Skull Candy

Scarf (worn as shrug): Hot Topic   Tee: Rue 21   Jeans: thrifted   Flats: American Eagle   Ring: c/o Oasap   
 We took some outfit pictures right outside my Auntie Hilda's apartment, so there was just enough privacy not to feel too self-conscious. Haha, I've brought a couple pairs of colored jeans to wear here, including my bright blue ones. It was so tough deciding what to pack ! Questions like: what was too trendy to be remixed into multiple outfits? What basics should I bring? What about accessories?

So far, I think I did a good job mixing both basics/essentials and trendy pieces. Like this skull-print scarf - it doubles as a shrug if I need it too, and the neutral colors (black and white) makes it possible to remix with multiple things. 

Oh, so I got a haircut! It was just a trim, but I can definitely notice the shorter length. Plus, got my side swept bangs cleaned up so they're not as long and haggard. I'm tempted to go even shorter before I leave...I don't know, what do you think? 

 So far, this trip is going better than I'd anticipated. 
The truth is, while I absolutely love visiting, I feel like an outcast when it comes to our family here. Not that they try to make me feel that way - it's just that they're too shy to try and talk to me in English. So I'll sit there in the midst of the huge family gathering and quietly listen to them speak in their foreign language. The words roll right by me, and after a while, the isolation that's caused by this language barrier gets to me. 
However, I can tell when my cousins make an effort to connect with me. The boys I used to be close with when we were children are reaching out and trying to get to know me. It was nice since they came over one day and took me out to see the sights of Baguio. We explored Tamawan Village, Burnham Park, the Botanical Garden, and Mines View. 
With all the sights to see, I'm averaging about 80 pictures per day. Its crazy! But for this post, I decided I'd update you with an outfit. My style is very casual and comfortable. Although everyone here thinks this is dressed up. Haha, its a good thing I decided to forego bringing any of my wedges!

So while there are difficulties to face here when I visit (ie: language barrier, no running water, American-loving mosquitoes, etc.), it is more than worth it. I wake up each morning here feeling lucky that I get to have this experience. 


Elsa Hurtado said...

Love how you used the scarf as a shrug. What a great idea!

Mix and Match the F word

Katie Aman said...

I love that you turned your scarf into a shrug. I love doing that-scarves are so versatile! Plus this black and blue combination is one of my favorites, it always looks so put together. You look lovely darling and I'm glad you're having a good time! It must be tough not to understand the language your family speaks. As for your hair, it looks great how it is-but I bet you'd look gorgeous with it shorter too-you can't really go wrong :)

Renae said...

Great attitude Linda! and I love your jeans and flats.

Rory said...

LOVE IT! And I LOVE your haircut :) You look adorable. I've been stalking your Phillipines photos on Facebook and looks like you are having an awesome time! :)
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Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Fabulous attitude Linda! You're a trooper! I know it's bittersweet, but what I like is that you're making the best of it. That was nice that they took you around. I bet there's a lot to see. Great outfit! I just bought some jeans that color. Love them. Ugggh, i hate mosquitoes. So aggravating! Be careful girl, but enjoy yourself.

Joyce said...

You definitely did a good job mixing basics with trendy items! I am the worst when it comes to packing, I always either underpack or overpack haha. That skull scarf is so pretty with the bright blue jeans:) And your new haircut looks great, the length frames your face so nicely. wow seems like you are visiting lots of fun new places! Although the language barrier can be quite hard, I felt the same when I went to Taiwan.

Mica said...

Love the scarf as a shrug! It must be hard on you not being able to understand the language but it's good you can still spend time with your family :)

Enjoy the rest of your trip, glad you are getting to see lots of sights!

Sarah Mira Park said...

My colored pants collection has been growing lately because it's such an easy way to add a little something extra to an outfit! I tried re-reading your blog post but I couldn't find where your cousins are from? Maybe I missed it but I hope you had a great time with them!

The Weekend Diary

Viv said...

The haircut is super cute on you! And I love the skull print scarf. Hope you're having a wonderful time, happy new years!

Ali Hval said...

You know, I think you could totally pull off shorter hair--in fact, I think going shorter might be totally cute on you. I really do! Hey, you never know until you try. ;)

I'm sorry that there's that language barrier between you and your relatives. It must be difficult, but at the same time, I'm glad that you're so positive about everything. That's what I really adore about you Linda: you always find a positive and keep your chin up! <3 I'm so glad to have met you. :D

I'm loving all your bold choices in wardrobe lately. Awesome skull scarf and those bright blue skinnies are supa fab!

Vianca said...

Cool look! The blue pants are perfect for this look!

Little Miss Stylista

czarianonuevo said...

LOVE this casual chic look of yours Linda!! the electric blue jeans are perfect with that black shirt and scarf and your adorable flats!!

i like this ensemble and this is perfect for strolling and roaming around Baguio!!! enjoy your stay!


Danie said...

I love the skull print on your scarf.I hope you are having a great time. I cant wait to see the photos from your excursions in the Philippines!

Fashion Railways said...

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Angelica Hennata said...

omg, the skull so catchy! HNY dear! have a great year ahead <3

Fash Boulevard said...

Happy New Year, love. Such a fabulous post. You look beyond stunning. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my Candy Land Christmas party. xo

Maiken said...

wow, I can only imagine how hard it must be when you can't talk to all of your family members. I'm glad you're still having this positive attitude about it :)
your outfit is such a cute one btw, the colour of your pants is beautiful and I like the clever layering with that scarf.

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Katie Q. said...

Ah, the language barrier. I know how that goes, every now and then I get to see my German cousins and since I can speak about three words of German, I always feel a little lost when everyone gets to talking fast. Do you know a little bit of the language or is it really a hard one to pick up, sort of like how Russian is? It's awesome that you're getting to spend time with you family though and is such a beautiful place and such a cool culture.

And dude, I love that skull scarf. It's awesome, enough said. :)

FierceandFashionable said...

LOVE that color blue & the skull scarf is awesome!

xo Michelle

Fierce & Fashionable

stevia indrawan said...

I think if everyone just have a sincere heart to try to communicate, no languange barrier can handle that :)

I do hope you'll have the best time there!

and yes, packing is quite tricky
I'm leaving to Bali in a few days and have NO IDEA what to pack! I guess basics are the ones I will def bring with me :)

The Sweetest Escape 

Borjana said...

I loooove everything here,babe!

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

love the scarf, you look really cute in it! xx

Dina Karivalis said...

Cute jeans and I love anything in a skull print! Swing by my blog if you get a chance!
xo Dina
Sweetest Somethings

Brenda evans said...

cool scarf :)
happy new years btw


Julyana Morais said...

Can I steal your scarf? haha

Com Qual Estilo

Kym said...

I am LOVING getting to experience the Philipines through you. I know just how you feel with the language barrier - my boyfriend is Swiss and though most of his family & friends can speak English, it's much more comfortable for them to speak in their native tongue when we visit, so often times I'm just sitting there wondering what in the world is going on around me. lol It can get very frustrating and kind of lonely. I'm glad to hear that your cousins are making an effort with you. And who knows, maybe after a little while some of the language will rub off on you :)




from prosecco to plaid said...

Great outfit. Love the blue! xo, Julie

Lali pops of colour said...

This outfit is so lovely! I think you brought with you in your trip enough cool stuff!
enjoy your time there and hope the language barrier won't be a problem later on :)

Lali pops of colour

Lirio Style said...

Nice scarf! love the royal blue as well!

Joandy said...

skull scarf and blue jeans are my fav, you rock this combo!!!
happy new year!!!

Allison said...

I'm so happy for you that you're getting this experience as well. Traveling is so awesome, right? That's awesome that your cousins are taking you places to see things. I know that the language barrier can be frustrating but just make the most of everything while you are there! Happy 2013!

A's Fashion Files
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V A N E S S A said...

What a lovely pictures girl! Love your scarf. Happy 2013! :)

Megan, said...

love it, very mcqueen!
Xo Megan,

Jessi said...

The language barrier thing would definitely be hard! I love that this is dressed up to them! Those pants are such a pretty color of blue I love them!

Victoria said...

I love that scarf. It looks great as a shrug! xx

- Victoria

Jodie said...

I love your hair- I find it nearly impossible to pack and usually underpaid what I need :( you look great I love the multipurpose shrug :)

Lily said...

Oh, the mosquitoes in foreign countries. I swear I was eaten alive in China. You look so lovely--those pants are awesome and the setting is so pretty! I like your glasses--where are they from?

Alessandra Mazzini said...

Ohhh i love the color of your paaaants! I've been looking for some like those for so long :3

Happy new year hun!

Elana said...

Despite the difficulties, this still sounds like an amazing trip and a wonderful experience! Plus, at least you can always find comfort in the fact that you look great! The way you wore this scarf is genius!

Nieszka said...

cute!! oh packing, it's always so tricky!

Aya said...

Love the electric blue pants... they look so great on you! xo

John Clark said...

You looks pretty! love the color combination and the view is just nice :)

Frank Vinyl said...

thank you! love your look girl. love the haircut!

Sabrilett said...

You just reminded my I still need cobalt pants <3, love how you wore the scarf as a cardigan and I'm really happy to read you're having such an amazing experience :)

Sabrilett's Armoire

by Veronica Varetta said...

you look lovely dear :)


The Garage Starlets said...

Love the scarf!

Megan said...

Cute as always! Love your bright pants and fun flats. Hope you're having a great time :)

Laura Gomez Luis said...

I love your scarf and your style ;)


kathy said...

Love your outfit!
The jeans are amazing :)

Lia said...

Love that skull scarf!

Glass of Fashion

t said...

Nice scarf! Happy new year!

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