Apartment Life with Others

Since moving out, I've been learning quite a bit about being independent, budgeting, and being responsible. I've also been getting along really well with my new roommates (something I'd been the most nervous about).  Corina and I's room has quite a ways to go, but here are snippets of what I've been putting up and around the place. I've got a lot of stuff.
I'm only mildly worried about my closet taking over the room...hehe.

So to catch you up on apartment life, let's start with our roommate race. Saff and Corina had to go downtown to grab some stuff for the night, and Micaela and I had to go to a friend's house to pick up a TV he was giving us. We left the at the same time and deemed whoever to arrive back home first would be the winner. Let me tell you, that TV was not light! We struggled to load it into Micaela's car and then looked questioningly at the backseat, which was loaded with junk from when she had been living out of her car.

"Well, I'll just ride on top of that cardboard box of clothes," I shrugged.
"I can give you a ride back home," our friend offered, "It's no big deal."
"No, no, no!" we protested. "This makes for a better story!"

As we cruised down the dark streets, I peered back, hoping there were no cops out patrolling at this hour.
" that a pine tree in your car!?" I asked.
Looks like we'll be set for Christmas.

One of the biggest things that had been bugging me since moving in was the state of our kitchen. Saff and Micaela (the longest staying tenants out of all of us) had been really busy with work and other activities, and they had neglected what was in the fridge and cupboards. So one day, when everyone was out for the day, I decided to clean the place.

You know, before I moved out, my parents had me convinced I was a slob. 
Not. So.
I practically have OCD in comparison to my roommates. That side of dad's family didn't come out until I was placed in a messy apartment. To give you an idea of how it went, take a look.

I found sour cream that when I opened the lid I thought someone had mixed in a lot of olives inside. Then I realized, ", that's the sour cream. About eight months past the expiration date."
I also discovered the girls had been buying groceries separately, because there were about three boxes and jars of the same exact things scattered throughout the fridge and cabinets, many of which had expired. 
Then the cream of the crop...
I found this sack of potatoes underneath in one of the cabinets with roots that were growing up into the drawers. 0_o I couldn't believe it! I just started laughing so hard, because it was too hilarious. Ah man, these girls...

So that night, in celebration of the newfound materials I'd discovered for them ("Whoa, we have flour?? And sugar?"), they made apple pie. Mmm, it was so good!
So we've shared a few laughs, and I think we'll balance each other out nicely. We stayed up late one night talking and in our hyper state, decided we should come up with a family name for ourselves.
Using initials found in everyone's name, we came up with the Brahz.
Yes, that's right. Its like the feminine version of "bro"
Be expecting a Christmas card!

Better is a dinner of herbs where love is than a fattened ox and hatred with it.
Proverbs 15:17


SaraM said...

Hahahaha! I love this! Those potatoes are so funny! Good thing they have you around :P


Plami said...

Your room is lovely! You're a hero sharing a room. It's hard for me to even share a house with other people :) I should learn from you :)


Avi Valencia said...

I love your new room and everything.
I understand you perfectly about being more responsible. Since I move in Spain, I have been more independent and responsible. Now I know how to cook and clean. The first time I met my roomies, I was so nerveous and evetything. I wish you the best, Linda :D

Kamila Z said...

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Elana said...

Oh wow, I'm so behind on posts that I didn't even realize that you had moved out. How exciting! Haha I love that you're cleaning up after everyone. It's so fun to get an inside look into your apartment! I'm still in a dorm unfortunately, and fitting all my clothes in the room is the absolute worst!

Barbara de Robles said...

jahahahaha the potatoes...!!

funny post!


Love and Ace said...

What a cute jewelry display! I've been looking for ways to arrange my jewels - thanks for the idea!! Happy to hear you are getting along with your roommate! x, Kat

Love and Ace

Kim Alston said...

omg'sh linda, that is too funny! hahaha you are neat and there's order to your stuff, which is good. that pie looks so good! i'm glad you took a not so pleasant situation and made the best out of it. good for you! that's maturity! you dealt with it and moved on.

Lisa said...

Your room is so cute and omg those potatoes!!

The Lovely Memoir

Ashley Taylor said...

OMG LINDA. I would've thrown up at the sight of the sour cream and those potatoes... I don't even have words.. I thought boys were bad!

xo Ashley

Ali Hval said...

hahahaha those potatoes! Oh my goodness!! That's hilarious. How do you not notice a monster like that growing in your apartment? That's actually kind of impressive. You should put googly eyes on it and give it to a little kid. OR ME.

You guys are totally such bras.

The Marcy Stop said...

despite all your stuff you still manage to be so neat! Love how organized you keep things.

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Dominika said...

I'm moving out in about 2 months and I've been freaking out about finding and sharing an apartment, but I have to say your funny stories made me think that maybe it won't be so bad after all :)

I actually love the way you organized all that stuff in your room. And those potatoes made me laugh so hard, I've never seen anything like that before, haha!

Gaby V said...

The potatoes... omg that's so funny! I love how you use little vases for your bangles! totally cute!

Margarita M. said...

I love your room, darling! Can't wait to see more)


Patricia Paramo said...

You'll learn so much as you go!

Brunette Letters Blog

dinda belle said...

It could be the funniest story ever in your life, that's what friends are for, right? ;)

Toks said...

Sounds like you're having a lot of fun. Keep it up.

Izzy said...

hooray for being independent! :) and omg I can't believe you found potato roots in the drawers LOL. that is so random and funny!

and yeah I know, I had way too many clothes for my apartment! so most of it is actually left behind at my family's place lol.

caffinatedlove said...

The hubs and I didn't live together until we got hitched, and I remember our first week of co-existing. We went straight from the parent's house into paying all our own bills, living in a different city, and caring for a cat who is probably the closest to a kid we'll ever get.

I had grown up my whole life sharing a room with my sister, so, actually, living together wasn't that hard. I just to apply the principles I had learned from sharing a very small room with my sis. J, on the other hand, grew up basically an only child so he had some more adjusting to do.

he carried it with grace, though. and a sense of humor. I'm a slob; he is not. :P

I'm glad this whole thing is working out for you! I hope you don't find any more of those Frankenstein potatoes. If you do you should freeze dry them and make like a halloween decoration later in the year. They have that on pintrest, right? XD


Sonia De Macedo said...

Hahaha that is hilarious and gross! My parents had me convinced of the same yet so mot the case! Total neat freak too!


libys11 said...

hahaha!! that's crazy!! but at least you were still able to put into good use whatever it is that was still okay. great looking pie! :D

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Chai Chen said...

Living with others do take some adjustment but it can surely be lotsa fun too :)

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Missed reading your posts dear! (^_^)

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Kym said...

HAHA!! Those potatoes. Oh my god. I had a hearty laugh when I saw that and then showed my boyfriend so he could laugh too. I'm so glad to hear that things are going well in Casa Brahz :) You guys are adorable.

Anonymous said...

Aww that's so great you are friends with your roomates! They sound like a lot of fun! I'm pretty sure when I move out, my closet will take up half my apartment too! And those potatoes are attractive....haha. The apple pie really is though!

Gabriel Kaefer said...

love this photos!
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lucia m said...

your accessories look super cute!


Andrea said...

awww your roomies sound like so much fun!! good thing you're getting along with them, I have a friend who didn't speak to her dorm roommate AT ALL. Seriously, they'd just remind each other to do stuff with post-its.

and did you really protest to stay on top of the boxes for a better story?? HAHAHAHA

shamuboo said...

You crack me up. What a superb post. Your stuff is so lively and cute, just like you. And its so exciting to be out on your own like that. You mean potatoes aren't supposed to look like that? :) Congratulations, sweetie.

Maiken said...

hehe, what an awesome post, Linda! I really really loved reading it and totally enjoyed the photos too. and I hope you will make similar ones in the future as well because it indeed is super interesting to read about your "new life" ;) haha and it's so hard to be a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning (I know the feeling because I'm one of those people)!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

katie said...

Congratulations on moving out and into your new apartment! It's really exciting getting to have a place of your own and I'm so happy for you that your room-mates are all so likable and nice. (Whew, that makes a big difference!) Its kind of funny how many people just don't care about the state of their kitchens, I love cooking and cute dishes so Im pretty crazy about mine. (Mmm, your pie looks good! did you do a crumb topping on it?)

Danny said...

totally understand you haha. my parents are always calling me lazy and messy, but they sure don't know my room mates. I'm super organized compared to them! Loved to see your room :)

Ilana Morgan said...

wow everything is so neat! I miss living with other people sometimes (but my cat makes up for it!)
Xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

czarianonuevo said...

this is great and surprisingly funny Linda!! LOVE the snippets of your apartment closet!!! and the story of that poor potato!!! :P

czarina :)

Stylish By Nature said...

Love your new room !! Your accessories rock :)

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Mica said...

Wow those potatoes! That is insane!!!!

They are so lucky you had a bit of a cleanout for them!

Away From Blue

Annie said...

Oh my goodness...those potatoes are crazy! Glad to hear you and the roomies are getting with girls can always be a little tricky :)

The Other Side of Gray

Alexandra Zakharova said...

Lovely room and atmosphere there:) it's great to be responsible and independent. Nice post, well done!
Have a great time!

Best wishes, Alexandra

Juliet Polilova said...

congrats on moving! so you've started a new life right? i did the same 3 years ago - its really exciting! i wish you good luck!
very nice blog by the way :)

kisses from Russia,

Admirably Pretty said...

It sounds exciting but really fun! And your closet looks wonderful!

XO Imke

Satin Diaries(SD) said...

you have a really cute room :D


Kati said...

Thanks for your kind words on my last post!
I love your shoe collection, seriously, I want to visit you one day and go through your closet!
Good you two get along, I would be quite nervous about that when having a new roommate, too!

Have a great day,

Emily said...

wow so funny of the potatoes story growing in drawer!

Mind follow each other?
hope u visit and comment back in my blog :) TQ

Sam said...

Hi Linda, your room is so well organized, love the way you dressed up your closet and accessories. Can I please hire you to get mine in order? lol. Oh My gosh about all the hidden food disasters in the kitchen, lol, tis the life of a student! I am sure you're the best thing that will ever have happened to that apartment!


Great for you, some of my favourite places and experiences was with flatmates. Oh, the days, I loved it and hope you will enjoy your independence. Congrats. xx/Madison

Istvanffy Emma said...

great pics! those shoes wooow<3
Emma xx

Larissa said...

Hey dear!

I was always super nervous when moving in with someone new... a person is never the same when you just meet for coffee then when you live together, right!? Love how you arranged your jewelleries!
Come by my blog if you like and see if you wanna follow each other :)


Fashion Lover said...

Great organización!! That Apple pie seems so delicious!


Lorena said...

I would have laughed at the potatoes too... not so at the sour cream :/
I hope the girls can step it up because after a while it will not look so funny. However it's all part of the experience!

Marlen said...

awww congrats on moving out!!! it seems like everyone's packing up and moving around this month :) you definitely have a lot of cute things! my building was built in the 1920s so my closet is like THIS |__| BIG. You cannot understand the frustration. I have cardboard boxes of winter stuff packed under the bed and my closet is still exploding. Good gravy.

And man, that stinks your roommates aren't the tidiest of people, haha. What I learned living with Marc is that I'm dirt obsessed and he's tidy obsessed. So he's constantly yelling at me for my strewn clothes, and I'm constantly lecturing him about crumbs. It's a wonderful life haha. I'm looking forward to hearing more roommate adventures ;)

xo Marlen
Messages on a Napkin

LoveT. said...

Interesting Post! Love it :))

kisses <3

Kendra Alexandra said...

That pie looks amazing!
Your blog is great too, going back to check out past posts now!
Would you like to follow each other on GFC or bloglovin'??


EMA said...

Awesome closet! I love how you hang your jewelry!

Peet said...

Ah, the joys of roommates.:D Those potatoes are too precious, very, very funny indeed! I remember all the hair from various body parts in the bathroom that didn't belong to me, that was the best part of living with roommates from my experience.:) Your accessories rack is pretty incredible, I want at least half of the earrings!

Issa Tchieu said...

the fun & laughter u get living with people around ur age. U are going to love it even

Its true abt being OCD whenever u have ownership of a place of ur home. :) Its a good problem

Nathyness said...

My closet has definitely spilled over into my room. Long time ago. I thought I'd be able to control it... By now I've learned to embrace it and stage it as part of the decor. Lol.

Ester Durães said...

Being afraid your closet takes the room... you have no idea how I understand you, that's how I've been feeling lately! haha

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