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Okay, remember those beauty stats I shared before (here)? Well, this time I'm sharing something that's even more relevant to this fashion blog - clothes, and the money we spend on them. I know a lot of girls are learning to be more thrifty (hey, thrift stores are the first places I go to when I'm looking for something). But I find these statistics rather believable despite that. I mean, if I crunched all the numbers, I don't want to think about how much I spend on everything in my closet...
Check it out. 
Keep Kalm and go shopping Infographic

Okay, the 271 shoes over the years stat is a little crazy for me to believe (who has a closet that big?? And if you have one, want to share??) Haha, but the last statement is something I completely agree with. I've stopped reading fashion magazines as obsessively as I used to because they always give me a drive to go out and shop for more things. Whatever is on the "Top 10 Items for Spring" page is bound to end up in my closet. I've distanced myself from that though, because after having clothes and shoes spilling out of my closet for the past few months, I've realized I've got enough. 
 Now I know, this blog is called Trendy Teal, but that was when I first started it. Today, I like to wear whatever I feel like wearing, not just trends. And while I still like to dig through thrift shops to find something that could freshen up my closet now and then, I no longer have an urge to do a major shopping haul. 


Haylee Mae said...

These numbers are insane, but I gotta say I am guilty of it! Yikesss

Mica said...

Those numbers are crazy! I wonder if I've hit that many handbags yet - I don't think so, even with selling and donating old ones to justify new ones I think DH would kill me if I bought that many bags in my life, haha!

I do need to spend less time shopping this year though, my wardrobes (yes plural!!!!) are overflowing.

The Chic Sheet said...

I actually thought the numbers would be higher to be honest... and I love a good sale. LOL


f i o n a (miss.tea) said...

Wow this is really eye opening. 400 hours shopping per year wow!!

Anonymous said...

this is great!

sweet and sugars,

Ali Hval said...

Holy crapole, batman! These values are crazy. I'm the same way as you though--I don't really buy for the trends, just what fits me and what I like, you know? Doesn't mean I might make a mistake and buy some crazy thing every now and then, but I'd like to think that I shop for me, myself, and I 99% of the time. :)

Megan, said...

YOW, Almost shameful ;)
Xo Megan,

Sam said...

Woah, this was another eye-opener, quite shocking and a little sad to hear, imagine if we spent a tenth of that on charity or some other worthy cause. That would better someones life far more than shoes :)

Jessi said...

These are so true! A bit scary but completely true! I'm sure im juat as bad if not worse. I actually can believe the shoes thing sadly...ita over your life right? Not all at once?

Jessi said...

These are so true!! A bit scary yes but true! I actually can believe the shoes thing sadly. Lol it is over a lifetime right not all at once?

Avi said...

My closet is so small! It is insane to be really honest!

That's why i like your blog, you don't follow trends, you wear what YOU WANT! Love you girl!


kathy said...

Wow this is pretty scary
I feel so horrible for actually spending more on my wardrobe each year... Whoops.

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

haha this is amazing x

Je ne sais quoi said...

you're totally right! i was shocked by the nbs and statistics!
however we do looove beautiful clothes :) and we only live once right! so let it be ! yay!

Lisa said...

Those numbers are crazy! I've started to take those fashion "advice" with a grain of salt. It's cool to be trendy, but it's even cooler to be unique :)

The Lovely Memoir

Sara said...

Ok, I work in the mall at Scottsdale, and I totally see why it's in the top 5 for best dressed cities! It's kind of an eye-opener, though. No one needs 145 bags!!! Since started working, I do spend more money on clothes that I want, even though I don't really need more, because I haven't changed sizes for about 5 years! Hahaha! I think that needs to change... :)


Katie Q. said...

Yikes, i feel some shame here. I really appluiade you for takling this subject, exspcially within the blogging community, I think we have a tendanciy to spend too much time, effort and money on something that really is so trival when we could be donating our time and money. I'm really making an effort this year to not shop and to either put the money I would spend into our house fund or to donate it or my time. (I really need to volunteer more, I use to be good about it but I got lazy this winter and that's just not cool.) I love that you post about these types of subjects, you have such a good head on your shoulders and you're one of the more 'real' bloggers out there.

Coline Chavaroche said...

Thank you so much <3


Coline !

AllAboutLife said...

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Kelly Ann said...

These statistics are astonishing, wow!

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