10 Ways to Beat the Blues

Alright, so in light of that recent, depressing post where I talked about seeing P again and all the emotional baggage hitting me, I decided to write a counteractive post to that. 
I'm listing off the things I like to do that makes me happy or just puts me in a better mood! 

1. Play upbeat music and just dance around. In pjs. With the volume up so loud that parents will start throwing things at your door. 

2. Have a hot drink. There's something soothing about sipping on your favorite flavor of hot chocolate (anyone else try those mint flavored packages?) that just cheers you up. Especially if its raining/snowing outside and you're inside with your fuzzy socks on. 

3. Work out. Breaking a sweat can be satisfying. I love running and my fitness classes. Nothing like Zumba to get you out of your head and start having fun! Especially when your instructor decides everyone needs to loosen up so you have a dance off...

4. Read/watch something that inspires you. A book, a movie, even a blog. Being able to appreciate something beautiful, whether it be through words or images can be uplifting.

5. Force a smile. Even if you really don't feel like it, it's been proven that just faking a smile can instantly makes you feel better. Crazy, huh?

6. Spend time with loved ones. Friends, family, it doesn't matter. If you're with people you care about and know care about you, its impossible not to feel happier.

7. Write it down. This is something that always gives me release from strong emotions. When I pick up a pen and let loose on my journal, I always feel better when I place the final period at the end of my last sentence. Its as if the hurt I feel inside is transferred through my hand onto the page. Its still there, but its separated from me. I can think more clearly afterwards.

8. Wear something that makes you feel pretty. I'm sure as fellow fashionistas, you understand the concept of how dressing well improves your mood and self-confidence. Its true.

9. Snuggle with a pet. For me, its with Prince, my fuzzy, senile Shetland Sheepdog. He's getting older, but he still likes to chase his tail like a puppy to entertain us.

10. Finally, sometimes its best to just cry it out. There's healing that comes with letting out pent up tears.

What are some of your cures to feeling sad?


Katie Aman said...

I agree with everything on this list-especially the dance parties! My sister and I still love to do that when we get together! And how darling is your dog? Those eyes could make you melt I bet.

Ali Hval said...

Talk to yourself in the shower. That's another good one. I've had a many good conversation with myself in the shower... hey, it sounds sad and pathetic, but sometimes it cheers me up lol lol.

But working out and drinking tea are definitely what helps me stay happy. Sometimes, an extra-long bike ride that day is just what I need! And getting tea while working in the darkrooms has also helped immensely, haha.

Hope you're staying positive, Miss Linda! <33

JanM ♥ said...

I seriously LOVE this post. I pretty much do all of them except for snuggling with your pet.. It's kind of hard to snuggle with a pet fish ;) I always always play the music on weekend mornings while I'm in my PJs and dance in the kitchen alone. LOL It puts me and my husband (when he wakes up) in a good mood. Since we just start the day happy and silly ;) Have a good day, darling.


Elana said...

Aw, this is such a great idea for a post. I hope these things are helping you and that you're feeling better :) My favorite things to do when I'm feeling down and are on this list - drink something warm ( hot chocolate) and wear something that makes me feel good. I love all of these suggestions though!

Jen @ redsolesandredwine said...

What a beautiful post and love your shares. Sometimes I shop when I'm down, a new pair of shoes always seems to brighten up my day :)

Red Soles and Red Wine

Sabrilett said...

I agree with almost everything, those are the things I do when I'm depressed except for the hot beverage, with how warm the weather is in my country that's just a torture... My pet friends always cheer me up, there's something about their innocence and love that makes me feel better and the books... nothing like being someone/somewhere else for a while, even if is just in your imagination

Mia said...

Lovely pics and mix! :D

Baci ♥

sip-n-wear said...

great list!! i totally agree with everything you listed... esp #10... people just need a good cry sometimes

Danny said...

Thank you for this post, really. I broke up with my bf a few weeks ago and this was just what I needed to read. number 8, I'm doing that a lot shah

Ileana said...

Love this post!!! I adore hugging my pets, but they are in Argentina.... now I will be getting one of my own :)

Plami said...

Great tips, darling! These are just the ways that i find myself beating the blues when i get them! I love the first photo of you! You look so happy <3


Ayantika said...

awesome read I must say! (:
New post at my place!

Bong's Belleza

Ashley Udoh said...

This is such great advice. If I could add one more I'd say take a nice warm shower or bath. I always feel better afterwards.

Jessi said...

I love 2,3,5,6&8. I use those as well:) This is a great post, especially since I've been getting the winter blues lately. You're such an inspiration to stay positive!

Britt Whit said...

Love this post...especially the picture of Prince! So cute :)


Britt + Whit

FierceandFashionable said...

I love these tips! I think they're great ways to beat the unhappy or sad feelings.

xx Michelle

Fierce & Fashionable

Alexandra said...

All of these are so true. Thanks for sharing this on a particularly blue Monday lovely :)

Alexandra xo

Alexandra said...

All of these are so true. Thanks for sharing this on a particularly blue Monday lovely :)

Alexandra xo

libys11 said...

aawww.. these are all optimistic!! i love how you're so positive and pleasant with this post!! :D really helpful to beat the winter blues! :D

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erica marie said...

Definitely blasting music and dancing around always cheers me up. Love this post, I think it's sometimes easy to forget all of the good things that make us feel good when there's that one thing that's bring us down.

xo erica


haha cute post! heart number 7, thats the way i do it


♥ Ellen
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Megan, said...

such great ideas! sure winners Xo Megan,

The white cabbage said...


nice post, and nice blog !

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Lisa said...

Number 8..definitely. I hope you're feeling better!

The Lovely Memoir

ANDREA said...

oh, i find myself in this list! the best i like to do is listen to really loud music!


Mica said...

Great post! I definitely agree with number 9 - Cooper is the best and guaranteed to cheer me up every time! When I'm unwell or upset and curled up crying, he comes over all concerned....licking his lips as he wants to lick the tears away! Never fails to make me smile, and sometimes even laugh! :)

Sam said...

Hi Linda, love this post, I feel like I need to print it out so I can refer back to it when the blues come on. Number 2, 4, 8 and 9 are the perfect anecdotes!

Jessica Mattioli said...

Love this pics!!!

The Fashion Heels

Elsha said...

You have such a great list! I'm all about dancing it out:) and when you told me you high heeled almost fall I about died, I hope you forced a smile there:)

Stylish By Nature said...

You look elegant and lovely!!! Love everything on this list :)

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Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Most definitely Linda!!! I've done all of these in the past. The biggest one on my list is buy something new I like.

Pardon My Fashion said...

Ah yes! Love all of these. Great post.


Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

These are all great times. Sometimes i just zone out in my music and sip some tea, glad they made it on to your list

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b e a t r i c e said...

great blog and post I;m ur new follower , hope u like my blog too!

Maiken said...

hehe, I loved that post too :) all those things make perfect sense and you've written them down so well, in your own special way :)
I must name working out while watching my favourite shows from my laptop, going to sauna, (thrift) shopping, sharing my sadness with Elvis, my doggie.. what else? a good massage maybe :P

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Jodie said...

It's a well know fact that as 'll British people acknowledge- a cup of tea solves everything! So I 200% agree a hit drink is the key to cheering you up :) and I can never say no to a cuddle from my dig

Katie Q. said...

It's amazing how getting something out in writing really CAN help. Sometimes just being able to get the words out and your true feelings can be healing and help release some of the anger and hurt. (At least, it always does for me.) I love how you posted this happy list, everything on it is so true and way to go for having such a great outlook!

czarianonuevo said...

this is a wonderful post Linda! full of positive vibes :)

paint it stripes

Kym said...

Ok, I LOVE this post. Sometimes you really do have to rely on yourself to make you happy :) And those are some great reminders that we can all use from time to time.
Also, I freaking adore your outfit!!! The dress with that hat and the tights and the cardi and the shoes....I love it so much.

Also, I want to hug your dog. He is adorable.

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