August Wrinkle x Trendy Teal: Transitioning to Spring Look 3

Dress: c/o August Wrinkle   Button-Down & Cardigan: thrifted   Wedges: c/o My Hot Shoes   Earrings: Debs
This is my annoyed face for the wind that was ruining our outdoor photoshoot! 
I swear I'm not torturing Prince - he likes little scratches around his muzzle!

This is the last Transitioning to Spring post, this time featuring a pretty dress from August Wrinkle. The fact that it has some mid-section cut outs definitely influenced my selection of it. How cool is that!? I'm definitely going to start hunting down more dresses with cut outs like this. Dresses will always be the perfect item to style up and down, no matter the weather. You can layer them easily for any season!

For this spring-themed outfit, I chose grey tights and light, pastel and neutral tones to accent the dress. Also, since we're heading into warmer weather, its time to break out those open-toed shoes, ladies! These spiked wedges from My Hot Shoes are my new favorites. They're not always practical, but when you want to get dressed up and still retain an edge? Some spiky wedges will serve you well. 

So we had to move this shoot indoors, since outside was far too bright and windy for flattering pictures! Dad helped me out with some, but a few were also taken with my tripod. I'm experimenting with using it more, and I really like how handy it can be. I still prefer having someone else take photos for me, but that's not always going to happen. Do you ever wish you could just clone yourself? That way you could be both the model and photographer! You have no idea how often I've entertained this fantasy...because in my head, I know exactly what I want in a picture, and it can be frustrating trying to convey this to someone else. Haha, I'm just so thankful my photographers (you know who you are) put up with me!

Lately I'll squeeze in these moments that I can't help sharing about CG and I, and if it ever gets old, I swear, just tell me and I'll stop! I feel like I'm constantly gushing about him...but so goes crushes, right?

Anyway, today's mention is a small one. Sitting next to him in Psychology class is always full of laughs because our teacher likes to make his lectures interesting (aka: they're easy to make jokes about). So he and I will often add our own commentary from the back of the class. Anyway, CG says things under his breath a lot and I'll glance up at him to see if he'll share what he said, which he usually does.
This one time I thought he said something, and I looked over at him questioningly. He caught my glance and suddenly appeared taken aback, like I'd taken him off guard.
"Wow," he whispered.
I raised an eyebrow at him, but he didn't elaborate.
Hmmmmm....maybe he was amazed by my incredible hearing?

Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger
James 1:19


Tatiana Bezgodova said...

Lovely photos and look!



CP and KW said...

gorgeous shoes!
kw ladies in navy

SaraM said...

If you were a hero, super sonic hearing could be your super power! We'd call you "Whisper," and your cape would be covered in spikes--flashy, functional AND deadly! Hahaha!
I love how this look is right in the middle of casual and dressy. Perfect for school!


Marta Carvalho said...

Beautiful dress!

Ira Kharchenko said...

Awesome outit! And beautiful pics:)

Greta Massimi said...

i love this look! so cute!
i'm following your blog,can you follow me please???

Kimberly said...

Love the shoes and dress!

erica marie said...

I really want to wear dresses with fun cutouts this spring. Hmmm...I wonder what the wow meant??? I love hearing about your little stories of CG.

xo erica

Pop Champagne said...

love the teal cardigan/blouse over the dress, so cute!!

Mirror of Fashion said...

Gorgeous mix. Those shoes are too die for and the dress looks super cute on you!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

love that dress, your shoes and tights linda! YES!!! I wish I had a cloning machine. We could clone all good looking and NICE men. HAHAHA A clone would be great for taking pictures. It would be so helpful. HAHAHA Puppy is so cute!

sip-n-wear said...

Ahhh ive been missing out on ur stories! Whos cg??

Love the little cutouts on the dress!

Sarah said...

This is the kind of thing I wear all the time actually, haha :). I love the print of your dress, and the cardigan layered over the shirt :). The photos are lovely by the way! My tripod photos always end up all dark and out of focus, even if the room is perfectly bright! xx

Almost Delightful

Renae at simple sequins said...

Oh Linda, your doggie is so cute!!!

You always crack me up. You are so mature and genuine and if CG can't see that then man, he is blind!!!!

You know, I don't know where you live? How do I not know that? hmmmm. Value Village is aka Savers. Do you have a Value Village?

I love those sandals. LOVE THEM!!!

Ali Hval said...

Oh, Linda! That dress is just so precious and I love the little cut-outs. Just enough skin, wink wink. I can't wait to see what you do with this in other types of weather! It'll definitely be a good transitional season kind of dress.

And oooh gurl, you KNOW I wish I could clone myself. To be the photographer and model would be awesome. Taking pictures by one's self is such a burden! Thankfully, I've cloned myself pretty well onto my mom and molded her into quite the budding photographer, lolol.

this is a cliffhanger. damn

Anonymous said...

That's a great earring! I love spikes!

Lattes & Lacee

Megan, said...

cute dress Xo Megan,

Amanda said...

omg I would like to clone my self so I can do more photo sections =) hehe I think that the pictures that you thin inside look so gorgeous... Oh that dress is gorgeous =)

Cristina Cheri said...

Love your shoes! <3
Follow you, follow mw back?



Avi said...

Dresses are my favorite pieces of clothing <3 and this one is very pretty and i really love it on you~ I can't wait to be spring so I can wear them more.

Jodie said...

Thank you! I'm glad to say my hair has yet to fall out but is still going to need a bit of care :(
You look great I love cut out dresses and you wear them like a pro.
Keep sharing the blossoming snippets :)

Sam said...

The dress is so pretty and perfect transition to spring piece, i also love the boldly spiked wedges, they look awesome. Methinks the 'wow' was aimed at you ;)

Alessandra Mazzini said...

Lovely outfit!!! Your dress is too cute!

Margarita said...

Amazing layers my friend!
Those wedges are killer!
You look super cute,
And I totally share your wish of a clone, I was just about to write about it on my blog, since I never have anybody to take a picture:(

Good luck)

Yuli Conversations said...

Your adorable, love the dress. Wondering if you would like to follow each other?
Please let me know, i follow back right away!

Helena Resende said...

Really cool pictures :)

Allison said...

That is such a cute dress! I love the print and the cut-outs!

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Megan said...

Love that cute dress, what a sweet print. And that third picture is adorable :)

megcasson said...

gorgeous dress.
i love the pictures.

Bernadette Czle said...

lovely dress!

Caitie Schlisserman said...

CUTE dress! love the print and your hair in that fishtail!

Lady à la Mode

Bree TheUrbanUmbrella said...

Beautiful dress, so cute!<3
xoxo Bree
The Urban Umbrella

Maiken said...

just keep sharing those little (and also big) moments because I love reading about those. I really do.
oh and great layering when it comes to this outfit of yours! cute patterns, beautiful mint shade.. those are some of my favourites too. but I can only dream about wearing sandals because we're still in the middle of winter here in Estonia. it snowed even yesterday. but I'm still waiting and secretly hoping, hehe.

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Kate said...

wow really cool outfit, love the print on your dress and your shoes are awesome!
xx Kate

The Style Department

judith said...

Que vestido tan bonito!!

intantya pranandini said...

Like you shoes...
Love your style dear.. keep fashionable.. !!!

Please visit to my blog sometime,
Nice to see you,


Mica said...

Such a lovely printed dress, it looks great with the layers! Prince is adorable too :)

I know what you mean about the photos! haha! I often struggle to get DH to take more than 1 photo, he's just not a camera person. A tripod is very handy :)

Away From The Blue

xoxo_grah said...

I love the shoe....CG must be something...:)


Stylish By Nature said...

Stunning !! Hyped :)

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Dale Janeé said...

I love the dress in this post, you look gorgeous and the tights with the mint sweater is perfect for spring. Cute story at the end too


czarianonuevo said...

"Do you ever wish you could just clone yourself? That way you could be both the model and photographer!"
definitely can relate to this! hahahaha!! LOVE this last look for this series!! Dresses with cut-outs are really interesting to try! it's like showing some skin but not too sexy :))

czarina :)

RosyChicc said...

Great outfit and pictures hun! Your shoes are so gorgeous! Love them! :))


Sam said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my last post, made my day!

Cristina CS said...

Nice pics! You look like very cheerful :)
Lots of kisses <3

DORIS said...

Your blog is really inspiring, I'm following you now! :)


Natalia A said...

Great outfit and that portrait photo is just adorable! x

Nery Hdez said...

Hi doll!
I invite you to my WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY

SNB: Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy me

Alexandra said...

Great pictures! I'm following you right now, hope you will do same!
Have a fabulous time!

Best wishes, Alexandra

MarieAntoinette said...

What a cute dog! :)
Visit me ♥


The dress is very pretty, good for any season! I love those wedges as well./Madison

audrey-monet said...

Oh my gosh I'm in love with the combination
of colors here! You make me want to not wear
so much black (that's a bold statement coming
from me)!

Yuli Conversations said...

Thanks doll for following, of course, happy to be following back :) I just noticed, you Bible verses at the end of the posts- me too :) love it!

Anonymous said...

I love your outfits. And I think you are really funny person. I love the last photo with dog.

Would you like follow each other? Follow you now. I hope you follow me back.

Marie said...

nice shoeses <3
Fashionablemarie :*

Laura said...

Love this outfit! That dress is so adorable!

Also, I think that your commentary about CG is perfect! Keep it coming, especially if CG because CBF! :P


Kati said...

Love the cut outs and the pattern of this dress!

Have a nice day,

lucia m said...

loving the dress!



UnA said...

aww love your dress so much honey!
cute look!


Nancy said...

adorable print! Love the look with the tights/sandals and your braid!

Anonymous said...

Cute dress! I like how it is cut on the sides! :)

Satu said...

Such a pretty dress! Adorable photos, especially with dog - sweet ^^

Thank you so much for all the comments - I've read every one but only now had the chance to visit back xx

Indie by heart

Fash Era said...

really cute pics girl! Wld love it if you would drop by my blog and we can follow on GFC if u like :D

Sandra Martinez said...

Thanks for your comment!! You're amazing :)
Love your post, the shoes are wonderful!
Check my new post in:

Viv said...

I love your facial expression in the third picture, too cute! Those shoes are killer and I adore fish tail braids though I can never do them in my own hair :(

Elana said...

Ooh, this dress is so pretty! Can it please just be warm so we can all wear stuff like this?? You look gorgeous in these photos, wind and all. And hooray for sweet little CG moments!

Roxy Sun said...

love the little cute dress darling! Would you like to check out my blog too maybe we can follow each other? xoxo

Sunny & Star said...

You look so pretty. I love your entire outfit. The print on your dress is just adorable. And your dog is so handsome.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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zoë said...

ah! talking bout lazy photographers, i really hate it when mine just dont wanna cooperate. haha
hmmm thanks for the i'll start practicing taking shots using a tripod.

keep on sharing your CG glued! ;)

great feature for August Wrinkle.
The dress is simply adorable.

love your dog!



Esther Ong said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing this! :)

Fashion for Beauty

Esther Ong said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing this! :)

Fashion for Beauty

Esther Ong said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing this! :)

Fashion for Beauty

Esther Ong said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing this! :)

Fashion for Beauty

Esther Ong said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing this! :)

Fashion for Beauty

fhenny said...

lovely photos and your outfit look comfortable! xoxo
style frontier

Katie Q. said...

Haha, it's the return of the dangerous shoes!

The pattern on this dress is just too adorable and how fun are side cut-outs? I have a few dresses with them and it's nice not to expose my stomach but it's still fun with the sides gone. You winterized this dress in my favorite way over, just wearing a unbuttoned open shirt over it! (Wind though? Ugh, it's the worst.) Your little snippet with you and CG is cute, those awkward moments are always so funny later on. (Funny professor are the best as well, my anthropology professor was hysterical, I think she might have missed her calling as a stand-up. It defiantly makes classes more fun.)

aki! said...

I like your use for the shirt here! It's practical, useful, and innovative.

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Coline Chavaroche said...

Such a cute dress and your dog is beautiful !


Coline ♡

Tatiana Biggi said...

Super cute dress and I love the last pic with your dog! Kiss

New outfit post on Tati loves pearls

Tati loves pearls facebook page

Mira said...

Beautiful look and lovely dress <3


Carla Florendo said...

another super rad shoes Linda!!! another pair I'll totally steal from you, haha.. anyway I love your dress... the cut out part on the sides is my favorite. you look super cute!

Sandra Leiva said...

Beautiful dres!! And I like your shoes <333

Jessica Mattioli said...

gorgeous shoes!!! :)

The Fashion Heels

Sam said...

Thanks you for your comment, you're always so kind to make time to stop by, I really appreciate it!

Roxy Sun said...

Just followed you darling! hope we can stay in touch! xoxo

Esra Estella said...

You look so nice :)
Following you right now, hope you'll follow me back!
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Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

So cute! Loving the dress. Transitioning to spring is pretty difficult. The past couple of days were the first sort of warm ones of the year here. Turns out, I dont really fit into my spring wear anymore ;)

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lorena said...

How nice of your dad to help out with the photos... i take mine by myself 99.9% of the time, with not-so-good-results.

Monja said...

cute dress! xo

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