Circle Sunnies

Top & Shorts: American Eagle   Sunglasses: Old Navy   Sandals: Target   Bag: Rue 21   Necklace: c/o Estarer

I never thought I could be the girl to pull off these John Lennon-esque pair of sunglasses, but never say never! I wore this casual ensemble for a day spent with my close friend Kirsten. She'd just come back from a week long trip to Arizona, and what a nice vacation she had! So of course, as soon as she got back and we had free time, I roped her into joining me for a day on the town.

That was about a week ago, but I'm just now getting these photos...I mean, I have so much other stuff I want to post about now, that I've started having outfit photos pile up in my draft folder!

Anyway, yesterday, I met up with some old high school friends and we had a blast at the nearby lake. We grilled hamburgers, caught each other up on our lives, and shared many, many laughs. Oh, and screams, because we were near water, so obviously there was rough housing and wrestling competitions involved. Sadly, I lost the war and was shoved in multiple times. I've got no upper body strength, really. It was funny, because I was fighting my friend Jesse and he randomly spouted out, "Oh, you smell really good."
Like, what? Haha, however, I did leave a mark since as I tumbled back into the water my nails clipped him in the stomach. So yes, I literally left him with a scar. Perhaps its time I should trim my claws, eh?

Afterwards, we piled into the pickup, drove to Fred Meyers to grab junk food, and watched The Proposal at his house. By the end of the night (er, early morning?), it hit us how we were all going our separate ways in the fall. Kevin would be heading back to Colorado, Jesse is leaving for College of the Ozarks, Kelsie is busy working full time, and the only ones going to the local college is Amarius and I. It was sad but sweet as we hugged goodbye, unsure of when we'd see each other next.

What's lovely about our unusual friendship is how easy it is to pick up where we left off. We hadn't seen each other since last Christmas when we met up over break. So until our next hang out, I can smile and think back to how we all leaped off the docks, holding hands, mocking the many movie endings we'd seen that ended on such a note, and coming up gasping for air and laughing about how ridiculous we all looked.

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Ali Hval said...

"oh, you smell really good"--GIRL HE WANT THE BOOOOOOOTY.

Okay, that might be a stretch considering I know nothing about your friends and their personalities LOL LOL okay moving on shh shh Ali mind your own business shh

aw, but it's always nice to have those friendships where you just pick right up where you started, no matter how long you've been apart! I only know a few people like that, but it's still nice, so very nice!

Man, your sunnies really are rad! They top of your outfit excellently. Round sunglasses are your thing, Miss Lovely Linda!

czarianonuevo said...

super cool and very nice summer ensemble!!! perfect for a day in town indeed! that top and those shorts are summer staples :) i really like the addition of those sunnies! very chic! and i also like what Kirsten wore :)

omg, i had fun reading your recent high school friends reunion!

czarina :)

Kati said...

Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!
This happens with really old friends of mine, too - no matter how long we haven't seen each other, it's always fun and easy to be around each other!

Have a great day,

aki! said...

The sun spotting through the trees into those perfect little circles is just such a gorgeous picture. Reminds me if your round sunnies.

7% Solution​

Ashley Taylor said...

The John Lennon sunnies are GOLD. You pull them off so well!! Also, friendships like that are the best :) You're a lucky girl.

xo Ashley

Chloe, Wardrobe Quarry said...

I don't reckon I could pull off circle glasses but you definitely do!

Love the orange colour on you.

Wardrobe Quarry

Toks said...

Nice sunnies, it's been a while since I wore mine.
Have a great Sunday

Mili said...

Nice to hear you are enjoying your summer and getting to spend time with your friends :) You do work the John Lennon glasses! The shot you took of all the shadows from the trees is awesome, it's like... a leopard tiled floor.

Mili from call me, Maeby

caffinatedlove said...

old friends are awesome :D

and you rock those sunglasses, oh my goodness!


Tori said...

Great circle sunglasses- very hippie chic!
Fashion, Trends & More

Amaris said...

I love your cuff bracelet! I always find it hard for me to wear them :p

Mica said...

Lovely casual outfit! I like your knotted tee, and the time at the lake sounds like fun :)

Away From Blue

Jenniya said...

Nice summer outfits! I agree with the "blogger problems". :) I usually upload it all in the drafts and just compose text later on. :) I followed you via GFC. I hope you can check my blog and maybe follow me, too? :) See you in my blog.


JANICE G said...

love the sunnies~ and it's always great to catch up with old friends :)

the STYLE Fringe BLOG

shamuboo said...

What a lovely, casual, comfy look. And your legs just look spectacular here. Wow, dear! Shot 4 especially was a showstopper. Such a great color top on you and always enjoy seeing the mockingjay. Glad you are doing so well. Always glad to hear it.

Nathyness said...

Sounds like fun! The Lennon glasses look great on you; you can totally pull them off! Love the knotted loose tee too. and, of course, the hunger games necklace! i always comment on that one, haha.

-Nathy @ Earnestyle

Olia said...

So cute! Please check out my blog at & hope you'll follow on bloglovin if you havent!!

Anonymous said...

You look so good in those circle sunglasses! I really like them, they look so cute. Also, love your hunger games necklace, very nice! I love things like that, I have Slytherin's locket from Harry Potter, It's like wearing a part of your favorite book as jewelry!

How nice that you had fun with some old friends! Great you got to catch up!


docdivatraveller said...

lovely post!! pretty you!!love the tee on you and fringed bag too!! :)
visit my blog too and let me know if you would like to follow each other :)

J & J said...

Love that style of sunglasses they suit you! I'm also a big hunger games fan read all the books just waiting for the second movie to come out! I love the last photo such a cute BFF photo x

Estelle said...

Love your summery outfits xx

Lily Fang said...

Aww, Linda! You pulled off those sunglasses so well! This is one of my favorite looks of yours--that orange top is so pretty and that necklace is perfect. Eee, reminds me of the hunger games! These photos ini the woods are stunning too!

Ahh, it makes me so happy to hear your had a good time. It's reassuring that friends can just pick up where they left off--it makes me feel so much better.

Hehe, yep. The photo pileup problem. I feel like we're either reeeaallly behind on posting or super ahead...never any happy medium, huh?

Have a beautiful week, dear Linda!

Alexandra Zakharova said...

I agree, never say never! I don't like such shape of eyewear, though you look really cute in this sunnies! So now I suppose, if I would see such sunnies anywhere I will definitely try them on! Thank You for sharing such a nice post and pictures are wonderful!
Have a happy time!


Rs la mode said...

This sunnies looks so great on you and those photos are beautiful!:)

Amanda said...

I love circle sunglasses!!! They really suit you I'm really loving the top that you are wearing! Have a great Sunday Linda!

Larissa said...

Super cute look! Love the sunglasses and the light color of the shirt :)


Candida Maceo said...

I'm totally into circles glasses too. My aunt gave me vintage pair a few months ago and like you, I was little unsure about them - but they've actually become a favorite. And your glasses look perfect on you! So fun.

Glad you had such a fun day with your pals, those memories are always the best.

Merch Maven

ELISA said...

oh yes, I want a pair of circle sunnies too!

Come back soon to visit me…
Nameless Fashion Blog
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Kat said...

thats so nice that you met up with your friends and had a great time :) im glad you guys didnt loose touch after being away at school for a year. I've found that a lot of my friends have gotten internships or jobs or went overseas so it's been hard for all of us to get together. lol when i was scrolling down to leave a comment, i saw the first comment, ali's comment, and that was what i thought in my mind when i was reading your post lol..jk..sorta.. yea :P but anywayyss haha i loveeee this look! :D you look so awesome in circle glasses!!

Xenia Metelski said...

sooo cool sunnies!!!

Xenia | LifeandFashion.explorer

Love and Ace said...

I totally thought "john lennon sunglasses" before I even read your post. You totally pull them off and it looks great with a casual summer outfit. I love those kind of friendships - so effortless easy and comfortable! xx kat

Love and Ace

Francy Stef said...

Nice post!! We love both outfits!!!!
What about following each other?
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Maiken said...

sounds like a great time for sure but at the same time I hate goodbyes and can totally picture how it felt to leave them. well but that's life.
your outfit, by the way, is just perfect for summer. I like everything about it. yes, EVERYTHING ;)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Alessandra Mazzini said...

Please pass me a bit of sun!!! I'm freezing here!!!

La Dolce Moda said...

I love your sunnies! And both outfits are so pretty :)
I have the same kinds of friendships, when I don't see people in a long time but still manage to stay very close!

You have such a beautiful blog! I love it!
I'm checking out your older posts and I'm following you on GFC and Bloglovin,
If you like, I'd be so honored if you follow back!
La Dolce Moda


Clouds said...

I love these glasses so much, they suit you really well! and your outfit is so summer-like, I think it's awesome! xx

erica marie said...

Those circle sunnies are so cute on you! Love the photo of the sunlight coming through the trees...gorgeous.

xo erica

Northern Style Exposure said...

Love the fringe detail! So boho!

SaraM said...

Sounds like a fun time! You do look great in those shades! They're so perfect for summer!


Mouna said...

such a sweet outfit! I love your sunglasses 8)

Jenna Condon said...


Anngelik Martinez said...

You guys look adorable! I love both outfits, and I think you look amazing with the circle sunnies! They are so cute.


Jade Wright said...

You guys both look GORGEOUS!! <3 loving the laid back tee and shorts look, you make it have so much more class and style <3

Stunning as always! xxx

Анна Епринцева said...

you look so cute <3


love these photos, such an awesome summery feel! arg dont make me wish it was summer here haha!
and ooo those sunnies are awesome, you can totally pull them off!


♥ Ellen
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Jessica Mattioli said...

love your sunnies!!

The Fashion Heels

Bianca Marquez said...

John Lennon would be proud! I'm in love with circle style sunnies but I certainly don't think I can pull them off as well as you!

Sandra Leiva said...

Love your sunnies and bag!!


Alexa said...

Love these sunnies and this outfit! Too cute

Alexa <3

Hanna & Christel said...

great sunnies and outfit!


Sam said...

Hi sweety, the circle sunnies look so 60's chic on you, really cute. Sounds like a great time, its nice to have friendships like those. wishing you well for the week ahead.

Carla Florendo said...

that's true Linda, never say never! Haha anyway the John Lennon sunnies suit you just fine. and such a cute casual outfit!

xo, Carla

Anonymous said...

These little round sunnies are so cute on you! Love this look, pretty lady!

Xo, Hannah

Anonymous said...

So cute!! Your necklace is amazing :)

Elana said...

Look at you, rocking those circle sunnies like it took zero effort! How do you pull off these things so well?! I love how you look like a badass even when you're dressed down. Not fair, Linda, not fair. :P

Also, Ali's comment ^^^ YES.

Marlen said...

aww it's so bittersweet when everyone goes their separate ways to college. when i was in school one of my best friends went to school 3 hours away and the other went to GEORGIA. but phone calls kept us pretty close all four years :) and i LOVE your sunnies! you look awesome

xo Marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Kim Alston said...

Linda, you are having an AWESOME Summer girl! I love it! That's what Summer's are for. LIVE IT! Those style of sunnies look amazing on you. They totally fit you! Love your outfit too. Glad you and your friends are having a great time. May it continue! Post whatever you want.

The Braided Bandit said...

You are totally pulling off the circle glasses amazingly! A day at the lake with friends sounds like the perfect day :)

Avi Valencia said...

I love your sunnies so much! They are perfect fot this summer and you remind me a little bit of John Lennon!

DLStinedurf said...

The sunnies are too cool...and I love the tee! The best friends are the ones you can be apart from, but when you get back together it's like no time has passed.
Debbie :)

Bernadette Czle said...

love your sunnies, cool xx

Anonymous said...

I love circle sunglasses! They are so cool and I think they flattering on so many face shapes. Love your summery look! <3


trishie said...

The sunnies look pretty awesome on you. I know I can't pull them off.

his_girl_friday said...

I love the Jon Lennon sunnies! You are totally pulling them off :)

Carmen Avram said...

nice casual outfit, love how you wore your t shirt! your get together sound so much fun!

Kelsey Bang said...

rad glasses! you rock the round!

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