Blogger's Brew Look 1: Lovely Lilac

Cardigan & Bag: c/o August Wrinkle   Top: Rue 21   Jeggings: American Eagle   Boots: c/o My Hot Shoes
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I'm sure most every girl out there loves grabbing a hot drink to sip on while chatting with friends. I'm guilty of being a caffeine-aholic. Yes, its an addiction. Especially to my Starbucks. Which is why I love this mug my best friend Kirsten got me for Christmas. Now I can trick myself into thinking I'm having a ridiculously overpriced coffee when its really just plain ole joe from home. Nothing like some creamer and a spoonful of sugar to fix that though! Lately I've been needing caffeine to power through my days - especially this Friday. Tomorrow night after work, I'm going to a dance with my friend. I forgot that I'd told her I'd go as her date haha! So it'll be interesting to say the least. First college dance for this newbie, woot woot!
August Wrinkle has made some recent appearances on my blog, and I absolutely love their clothes. When they reached out to me and told me of their idea for a Blogger Lookbook, I was thrilled to be able to join in! This is my first look for it, which is going to be centered around outfits to wear for a coffee get-together. The floral cardigan is flowy and elegant enough to dress up a simple jeans and boots combo. Plus, with the stud-riveted bag in a mint color, it makes it for a lovely color pop! Still low-key, but perfectly stylish for grabbing a quick coffee with friends.
I can't wait to show you the next look! Look 2 will be an outfit you could wear for a coffee date. ;)
Also, after looking through these photos, I have a feeling my boho side will be making a comeback once it warms up more...something about feather earrings just reignites my love for maxi hemlines, braids, fringe, and earthy tones...I can't wait until it warms up!
So I've got a funny story that accompanies this outfit. I was sitting alone in the student lounge area, waiting for Kirsten to show up. We had planned to grab a coffee together and get these photos done.

"Excuse me, I have a question to ask you."
I looked up to find a reflective pair of aviators staring down at me. The lanky boy wearing them was a complete stranger, so I hesitantly asked him what he wanted.
"Would you take a look outside and tell me what you think?"

I obliged, and then laughed when I saw what he was pointing out. Two boys were out on the campus lawn, duking it out with padded swords. It looked like they were goofing around, although their deliberate blows gave me the idea they were fencers or something of the sort.
"It just looks like they're screwing around," I shrugged.
"True, but don't you wonder what they're doing? You should go out there and ask them," the strange boy suggested.
"Um, that's okay. I'd rather not."

He then went on for about ten minutes trying to get me to go outside.
At this point, my "creeper" radar was going off, and I pulled out my phone to send an SOS text to Kirsten. Then when he continued prodding me to go outside, I told him I was meeting a friend inside; to which he replied, "Cool, think she'll do it?"
I shrugged and walked off, fingers crossed he might leave me alone.

No such luck. He followed me and walked right up to Kirsten to ask her if she'd "do it." Not knowing what "it" was, she vehemently replied, "No!"
Hahaha! We slipped away to the coffee shop when they weren't paying attention and then proceeded to escape through the side door. Some people just don't get a hint!

Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways.
Psalm 119:37

76 comments said...

i like combo of bag and flower poweer :)

Kimberly said...

Love the whole outfit! My favorite... The mint purse! So jealous that you can be outside without a heavy coat, hat and gloves!

Carla Florendo said...

love that floral cardi, Linda.
and whoa, what a really strange guy, haha.. thank goodness you escaped him. Some people really.

ph by the way, good luck with the election! some sort of sophomore rep?

Katie Aman said...

Oh my, yes. College seems to be a breeding ground for creepers...Glad you shook that one this time! haha. Your flowy, free style has me so inspired lately! That cardigan is just so lovely and romantic and I absolutely adore how you styled it. I definitely feel like my style changes with the seasons also. It's hard not to when you have to go from tons of layers to only one!


you look cute with bangs!
Love your studded bag

Elana said...

Ah, this cardigan is so pretty! August Wrinkle really is the best. And I am completely with you on the caffeine addiction, I'm guilty too. As for the creepy guys, any chance it was for a class? I took a sociology class my freshman year and we had to a project where did something in public that went against norms and gage reactions. Just a thought!

Jessi said...

Oh man, some guys are just WEIRD! Good thing you got to sneak away :)
So exciting that you get to be part of the lookbook! I love love LOVE this lilac sweater! It's gorgeous on you and that bag is so pretty too! Loving the soft colors.

Sandra Leiva said...

Beautiful jacket and bag :)))

Bella Francisca said...

what a cute mint purse :) lovely outfit! visit and follow my blog if you don't mind :)

Missing Bee

Greta* said...

those boots- really like them;)X

SaraM said...

Hahaha! Linda, you are so cute! I love how your flowery cardigan brings out your ultra feminine side. :)
Ahhhhh yes, LARPing! I had a old boyfriend who tried getting into that. It looks pretty fun! That is so weird, though, that that boy wanted you to go outside. He was probably just too chicken to get hit by a bunch of styrofoam!


Mili said...

hahahah that's so weird! Some college students say the strangest things. I love the last shot, it's so cute and happy :)

Mili from call me, Maeby

Mili said...
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Megha Sarin said...

You look great <3 soo pretty and flowery..


Ivana Džidić said...

You look awesome....
and yes that was weird, couldn't he have done it himself?

heidi said...

that purse is just sooo cute! hope you have a great day!

Avi said...

You look extremely happy and i like that. Also your outfit is so girly and feminine that I want it for myself.

I think I will buy some jewelry now :P!

Mary Lou said...

what a great look again, i love your shrug and the boots!
and omg what a weirdo that guy!!!
love and kiss,mary

Little-Hat said...

What a weird dude!!! Glad you escaped! haha
I love your cardigan!!


Love and Ace said...

Such a cozy look! The coffee looks good too :) x, Kat

Love and Ace

Sam said...

Adore this pastel pretty look, I would really like to find a similar floral jacket, its so pretty. Nice touch with the minted bag. The dance sounds like great fun, hope to see an outfit pic from it. That guy was so random!!! He is more likely to get a restraining order than a date from either of you!

Mica said...

First up, love the outfit, that cardi is beautiful and I really like the dipped hem on the back of your top :)

Secondly, that guy sounds majorly weird! It's like he wanted to go find out what was happening but didn't want to get hit so was trying to fins someone else to go ask for him instead, hahaha!

Away From The Blue

dinda belle said...

Whatta a weird boy, hhaa.. Seems like the mini sling bag is really popping !! Cool, plus the studded addition

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

THAT was weird! So glad your friend came! In the nick of time too! HaHaHa Linda, I love that floral cardigan on you and those boots kick ass doll. They are fierce. HAHAHA about the coffee "starbucks" container. What a great way to trick the mind! Have a great time at the dance doll.

Anonymous said...

Aviator boy sound like a such a creeper, if he was so curious you think he would have asked them himself seeing as he had no problem talking to strangers lol.
I love the flowery flowy top, the print just reminds me that spring is that much closer :) x

Lorena said...

Great, great, great studded bag !

monica said...

love the floral jacket - so hippie chic

Ali Hval said...

That's a strange little story, but I'm glad you escaped whatever it was! Sword fighting... hmm. Interesting. Maybe they wanted to pretend you were a princess they were fighting for LOL but still, I'm glad you trusted your creeper radar. It's sad that we have to have creeper radars...

Anyway, I'm a total tea addict (plus we apparently have the "world's largest starbucks" at our campus... whether it's really the biggest, I don't know, but it is huge!) so I know what you mean.

Your outfit is so cuuuute! Linda, that floral cardigan flowy shirt thing is just lovely. It reminds me of a japanese kimono, hehe.

Mish Rendon said...

That's so weird! Haha! Coffee's just a staple for students like us. It's like I'm living at Starbucks to study. Anyway, you look so cute in that outfit! Those boots are so cool and the kimono is just lovely! <3

XO, Mish @ LBD and Onesies

libys11 said...

I'm seriously so in love with that purse!!! the stud detais are amazing!! and you're totally rocking those boots too!!

Click me for my NEW BLOG

Betina Ross Idnay said...

Hi Linda! I couldn't tell you are Filipino!!! Baguio is actually one of the places I want to visit. I grew up in Philippines but I haven't been to Baguio! Have you?

The Boyfriend Project

PS. You look awesome!

Viv said...

I just love the lavender floral print on that top.. it's so cute! And of course that minty green purse goes perfectly with it.. totally reminds me of the Alexander Wang Lia but it never came in such a fun color!

Sabrilett said...

hahaha, aren't you a little bit curious about why the boy wanted you to go outside?. I love this outfit so much, I think the boho style fits you perfectly and the cardigan is super adorable <3 love the bag too!

Bree TheUrbanUmbrella said...

Love those pants, they are so so fabulous!!

xoxo Bree
The Urban Umbrella

Renae at simple sequins said...

Linda! hi, It is late here but wanted to see you before the day was over. My weekend is going to be crazy (2 grandkids birthday on the same day) and I don't think I'll be coming up for air until Sunday night. hahahahaha.

I love your purse! OMyGosh! I love the studs upon studs on the bottom.

Patricia Corona said...

love the post

FierceandFashionable said...

Love the floral & mint bag!

xx Michelle

Fierce & Fashionable

Hanna & Christel said...

really beautiful cardigan!


Katie Q. said...

Ooooh, every time I see you wear this pair of coated jeans I wish I'd gotten them back when they still had them at ae! These look SO good on you and I love the edgy look they lend to your outfits, they're such a nice pairing with the pretty and girly cardigan. (I loooove the colors, I really enjoy soft, muted colors like the lilac and the gray.)

Good job on listening to your creep-radar, the whole situation just sounds very...odd. Gotta watch out for those weridos.

Izzy said...

ooh really love the colour palette of this outfit! the mint bag is super cute and pretty :)

Metallic Paws

The Garage Starlets said...

Love your top!

Maiken said...

let me tell you I looove that bag and your booties, especially as a cool studded combo! and what a cute addition that floral cardi is! definitely one of your best outfits in my book ;)
btw, I'm glad you two managed to escape the crazy guy! :D

Maikeni blogi - part of me

czarianonuevo said...

i really would wear something like this to school! this ensemble is a perfect example of effortless yet uber chic! LOVE it Linda!! i'm really liking this coffee-date (school appropriate) outfit series!!

ps: omg! i wouldn't know better how to deal with those kind of creepy situations! i'm glad you and Kirsten got to escape from that guy :)

czarina :)

two birds said...

i love the mix of feminine and masculine in this outfit. that tops is so pretty and your jewelery and bag are the perfect accessories.

febrina utami putri said...

pretty colors and cool boots Linda! you always look so pretty and i really love your cheerful smile!

Megan said...

Love your mint bag :) And your nail polish colors are so fun!

JANICE G said...

so very cute :)

the STYLE Fringe BLOG

Mirror of Fashion said...

Amazing jacket!

Rebecca Harasym said...

Beautiful outfit! The floral jacket is perfection! Loved you funny story! Thanks for letting me know about that great jewelry line!


kcomekarolina said...

nice look!

xoxo from rome

Christie Marie said...

lovely blog :)

I just posted a new outfit of the day. What do you think?

i would also appreciate it if you follow my blog too!

Renae at simple sequins said...

Cool comment to us (Tamar and me) on your visit to our post today! Guess what? You have inspired me to paint a green manicure today for the weekend! Have a great one. see ya :D

Heather said...

these boots are too cool! Love the gold studs :)

Pearls & Paws

Danny said...

So pretty! I like coffee a lot too, it's such an addiction :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous outfit! I am in love with your top, your handbag and boots.


M. Eva-Marie said...

Thanks so much for your wonderful comment, following you too XO

Alexa said...

Love me some studded combat boots! Those ones are great. Perfect color.


Sam said...

Have a great weekend sweety!

Jess Glam Diary said...

LOVE the lilac print and the purse is perfect!

- J

Satu said...

Beautiful kimono, and your mint + studded bag looks great too ! :) Have a lovely weekend x

Indie by heart
ps.NINJ & NINJ -print giveaway

Agnieszka (Aga) Guerrero Olesinska said...

You look really stylish. Really impressive blog, love your style. If you want check mine and we could follow each other:-)

New post
Tiger and gold in attack!

The Chic Sheet said...

Pretty floral cardi :)



love love love this outfit! and the photos are gorgeous as always!
hahaha what a strange interaction... i wonder what would have happened if you had gone outside haha


♥ Ellen
Facebook + Instagram

zoë said...

hahaha those guys are crazy..but yeah maybe they just wanna flirt with you? :s

those studded shoes matches your bag it makes the feminine look a bit tough.
cool collab with August Wrinkle. :)

cant wait to see your next look!



Vogue Villain said...

Love the colors of that floral throw on!
Great purse too :)


Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you now on bloglovin, waiting for you to follow back!


Kat said...

wow haha what a story! thats pretty creepy! its a good thing you found kirsten in time to slip away from him haha.
i really love that kimono!! :D its gonna be so perfect for the spring and that bag is so cute too! :D so many perfect things for spring! :)

Anonymous said...

your boots are soo cute!!!

Pretty Little Fashionista said...

Nice outfit and I like your bag :)

anastasia said...

Hello, pretty! your blog is soooo cute!
maybe follow each other?
just let me know!

Rachael Dobbins said...

what a lovely blog!!

there is a rose crowm/hairband GIVEAWAY ON

Natalia A said...

Such a beautiful cardigan! x

Stylish By Nature said...

Two thumbs up for this post :) Kisses


Kati said...

I hadn't heard of August Wrinkle before you introduced them on your blog, and the idea of a blogger#s lookbook is so cool!
Also love the mug, you have great friends!

Have the best weekend,

fhenny said...

love this overall outfit esp your outerwear
high five, i can't seem to get through a day without coffee

style frontier

Alexandra said...

You look lovely))
Have a fabulous time!

Best wishes, Alexandra

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