Comfy Casual

Cardigan: c/o Indressme   Tank: Pacsun   Jeans: American Eagle   Sandals: Philippines   Bag: c/o Yeswalker

My usual array of spiked accessories kept my outfit from being too boring. Seriously, how sick are these sandals? I discovered them while shopping the open air markets in the Philippines, and I'm so glad I found a pair that fit my large feet! Haha, that's such a struggle while shopping for shoes there. Nobody has anything for size 9!

This outfit is just a casual look with some of my favorite items. This new bag is from Yeswalker, and I cannot adequately describe how much I love it. The satchel style and tan color make my heart sing! Plus, its roomy enough to fit my college books and notebooks comfortably.
Also, every time I wear this fair isle print cardigan, I get compliments on it. Its just so eye catching in its design. Paired with a bright pop of coral, I felt more upbeat throughout the day.

So yesterday, I went to Chi Alpha for the first time, and I think I'm going to start attending regularly. Its a worship group for college students that want to meet together in fellowship. I cannot tell you how long its been since I met in a setting like that with other Christians. My faith has always been a deeply personal one, and while I'm not the most "in-your-face" Christian type, I'm not ashamed to let others know about it. In fact, when I typed up my bio while running for Senate, I was told by quite a few people that my bold statement about my faith caught their attention. It wasn't particularly bold either - I just mentioned that Christ's strength is what allows me to continue smiling in the face of challenges. However, in today's society, I suppose that is a strong statement. Not many people go around talking like that anymore, huh?

Ah well. Lets just say, its uplifting to be together with other people my age who share a common faith. Although we may express it in different ways, our hearts are striving towards the same, overall goals.

Now to update you on the Cowboy....
I've pretty much stopped replying to his texts. So far, I've accumulated 5 texts from him that I haven't answered:
1) Good morning
2) Good mornin (sent 5 minutes later, as if to ensure I received it)
3) What u up to?
4) How was school?
5) Good morning

Okay, seriously? I suppose I should send a text explaining that I'm not interested but...I'm hoping he'd pick up a hint. We're practically strangers!
You don't need to text a girl good morning every freaking day!

That their hearts may be encouraged, being knit together in love, to reach all the riches of full assurance of understanding and the knowledge of God's mystery, which is Christ
Colossians 2:2


Ruby and Rosa said...

super love your casual look from your favorite items!
they are great ❤

Color-Block said...

nice cardigan..
lovely bag..

Kamila Z said...

perfect cardigan :)

Tatiana Biggi said...

Oh yes, thumbs up my dear! Kiss

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Tati loves pearls facebook page

Sabrilett said...

Tha cardigan is definitely an eye catcher <3 and love your spiked sandals!

Ozden Ozdogan said...

So in love with your cardigan!!Lookin' great


Kim Alston said...

Great outfit Linda! I'll take those sandals, cardigan, bag...ohhhh just give me the entire outfit. HaHaHa I love to see a young person with faith. It's important to. It helps you through a lot. Oh that cowboy needs to giddy up and GO! Lol Hopefully he will stop.

Gaby V said...

I love everything about your outfit!!! super cute!!

Alessandra Mazzini said...

love the outfit!

SaraM said...

Hahahaha! That is hilarious! 3 good mornings! I think you're gonna have to give it to him straight. I once had this guy who wouldn't stop texting me when I told him I had a boyfriend, and even after I told him to quit, he kept going! Some guys are just a bit dim...
I love you bright top! So pretty!


dinda belle said...

Casual and beautiful Lin !

Renae at simple sequins said...

Awh Linda! You are so fun to read. I was laughing at many parts but the last part about "every freaking day!" was a LOL loud laugh from me! Glad you found sandals your size. I swear you don't wear that size. It doesn't look it in the snaps. Glad you got into the Christian group and that you are enjoying it. Yay! :D

Sam said...

The sandals are seriously cute! I love your new bag, its seems like a perfect size and so versatile. The pop of bright orange brightens up your outfit beautifully. Ohmy about Cowboy guy, I think maybe he's got the hint but is up for the challenge ;o

Elsha said...

I hated it when boys would do that! I felt smothered:( And hello new blog site? Or maybe this is just the first time I've looked at your blog not on my phone....either one :) And I won't lie and tell you I wasn't confused when I saw "Linda" on my post, thinking "Who's that on her site?!"

AND how are you wearing sandals in ID and I am stuck in snow?!


I think u should text him, he didnt seem like he got your hint. This is so funny yet annoying, 3 good mornings! LoL

Love your outerwear Linda!

Ceciliette said...

Guys some time pretend they dont understand the hints just to keep on the chase! ahahahah
Love your cardigan.

Stylesmiths said...

That fair isle open front cardigan is a beauty!

Good thoughts from Washington, D.C.,
x Kel of Stylesmiths

Check out the spring accessories giveaway on our blog :)

stevia indrawan said...

I guess a silent treatment is the best way to answer a boy who likes you but you don't like him back.. I do that a lot too! LOL

and fellowship is SO IMPORTANT
as iron sharpen iron, so does men, right?
I don't know where I would be without my support system :)

The Sweetest Escape 

erica marie said...

Poor guy, I wish he would just get it already lol. Love the pop of coral and those spiked sandals.

xo erica

Joyce said...

Ooo I love love love your fair isle cardigan and the pop of color from the top is so pretty!

I hope that the Cowboy gets the hint soon because man that is a lot of texts for just saying "good morning"

And thank you for all the book suggestions, i'm definitely going to be reading Divergent now! :)

Shop Style Conquer said...

I was a few days behind on your posts, wow you have had a pretty busy time lol. Good luck with the Cowboy, you've obviously done something to hypnotise that boy.

-Tara x


minnieyao said...

I need a sweater like that! Its perfect for the spring nice and light =)


Mica said...

Yeah the cowboy sounds weird.....that's a lot of texts after you didn't send him any responses!

On a lighter note, I really like your printed cardi with the bright coral top :)

Away From The Blue

Stylish By Nature said...

Love your cardi !! Beautiful YOU ! KISSES


I dare you to be fashion said...

hello darling! you have an amazing blog here! Now I follow u on GFC , hope u'll do the samke to keep in touch

Avi said...

Hello Linda :D
Every time I see something with spikes i always remember you!!
This outfit is perfect for college :D you get it rights ;D love it!

The Garage Starlets said...

So cute! Lovely cardigan

Maiken said...

haha, I'm just smiling like a crazy person right now. of course after reading about those texts.. how unique are those anyway? :P
when it comes to your outfit I must say I love it! those classy blue jeans, bright top, comfy sweater, cool accessories and well, of course those sandals! you know, I had something similar when I was in university but mine were brown. sometimes I remind those shoes and miss them, haha.

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Jessica Mattioli said...

So pretty!!!perfect cardigan :)

The Fashion Heels

Katie Aman said...

Gasp, sandals! Girl, I am jealous. I can't wait until it's warm enough here to wear sandals :) eee! You look super gorgeous, as always :) That coral color really makes your skin just a dreamy blush color. Isn't it funny how any mention of faith nowdays is considered bold? People are so hush hush about it like it's something to be embarrassed about. Good for you for putting that in your bio! I loved my Christian group on campus too. It's where my husband and I met actually! Glad you have a place like that on your campus too :)
Also, sorry about your overly-eager suiter. It's nice to be pursued, but there's a fine line between it being flattering and creepy/annoying. Hope he takes the hint soon-for your sake!

sip-n-wear said...

Hahaha funny cowboy... Guess he cant really take a hint...? Love the cardigan!

Kym said...

Ok, kinda jealous that you can already rock sandals in whichever part of the country you're in that's already been blessed with spring :)
And I'm even more jealous of that amazing cardigan! The print is fantastic!

Tanya Minxy said...

And I have to compliment that cardigan again, lol :D

Caitie Schlisserman said...

love that cardi!

Lady à la Mode

Istvanffy Emma said...

omg, I need that bag!!<3

Emma xx

Jessi said...

I love how this transitions from Winter to Spring! That cardi is so darling for winter but with the bright coral and sandals its cute for Spring too!
And really, it is a bold statement these days! I admire that about you :) I don't really share much about my faith on my blog.

lucia m said...

loving your top!


Sakuranko said...

Oh really cute cardigan sweetie,


Mary ♡ Fashionbirds said...

Love the color combination!

Anonymous said...

Nice look!!!

Caro * said...

Perfect style !! I want your cardigan !! :)

Audrey Peeters said...

Love your outfit, those sandals are so cute!

x Audrey

Sam said...

Thank you for taking the time to visit...Happy Friday!

Viv said...

Lovely outfit, wish I could wear sandals but it's still too cold!

Elana said...

I'm so in love with this cardigan! I can absolutely see why you get compliments on it all the time, it's amazing. Haha I hate guys like that. Don't they understand that that is NOT the way to get a girl to like you??

Kimberly said...

You are such a gorgeous girl! I'm loving how you styled this cardi so much! I'll def. have to check out Indressme =D By the way, I'm hosting a giveaway with Bitchy Gypsy Accessories. I'd love it if you could enter! You could win a gorgeous mint-green statement necklace!

Ali Hval said...

hahaha oh man, I hope that dude stops texting you soon. I'd be so annoyed as well! I'm amazed he's still going at it. Persistent, he is. But hey, you trust your gut, Miss Linda.

This outfit IS cute! And so very college appropriate. Those sandals are pretty neat, and of course you'd love them since you just adore studded things, heheh. They totally mirror your awesome spiky earrings, too!

libys11 said...

love that sweater!! and i love how the coral top really pops out!!!! amazing styling of this outfit as always! :D

Click me for my NEW BLOG

The Chic Sheet said...

Super cool ;)


Ashley said...

Linda!! I didn't read any blogs while on vacation, but I was oh so excited to come back and catch up on yours! You had some ridiculously cute outfits while I was MIA and I had a blissful evening (after a really tough day of herding a rowdy class of 2nd graders...not fun) reading each post, so thanks for that, girl!!!!!!!

xo Ashley

Bree TheUrbanUmbrella said...

That sweater is so so so pretty! LOVE it!

xoxo Bree
The Urban Umbrella

Satin Diaries(SD) said...

Hey thank you for following me on GFC and your lovely comment. Followed you back pronto. :) Please follow me on bloglovin if you can and i ll follow you back.


Cristina Castro said...

great outfit
very nice cardigan

Life's a shoe said...

such a nice casual outfit!

Katie Q. said...

Hey, we have the same size feet! (Grrr, I don't know why but every fashionable lady in my town has size 7 or smaller, all of the super nice and cute shoes at the thrift stores are always so small, so I feel your pain!) I am totally jealous that you're rocking the bare feet right now I cant wait for all of the snow to melt. And wooow, that necklace! I just love it, I really like long pendants like that.

And wow, way to start up a sensitive topic! I do think it's very difficult to have a discussion about religion because people on both sides are very sensitive about their faith or non-faith but it is important to have one.

I don't follow many of the christian bloggers because it feels like so many people play the game of "one upping" each in terms of faith. (I see this in comment blocks all of the time, people just jumping all over each other for not being "christian" and godly enough.
One thing Ive always like about you Linda is how very genuine you seem in your faith. You don't seem to feel the need to play the game and every time that you do mention being christian, it feels very pure and your actions come through so strongly. You are so terriblely sweet and I do wish I knew you in rl.

I grew up in the evangelic church but I really understand why people get so...unhappy(I think that's the word for it) towards Christians. I've see the very ugly side of the Church and I think the leaders in the Church and faith need to take a big step back and take a look at why so many people are leaving the faith or not moving towards it. The talk about the church being under attack has been going on for as far back as I can remember and to be honest, I think it's the Church's way of keeping people afraid and keeping themselves in power. It really seems like back in the nineties with all of the many scandals around the various churchs and leaders, rather than really reflect and fix what was wrong, the faith just closed up and forted up for a seige. Many young people don't want to go towards the faith now because there is so much anger in the church and the hipocrosy surrounding the leaders is just sicking.
I left the Evangelical section of Christianity after some very painful times and while I still do identify as a christian, I want to see changes within the Church before I would feel safe enough to come back. (After all, if we're still marrying 17 years old girls to 40 yr old men, using the tithing money to fund our pastor's lifestyles and pron obsessions and vendettas, then there needs to be change. This sounds extreme but it's happened within EVERY single church I've been a part of, it's happening to two of my little cousins right now. The politics part of the faith has to stop.) This sounds really angry but it's pretty reflective of how the other side feels. I will say that I've seen some really remarkable young people who seem really confident and secure in their faith and that gives me so much hope for the future.
And wow, I just wrote a book. I do get worked up over this and it's something that I never really adress because it tends to make people really angry and defensive. (I really, really hope I havent ticked you off Linda, I really do respect you and none of this is directed towards you. The only reason I feel comfortable even posting or talking about this is because you're a really smart, sweet lady. I really dislike talking about this becuase I do feel both sides and I do belive in God, I'm just really shaken on angry Christainty has become towards anyone who doesn't sit down and shut up. I've been on the brunt end of this and it was really damaging and painful and I do think the Church needs to have a serious talk about why people are angry towards them. And I'm sorry, I just repeated myself again. Aye, I need to shut up! Love you and I hope I haven't offended you!

Katie Q. said...

(And i apologize if this was completely incoherent, I haven't proof-read and I'm sleepy, I probably messed up what I meant to say.)

I did competely forget to talk about cowboy in that book that i wrote, that's pretty strange that he needs to tell you good morning three times. It's like dude, catch a clue. :P Good luck with that one backing off!

Jessica Mattioli said...

Hi dear! Thanks for your comment on my blog!!
Have a great weekend :*

The Fashion Heels

Barby said...

I love your blog!!!!!

Sandra Leiva said...

That cardigan is so so so cute, love it!!! <333

Kyla said...

I love this casual look - the sweater looks so comfy! And those texts are too funny.

Megan said...

Love this casual look on you! That sweater looks great paired with that coral color, and your flats are darling :) Hope you have a great weekend!

Renae at simple sequins said...

hey Linda! morning! Ok Chevron mint green phone cover it is! I grant you your wish via the FAIRY GODMOTHER that will descend upon you on your birthday (when is that?) and grant you a phone cover of your liking. Or, you can just zip down to the closest mall and pick one up yourself. hahahahahaha.

LuciaPalermo said...

great look, love the top and jacket!
If you want we can follow each would be great =)
Tell me what do you think!

Roxy Sun said...

love your casual looks! xoxo

Carla Florendo said...

The sandals are a great find Linda! But ha! you should shop here for shoes specially during sale period - I can never find my size cos most of they have are sizes 8, 9, or 10!!

btw, i'm so not updated with the cowboy.. better read from ur previous posts!

Tallia said...

I love the look of the necklace!!

Iván said...

Lovely cardigan and style ! so cute .
I'm following you now.


Pop Champagne said...

lovely cardigan! the patterns look great :D and yaaa it's always the guys you don't want that want you and guys you want that aren't interested in you eh, LIFE :/

Ayantika said...

Loved your outfit, Linda! This is so laid back :)

Bong's Belleza

Carmen Avram said...

love your cardigan! and your necklace as well :)

Kristiina said...

Ahh it's so lovely discovering that another blogger is a follower of Jesus!! Keep being so open about your faith! I love your cardigan too :)


czarianonuevo said...

this casual yet chic outfit is LOVE :) that sweet smile is the perfect accessory!! it makes the outfit extra special!!!

czarina :)

Marie* said...

OBSESSED with your cardigan! So freakin cute!!!

It would mean a lot if you'd swing by my blog :)

Hope you have an awesome day!

Nathan Moy said...

Love the mulberry bag, it's gorge! And the side braid makes this such a cute outfit! <3 So glad I clicked on your comment that led me back to your blog, your posts' contents are info and image juicy so expect to be seeing some regular comments from me. If you fancy over-sized coats, then you've gotta check out my new textured over-sized Viktor & Rolf runway coat (got in on sale of course, phew! lol) accompanied with provoking color-block accessories. Tell me just how provoked you are! ;P

xx The Provoker

GitaRegina said...

seems like you got a great day dear. the weather look so nice. the weather here was ruined my body. its hot all day and the next day its raining like cat and dog. such a worst weather

anyway for the cowboy. lol. i feel the same like you did. the un-stop-able greeting text is look like 'are you sure doing this everyday?' and sometimes its so annoying xD

gooogoook said...

Your cardigan and every detail; lovely! Realy lovely outfit.

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