I'm In the Philippines!

And I couldn't be more excited. It was beyond tiring to get here though. I calculated it, and it was over 24 hours spent just flying, waiting around in airports, and driving before we arrived in Baguio, mom's home town. But we're here now, and I am fully relishing every second.

As I'm sitting here in the local internet cafe, I've got two little girls hanging around staring at me. They're so cute since they were shy about it, but I heard them whispering before they finally piped up and asked if I'm an American. I smiled and started chatting with them, and they grinned really big at me in an admiring way. Finally, one told me, "You're so beautiful."  
Cutest. Thing. Ever.
And then they asked if I had a husband. Haha, when I told them I was only eighteen you should've seen the look of shock on their face.
Its funny because I get that sort of reaction a lot here. The area we're staying at doesn't get that many young foreigners. I've been keeping a tally, and so far I've counted ten other people with pale skin. Haha, most of them are in their 60's though, so I guess that would explain the stares I get. Its both flattering and bizarre. 
This was a woman I captured on my way through the nearby strawberry fields. She gave me the biggest grin when I asked if I could take her picture. 
Anyway, the stares are something I remember from my last trip here too. I've taken to pretending not to see it. Its just so...weird! 
My cousins took me around yesterday though, and it was fun. Marlon and JR act like protective older brothers, always looking out for me. JR is more shy about talking to me in English, but I've told them they shouldn't be embarrassed. I honestly admire how they not only understand English, but speak Tagalog, Ilocano, and several more dialects as well. Like I told them, its me who should be embarrassed - I only know one language! Haha, I think after that he felt more at ease.
The woman above would be my lola (aka: grandma). She loves that couch and can almost always be found there. Its sad since she can't speak or understand English at all, but I love taking pictures of her. There's so much character to her face. Plus, I still have yet to show you her full sleeve tattoos! That'll be for another post though.

You know, its weird to see all the updates about Christmas and New Years - I couldn't feel more removed or isolated from those events while I'm here. There's no snow, no crisp, cold air, and no hanging lights. Its humid, everyday life here - and I couldn't be happier! :)

This was just a quick update since I have to pay to use the internet cafes here, but I'll prepare some more for the next one. Don't worry, I've only got about 200+ pictures already, and it's only been three days...haha, lots of editing to do! 


Danny said...

Wow, seems like you're having a great time! Looking forward to see more photos! Have fun dear :)

Jenny Austria said...

im a follower of yours for a long time and i never knew you have a filipino blood~

hope you enjoy your stay here!

what is that fruit with a lots of eyes? hahaha

Megan, said...

Xo Megan,

Mica said...

Looks like you are having an amazing trip! You must feel like a celebrity with all of the stares though, haha!

Hope you had a very merry Christmas and you are enjoying the time with your family.

Looking forward to seeing more photos in your next post. Have a happy new year! :)

Tori said...

It looks like you are having an extraordinary time! & I love your shirt in that one photo :)

Marsa said...

ahh i love that top!!
loose and comfy. totally my style :)

Kelly Ann said...

Great photos and great story, I can not wait to see more!

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Renae said...

Linda! my goodness! Very interesting photos. That path along the slope to the water below is a bit precarious, isn't it? I am glad you are there safe and sound.

ZxM Style-Squared said...


Chezka said...

Oh, Baguio? I have never been there, only ever hearing about it! It seems so lively, and so good you finally got to visit :) your grandma looks old....but tattoos?? Cool!


Bea said...

great pictures! have fun!

stin said...

happy holiday sweetie! and happy new year as well :33 xo

Ali Hval said...

Whoa, Linda, this seems like such a cool trip for you to take! And that's so cute about the two girls--yes, yes you are beautiful! Adorable. :D

In loving ll these pictures. I just like the humble landscapes and the simplicity of town life, wow! Good thing you got yourself a fancy new camera in time for this trip. You've put it well to use! I really like that picture of the bananas hahaha and the lady by the strawberry fields.
Hope you're enjoying yourself! (and that you're not too exaustes from the trip) :))


Linda you have asian blood too? How cool!!!
Im your reader but never know about it. Im indonesian, will you visit Indonesia too? have a nice holiday

aree1997 said...

Awww lovely photos. Haha I am imaging your face when those girls were confused about your age. Can you believe people think that I am my mum's sister -_-
Have fun there :)

Aree With Umbrella

Sara said...

Wow! It's so beautiful there! That's so cool that you get to hang out with your family. Glad to see you're having fun!!


Lily said...

ahhh, so cool! i feel the same when i visit china--i guess all my american tendencies make me stick out a lot haha. beautiful photos--they make me want to travel the world!

Shes Dressing Up said...

Your Grandma is adorable! I love your photos, can't wait to see more.

Maiken said...

wow, looks like such an interesting experience! it reminds me of Crete island a tiny bit and I miss my trips there. or should I say I miss travelling overall :P
anyway, I'm definitely looking forward to new posts about your stay there and I also would like to wish all the best for 2013! :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

erica marie said...

Looking forward to seeing more photos! The whole trip sounds amazing.

xo erica

Jodie said...

it sounds like you ate having an amazing time- and I love your grandma . I can't wait to see her tattoos and she sits on chairs like I do- I.e. the most comfortable looking way ever .

The Chic Sheet said...

This is amazin! You lucky girl ;)


Anonymous said...

Wow, those photographs are amazing! You making me wish I was there too. Enjoy your trip love, you're such a gorgeous girl ♥

Sam said...

Aw wow Linda, your photos and descriptions of the country and town is really intriguing and makes me wish i could visit someday. I love the culture exchange, its so interesting learning about other people and their languages and traditions. I am sure everyone is just as excited about having you there. Your grandma looks so sweet, can you speak or understand much of the local language?

Jessi said...

im so jealous of you Right now! It looks beautiful and warm there. That photo of your grandma is darling and that is so freaking cute that those little girls were so fascinated with you. I cant wait to see a pic of your grandmas tattoos! Haha that's so cool.

Joyce said...

wow I love these pictures! That's so cute how the two little girls were so curious :) AND YUM is that passion fruit?! I love them even though it looks scary to me haha. That's so cool how your grandma has tattoos, can't wait to see more pictures from your trip!

A Mode World said...

Lucky you going to the Philippines! It is on my list of must see countries :) xA

Lisa said...

Yay you made it to the Philippines! Don't worry, I got those same stares when I went to Vietnam, its just because they're not use to seeing Americans! I hope you have a fun & safe trip! :)

The Lovely Memoir

Aida said...

My dear,
wish you a great 2013 full of dreams to come true. Wish you luck, health, happiness, love, lots of projects, many inspirations and lots of success!

a big hug

Stylish By Nature said...

Great pics and you look so good :)
Happy happy new year !!!

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Megan said...

How exciting! Enjoy your time there, and happy new year :)

two birds said...

how exciting and fun! your snapshots are gorgeous! enjoy the rest of your time there, and happy new year!

Pins, Needles & Fashion said...

This looks like such an amazing trip! Glad your having a good time, and im loving the photographs. Your grandma has a tattoo sleeve? so awesome.

Also trust me, I rather trade the snow and cold air for some humid weather, so soak it up! lol

Kat said...

love all these photos linda! :) the philippines looks absolutely amazing!! im so jealous! :P hope you have a wonderful new years!! :) i truly enjoyed reading your blog this year and look forward to seeing what you have in store for 2013!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, have fun in the Phillipines!

Allison said...

I hope you have an amazing time! Traveling is tiring but totally worth it!

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Lucie Srbová said...

Lucky you! Enjoy your time there!

Wish you an amazing year 2013!
Kisses, Lucy :)

Wynne Prasetyo said...

glad to know that you're enjoying Phillippines! merry christmas and happy new year!


Katie Q. said...

Dude, McDonald's really is every where!

That sounds like it was such a crazy amount of travel time for you but I'm so happy that you made it there safe and sound. I love looking through all of your photos and I love hearing the stories about your heritage. I hope you're just having a ton of fun and enjoying your family there. Happy New Years dear, enjoy yourself and I hope 2013 is just going to be an amazing, wonderful, joy filled year for you and your family.

Mia said...

Delicious pics and mix :D

With love,Mia
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Issa Tchieu said...

Kudos to ur grandma. Full sleeve TATTOO??!?! Woohoo...shes cool man.

Have a happy new year in Philippines.

Victoria said...

Wonderful photos. It looks like a lovely place! xx

- Victoria

FierceandFashionable said...

SO jealous of your trip, looks very pretty there!!

xo Michelle

Fierce & Fashionable

Tariro said...

You look like you're having a blast!! Your grandma is so adorable!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Linda, I'm so happy for you. This is a wonderful experience. You're connecting with family and the people there. An extraordinary experience you'll always remember. Your grandmother is adorable and what the little girls told you was so sweet. Enjoy it all!

Mary Ann said...

What an exciting and unique place to spend the holidays - I'm definitely jealous! Cheers - and Happy New Year!

Rebecca said...

Wow that's great to know...I'm a Filipina too! Baguio is the best! Happy New Year!


Braelynn Luedtke said...

What a nice change of scenery for the winter - I'm jealous! Hope you're having fun, girl!


Emily said...

Ohhhhh! This is precious. It seems you're having a wonderful time there. One of my best friends is from the Philippines. I do hope you have a lovely time during the remainder of your trip, as well as a pleasant new year. (:

May the force be with you.

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