Retro Darling

Dress: c/o Retro Darling   Belt: thrifted   Bag: c/o Jolly Chic   Sandals: c/o My Hot Shoes

Is this dress from Retro Darling not adorable, or what? I love the cutouts in the top half! Such a great detail for a summer dress. They have a lovely selection of dresses for summer, you should definitely check them out! The only adjective I can think of for this material is "swishy." You know, the kind of light, soft material that just flows down and lightly flutters? Yup, that's this dress. In a mint color and a light pink bag, I felt fresh and girly for a day out with my best friend, Kirsten! We went downtown and hit up the thrift stores. It was such a great way to catch up for us. So much has been happening in our lives that we had to share.What better way to do that than doing some shopping, grabbing food, and snapping pictures? ;)

If you noticed my missing, trademark eyeliner makeup, it's because during summer I typically go for a more fresh-faced look. AKA: almost no makeup. All I'm wearing in these photos is a light swipe of mascara. Forget the typical eyeliner routine. In the wise words of Sweet Brown: "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

So you know how I've talked about moving out - well, its been an experience! A good one so far, thankfully. I really appreciate being close to work and school now. I had thought I would be getting the single room to myself for the summer, but plans change quickly. I'm getting a roommate, and its my sweet pal from last semester, Corina! Turns out she's been couch-surfing for the past two months and needs a place to stay.  I think its a blessing that it was Corina who ended up being my roommate - she's a girl I can easily get along with, and she's incredibly smart. Plus, she's a Christian! We stayed up late last night just talking about random things and Christianity came up. We both could relate to the way college has tested our faith.

Since we're staying in such a small room, there's only way to make living arrangements work - we bought a bunk bed! Haha, it's a pretty nice one actually, although we're still debating over who should get the bottom one. You can see from the link why that is.

Any advise you girls have on roommates? I'd like to preserve this friendship through the next year if possible! I've heard too many roommate horror stories...

PS: I plan on taking some photos of our room, although I think I should wait till we have that bunk bed set up and Corina's more fully moved in - that way I won't have to do an update post on our place. For now, you can see snippets of what I've put in the room on my Instagram, @trendyteal!

Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.
Proverbs 13:20


Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Oh I love that fountain photo. That was way cool. This dress is darling on you, Linda! Great fun here!!!!

Lisa said...

I'm in love with that dress and you paired it very well with your bag! You're lucky you got an awesome roommate, mines was a nightmare!

The Lovely Memoir

Eriel ChicStreetChoc said...

adorable post!!!! amazing blog dear!!

Kimberly said...

That dress is ADORABLE! And the photo with the water fountain is so cool.

Hmm... advice for female roomies... I'd say definitely make sure you do stuff by yourself and with your own friends at least once a week. Spending too much time with your roommate can lead to getting annoyed way easier!

I went through 3 HORRIBLE roommates in college before I found an AMAZING one. Let me tell you, it can be hard to find a good roommate! Once I found a good roommate, we spent basically all our time together, but it was still important for us to go our separate ways sometimes so that we could get a break from each other

Ashley Taylor said...

Okay, this dress is adorable, girl! And I lovvve the color on your skin. SO. So so pretty. :) I may have to pick up those sandals for myself by the way!

xo Ashley

SaraM said...

Congratulations on the move!! How fun!! My sister being the only roommate I've ever had, I don't have much advice...but communication is always key!
I can see why both of you want the bottom! However, the top is always the coolest... ;)
Have fun in this awesome experience!


Peet said...

The best advice I can give you is: be honest. And speak out. If something bugs you, don't hold it in. Tell her in a calm, nice way straight away before you get so frustrated that you wanna strangle her in her sleep.:) And don't stress about small stuff (like who leaves dirty dishes where and stuff:)).

P.S.: The 6th photo is hilarious, LOVE it!!!:D

Lily said...

Ooh, your fishtail braid is so cute! And that mint dress is just perfect! I've been on the lookout for fun, casual dresses, so I'll be sure to check them out (:

I agree with you on the makeup--I actually usually go without regardless of the season haha.

Glad to hear you found a cool roommate who shares your faith! That's awesome--I think when you have someone with you to talk about God, you faith grows even stronger.

Elsha said...
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Elsha said...

This is the cutest! You are the cutest! Love the top on this:)

mariafelicia magno said...

cute dress and lovely pics

Victoria said...

Such a lovely dress. The color looks wonderful on you! xx

- Victoria

Annie said...

I'm a little bit in love with your's SO cute! And that color is great on you :)

The Other Side of Gray

Istvanffy Emma said...

such an adorable dress wow!
Emma xx

Anonymous said...

Oh that dress is so cute-- just love the sweet details and the minty color!
xx, Emily
shell chic'd

Rose-et-Violet said...

Cute dress! Nice to hear you hit it off with your roommate. Love the fountain photo haha.


Lala H said...

if she's a christian and there shouldn be any problem. I had a roommate once and she became one of my bestfriends, i think the only issue i had with her is after she comes home from a date, it doesnt matter if your awake or not she will tell you about it.

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Effie. said...

What a wonderful bag! :)

Sabrina Musco said...

beautiful outfit!!
i'm new follower on bloglovin!!
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Sam said...

You look so beautiful. The colour of the dress is sublime, love the cute cut-outs too. ovine must be an exciting experience and its so great that you have a friend to share it with. Wishing you both the best in your new place!

Ilana Morgan said...

the detail on this dress is beautiful not to mention the colour! the water fountain photo is so cool I love it!
xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

Lyosha said...

charming dress love!

Inside and Outside Blog

Boheme.Fille said...

What a cute dress! The color is perfect!

Julie Smith said...

That's a beautiful dress, lovely pictures!

Ali Hval said...

Aw, Linda! I'm glad that you guys got along so well. Roommates are lovely, they are. I would just say that you guys should make a little agreement thingie so you all know each other's boundaries, you know? Like if you go to sleep early, when you study so the other person can be quiet, people that can be over... that's always helped my roommates and I!

And girl, no makeup? How are you still babin' so hard? Because you are and I wouldn't have even noticed (and I still can't tell wat whatwhwat) you aren't wearing any here. Even gorgeous when you wake, I bet!

The color of that dress is so super pretty, eeeee! I love the sleeve cutouts, wowow :D

Sammi said...

Such a great dress. Love the color. Adorable!

xox Sammi

Sonia De Macedo said...

That dress is so pretty, love the arms and this colour on you. And FYI I'm with you re make-up in summer. I do the same thing but more because I'm lazy hehehe!


Erica G. said...

Your outfit is so cute!

Mili said...

This color was made for you! Your downtown area is so adorable, perfect photo location. Work thatl au naturale look ;) I'm the same way, I hate heat + makeup, so natural it is!

Mili from call me, Maeby

Nancy said...

Oh living with friends. Always a risk but if you have strong communication with each other then hopefully things will work. It's important to lay out rules that you both respect too...there's nothing worse than crossing that line and then losing respect for the other person (speaking from experience!). It's also key to bring up ANY issues as soon as they happen. Don't let anything fester!


sip-n-wear said...

Ooo how exciting to move out and live with a friend... Although i didnt have a treat experience...

Love that fountain picture!

libys11 said...

gorgeous!!! love the dress on you dear!! :D

Click me for my BLOG!

Kim Alston said...

You look awesome Linda! Great dress and I want those sandals. They are the cutest. Your roommate has some wonderful qualities! That's good!

shamuboo said...

Bunk beds! That it too adorable. You guys are going to have a great time. My best advice, communicate very openly and sweetly and don't worry about holding things back to keep feeling from being hurt. Have an issue? Just get it out quick and get it handled. Simmering small things quickly boil over.

As for that outfit, its perfect on you and so lovely. You have the cute legs to pull it off, the color is perfect on your skin tone, and the fit is just right. You are certainly someone who needs very little makeup, a natural beauty. Like the fingernail color with the dress color too. Great look!

Katie Aman said...

Oh, you know I love this dress! It is spectacular! The color is my favorite and the cutouts are adorable. Is it funny that I laughed a little when I pictured tan lines from this dress? haha. I always go for a lighter face during the summer too. Less to melt off when the days get hot :)
Love that picture of you with the water droplets! So fun.

Mica said...

Such a cute mint dress! Glad your move out went well, and hope you and your room-mate get along great! :)

Away From Blue

kim bim said...

Very pretty outfit, i love your dress and sandals so much.

Imogen said...

Stunning dress! I want it so much. I adore the colour and those gorgeous cut outs on the sleeves.

Kati said...

Thanks for your kind words on my last post!
Oh what a lovely dress, the cut outs are so divine and I love a good mint colour!

Have a great day,

Estefanía Ainoza said...

So nice!!! I love it!!!

Jessica Mattioli said...

Lovely dress dear!!

The Fashion Heels

Megan said...

Love the color of that dress and those cutout details! So cute. And I think we're wearing the same nail polish color :)

Anne Stikvoort said...

the sandals are marvellous! also the dress is really cute X

Love and Ace said...

Love your fresh faced look! And that green dress is so cute - looks great on you! x, Kat

Love and Ace

The Garage Starlets said...

Lovely outfit

Plami said...

This is seriously the perfect summer dress! I love the cut, the color and the fun detailing! And you look gorgoeus in it!


NewlyLoved said...

oh my gosh, obsessed with your dress, the color looks great on you
xo Jessica

Avi Valencia said...

I'm so happy you are growing up and everything with never losing your innocence :D

That dress is perfect for summer and you look so fresh girl ;D

Tere Ávila said...

great post honey, i really love your look!!
have a nice weekend!


Alexandra Zakharova said...

This dress is realy adorable, such a beautiful color and shape:) Nice post, well done!
Have a great time!

Best wishes, Alexandra

Satu said...

Beautiful dress and accessories .. :) Cute photos !

Indie by heart

Toks said...

Cute dress, pretty colour. Looking forward to seeing the photos of your room
Have a great weekend


What wonderful photos! I especially love the one with the water! :-) The colour of your dress looks lovely on you. xx/Madison

Jessi said...

Um this dress=GORGEOUS!! I love the sleeves! Moving out and getting a roommate sounds fun! I had good times and bad times with roomies. I can see why you would want the bottom bed, although I love sleeping on the top haha

Sam said...

Thanks for your wonderful words over at mine :)

Corinne said...

I love the dress, and your lovely fishtail plait!

I'm glad your roommate is somebody you know! You should flip a coin about who gets the bottom ;)

I do not think I could ever share a room with anyone though! I've never shared a bedroom with anyone in my whole life (apart from going on holiday and sharing the hotel rooms, and having friends over). I just don't think I could do it. I guess things are a bit different in England, like in university if you stay on campus, you get your own room and not a roommate like in the US. I like my own time and space and to be able to stay up on the internet until 3am listening to music if I please!

Corinne x

Ashley said...

Ah! I almost got this dress:) It's so cute on you, Linda! You look girly, fresh and gorgeous! Your hair is adorable too by the wayss:)

I'm so excited for you and your new grown up experiences! Moving out is a huge step! I feel like I really truly found myself and matured immensely when I moved out for college. I had to move back in (still looking for a job:( ), which is kind of a bummer now that I know what it feels like, and am counting down the days until I can move out again.

I lived with my very best friend for 2 years in college. When we decided to move in together, EVERYONE told us horror stories and how we probably wouldn't be friends afterwards. I am happy to say we got along amazingly and it was a wonderful experience. Obviously we had moments where we both became frustrated with one another (also, her boyfriend was over alllll the time, which kindaaaa got on my nerves), but I think the key to living together was to be considerate of each others feelings, personal space, personal belongings, etc. I also think it's SUPER important to plan roomie dates. It's too easy to get caught up in life and not make time to spend together because you live together. Even though you see each other constantly, it's important to spend time together as friends and not just roomies. Plan dinner dates or movie nights to keep things fresh:)

xo Ashley

Joandy said...

CUTE dress, and you look pretty in side braid:))


that dress is so pretty! and i love love love these photos, so adorable with the fountain!
and its so exciting that you have moved out! cant wait to hear more stories! tara and i want to move out together but i dont think we are quite ready to make the big move yet like you haha!


♥ Ellen
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caffinatedlove said...

Gosh, I don't envy you on the bed desicion -- could you guys switch it up every week when you change the sheets? To be fair?

and holy goodness, I LOVE THIS DRESS. I'm not a big fan of green things but this is pure lovely.


caffinatedlove said...

Gosh, I don't envy you on the bed desicion -- could you guys switch it up every week when you change the sheets? To be fair?

and holy goodness, I LOVE THIS DRESS. I'm not a big fan of green things but this is pure lovely.


Nathyness said...

So darling indeed! I love that water picture!! How on earth did you do that? Lol.

I love, love, LOVE the detail on this dress. It's so different! And the color is awesome. I also really like your sandals. :)

Carmen Avram said...

beautiful dress, that color looks great on you :)

Anonymous said...

Such a cute dress and I love that purse!!! I am giving away NYX mega shine lipgloss on my blog if you want to check it out!? :)

Carla Florendo said...

HI Linda, firstly congrats on the move. I once rented an apartment with a couple of vlose friends when I studied for a year in Philippines and boy it was fun! I'm sure you'll enjoy being independent. No tips for you tho, we pretty much got drunk and went home any time we wanted and I don't think that's the kind of advice I should give you haha.

Pretty dress by the way. And... just curious, what's with the new last name? haha just noticed the change.

xo, Carla

Stylish By Nature said...

Love this dress on you Linda...Amazing pics too :) Kisses


Kirtana John said...

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dinda belle said...

Aaa love the top details of the patterns, lucky for havin the sweet roomate ;) hei have I told you? Everytime I saw you, you reminds me of Demi Lovato :)

Admirably Pretty said...

Aww that dress is beyond pretty! Love the colour and it seems to be made for you!

XO Imke

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Such an adorable dress! xx

Tanja S. said...

I'm in love with your dress! I haven't got any clothes in green, need to shop some for summer!

The Chic Sheet said...

That dress is beautiful!


Sarah Lewis said...

What a wonderful post dear ! I love your dress !

Hope you can come visit my blog sometime :)


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Yinyin said...

Love the mint dress - the crochet detail looks beautiful!

Yinyin xx

Laura said...

Oh my words, that dress is just so adorable! I really love the detailing too.

Congrats on moving out - the best advice that I can say about roommates is to be honest with each other when there are hurt feelings. Also, don't spend all your time together - you don't overwhelm each other and the time that you do have together is 10X better!


czarianonuevo said...

the details of your dress are amazing!! your outfit perfectly resembles summer!! LOVE the cutouts and the color is very nice!! the fishtail braid seals the whole look!! CHIC!!! you both look pretty!!

ps: OMG, i'm so excited to see your new space!!! now, i'm more determined to be more independent :)

czarina :)

Maiken said...

wow, how cool is that bunk bed! I hadn't seen anything like that before today. so definitely let your readers know how did the deciding go and who got the luxurious part, hehe.
btw, you're right about the combo of your dress and bag. it's awesome and I love it!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Margarita M. said...

Awesome dress, bag, shoes jewelry and nail polish to compliment it!!!

katie said...

Oh jezzz,there re a lot of room mate horror stories out there, I know I have a few of my own. From experiance I would say to have everything, rules and stuff like that, laid out so everyone is on the same page. (You know, not eating each other's food, who cleans up, does dishes, pays what bill, stuff like that.) Also, if anyone does have a beef with another room mate, just get it out. Passasive agressive solves nothing, I hate conflict and telling people if I'm mad but boy, doing that would have save me a friendship if Id just told my room mate I was tired of driving her around, having her eat my food and leaving the place a mess. (Well, maybe not. I was pretty grumpy about people eating my food but groceries are expensive.)

I love that shot of you looking through the falling water, what a fantastic picture! and you know how much I love natural color tones and stuff, so this outfit is a total winner for me. Love the green with the wood bracelets and your sandals.

Vanessa A said...

Loving your bag and that color looks great on you!

Delightful Sunflower

lucia m said...




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