2013 Resolutions

I'm amazed by how fast 2012 went by. So much happened in that year. I graduated high school, got my first job, went through my first real experience of love and heartbreak, completed my first semester of college, and am now in the Philippines on a round trip ticket that I bought myself. A lot of firsts this year! Overall I feel like a stronger, more grounded girl than I was last year, and I am grateful for that. Here's to growing, experiencing, and learning more in 2013!

So I guess this list would be my New Year's Resolutions. I don't know why, but lately I feel inspired by the vast expanse of freedom and time before me to figure out who I am and experience life. 

This is a mix of serious goals with goofy ones, but hey, I'd love to achieve each one of them!


-Move out and find a place to rent that's closer to work and school. Because this half hour commute twice a day is getting old. 

-Strike up a conversation with a stranger. Not in a setting where it's expected (ie: work, sitting next to a classmate, etc.) I mean when I'm wandering the aisles of a book store or something like that. 

-Experiment with my hair more (these are some ideas I've entertained).

-Hit up a photo booth with friends

-Start running regularly again. No more excuses.

-Do karaoke

-Actually post one of the covers I've sang while strumming around on my guitar. I've been wanting to do it for so long but always chicken out about actually following through with it!

-Get a henna tattoo; possibly the real deal once I find something meaningful enough. Only way I'd get myself inked - it'd have to be something incredibly important to me!

-Redecorate my room. Its time for a major update.

-Clean out my closet and seriously start adding stuff to my blog shop.

-Buckle down and figure out what I want to do with my life. Because I'm entertaining ideas of going to school for graphic design now.

-Keep my journal updated. I skipped almost a year of writing down memories my senior year, and I still regret that. Definitely not doing that again!

That's what I have so far. What are some of your resolutions?

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year's!


Sarah Stright said...

These sound like great goals and I hope that you reach them all. And have fun in the Philippines! What an awesome thing to have bought the ticket yourself! Happy new year pretty girl.

Kelly Ann said...

I love this post, so pretty!

Sparkles and Shoes

Ali Hval said...

These are such good resolutions, Linda! I especially like the do karaoke one. You're so cute. Plus, I would really love to hear your covers of songs... I never knew you did that! :D

Haha, my resolutions aree:

-eradicate negative influences/people from my life
-keep up with my daily biking
-try to gain more confidence ugh
-stop playing with my hair and biting my nails!!
-read more books


Rory said...

It's so cool that you keep a journal! Your resolutions all seem so GOOD! and OH MAN I WANNA HEAR YOU SING GIRL! <3 <3 <3
Happy New Year!
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Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Great list Linda! Do a little bit at a time! They're all attainable. I wish you much success in 2013.

Sarah Mira Park said...

We have pretty simliar things on our resolution list for 2013, haha! I can't wait to actually hear you sing though, too bad I'm not talented enough to be heard in public... HAHA!

The Weekend Diary

Amelia - Duckling To Swan (Ugly Duckling) said...

All very good resolutions I think. Hope you can achieve them in 2013 :)

I personally have given up on making resolutions because I always just forget about them two weeks later! haha!

Hope you have a very happy new year!

Amelia @! :) xxx

April Cheung said...

omg i love karaoke and singing/playing guitar. anddd graphic design is my major :)

Bea said...

good resolutions :) i wish you good luck with them :)
-Bea from

Mica said...

Great resolutions, I hope you can achieve them all!

Hope you had a very happy new year on your trip :)

czarianonuevo said...

i'm not really a fan of writing (or making it visible)resolutions during the start of the new year. However, I always keep my goals in mind. I'm always open for changes and have the passion to learn and improve!

i like your resolutions! some of them are on my mind lately:
-i always wanted to start doing a daily run
- tattoo (not the permanent one coz I heard it kinda hurts)
- work part-time and rent my own!
- clean closet which I already did! (Yey!)
-and experiment with my hair (already did but I plan to have it colored!)


Sandra Leiva said...

Great post, dear!

Happy new year <3

Carla Florendo said...

these are some cool things to do Linda. hope you be able to fulfill your resolutions. happy new year! hav a great 2013!

Maiken said...

happy new year, dear Linda!
I just wrote a comment in another blog saying I don't make resolutions because I know I have to work hard anyway, with or without the promises. but I do love reading resolutions from others :P good luck with yours btw! I hope you succeed in keeping those! ;)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Braelynn Luedtke said...

I can totally relate to your closet cleaning and selling things! I've accumulated so much this past year.


Hanna & Christel said...

beautiful post and resolutions!


hautepinkpretty said...

Happy 2013! Love your list of resolutions! I haven't really thought mine out - aside from working out. If it put too much thought into it, for me, it won't happen ;) LOL xox

hautepinkpretty said...

Happy 2013! Love your list of resolutions! I haven't really thought mine out - aside from working out. If it put too much thought into it, for me, it won't happen ;) LOL xox

Sara said...

Sounds like a fun year! Good luck!! :)


Nancy said...

Happy 2013!
Great goals. Congrats on graduating!! Woo!

Dalia said...

Moving out is definitely a goal I keep in mind!
The Introverted Brunette

Anonymous said...

Great resolutions! Wishing you good luck and happiness for the New Year. xo


Shirley said...

ohmygoodness, no joke, my hair is like Vanessa Hudgens! hahahaha I literally just dyed it too(: It's up on my blog if you want to see! But I'm going to write a similar post as well! Hopefully we'll all be able to keep our resolutions!(; Keep in touch!
xx, Shirley

Sam said...

Hi Linda, these are excellent resolutions, and you have the drive and ambition to achieve them all. Hope you're having tons of fun on your vacation!

Seeking Style said...

I would love to see you post a video of you singing!

xo Jennifer

Danny said...

Great resolutions, hope you can achieve them!
Wish you a happy 2013!

Sarah said...

Good luck with the resolutions and finding a flat closer to work and school! I want to keep a diary too, but more of a blogging one so I can be more organised with that :) xx

Almost Delightful

sergio castaño peña said...

hey! i've been seeing some of your purposes and i really love them! this is a fabulous blog, sincerely. i hope we could follow each other to stay in touch and see automaticaly our new posts. wish you all the best for this 2013. loads of love.

Anonymous said...

Those are great resolutions- I especially love the striking up conversation with a stranger, I think I might steal that idea! :)

You should definitely post a song you sung! I'm sure you're amazing, and I think we would all love to hear it! :)

Katie Q. said...

I would love to see a video of you playing and singing, it is just too cool! (Have you ever played at an open venue or something like that?) That's pretty cool about the tattoo as well, I love how artistic and meaningful tattoos can be but I've get to think of anything special enough that I want it on my body for the rest of my life. You'll have to show us when you get an idea of what you really want, I love seeing other people's tattoos and the stories behind them. Happy New Year dear, I'm sure it will be an amazing one for you.

Jessi said...

I love all your resolutions! They're fun and exciting. I didn't know you played the guitar or sang! You should definitely post:) I've really loved getting to know you too girl! here's to a great new year for both of us!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with all these incredible new endeavors! I am so excited to see how successful you'll be. =]

Kate from Clear the Way

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