Beatle Mania

Top: Walmart  Shorts: DIY   Boots & Beanie: thrifted   Bracelet: c/o Estarer   Ring: c/o Oasap
I can already tell you that these boots will be getting a lot of wear this upcoming fall. I'm already sneaking them into my outfits even in this heat because I love them so much! Besides that, my beanies will be making a reappearance for sure.

In less than a week, college will be starting up for me. Not only that, but actual Senate duties. We've had a few meetings over the summer, but its nothing compared to what I actually have to do now. I got a binder informing me on my duties as a Public Relations Senator, and I have to go around to the local radio stations on a weekly basis to update the DJ's on what's going on at my community college. While excited about having such a cool opportunity, I can't help but be a little nervous. Wish me luck!

Now while I was out and about trying to find a place that was fairly private to take photos, I had a random run-in with some guys on their longboards. The campus here is crawling with people who like to spend their evenings just longboarding, biking, hanging out, and walking their dogs. For a fashion blogger trying to quickly get some outfit photos, it can be mortifying dashing back and forth between a tripod and holding still in a pose as people pass by. I was in the midst of snapping a few shots when these two college guys wheeled right up to the spot I was at on their longboards. One came to a stop and sat down on his board right there! I hurriedly unsnapped my camera from the tripod and pretended to scroll through the images, all the while semi-ignoring him. 

Then his friend joined him and they started talking, and one made a random comment towards me. 
"Hey, did you see that squirrel? You're the one with a camera and you missed it!"
I just smiled and said, "Its not the squirrel I'm trying to capture."
Then he unhooked a tiny camera I hadn't even noticed from the front of his longboard. 
"We were out trying to record some fishies. Check it out."
I hesitantly walked over to where they sat and checked out his footage. Apparently, his tiny camcorder was waterproof, and they'd caught some cool recordings of the fish in the nearby fountain. 

Then we started joking about how his friend didn't have a job and the only downside to that was the lack of income. I mean seriously, the only motivation for us to go to the jobs we have is the check, right? 

Haha, so there's a random occurance to share with you girls. What's the most awkward/interesting run-in you've had while out taking outfit photos?

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.
Psalm 119:105
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Katie Aman said...

Haha, yes that moment when you're waiting for the timer to snap the photo while you're trying to hold your pose is the mooost awkward thing ever! Glad they were nonchalant about it though, haha. Good luck getting ready for school again! Senate duties sound exciting and I know you'll do great :)

Love and Ace said...

Oh gosh my biggest blogger anxiety is getting "harassed" by random people haha. But it sounds like they turned out to be nice! Love this casual chic outfit - the boots give are a great touch! xx Kat

Love and Ace

Lisa said...

I love your Beatles shirt! And those boots are gorgeous. You're so lucky you found them while thrifting!

Lol I have the same moments when I go out to take pictures! People love to see what I'm doing. I get so shy/embarassed.

The Lovely Memoir

Ashley said...

These pictures turned out SO awesome! I love the wall in the background! Your outfit is perfection. I am insanely envious of your ability to rock a beanie. You have definitely given me the inspiration to give it another go! Oh, and if I had those fantastic booties, they would be on my feet 24/7. SO perfect!
You look amazing, Linda!

Are you ready for your second year of college?? Excited about going back? I am excited for you and your new duties! How fun to go around to radio stations! This will be great experience!

xo Ashley

Lala H said...

love the booties too! very cute and looks great all year round

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Marlen said...

you take your pictures yourself?? i havent quite mustered the courage to venture out with a tripod yet, but i AM getting better at not getting shy if people catch me getting photographed. last weekend marc was taking photos of me in front of a brown wall when a hoard of guys had to pass through us and they all started making "say cheese" jokes. That time i only KINDA turned pink- small wins! haha

xo marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Anonymous said...

Love your top, that's adorable! Good luck with college and all of your exciting opportunities!Haha, that's a funny story. I don't mind shooting around strangers but it's when we go to an area where someone I know might pass by that I get antsy!


Living_in_aShoe said...

that sweatshirt is gorgeous!


For someone who's a huge fan of Beatles, I absolutely adore your shirt. This entire ensemble encapsulates the spirit of that era so well, I LOVE it!


Joandy said...

awesome sweatshirt, and love the black boots, complete the whole look!!!

Jodie said...

Ar the worst is when people watch you set up shots then walk RIGHT THROUGH THEM!!! I'll be honest a pay check counts- especially when you do the same work as everyone else but get paid half the amount :(
You look awesome I love the boots and I'm so jealous of your top!
Thank you for the kind comment

Sakuranko said...

Oh sweetie this outfit is fresh and great. Perfect for summer.

Kim Alston said...

Love your tshirt and boots Linda! Everything will work out just fine with school and your extra-curricular activities. Don't even sweat it! You got it girl! I am LOL at the skater guys. What can one say? I think you read the post about the grass cutters in the park that stopped and watched me salsa while taking my eShakti pics. HAHAHA Haven't been back since. LOL

Mélo l'imparfaite said...

I love your top !

Tr3nDyGiRL Fashion Blog said...

you look so stunning.
check my blog if you want too:)
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Ali Hval said...


Okay, moving on! Well, at least those guys were totally decent, you know? And maybe somewhat creative with their... fish tapes. Hahaha, that's pretty awesome. It's nice to know that there are other people out there who lug cameras and videotapes around and such. I saw a girl taking a picture of her cookie once and I was all, "GIRL I FEEL YA"

good stuff, yeah?

Hehee, I love your Beatles look, Linda! That shirt is way rad. And those boots? Yeah, they definitely look like they were made for walkin'! I can see why you don't wanna get out of them.

Sounds like you'll be busy with the college-ing and Senate-ing, but I think it'll serve you good--and what an awesome opporunity indeed that is with being able to report to someone on a weekly basis! Like a mini job. Be sure to stick that on your resume, sweet thang!!


Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Oh, mine would be my dog! No one is ever around. My HM is around but he doesn't count. LOL. I mean he just goes about what he is doing. But Lil' Girl needs to be told to get out of the shot. I have many deleted pics of her wandering into the pics.

You handled the guys well. I love your BEATLES shirt!!!!! Thanks for all of your fun comments to keep me plugging along.

Carla Florendo said...

oh those boots are definitely a staple for fall. i can't wait to see you rock them with more outfits. and it's nice to have random occurences like that., i rarely experience those. i mean cos i imagine the guys you met were cool looking ones that spoke English. all guys i ever see here are those... er.. well i dunno how to put it but let's just they're not so approachable, don't speak english at all, and you wouldn't wanna talk to., haha

xo, Carla

Viv said...

Loving this outfit, especially those boots. Can't wait to see you pair them with everything :)

Toks said...

Cool shirt and great boots.

shamuboo said...

Hello there senator :) Lovely look, so fun. That Beatles shirt (are they some new band just on the scene--why didn't they get music Monday then :)P)--I am kidding, dear. Pretty big fan of the band and very big fan of sweet and lovely you. And those shorts sure live up (way up) to their name :) As I am also a big fan of your gorgeous legs no complaints here, especially with those last 2 shots. Thank you SO much for those. Good luck visiting your radio stations. They will be fun trips I bet so no worries. Just be yourself and everything will work out great.

czarianonuevo said...

oh i LOVE your shirt Linda! the graphics is so cool! interesting match with your cut-offs and boots :) i LOVE the outfit i guess! i'm currently in the search for a pair of black chelsea boots :) this one automatically becomes an inspiration!

ps: Good luck on the new semester! i'm kinda excited for you. There will be a load of work as a member of School Senate for sure, but I know you can do it! So proud of you :) looking forward to your future fall outfits :)

czarina :)

Cindy C. said...

Lovin this look and these images! (: been MIA on commenting back, so sorry for that- but thanks a ton for being such a regular on my blog <3 <3 <3

Cindy C.

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Roxy Sun said...

love this grungy look dear! how's everything? xoxo

Carla Cee said...

your Beatles shirt is so precious <3 <3

Carla Cee

Sandra Leiva said...

Amazing top, love it!!


Marta Purriños Hernández said...

CASUAL AND CHIC LOOK, the real perfection

Would you like follow each other? I'll be soo glad :) let me know


Maiken said...

to be honest I probably don't have any of those stories to tell because most of the time my fiance takes my outfit photos. anyway, I like those masculine boots a lot and your Beatles top is really cool too! overall it's a very well combined look, Linda. each piece compliments the others ;)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Mica T said...

Nice causal outfit!

Sweet of the guys to stop and chat too, I'd be so embarrassed I'd probably just walk off, haha. I was running late one morning so setup close to home for pictures, until my neighbour came out just as I had setup the tripod and stood there....I picked up the tripod and run to a more secluded spot so they wouldn't see me taking photos and ask questions...haha.

Away From Blue

Annie said...

I really love this look on you Linda...everything works so well together...and what awesome boots!

The Other Side of Gray

Sam said...

Hi Linda! You are Brit Chic in this adorable ensemble, the rock printed tee is ultra cool. Those are my kind of boots, they seem really comfy too. Thats so weird, i think those guys just wanted an excuse to make conversation with a pretty girl.

Michelle said...

I love your shirt!

Megan, said...

loving the graphic tee Xo, Megan,

Kati said...

Oh my, this sweatshirt is just awesome and I also love your shorts-boots-combo!
Lovely as always.
I'm sure you'll do great as a senator!

Have a great day,

P.S.: Thanks for your lovely words on my last post!

Avi Valencia said...

How you can tell with them? I think I will be so embarrassed to even said "Hi". You are wonderful, Linda.

Your short boots will be a hit in Fall :D I want a pair also for next season. I am looking for the ONES.


Anonymous said...

I always have such silly run-ins with strangers when I take photos, too! I've met a lot of kind people who offer to take a photo of me if I look like I'm struggling with my tripod, haha! Love your outfit!

Xo, Hannah

Pop Champagne said...

lol those guys sound nice, and ya the whole point of having a job is to have the paycheque, in which allows you to indulge in stuff, no? or else I really don't know what I'm doing in life right now.

Anonymous said...

Rad tee!!!


SaraM said...

Someone's looking hot hot hot! ;) Loving this look!
That is so funny that they were just watching you for a while! I usually stay inside so nothing really happens to me


Carolyn said...

love that verse :)

Rosh S said...

Haha that story was hilarious :) Yes, it is awkard holding a pose while others stare :(

Love that Beatles tee!

Would you like to follow each other on GFC?

Jessica Mattioli said...

You look so cool!!!

The Fashion Heels

Stylish By Nature said...

WOW !! I am lusting over your skirt :)


Jen Hsieh said...

Those boots + that shirt + that bracelet + that hat = PERFECTION. I'm loving this look on you! Good luck with the start of a new year! You'll rock it. :)


Isa said...

I'm still on the lookout for boots like that for fall... once I find them, they will be my fall go-tos!

Mouna said...

hahaha...that's so funny but like nerve-racking too. I usually give my camera to my friends to snap a fiew shots and even then it's strange when people walk by..Once someone asked me why I don't smile in my pictures :p.
You look really cute btw :) Love that shirt!!

Amalia Fajrina said...

simple yet stunning <3

Hannah said...

Love shorts & booties!

Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

Tanja S. said...

I have a Beatles tee, too! Such a casual but cool outfit :) Oh and hey, hope you're looking forward to College! Wish you lots of fun :)

Candida Maceo said...

This outfit might be one of favorites. From the cut-offs, to the boots, to the hat. But it also might just be because you are wearing it - I find you too cute for words. ;)

As far as random occurrences...I was taking pics with my tripod one day at the park and these people come and sit right next to me - mind you the entire park was empty - and start jibber jabbering about work gossip etc. And there I was alone (literally right next to them taking pics of myself). I didn't move on principle...But I was totally peeved!

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