Zombies Ate My Neighbours

Blouse: c/o Too Sexy Store   Cardigan: Target   Skirt: Debs   Boots: c/o My Hot Shoes   Earrings & Bracelet: c/o Estarer

Explanation for the title can be found in this song.  I'm obsessed with dubstep lately. Can't get enough of the crazy stuff. My favorites are now Celldweller, Skrillex, The Glitch Mob, Avicii, and Schoolboy. These groups help get me through math homework and workouts!

So check out this skull print blouse from Too Sexy Store. It's perfect. I'm absolutely loving the edgy print and gold tipped collar. I got quite a few compliments on it, and I plan on wearing it with a lot.
However, the thing that stole the show in this outfit?
My earrings. These ear cuffs from Estarer bedazzled my fellow classmates, co-workers, and customers that came into the place I work at. Even strangers would compliment me on them as I ran errands. Haha, they're certainly eclectic enough they stand out!

I'm wearing a lot of black lately, but I still have to add touches of color. So in this look, I chose my bold blue boots from My Hot Shoes to do that. 
With finals week coming up, I'm starting to freak out a bit over that...specifically, for my math final. Gah!
There is so much we've covered that I'm worried about forgetting the little details that could plunge my grade into the abyss. Because you know how math's unforgivable. One little mistake in the problem and the whole thing is screwed up. 
So in a way, this outfit kind of represents what's going on in my life lately...
Which is dead week.
As Urban Dictionary puts it:
"At any major college or university, the week before finals are administered and most major projects and assignments are due for submission. The late night working and hardcore studying for finals gives the students a zombie like atmosphere, and causes an eerie silence and many blank, unseeing expressions."

To my fellow college friends - good luck!
And if you've already survived, congrats, and enjoy the holidays.

For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding
(Proverbs 2:6)

Pssst: I'm guest posting over at Twenties Girl Style today as well. Check it out here!


Tori said...

Awesome skull print blouse! :)

Anonymous said...

I like the blouse and the shoes! Good luck with your math test.

Maiken said...

good luck, Linda! I don't have to go to school anymore but my work is driving me crazy lately and I'm dealing with some stress overall.. simply trying to hold on until Christmas comes :)
anyway, your fierce outfit! the skull print shirt is such a cool piece and you're right, those earrings are something I noticed right away! cute boots too, I like that electric blue shade :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

indie by heart said...

Cool earring / cuff ! ^^ Really nice look.

Indie by heart

Rakel said...

Great blouse! ^^

sip-n-wear said...

i like the gold tipped collar! good luck with finals!

ola said...

I'd love to see you wear that top belted - show off that waist sweetie!

Danny said...

i like how your shoes add color to that look!

Sarah Mira Park said...

Your ear-cuffs are pretty bad ass! I like this look with the skull printed top & leather skirt!

The Weekend Diary

Sarah Mira Park said...

Your ear-cuffs are pretty bad ass! I like this look with the skull printed top & leather skirt!

The Weekend Diary

Liora said...

Awesome blouse! Good luck with your finals! :)


Tanya Minxy said...

I love this whole look, especially the blouse :3

Alexandra said...

Dubstep is one thing I WISH I could get into since all my friends always go to shows, but I just don't agree with it for some reason! So weird. Loving this look - those booties give just the right pop of colour!

Alexandra xo

zia misra said...

Amazing color on those booties and love the blouse and the ear cuffs!
Great look!
best, Zia

Mish Rendon said...

Love that top! :) Good luck with your studies!

XO, Mish @
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Marsa said...

you're adorable love those skulls! found you from the firmoo website :)

A Mode World said...

LOVE the blouse!! and the boots. xA

erica marie said...

Loving the ear cuff and the bold pop of blue. All the best during finals week!!

xo erica

Ali Hval said...

I love the Glitch Mob! Linda, you should check out Blackmill, I think you'd really like them! They've got that cool electronic-y vibe. :)

AND DEM BOOTS. I love those blue boots of yours, and how cool is that top? You're so cute, even if you're wearing scary skulls and such ;)

Bernadette Czle said...

love the boots!

Elana said...

Good luck with finals! I'm right there with you. Oh man, I love these shoes so much. The color is just awesome, what a great addition to black and white. And I love how well you pull off such edgy things like this top!

Allison said...

Love your blue boots!

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Katie Aman said...

Hey, we both posted a verse about wisdom today! How 'bout that :)?
You are super cute (even in skulls). I love the blue boots with this and the collar of this top is just so cool! Love it :)

Megan, said...

love the skulls
Xo Megan,

Minnie said...

I love your boots,
have a nice day ♥

Amy Soto said...

Your shoes are stunning ! Love the color so much . Super chic outit .

Would you like to stay connected through Bloglovin and GFC?

Xo Amy

Mica said...

I'm sure you will do great in your finals :)

Really like the skull print shirt, and your earrings are pretty awesome :)

Laura Dragomir said...

Haha love the title :D You look great! Love the blue boots. :)

Do you want to follow each other? Let me know xx

Joy Shana said...

Lovely look,wnat those boots

Lyosha said...

LOVE your top and accessory! fab choice

Inside and Outside Blog
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Laura Dragomir said...

Officially follower no. 835 :D


C.L.M. said...

Love the outfit!! :D

Joy Shana said...

Lovely outfit

Ellen Kaminagakura said...

I love your ear cuffs and your blue boots are awesome !

xoxo from Japan

fashion-meets-art said...

wow these shoes are gorgeous. love them.
lovely greets and kisses
maren anita


Iida said...

Your shoes are so cool! Love the colour. :)

Mira said...

Lol I love your title. frankly i wish Zombies would just eat my neighbors ;-)
Cool look. Love your skull shirt <3



Izzy said...

those spiked earrings are awesome! I'm loving this edgy look on you and the cobalt blue boots do add that extra pop of colour :)

Vision of a Dreamer said...

Adoro os brincos!! São lindos!

Caitie Schlisserman said...

LOVE your blouse!!


Megan said...

Fun top and I love the color of your booties! Very cute :)

aree1997 said...

Oh love the top. The title is amazing. I firstly thought it was any nightmare :)

Aree With Umbrella

renae said...

Linda! hahaha! i love that definition of dead week. when i was in college (many, many years ago) i felt dead during that week; dead tired of studying stuff i would never ever use and dead to the world cause i couldn't think straight. ya that definition IS CORRECT.


loveLoveLOVE those boots! ohmygosh!!!!! yes, love them. the color, the suede and the low cut. they are wonderful!!!!! your ootd is completely great!!!!!

Pop Champagne said...

the skull print blouse is cute! and ya finals turn me into a zombie lol

Eimear OReilly said...

this is gorgeous, love your style!! i have a new post up if you get a sec to take a look!!

ps i'm following xx

Ashley Taylor said...

Love the print on the blouse!

xo Ashley

Ashley Taylor said...

Love the print on the blouse!

xo Ashley

Vicky | The Golden Bun said...

Love your boots!!
From Paris with love, Vicky

The Golden Bun

Elsha said...

I'm a new follower and I just wanted you to know that I didn't even look at your blog. I just saw the title of this post and said to myself "I need to know this gal".

Love the blues and skull shirt :)

Kati said...

The blue shoes are such a great eyecatcher! Keep up the good work on your blog!

Sam said...

Loving the great bit of rock edge to this look, the skull print shirt is genius and the ear cuff looks awesome! All the best with studying, I know you will ace it all!

Nancy said...

that ear cuff is killer! Love it!

Jessi said...

I love the top! Especially the gold tips! That's funny that it correlates with your zombie like finals state. Good luck with those btw! Oh and I love these shoes! What a fun color!

Sara said...

Those boots are so cute!! Good luck on finals -- don't stress to much and you'll do great!


[ekiém] said...

your so pretty :]

Borjana said...

You rock honey,love it!;-)

Aya said...

Love those shoes!! xo

Marlen said...

You seriously always have the best shoes. That pop of color made that whole outfit :)

Lolita in the Mix said...

You look rocking! Love that shirt!!

-xoxo- lorena

Avi said...

I love dubstep music. Actually it's my boyfriend's favorite music. Your earrings are fantastic! I recently bought a similar one.

Don't worry about the black. It's winter, you can't stop wearing black on winter...that's my opinion ;P


Leonor said...

gorgeous booties:)) love the color! would you like to follow each other?? let me know dear:)) happy week!


blackberryfashion said...

awesome blouse :)

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Simone said...

I am so sorry for your loss but hey at least your shoes are cute!
I know finals are a bitch (excuse my langue but its totally true)
So much work to be done then so much studying to be started already so behind.

Sabrina said...

Aww, I'm very sorry to hear about your break-up. But one day you WILL be able to look back on it with either derision or fondness. Just focus on doing you!

And skulls and over-the-top earrings are some of my favorites ever. Good luck on your finals!


Amor said...

love those boots! so cute! :)


Harija said...

Love your outfit!
My Lyfe ; My Story

Katie Q. said...

Hahaha, best title ever! (Jezzz, anything with zombies is awesome.)

I hope it's going okay with your studying so far, I always worried over my math finals so much, everything I'd learned would go right out of my head as soon as I'd sit down to take the test. :P This is such a crazy awesome blouse, I didn't even notice the gold tips on the collar until you mentioned it, I was too distracted by the skulls!

czarianonuevo said...

i can't agree more! weeks before finals are most stressful and hectic days.. good luck on your Math Final Exam!

btw, love the details on your top :)

a little, hopefully, helpful tip: during exam, don't get overwhelmed by long equations or seemingly dreadful problems, analyze first and always think you can do it!


Lorena said...

I like your skull shirt - lately i have been feeling drawn to skulls - before i use to think they were creepy but now i totally dig them.

Lali pops of colour said...

Lovely outfit!

Lali pops of colour

melissa said...

great look and I like the verse from the bible you used here

Anonymous said...

That skull print shirt looks amazing!! :)

kisses from finland <3

Margaret Cruzemark said...

You have such a fashion sense my dear! I love this edgy style of yours. Keep it up!!!
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

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