"It looks like it's eating your a good way!"

The title would be Kirsten's comment on my parka, which is quite accurate in my opinion. Hahaha, the fur-trimmed hood on this jacket is very...furry. 
I did some print mixing with this look, using light pastel colors mixed with earthy browns, and I really like how it turned out. These floral jeans are becoming a fast favorite of mine! What was funny was that Kirsten and I hit up Target while I was wearing this and I was drawn to all the floral print jeans they had. They just have the best combination of styles and prices! Its a dangerous place to enter girls...I couldn't leave without snatching up two items. Both with ridiculous clearance prices of course, which made them irresistible  Still, I think I better avoid that place for a while...
Jacket & Cardigan: thrifted   Tank: c/o Very Honey   Jeans: Target   Boots: (gift) Payless   Necklace: c/o Estarer  
Ironically, the very next day I went shopping with Patrick. He needed an update in his wardrobe and figured what better person to take with him than his fashion blogger girlfriend. Haha, I convinced him to try some straight cut jeans from American Eagle, and girls...I think I'll just have to do an outfit post with him soon, because he looked good. Of course, I ended up walking out of the store with a purchase as well...but you'll have to wait and see what it was in a future post. ;)
Afterwards, we hit up Macy's, where he helped me hunt down the perfect perfume. Since he's the one smelling me all the time, we figured we might as well pick out one we both like. I'm pretty sure we entertained the girl who tried helping us find a scent - Patrick kept leaning in and imitating a dog when he sniffed me! Haha, but we found a hit eventually with the Viva la Juicy perfume. Mmmm, it's so fresh yet floral. I love it!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones! This time of year always causes such warm feelings in my heart, and the festive glow is hitting. Christmas is coming up next, but it'll be so different for me than past one's. Because the tickets for our trip to the Philippines have been bought, and mom and I leave on the 23rd! Two days before Christmas...
One thing's for sure - it'll be an untraditional Christmas! We'll just have to celebrate early.  Still, it does make me sad to know I'll have to miss out on the special day with friends and family here. Especially since now that I'm listening to Christmas songs, there's that one tune that goes: "I'll be home for Christmas, you can count on me."
Ah well, there's still a chunk of time between now and then - right now I have to think about all the homework I've been putting off for this break and get 'er done!


Rory said...

I HAVE VIVA LA JUICY WOOHOO we're twinnies Linda! <3 And aww I wanna see an outfit post with Patrick! You guys should do a christmas card hehe for the blog :) OR you could match outfits...hmm matching outfit post? is that cliché? nope. i think it would be SO COOL.
Oh and I LOVE the floral jeans. You print mix so well with the florals and stripes here. I DIG.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING LINDA! And Christmas is on the way--i'm listening to tunes too ! WEEE!!!
Enter to win whatever you want from Yak Apparel!! And make sure to check out the other 4 giveaways going on at Wear Abouts!

Forever Fashion said...

lol You still look super cute! I like your cardigan!

Chris Ed said...

Hi dear, this look is really pretty! I love your necklace and floral jeans.
have a nice weekend,
kisses chris

Jessica said...

love the textures and patterns but that it is still a neutral palette!


Mica said...

Love this neutral toned outfit :) The floral jeans look so good with the pastels and browns :)

My little sister likes the Juicy perfume too - good choice! :)

Hope you had a happy thanksgiving and that you're having lots of fun planning and packing for your upcoming trip! :)

Marla Singer said...

love your jacket and boots <3


Anonymous said...

The jacket looks so comfy and stylish! Love it. Have a great weekend.


Sam said...

Anything this furry and cute gets an A+ in my style book, so adorably cozy. Its a great pick to get onto the floral jeans trend. Your Xmas plans sounds actually quite exciting! I am sure it will be a wonderful experience.

Chezka said...

Oh, it is furry in a good way! I love jackets like that - and you paired this outfit so well Linda, definitely one of my faves =)
- Che

Sandra Leiva said...

Love love love your coat!!

Tori said...

I love that hat! The color is phenomenal :)

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Amazing outfit! You always look so cute :) Love the neutral tones of the outfit! xx

Jodie said...

Wow the Philippines for Christmas- that sounds amazing!!
Yur hat does look like it's eating you head but looks amazing- love your jeans.
My boy find doesn't help me with perfume but he dies help pick my shampoo and soap (as I wear it everyday and it's mostly what I smell off) and lipsticks as they occasionally rub off on him I try not to buy ones to bad for his skin tone
Thanks for the nice comment on my blog- I literally cannot stop wearing that snood

Ali Hval said...

That jacket is the rather voracious creature, consuming your head and all like it is. ;) hahaha! I like that comparison. YER AN ADORABLE LIL ESKIMO GURL.

An outfit post with you and Patrick would be adorable. That's so cool that he let you pick some things out for him... omg that would be my dreaam! I would force my man to wear sweater vests and bowties all the time. It wouldn't be a healthy relationship. ANYWAY.

I really adore your booties and that necklace is kind of the cutest thing ever. You've got the whoooole world, on your neck~ n___n <333

eLi said...

Lovely hat ;)



Mary Lou said...

oh i absolutely love your jeans and shoes!

Jessi said...

LOVE the floral jeans! So pretty. That coat is gorgeous too and the beanie tops it off perfectly with that pretty burgundy color. Oh, and your shoes! You literally nailed it from head to toe!

UnA said...

loving this cozy and cute look!
I wish beanie looks good on me


Maiken said...

and again I LOVE your whole outfit! those delicate beige and brown'ish shades are really cute and girly. oh and stripes are always awesome!
how cool are the news about your trip btw! though I definitely understand the importance of traditional Christmas too :) I, for instance have to cook for 8 people this Christmas :P

Maikeni blogi – part of me

Anonymous said...

Lovely outfit, I ADORE that necklace, that is so cute!

febrina utami putri said...

wow i love your nude color mixing so much! all of that stuffs look so great together :) and I agree, sitting on the couch, watching TV/DVD when it's raining outside, it's just heaven :)

Kier Mellour said...

Love this look, those printed pants and those shoes are perfection, and I'm so jealous of that necklace!!

With Love From Hollywood,
Fashion Addict LA
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Angelica Hennata said...

you looks really had so much fun time :)

Izzy said...

haha even if the fur trim hoodie is oversized, you look so adorable in it! in fact, the bigger the better. love your red beanie too :)

Lisa said...

I love your coat! And I definitely agree, Target is dangerous. Too many good deals. It sounds like you're going to have an awesome Christmas! You'll have so much in the Philippines!

The Lovely Memoir

Kacie Cone said...

Looks like such a warm coat, I love those shoes!

Katie Q. said...

Buwwahhaa! I think that's the best comment ever, "It's eating your face! But in a good way!"
Furry parkas are the best though, so comfy and so warm. And yours looks adorable on you, those printed jeans works so well with the sporty vibe of the parka and add a little bit of fun as well.

Victoria said...

I really love those pants on you! :) xx

- Victoria

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GeorginaGoodman said...

love your jacket

Margaret Cruzemark said...

Amazing post. You have such a fantastic blog. It would be great if we could follow each other.
Best Regards
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The Chic Sheet said...

I am diggin' the fur on the hood ;)


Frank Vinyl said...

haha this is a funny post. LOVE the fur trimmed hood :) so cute


Lucie Srbová said...

Oh, you look adorable! I really love your pants and cardi!

Kisses, Lucy:)

Kiiiim said...

Eskimo! So cute! Thanks for the comment! Of course we can follow each other! Let me know when you've followed me so I can follow you back!


Kiiiim said...

Eskimo! So cute! Thanks for the comment! Of course we can follow each other! Let me know when you've followed me so I can follow you back!


DTMakeUpGirl said...

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I really like your blog :)
You have a nice smile ^_^
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Harija said...

i love your outfit and you have an extremely cute smile =)
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LiaM said...

love your post sweetie!!


Georgi said...

CUTE COAT! :) You look very cute and stylish. Just discovered your blog, I really like it :) I'd love if you could visit mine ? its or you can find me on twitter @addressbookblog

I'd love if you stopped by and I look forward to your next post. xxx

Alessandra Mazzini said...

Love this! the neutral colors look so good like this!! <3

Danny said...

I love your parka, suits you perfectly! and your pants are lovely too :)

Megan, said...

love the parka!
Xo Megan,

Joyce said...

hahahah Kirsten's comment on the parka is so funny. the park is so cute! I really like all the light neutral colors in this outfit and the print mixing :) AND OMG YEAH Target has so many cool stuff. It was so hard for me to not buy anything but luckily I forgot my wallet hahaha. But ahhh LOVE those jeans, it has such pretty colors and it totally works for spring (and summer) too!


gorgeous outfit! hahaha well the park is very fury :P
loving the jeans too, wish we had target in new zealand :(


♥ Ellen

Lia said...

cute outfit! i love those pants. Good luck with homework!

Glass of Fashion

Allison said...

haha I love the furry jacket- totally eating your head- in the cutest way!

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Danie said...

Such a gorgeous outfit! I love the neutral colors paired with a pop of red! I'm in love your floral pants and your boots!

Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...

aaaaa love your style. it's so autumn.
would you like to follow each other? :D

stevencoco said...

Cozy, cozy, cozy and CHIC!!!! lOVE IT!

The Garage Starlets said...

The parka is great! Looks so cozy :)

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Tatiana Biggi said...

So pretty, I love your Parka and your shoes so much :*

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ELISA said...

Hi babe, I just wanted to tell u that I just opened my first giveaway...I would be very happy if u could join! :)

Mary ♡ Fashionbirds said...

I love the parka!

Love, Mary ♡ Fashionbirds

Denisa said...

Very nice style. Have a great Monday

Kim said...

Nice soft colours! And about the homework; sounds way too familiar, haha. ;-)

Amy said...

Great pants, I dig a winter white! Great jacket too!

livlovelaugh said...

looooove this outfit!


Your Favorite Fashion Girl said...

great outfit!


maybe you like to visit my blog

Sarah said...

I love the mixing of prints, the florals with the stripes go so well together :). I really like your shoes too :). xx

Almost Delightful

Megan said...

Cute! Love the striped sweater and you look adorable in that hat :) And of course you had to get a little something for yourself while shopping with him ;)

Stylish By Nature said...

Great outfit !! You look so GOOD :) HYPED and Kisses

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ELISABETTA lalli said...


champagne said...

love the coat and the jeans so much! (:

I really like your blog, what about follow each other?

Claudia said...

Cute outfit babe.
I would appreciate it if you take some time out and visit my blog

Ice Pandora said...

You look very nice!
So warm and comfy c:
The globe necklace is
one cute thing!!


Pins, Needles & Fashion said...

That coat is just perfect! Those pants are awesome and you look great. One of my favorite looks from you.

bonnie_blog said...

Your look is so creative, my dear! Lovely boots!!!



Emily said...

My goodness, you look adorable. Those jeans are so sweet. The print is subtle, but so special. I like that comment about your hood. I couldn't agree more. It's super cute. Also, your necklace is irresistably charming.

May the force be with you.

melissa said...

i love fur anything x

Alessandra Mazzini said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alessandra Mazzini said...

Hi Linda! love your work...nice autumn outfits! Always nice to look at your style and photos.


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