wow girl!!

Have a great day,

Love and Ace said...

That's a great backdrop and I love that you take your own photos! And ummm.. those boots are hot! You look great Linda! xx Kat

Love and Ace

Elana said...

Oooh, love this dress and these shots! It's been so much fun watching your style evolve over the past year or so (how long HAVE I been reading now? I can't keep track anymore). You definitely have it figured out. And for real, could these boots be any more kick ass?

Nancy said...

I totally agree and love when something inspires you in this way! =D

Great outfit!


JANICE G said...

the boot is amazing!

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Anonymous said...

This so very true, we all have flaws and just need to look past them! You are gorgeous and very smart, this was very inspiring! I love your outfit as well, those boots are awesome!


Elsha said...

I love the pattern on your dress! And I love your flaws, I think they are what make you fantastic & interesting

libys11 said...

love the tie dye effect!! so gorgeous dear!

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Maiken said...

I just hope young girls will actually feel the same way as you do when they read this post. it's such an important topic these days and it's only great when bloggers like for example you get it off their chest.
by the way, I love your jacket, dress and belt. an absolutely awesome trio you have put together!

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Anonymous said...

I really love your confidence, and this post really speaks to me. In the past two months of living in a college dorm, I've been surrounded with tons of 18 year old girls and I've realized just how unconfident many of them are. I think girls these days really struggle with the idea of "perfection" which is absolutely impossible and can never be achieved! I love my flaws and I think they make me even more beautiful- I always have. It's tough being surrounded by so much negative energy in the dorms... girls constantly comparing their wardrobes, bodies, skin, boy problems, etc. I love your attitude, that your body functions and you live life happily!

Xo, Hannah

Ankita Bhardwaj said...

Love this! You're so gorgeous and your confidence really shines girl:)

Lisa said...

Your style has been awesome and I've seen you develop into a more edgier style!

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