The Bodycon Maxi Skirt

Tank: Forever 21   Skirt: thrifted   Bag: Rue 21   Necklace: Vanity   Bandeau: Pacsun

So first off, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who left such thoughtful comments on my last post. The advise and encouragement were so wonderful to read! 
I won't lie, walking on campus in this getup made me feel especially cool and bohemian. This bodycon maxi skirt has been shown once or twice on my blog, but this is the first time I really loved it while wearing it. Hey, third times the charm, right? Nothing like an open back top and a fringe bag to really play up the carefree vibe. All I need is a floral crown to complete the look. Sigh. Anyone want to make and send me one? I'm just so lazy! 
So last night was interesting at work. You know how I've been wanting to do waitressing? One of the girls on the floor was talking to me and saying how she wanted to see me out there too. We chit chatted a bit before I went on break. While back there, my managers were discussing who they should call to cover a sick waitress's shift. All of sudden, Rich peers around the corner at me and asks, "Hey Linda, want to go out on the floor tonight?"
So I ended up working 6 to close as a waitress for my first time ever. And let me just say, I made so much more money than when I was cashiering! Yowza. $60 in three hours? Yes, please! It was nervewracking, and I worried over dropping plates and drinks all night, but I made it. Hopefully this might kick start me working as a waitress more often. 
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. 
James 1:17
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Melanie Liliana said...

you look simply gorgeous in the last photo! Also I didn't realize the name change! Good for you, it's tough to do! x

Gail J said...

love ur skirt!!

Marlen said...

i thought that was a skirt, but that's an awesome dress!! i love the pretty colors in the stripes. you def. need a flower crown with that ;) and isn't waitressing just the best? if i get too broke out here that's what i'm definitely doing haha

xo marlen
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Kim Alston said...

Woo Hoo! You go girl! The tips are so awesome. Your personality is the best, so you should make a lot. Extra cash is always good! HaHaHa Love your skirt Linda. I'm a big fan of maxi skirts and that print is beautiful.

Jodie said...

Whoop finally got your chance to shine- and wow $60! Thin k of all the shoes you coukd buy :)
You look great I love the slight vest showing if the top underneath- perfectly relaxed and boho :)
I'm glad you switched to a major you like, I have a friend who done business Masters degree and hated every moment- and now hyping back so um glad you swapped to something you Like now :)
Thanks fir the comment :) I had a mini heart attack when I couldn't find your blog forgetting you were no linger trendy teal I thought you had said goodbye forever :(

ola said...

oh la la. Name change and new layout. I love the changes. Great job!
Nice skirt. You styled it perfectly.


Lisa said...

I love your skirt Linda! :)

The Lovely Memoir

Ashley Taylor said...

Usually I refuse to go into Rue 21 but I love your bag!! Is it a recent purchase? I'm so excited for you, being a waitress and all. Look at you, girl! The universe has opened new doors for you :)

xo Ashley

Tanya W. said...

Love your maxi skirt is cute with the top:)



Ayantika said...

You look cute as always! That skirt I want :)

Bong's Belleza
Have a happy Tabloid Tuesday

Lauren said...

That maxi is SO cute. Fits you lovely! Great look xo

Street Lily said...

Ooooooo this is ccuutteee!!! Love how you styled it!


Vanessa A said...

Super cute outfit! Loving that skirt!

xo, Delightful Sunflower

GitaRegina said...

hei deaaar <3
glad to see you again. new blog name and layouts. you just reborn darling <3
thanks for dropping by on my blog. i miss youuu


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Kat said...

ooh i love this bohemian look! :D you definitely styled that skirt really well :) and i love that top so much!! :) yayyy for finally being able to waitress! :D and $60 in 3 hours?! wow you must be very charismatic with all the customers! ;P


You look adorable. I like your necklace. Have a bright weekend. x/Madison

shamuboo said...

Congrats on getting a shot at a more rewarding job. That dress, while I dislike maxis as a concept in general, is so beautiful. What great color and cut. And that last picture of you, so happy and so lovely. Just amazing!

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Ana Vallejo. said...

I really love this look!
Grat blog. xx

charmeuse said...

I love your neckleace ;)

Ali Hval said...

For some reason your new blog isn't showing up in my blogger reader, but then I realized that I need to switch it with your new URL... smart Ali is smart.

Oh man, talk about awesome that you got to do waitressing... and the money you made doesn't sound half shabby either, daaaang! I hope you keep gettin' to do some more waitressing and tons more tips, too. :) It's always nice when people decide to be generous with tips... and you're super lovely and charming, I bet, which probably helps with that! ;) <3

That skirt is so cute. I love the colors in it and how the lines are sort of watercolor-y and not perfectly horizontal, you know? GIVES IT SOME EDGE. CAUSE YOU EDGY, GIRL. YOU EDGY.

(flops passionately on your blog then flops off like a feeeesh)

Love and Ace said...

Wow sounds like your customers like you! Super cute skirt and I love the bandeau peaking out from the back! xx Kat

Love and Ace

SaraM said...

Congratulations on your first waitressing gig!!! Sounds like you're a natural! Also, I just read your last post, and I am so proud of you for following your heart and choosing to magnify your talents! What a fantastic opportunity! I know you're going to do amazing!!!


Lauren said...

Ohhh I love this outfit so much!! I'm forever wishing I could pull of the bohemian look, and you do it so well, it makes me feel a little adventurous. Love your blog!

Corinne said...

I love the skirt! And I'm happy to hear the waitressing went so well, hopefully they will let you do it more often.

Corinne x

Maiken said...

see, you finally got what you wanted ;) and I hope there will be more and more times like that!
oh and every time I see a really cool outfit that contains a maxi skirt I get confused why I don't wear mine, haha. must do it soon! :P

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Northern Style Exposure said...

Loving that maxi skirt on you!

Mica said...

Such a lovely maxi skirt! Really like the colour :)

Glad you got to try waitressing too, hope it opens the door for you to try it more often :)

Away From Blue

Nathyness said...

Love the maxi skirt! So comfy and figure-flattering.

And I'm glad you liked your first experience waitressing! $60 in three hours sounds fantastic.

-Nathy @ Earnestyle

czarianonuevo said...

that bohemian vibe thru your outfit!!! that maxi skirt is amazing!! it goes with the top and fringe bag!!! really festival ready!

omg! 60 dollars in three hours? nice!!

czarina :)

Alexa said...

this skirt is gorgeous <3 i actually prefer bodycon maxis because they give you more of a shape! however they are always nerveracking. I just got one and i feel like it shows off every flaw of mine! but its so cute

Alexa <3

aki! said...

I'm very clumsy... I think I'd be an awful waitress!

7% Solution​

Ashley said...

Gorgeous! You look like a bohemian queen! That maxi skirt is perfect paired with the open back tank!

Congrats on your first night of waitressing! $60 in 3 hours?! That is awesome, Linda! I hope this is the start of your waitressing career at your job:) Keep us posted!!

xo Ashley

Alysia Choo said...

the maxi skirt is really skinny and i think the necklace looks really really nice :)

alysia x

Satin Diaries(SD) said...

That is such a beautiful maxi :)


The Garage Starlets said...

Love the skirt!

Kati said...

Thanks for your sweet comment!
This is so stunning - I love the patterned skirt a lot!
So happy you got to waitess, let's hope you can do it more often now!!

Have a wonderful day,

Jessica Mattioli said...

so pretty!!! nice look honey!

The Fashion Heels

Lucie Srbová said...

You look amazing! love your skirt and the back of your top. :)

Style Without Limits

Katie said...

The maxi skirt looks great on you, such a nice pattern! And good on you for doing the waitressing, sounds like you did a great job! xx

Jodie said...

Thank you for congratulating my grandparents- they really had the best day yesterday which was what it was all about. They're a massive inspiration to me couple wise, they're so in love and the perfect team, both my grandparents and patents (and aunt) got married in their early teens so I think my family are like that- it bodes well for my future :)

Toks said...

Nice skirt and love the top.
Happy Sunday xoxoxo

Jessinia Ruff said...

Love!!! Super cute outfit.
If you're serious about the crown I've kinda wanted to try making one for a DIY on my blog! :)

JANICE G said...

you look so good in this maxi :)

the STYLE Fringe BLOG

Yulia Sidorenko said...

love the skirt, dear!

what about following each other? just let me know)

love, Yulia

mai stor said...

cool outfit!! i love your skirt <2

mai stor said...

cool outfit!! i love your skirt <2

Lily Fang said...

Aw, Linda! That skirt is just perfect. I love how all the earthy-color stripes look painted on. So artsy and cute! Plus, the fringe bag and feathers are just the loveliest touches. Can't get enough of that tribal-print bandeau either. It's perfect for summer!

AHHH. So glad you got to waitress! I'm so proud (: I would be totally afraid of dropping things too, so I'm so glad everything went well. Fingers crossed you get to do it more frequently, girl!

Endymion said...

The pattern of the skirt is loveley and you chose your accessories very well !
(¯`·._.·Nymphashion FB·._.·´¯)

erin.marie said...

Perfect summer look! I love this maxi skirt.

Simply Just Lovely

Vanessa Ciliberto said...

great look!


Lily Fang said...

Oh, and Linda! I can't believe I completely forgot to thank you for your beautiful words on my blog. They make me feel so much better--thank you. You're the best! I definitely wish we lived closer too.

Jo said...

Hey Linda! After being connected on Instagram and not being on the blogging scene for quite a while, I'm finally reconnected here on blogger!

I'm sorry I disappeared for quite a while on blogger. I was busy trying to finish up all my work before I went for a holiday to Italy. I just came back on Friday and I've to work in a few hour's time... SOBZ...

I can't catch up with your other posts so I will start from here. Your whole get up is so boho. Me likey! And your necklace, it's so beautiful!

Wow! Doing waitressing could earn you so much? I wouldn't mind being a waitress then! I was a pub waitress before. Restaurant by day and pub by night. Gosh, I can't serve too many glasses and mugs on a tray, I would fumble. I could only bring them by hand with a few mugs in each hand. Kudos to you!

Instagram is such a double edged sword. While I'm glad to continue connecting with bloggers on instagram, I find that I slowly lose touch with their blogs. Please don't let this happen to us. I'm surpriesed to see that my google friend connect is still working. I've since transferred all to bloglovin. I hope you would do the same too so we don't lose touch with each other.

Have a lovely week ahead.

Alexandra Zakharova said...

Hi Linda, I'm always glad to read your joyful posts. I must say you don't need that flower crown to add this outfit, it's already complete and edgy. Such flower crowns can be seen everythere and it has already boring, to my mind. Wish you good luck with your work )
Have a great time!


poziomka said...

Nice skirt!!

Izzy said...

i read about your name change! I think it was a good move because now it fits your personal style of blogging so much more, and plus it's a beautiful name! :)

anyway gorgeous outfit as always, I always love a boho touch! :)

Metallic Paws

Sam said...

Hi Linda, so great to see you in a maxi skirt, it suits you so well, loving the sweet bohemian touches that you added to this outfit. I hope that they see your potential and move you to waitressing soon, it sounds like it pays really well, I'm sure you did a better then splendid job of it!

Anonymous said...

Boho chic!


Tori said...

Great maxi skirt!
Fashion, Trends & More

Kayla said...

This is a really great look and I'm loving the skirt :)


Aga Guerrero Olesinska said...

You look awsome

caffinatedlove said...

ok, so, true story. I was going through my "blogs I follow" updates so I could comment on my lovely blogmates. And then I realized, Gee, Linda isn't showing up and she updates every day. Where did you go?

Then I remembered you revamped your blog and I hadn't added it to my Blogs I Follow yet. So I added you. Crisis averted! :P

I'm sure you did a fine job as a waitress. You seem very personable and polite, two things i tip very highly for.

Also, girl, you've got some legs! That maxi skirt fits you perfectly. Love how you styled it with sandals. <3


Joyce said...

Your outfit is amazing! I LOVE the pretty skirt. I really like how your style is so versatile :)

Ahhh oh no i missed your last post. So i'll comment here instead! I definitely don't think you should feel guilty about changing majors. College is about finding out what you love and that's exactly what you're doing! You are so creative and if photography and graphic design makes you happy, do it! Your classes sound challenging, but so fun!

Crissy Sherlaine Sayo said...

pretty skirt! <3

.never settle for less.

Mira said...

Beautiful look. Love your cute maxi skirt.

xx Mira

ELISA said...

love love love this skirt!
Nameless Fashion Blog
Nameless Fashion Blog Facebook page

Shop Style Conquer said...

i loved the outfit from the last post and this one has a completely different vibe but i love it too, the result of great statement pieces to build an outfit on maybe? its cool to hear youre pursuing where your heart lies, i know from experience that studying something youre not passionate about is so much harder than the things you like!

-Tara x


Izabela Majkut said...

you look pretty cool ;)
you remind me my friend :D

+ wanna follow each other?

Hanna & Christel said...

great skirt!


Elsha said...

Hey hot stuff!!!!!!! Love this on you girl :) I am so glad you are helping ID out on the fashion front, they need it

Megan, said...

great skirt Xo, Megan,

Annie said...

Congrats on waitressing! Love love love that skirt on you :)

The Other Side of Gray

Stylish By Nature said...

I just loved every single aspect of this OOTD. Absolutely fabulous. You look picture perfect!!


Elana said...

Yay, congrats on finally getting the job you deserve! It's about time they realize the mistake they made by not putting you on the floor before now :)

And you absolutely should feel cool and bohemian in this skirt because you look like it! This skirt really is amazing and looks just awesome on you!

Amanda said...

I love that skirt =)

Elana said...

P.S. I've been so behind on commenting so I haven't gotten the chance to say congrats on the new major! I'm SO excited for you to be doing what you love :)

Larissa said...

Great style dear! I do perfectly understand that you felt super bohemian walking around campus in this grat outfit :)


Danny said...

very boho, it looks wonderful on you :)

J & J said...

I love maxi skirts i recently did this look book with one check it out here:

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that skirt!! What a fabulous find. It looks fantastic on you! <3


Bernadette Czle said...

such a pretty skirt! xx

Chloe, Wardrobe Quarry said...

You look so carefree. Love this look.

Wardrobe Quarry

Rani M. said...


Anonymous said...

This maxi skirt is so so adorable on you! Love your blog and your pretty style! :)

Xo, Hannah

Halie said...

Looking fab lady. Good luck this yearrrr!

Mili said...

Yay for waitressing! Hopefully it turns permanent :) Love the skirt on you, 3rd times definitely the charm it seems! (although I'm sure the first two were stylish as well :))

Mili from call me, Maeby


Finally found your blog!!! When did you change the URL/ But anyway, $60 in 3 hours? Not bad, and I love your outfit! Boho chic!!


Candida Maceo said...

That skirt is so cute and I love that you made a bodycon skirt go boho - good one!

Merch Maven

Анна Епринцева said...

Perfect outfit for summer))))))))

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