Birds of Pardise

Blouse: Philippines   Skirt: thrifted   Belt: Target   Necklace & Clutch: c/o Too Sexy Store   Wedges: c/o My Hot Shoes
"I swear, you are going to stab yourself in the neck with that necklace!"

"Well, at least I'll go out in my signature style."

That's a comment I got last week, when I went to go see my friend's dance recital. It was rather mesmerizing, and I seriously enjoyed seeing so much talent. Almost all of the pieces were cheoragraphed by the students (including my friend's, and I am so proud of her!), and it was amazing. It makes me wish I was more into dance and had taken lessons. Ah well, for now Zumba is good enough for me.

We went out to an all-night diner afterwards with some friends, and it was fun. We stacked our empty glasses to the ceiling, stole food from each other's plates (okay, let's be honest, my friend and I were the only one's stealing food - we're hungry girls!), and had way too much dessert. Man, pie shakes are marvelous creations. Especially when they're a Peanut Butter and Chocolate flavor.

Anyway, this is what I wore that night, and I really loved the combination of a colorful bird print against a dark background. Plus, the lace texture of the skirt added interest. Combined with a bright clutch and some wedged shoes, I felt confident and pretty. Something about a good outfit that can boost your self esteem!

Before the night's events, I went down to that bridge I tried taking pictures at before (remember this post?). This time, I was determined to stick around until I got all the photos I wanted. Luck was on my side, and not too many people were out. However, a couple stumbled across my photo shoot, and I got a mixed reaction from both. The woman smiled pleasantly in an "Oh, isn't she so cute?" kind of way, and the guy just looked at me with a mixed emotion of confusion and disgust. Because seriously, what is this girl doing out on a trail wearing wedged shoes?"

Fashion blogger problems.

Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.
James 1:19-20


Love and Ace said...

Love that top - the bird print is awesome. I wish I was a dancer too - but I"m more of a zumba girl like you :) x, Kat
Love and Ace

heidi said...

That top is so cute! I love the birds, and I love how you used an orange purse to draw out all the colors.

Heidi’s Wanderings

Kim Alston said...

hahaha! men of any age, just don't get it. lol oh gosh! pie shakes are so awesomely delicious linda. the calories are off the charts!!! hahahaha i would have to zumba for a lifetime. love your top. it looks great with that lace skirt. very edgy and colorful.

Sarah Villarim said...

LOVE that clutch!! :))

Jessinia Ruff said...

Loving the glasses and the spring pop of color :)

Harija said...

You look so cute and love the top!
My Lyfe ; My Story

Dario Venuti said...

molto bella la pochette

Passa da me/ See me

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Sakuranko said...

Oh really cute skirt!
Lovely outfit!

Sam said...

Anything bird printed and you have my vote, love the quaintness of it and the clutch does everything for this look! Fantastic outfit! By the way, what are pie shakes? Thanks for stopping by and sharing your fashion opinions with me :)

Forever Fashion said...

Such a cute outfit!! I love the clutch!

Kati said...

Thanks for your sweet words on my last post, they brightened my day!
You look lovely as always, I adore your cute bird top and this pretty orange bag. You just always get it right!

Hope you have a fantastic day,

Ashley Taylor said...

There are those shoes again <3 And fashion blogger problems indeed! Silly boys..

xo Ashley

Ali Hval said...

Oh Miss Linda, I just love this whole ensemble! That top is really quite magical. Those little colorful birdies are such a good print, they are. And that clutch brings them out so nicely!

And yeah, be careful with that necklace--it does look rather neck stabby like, hahaha! But then again, I don't think you'd be you without your violent, weapon-like jewelry. ;)

xoxo Kellz* said...

That clutch is pure awesomeness

My blog here

Istvanffy Emma said...

such a gorgeous top!
Emma xx


I love the printed top, and your eyeglasses frames. :) xo/Madison

Rachel Frend said...

What is a pie shake? It sounds like something I seriously need to try! Men, they don't get fashion like us women!

Admirably Pretty said...

Such a cute top! I love the print!

XO, Imke

Velvet Bloom said...

can i borrow that clutch haha i really need something iin that color in my closet haha

Natalia said...

Love your outfit, especially the top. :) x

libys11 said...

love the printed top!! and that clutch adds a great pop of color in this outfit!!

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Sabrina said...

Pie... shakes?! That sounds like a marvelous fusion of two of my favorite things that I need to check out immediately. Love this outfit, by the way--it's fun, flirty, and very spring, especially with the delicate material and the colorful bird pattern. I really like that jacquard-esque skirt as well!

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Nancy said...

cute outfit. I'm so glad to hear you had a good time at your friend's recital! =)

Megan, said...

love that top Xo Megan,

Bernadette Czle said...

such a cute outfit, pretty top <3

Ashley said...

You are just too darn cute! I LOVE that you have photo sesh's in the middle of nature walk paths in's awesome. I am obsessed with prints lately and I absolutely adore your bird print top. I love that you mixed it with a punch of color and some signature Linda spikes :)

xo Ashley
PS Thanks for the sweet words on my last post!

shamuboo said...

That skirt is so beautiful. Thanks for the close-up on it. And the little bird shirt is adorable. I am so glad you share your looks with us. They are always so lovely as are you.


I love prints so much especially ones of the animal variety! This top is so charming, and I think perfect for the occassion. Hope you enjoyed the recital!


Caitie Schlisserman said...

cute glasses!

Lady à la Mode

erica marie said...

Beautiful bird print, love it with the bright clutch. Oh I haven't been to a dance show in the longest. I'm always mesmerized by the dancers.

xo erica

Maiken said...

you're right, it's a beautiful combo.. delicate birds and lace :) and when I saw your outfit I felt like I should wear a skirt asap!! damn those skinny pants that always get in my way when I get dressed for work :D
ps. that part about food sounds way too delicious.

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Mia said...

Lovely blouse darling ^_^

Kiss ♥
BecomingTrendy | ON FB

Mira said...

You look gorgeous. Love the cute top and the necklace. Did you stab yourself with it? Haha there´s a german say. It goes like who wants to be pretty has to suffer ;-)




Tabet said...

beautiful pictures!
Love your style.

Stylish By Nature said...

That blouse is so cute !! You look great Linda :)

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czarianonuevo said...

Interesting look Linda!!! Awesome printed sheer top!!! goes perfectly with your skirt!!! those wedges finish the whole look!!

czarina :)

Mili said...

Lol at the couple, I feel like that's such a guy reaction. Great way pulling color into this look with the tank and clutch :)

Mili from call me, Maeby

Chai Chen said...

That's a cool print Linda! Lovely :)

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❤ ~Chai
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sip-n-wear said...

You look so cute with that side braid! Great clutch!

Deepali Suryawanshi said...

great outfit! loved your orange envelope clutch!

Megan said...

Cute clutch and top! I have a similar top in a different color and love the pattern - well, of course, I'm a sucker for anything with birds :)

Jessica Mattioli said...

Love your top and clutch :)

The Fashion Heels

The Garage Starlets said...

Great clutch!

Bader Lamont said...


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Bader Lamont said...


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Marloes | The Style Sandwich said...

I'm loving this clutch! You have a great blog! :) X

Joandy said...

awesome top and clutch, love the glasses on you too:))

Jodie said...

Thank you for the kind comment on my blog- I do rate my legs as my best features:)
You look great I love your skirt and I can't believe how long your henna is lasting

Sam said...

Thanks for your visit sweety :)

Dolce Virginia said...

A M A Z I N G LOOK¡¡¡¡¡¡


Halie said...

Cool top.

Ilana Morgan said...

love the wedges and the bird top! this location is wonderful too hope you're well my darling
xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

caffinatedlove said...

oh yes, bring on the birds! This is so stinkin cute. And I would totally get stabbed in the neck in order to wear that necklace, thank you very much. very nice :D


Lisa said...

I've been loving your bangs Linda! They look so cute on you! The bird top is adorable and it really fits into the summer look:)

The Lovely Memoir

Renae at simple sequins said...

Linda! herrro! (scooby-doo greeting)

Wonderful post. I love how you write! You are so mature and well mannered for your age. Hearing that you stole food confirms you are a fun person and a kid at heart. Loved it! I am going to get one of those clutches, I am.

Irene's Closet said...

very very nice!;)

Hope to you have time to come into my blog, just

Have a nice day :)))

zoë said...

its great that you still manage to do Zumba. one of my bestfriends is addicted to it.

its great just being around with friends and go crazy!
simple joys in life.

hey, i love the last pic.
very classy how you presented the shoes and bag..its like a print ad.

lovely outfit of course.


Lydia Bishop said...

That bird print is so pretty! So jealous of you going into spring!
please check out my blog sometime xx
herlux fashion blog

katie said...

Man, you did find some amazing things when you were down in the Philippines! This bird top is so pretty and sweet and I love how you styled in such a Linda way - with spikes! (Heheeh, I love that necklace. Spikes are the best.) And way to good for toughing it out, it can be so awkward taking pictures with people walking by. :P

I took tap dance for a few years and I was never very good at it but I love watching dances, it just amazes me how graceful some people can move. (Zumba does look like so much fun!)

Kimberly Wolvers said...

Im realy loving that top!! <3

Sandra Leiva said...

Cute shirt! Love thar print :)))


Rebekah Bradford said...

That bird print shirt is so cool!

Mica said...

haha fashion blogger problems indeed! At least they didn't stop and ask what you were doing..I still don't have a response thought up for that question. "I have a blog" seems weird.... :P

Really like your lace skirt, and the bird print top is so cute :)

Away From Blue

Anonymous said...

Wow You look so amazing,dear!
I really like your clutch <3
Wish you a beautiful day!

Elsha said...

I love you and your Philippino finds! Rock those glasses girl:)

Penniless Socialite said...

I love how the orange clutch picks up the little bits of orange in the shirt.
Penniless Socialite
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Issa Tchieu said...

Oh yeah sometimes i do get weird stares from strangers too when taking photos. N how strange that people dun find it weird when people take pictures of touristic building with no attraction to capture. i cant understand.

Melanie Pangilinan said...

I love your envelope bag!! Love the color too. And don't worry about onlookers. They don't know what they are missing out on from being a blogger lol.


lucia m said...

loving your look!



Jodie said...

Thank you for the kind comment on my blog the crop was really easy to make too :)

Inge Lakawa said...

what a cute top! XD

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Laura said...

You look so lovely! I am loving that shirt - the print is just so fun! And that skirt is amazing.

Hahahaha, fashion blogger problems. I just had a friend tell me that the other day.


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