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So instead of an outfit post like I'd planned, I felt like switching it up and showing some of the photography I've done lately. Getting out and exploring is a goal of mine this year, and Corina and I have managed to get out every now and then when we have time. Being a full time college student who's also involved in extracurricular activities and working doesn't lend much time to exploring unfortunately...however, if you're determined, you can still squeeze in some time for things you really want to do.

And on that note, on to updating you on that movie date...

Dear Adorably Scruffy,
As a follow up to the previous letter, I have to say, I don't mind you disregarding my demands for you to stop being so...adorable. Please continue, I'd be disappointed if you let me down now. Despite your teasing over how jumpy I am (hey now, Insidious 2 is way scarier than the previous one), I could feel you flexing your arm on the arm rest as I leaned against you. Also, the gentlemanly mannerisms you displayed were much appreciated. There's certainly not enough of that kind of mindset in today's youth. Then again, you're not exactly a youth, are you? As you so cutely teased, "My first movie in a theater was Star Wars...that was before your time."
(PS: Just so you don't freak out, it's not a HUGE age gap, but a perfectly sized one, where he's 3 years older than me. So no worries, the "jailbait" signature is a joke haha!)

In other words, the date went well. :) 
Now we have a coffee date set for today.
Wish me luck!

Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.
2 Corinthians 9:7
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Lily Fang said...

Aw, Linda! How precious. I've been keeping up with all your posts, and I've been so excited for you. Glad to hear everything went well (: 3 years isn't bad at all--I think it's just perfect! Age differences mean less and less as we get older anyways.

You photography is simply beautiful. I love the one the road shot with the sunglasses and those cute ones of your mom. The color balance is so nostalgic and I'm loving your cozy fall looks in the photos.

Best of luck with your date and have a great weekend!

Lisa said...

That was so cute to read! I'm glad you're having so much fun. Three years is actually a perfect age gap, he'll be much more mature than the guys your own age. Have a good coffee date! :)

P.S. In love with the first photo! You have such expressive eyes!

The Lovely Memoir

Pelin said...

Looove the photos! <3

Danny said...

A lot of amazing pictures, must say :)
hope the coffee date went well :)

Jodie said...

Eeeppp so glad your date went well, 3 years is nothing!
Love these photos you've got such an eye I love them all :) especially the one of you in the car :)
Thank you about my hair, I feel back to normal now (it was seriously depressing me being unable to express myself with ginger hair)x

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Oh, I didn't know you had your 'eye' on someone now days. Glad to get in on this now, when the beginning info is crucial.

Jailbait? - ha! My HM is 15 yrs older than moi. And we love it that way. LOL


Sam said...

You are the cutest Linda, loved your letter, the date sounds so wonderful and good to hear Mr Scruffy treated you like the princess you are...hope things work out!!! A small age gap is always a good thing. Your photos are so beautiful, you are really talented.You are always so sweet to stop by...have a relaxing weekend!

caffinatedlove said...

1. I love your photography. You have such an eye for detail!

2. A date? hello! I feel like I've been out of the loop for quite some time. It sounds like it was wonderful and I hope it pans out for you. Could you sneak us a picture? I would much appreciate it. ;)


czarianonuevo said...

I've been taking a glimpse of your photos on facebook and I must say each one is amazing! Every photo showcases your talent and has interesting character and story to tell :)

omg, i am so glad and pleased reading this updates on what's happening between you and that guy lately. So happy on how these dates are turning out :)


Melissa Ortiz said...

So happy I found your blog! I love it :)

I love your photos, they are so detailed and beautiful.

Margarita M. said...

You have taken such amazing pictures, dear!
great scenery ,so beautiful and serene!

Mica T said...

Lovely photos!

Glad your date went well too! :)

Away From The Blue

katie said...

Oh, ots exciting to see how your photography is coming along, I would love to hear abput how its going with the photgraphy gigs.:). Way to go for really pursuing this, your pictures are looking so nice. Hah, the date updates are pretty adoreable, jailbait!


great pictures Linda!

Katie Aman said...

Oh, I love these photos! The ones of the water are particularly stunning. I love when a photographer can capture just the right lighting for a beautiful shot. Thanks for sharing your photography with us! :)

Chloe, Wardrobe Quarry said...

It looks so scenic where you live!

Congrats on the date! wish you the best x

Wardrobe Quarry

Alexandra Zakharova said...

Oh, Linda thank You for sharing such a nice post! Those photographs are truly wonderful and inspiring! Was that your mom? Both of you are so alike)
Wish you a blessed day ahead!

Kati said...

These photos capture a day out so, so well. Good job!
And also: good luck for the coffee date! So exciting!

Have a great day,

Maiken said...

hehe, my fiance is 3 years younger than me ;) so yeah, this gap means nothing, I think. 10 years would be a real gap though, haha.
by the way, Linda, I truly enjoyed going through those photos. they're so summery that I even felt a little nostalgic here. wonderful post! and I hope you will make more posts like that :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

shamuboo said...

Such an artist's eye you have. You make everything a bit more beautiful than it is. And I am guessing you do that even more in person :)

Kim Alston said...

Linda, you take the best pictures of everything. These are so beautiful! You're an amazing photographer. So glad the date went well! Yaaaay! I love it! He sounds great! Age and ALL!

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