Spikes and Cutouts

Cardigan: Sears   Dress: thrifted   Cap: c/o Romwe via Latexfetish   Shoes: Philippines   Bracelet: RMS   Clock Necklace: DIY   Hello Necklace: c/o August Wrinkle

My spikes obsession continues to much so its now expanded to my head. In the form of a spiked snapback! I've always been more of a beanie girl, but man...after wearing this out, I think I've been converted. I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for similar caps, although I doubt any will surpass this

 This dress has such amazing cut outs! I was so pleased when I found it in the thrift store. Its been buried in my closet, waiting for the sun to come out so I could properly bare my shoulders in its grand design. I can't wait until school starts again so I can show it off on campus...haha! Now if only this sunny weather will stick around...its been so bipolar lately. I got incredibly excited that it wasn't windy. Bare legs weather is on the horizon girls! I don't even care how pale mine are - the fact I can get away with shorter hemlines without tights makes it all better.
I did my makeup a little different this time, and skipped the liquid liner to go back to pencil. I used to do this all the time in high school - lightly outline my eyes including the waterline and then a touch of mascara. I decided with such a fierce ensemble, it might be best to balance it out with lighter makeup. I also used some pink lip color, but every time I try this, it hardly shows up in photos! Believe me, in person, its more noticeable.
So while we're on a beauty-related note, can I ask for your opinion on something? I've been toying with the idea of trying out an ombre hairstyle. Other than a red streak I did last summer, I've never really dyed my hair. I'm leery of committing, but I can't help wanting to take the plunge and just try it. What do you think?

Now, let's take a break from my boy stories, shall we? Haha, the little trip I took to Boise with my girls was such a blast!
We're all lacking in the "sense of direction" department. Thank heavens we have smart phones and GPS's in our day and age! Still, even with these crutches, our handicapped abilities left us driving in circles trying to find the Boise Mall and theater. I don't want to tell you how many "Wait, were we supposed to turn there?" and "Ohmygosh,we'regonnadie!" moments there were...

Ah well, we made it there and back home safely! My wallet took a hit when we visited the mall though, and while it's definitely emptier, my closet is a whole lot happier! I got a new swimsuit for this upcoming summer, and I'm so excited to wear it out. Plus, we saw Oz the Great and Powerful, and all I can say is that it lives up to the hype (especially if seen in Imax and 3D)! Besides, its got James Franco in it, need I say more?
Oh fine, I will. With this image:
We took some fun photos, and if you're curious, you can see them on my Instagram: trendyteal

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For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.
2 Timothy 1:7


Kamila Z said...

fabolous dress Dear :)

Happy Easter :)

Kati said...

I'd totally steal that cardigan from your wardrobe if I could, ha! :-)
Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!

Have the best week ever,

monica said...

LOVE the studded cap

Helena Resende said...

Love your necklace :)

Kim Alston said...

The cutouts in the dress are so pretty Linda! Yaaay! I'm glad you and your girlfriends had a great time. It sounded like so much fun. Glad you enjoyed the movie. Nothing like seeing it in IMAX 3D. I think you would look great with ombre hair. Just make sure you go to someone who KNOWS how to do it correctly and you've seen the results. HaHaHa If not, you'll be chop choppin it.

Maiken said...

bare legs.. wow, how lucky are you!? you should see our weather though. it's super annoying: snowy, wet, sunny but still quite chilly.
anyway, I also wanted to say I had thoughts about ombre as well and I asked opinions from several hairdressers. they all said ombre means steady colouring if you want the result to last. it also needs special styling because otherwise the effect will not show like it should. I didn't feel like colouring again and again (because I know what too much colouring will do) so I left the idea behind and chose just highlights :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

SaraM said...

James Franco...YUM! That movie is so great! I'm glad you guys had lots of fun and didn't die ;)
I think you would look adorable with an ombre hairstyle!


Karola said...

Fab dress dear!!! You look great!
As for the hair - I'd go for it. If you don't like it you can always put one color on it after. At least you'll be able to say to yourself "I've tried"! GO FOR IT! :)

Avi said...

Sexy and lovely as always :D your spikes obsession is growing a lot lately and i really love it!

Barby said...


Kimberly said...

What a fun outfit! I love skirts/ dresses with sneakers.

But I have a wear question... are you wearing socks with those shoes?

I always want to wear sneakers with dresses or skirts, but I can't stand not wearing socks with sneakers. its basically impossible to find socks low enough so they can't be seen!

The Garage Starlets said...

You look really nice, the dress is gorgeous

Ayantika said...

I loved your dress :)
And, that pink lip scenario is same with me :)


Bong's Belleza

ELISA said...

Nice blog you have...wanna follow each other?
please follow with GFC, just leave me a comment and I'll follow u back!

Kym said...

1. OMG that hat is the shiz!
2. yes do the ombre! It's so low maintenance (says the girl who got hers courtesy of being ridiculously lazy and letting her roots grow so long they look "ombre'd")
3. I disagree about Oz. I was disappointed that the story was so corny. But I guess I just had really high expectations going in. Mila Kunis, however, looked gorgeous..until she didn't anymore. :)


Gaby V said...

Cute hat! and of course I love the pink lip!

I'm curious which Thrift Stores you like to visit? It seems like you always find really cute stuff and I never do :(

Jenna said...

Go Ombre!! It's gorg!!

Lucie Srbová said...

Wow, look at you girl! You totally rock! :) I am so in love with your cap and dress!!!! so cool!

Renae at simple sequins said...

hi! Linda. hmmmm, you were in Boise? Do you realize I am near Boise (well about 6 hours). I thought you were in the south or midwest. Hmmmmm, just wondering.

Love the hat. The other day I was shopping at Target and saw some spikes on shoes, purses and jewelry and YES, I thought of you!!!!

The Chic Sheet said...

Great dress!


Jodie said...

Thank you for the kind comment on my blog, the bag is perfect Nd unbelievable how kind Frank and Doll were fir sending it too me :)
You look awesome I love the shoulders on the dress please can you show it off lots :)
I didn't think I was a fan of snap backs until this moment- looks great :)

Oliva Ins said...

Love the outfit :)
Come and see me and maybe we can follow each other If you want ?:)

Jessi said...

He is too cute!
Only you could make a spiked ball cap look so cool and sexy at the same time! And I can't believe you thrifted this dress! It's gorgeous!
I think you should totally ombre your hair! It would look so pretty on you! I was hesitant to do mine but I seriously LOVE it!
Oh and I was laughing about the no sense of direction because I have some serious issues with that!

Marie Zamboli said...

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let me know I'll follow back for sure
New post is up on my blog you should have a look :)

Pop Champagne said...

love the converse with the outfit! and Oz was a cute movie, I liked the visual!

Joyce said...

Your dress is so gorgeous! I love the top part of it :) And woahh that hat is soooo awesome and looks really great with your black and white outfit. yay it even matches your studded bracelet! hahah I have a really bad sense of direction too but glad you guys made it to the mall and back, can't wait to see what you bought :) And oooo I really want to watch that movie, the effects look really cool.

Bree TheUrbanUmbrella said...

That dress is super lovely! <3

xoxo Bree
The Urban Umbrella

Lisa said...

I think you should totally go for it and ombre your hair! There's no harm in trying it, because if you end up not liking it, you can always just dye it back :)

The Lovely Memoir

Ali Hval said...

So Oz is an awesome movie, eh? Thanks for the short little opinion there! I saw the preview today for the first time and it looks interesting. I'm not much of a movie goer, so we'll see what happens. :)

Also Linda, your hat is amazing. Like seriously cool. I'm pretty sure that hat was made just for you. The studs on it are so rad! You could ram your head into someone and seriously maim them... not that I think about these things. And I can definitely see that you're wearing a different lip color--so pretty and pink!

Hmm, ombre hair... personally, I think you'rd look super awesome with ombre hair. I say go for it! If not, it's not like it's permanent, you know? But I'm really awful with change, too, so I know where you're coming from, eeek!!

Beckerman Girls said...

That studded hat ROCKS our world!! It's THAT MAJOR! and we met James Franco and he's soooooo FABBBULOUS, hotttttttt hot hotttt and amamamamaammamazzzzzzing! What a smile!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

Allison said...

I loved seeing Oz as well! :)
And love the spiked hat- how fun is that?!

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Anonymous said...

I want a spiked hat and also a black and white cardigan, you look super cute!


dinda belle said...

I love the dress, and btw ombre will be supercool !!

dinda belle said...

I love the dress, and btw ombre will be supercool !!

Karen Corpuz said...

i don't know what teal is... btw, your blog post has a bible verse...u made it reallly different with other fashion blogs bcos of that

Tatiana Biggi said...

I love your cap, you rock girl! :) kiss

New post on Tati loves pearls

Tati loves pearls facebook page

Shop Style Conquer said...

Love the more rocky vibe to this look, Ellen's been telling me off for wanting so many studded things atm "theyll go out of fashion", but i like them too much.
And ooo shopping, new haul of things to post about?

-Tara x


Stylish By Nature said...

WOW !! Such a classic combo ... love your dress :)


dwiki cahya ramadhan said...

yay you look so cute and pretty
very inspiring ! :)

now,im your new follower,can we follow each other ? let me know ;)
keep in touch

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Patricia Ayuso said...

amazing post!!! i follow you now ;)
i would love to follow me back because I really love your blog!!
kisses pretty

Tanya Minxy said...

This is one of your best outfits. Maybe because it gives such a rock vibe. Black, spikes, converse, adorable =^.^=

A N D Y S T Y L E said...

hey, new follower, pretty dress :)
follow back, if you like x andy

Kirtana John said...

That is some awesome post. Love your outfit and totally digging that look.
Check out my new post
much love. x

Amanda said...

oh this look is so cool!

Victoria said...

Your dress is so lovely! xx

- Victoria

Viv said...

Love the studded baseball cap.. I could never pull it off, but you look fabulous!

Kat said...

ooh i love the juxtaposition in this look! the hat and angled spikes with the sorta delicate looking cutouts are perfect together :) haha dont get me started about james franco! ahh hes so cute :D

Danie said...

I love the hat on you! Im more of a beanie person as well but seeing this awesome spiked hat makes me want to give them a try. :)

Mica said...

Love the detail on that dress! It's really nice paired with the casual converse too :)

Away From The Blue

Wynne Prasetyo said...

black and white are so in today.


M+K said...

What a cute dress! Who doesn't love james franco?! great work hun

FierceandFashionable said...

Love the sneakers and hat!

xx Michelle

Fierce & Fashionable

Eva Silviana said...

Beautiful pictures! You look great! <3

crunchy cheese me

Jump Into Puddles said...

love the hat with the dress! and why not do the ombre it is fun to experiment!


Tanya W. said...

Super cute Linda. kisses


Katie Q. said...

We must be spiky soul sisters or something! The spike obsession knows no end. :) I really like how unusual the spiked hat is and I love how it plays up the tough side of your style! (dude, this hat with the shoes is just flat out awesome, laid back coolness.)
I think your hair would look gorgeous ombre and if it's something you want to do, go for it! I wish I'd been brave enough to dye my hair red earlier so seriously, go for it!

What a fun day, getting to hang out with your girls and goo see and movie and shop! It's great to have those kinds of days and you look so bright and happy in your photos. :)

Anonymous said...

That cap is so cute! I love the studs and it makes you look all tough. :P Personally, I'm tired of my ombre hair so I'm actually going to add in some more highlights to make it look a little more balayage, but that's just me. Color is usually the easiest change you can make to your hair since growing it can take so long. Let me know how it goes, or if you have questions. I am a stylist, you know... :D <3


Rotschopf said...

oh wow!! what a great post!
i like your blog, enjoy reading it.
wondering if you wanna follow each other?
just let me know. we could stay in touch though!!
best wishes and happy weekend!

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Mirror of Fashion said...

Very cool outfit! Love love love the cardigan!

Sandra Leiva said...

That dress is really cute!

Jessica Mattioli said...

You look so adorable, love this dress!!

The Fashion Heels

ELISA said...

Here I am following back!

Mira said...

Cool cap and the dress looks gorgeous.



Katie Aman said...

I love how you can make such a sweet, feminine dress into something totally edgy and cool. The hat is so perfect for you, we all know how much you love spikes! haha. I definitely think you should ombre out your hair!! It would look amazing on you and would certainly fit your style as well. I hope you do it :)

Nathan Moy said...

Totes digging the punk cap, how cool! <3 I've just post up my first ever LAYERING post with step-by-step images of provoking layers! I credit the provocation to the Stella McCartney SS13 Perspex Sandals but still, do tell me what you think! ;)

xx The Provoker

Christine Liang said...

Absolutely adore your dress! I love the way you paired it with the converses too~~ >o<

Mary Lou said...

that dress is totally awesome darling!
wish you a happy easter lovely!

Caro * said...

Great style ! Your dress is amazing :)

czarianonuevo said...

LOVE the dress!!! those cut-outs are wonderful and really give character to the ensemble!!

czarina :)

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