Coffee Culture

Just think about all the little nuances of relationships that have taken place over a cup of coffee. And not just between people that are dating (or are in the process of reaching that status), but between friends, co-workers, etc.
Sweater: thrifted   Jeans & Boots: Target   Ring: Claires
 It's also funny how much meaning people have attached to grabbing a coffee together. I still remember when Patrick and I were getting to know each other and how he semi-asked me out on a date. It was after we'd gone in a group to see a drive-in movie that he texted me that night, asking if I wanted to grab a coffee sometime. Casual enough, right? I remember driving myself crazy (and probably my friends too) wondering what that invitation meant. Well, now I know, don't I? Haha, but it was such a good way to get to know each other in a more personal way. You can actually read about that first date here.
Anyway, last Friday I met up with Kirsten on campus where we kickstarted our little hangout session with some Starbucks. I had the Eggnog Latte, and mmmm, that was tasty. She grabbed a little Pumpkin Spice Latte and we were set.
Coffees in hand, we walked around outside in the crisp, fall air. I've got to say, for a community college, the campus is pretty nice. Actually, I'd have to say it's gorgeous. You can see why so many people come here to get photography sessions done - including two novices like Kirsten and I! ;)
It was so nice to catch up with that girl again. I always feel more light-hearted after having a good talk with her. That's a wonderful thing about having a close friend like that. 
We like to call each other "twin" because we tend to think the same things at the exact same moment. Haha, so we literally finish each other's sentences all the time. 
Oh, and did you notice my floral print jeans? I finally got a pair! I really love these too. They're a light wash and have been easily mixed into my wardrobe. I discovered them at Target when Patrick and I were looking for a piece for my Halloween costume, and I couldn't leave without them after I tried them on. Ah, the dangers of the dressing room...
 Also, as you can see, I found a new program to edit my photos with - collage style! I really like this new format, because I tend to take a lot of photos for each outfit, but cramming them all into one post can seem overwhelming when they have to be placed one right after the other.
What do you guys think? I used Pic Monkey to make these, and I think I'm going to be using it for future posts.

PS: You all know how much I love dresses, right? Well if you do too, you should definitely check out MissesDressy! The holidays are such a festive time, it's the perfect excuse to get dressed up. :) Also, check out their Prom Dresses 2013! Makes me wish I had a prom to go to...but hey, college dances, right? ;)
Here's just a tiny sample of their pretty options!


Lisa said...

I really love your outfit! It just screams Fall/Autumn! And I agree, coffee means so much more these days because now it is associated with being social. I personally love pumpkin spice lattes.


Ali Hval said...

Coffee really is a magical time for conversations! I have this amazing friend who I love to see every week and we both get some delicious Tazo tea and talk for an hour or so and it's just so lovely. The magic of Starbucks! :)

That sweater looks so COZY Linda. So snuggly-in-a-buggly-like. Super cute! And I love the print on your jeans, too--Target did a good job, there! :D

Also, I do love the new formatting of your pictures! I used to do some of mine like that but then I got a mac and couldn't figure out how to do it since I don't have paint... lol how sad is that

melissa said...

FALL everything

Daisy Nguyen said...

I LOVE that having coffee means casual conversations! I actually don't drink coffee, but I LOVE smelling it and having conversations with friends at coffee shops!

LOVE this outfit, especially the skinnies and the bag!

-Daisy Nguyen from the PS BANANAS! fashion blog:

Megan, said...

love your pants
Xo Megan

Anonymous said...

I wish we had Starbucks in Luxembourg! I love their cappuccinos and lattes. Eggnog latte sounds sooo good!


Allison said...

Love your pants- the print is so cute! And totally agree- it's always nice to grab a cup of coffee and catch up!
P.S. Don't forget to enter my Fossil Vintage Revival Bag Giveaway! :)

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jamie said...

i hate looking at my statements because all i see is debits from starbucks >__<

hope you are well, sweetheart!


stevencoco said...

I am loving how equally cozy and chic your outfit is! Makes me wanto to grab my fleece sweater and do the same things you did! I am in love with the pictures!

Katie Q. said...

Ooooh, I like those jeans! The pattern on them is so subtle but so lovely at the same time and they look amazing with your oversize sweater. This is such a lovely, cute fall outfit. :)

Izzy said...

grabbing a coffee together means often a one-on-one conversation with someone without distractions and an opportunity to really get to know each other (or catch up). that's why it's so precious in my opinion!

looove your pants btw...the print is so pretty and so is that lovely autumn background! :)

Maiken said...

I must say I don't drink coffee, I haven't even tried it and I'm pretty sure I will not try it in the future either. I don't even like the smell, haha. but I do love your outfit! those beige/sandy shades are so cute and make a great match. those pants are beautiful and you've chosen just the right boots. one of your nicest outfits for sure :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Sandra Leiva said...

I love coffee! :)

Great jeans and booties, dear, and that sweater is really cute <3

Mica said...

Love how your outfit and the green nails subtly matches the coffee cup! hehe! :)

Really like your printed pants - the perfect colour to be worn so many ways :) Target has some great jeans, my leopard print ones are from there!

Jess and Paloma said...

Coffee with a friend is the best! Love your outfit! :) xx

BELULOVE said...

lovely pics!!!! love coffe♥♥ kisses

Mary ♡ Fashionbirds said...

Your jeans are absolutely awesome! Very beautiful!

xoxo, Mary ♡ Fashionbirds

Sam said...

You're so right...theres always something more to the phrase, lets have coffee. Your photos came out lovely, super sweet jeans....I've never had either of those drinks before, they don't even make them here, sounds divine!

The Golden Girls said...

Wow! Gorgeous looks for fall! So chic! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

Monika Ozdoba said...

Hello Dear! I like your blog so much! This is my first visit here but definitely not the last :) Would you like to follow each other? :)


Selena said...

totttttalllly obsessed with your jeans

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

that was really nice that you all got together. talking over coffee invites discussion and makes everything easier. people are very relaxed at coffee houses. love your floral jeans. very soft in print. love the picture collages. it's a great way to group things.

Margarita said...

Goodness, not only you are very stylish, but also so sweet and adorable!!
This post made me smile, and warmed up my heart!

Alessandra Mazzini said...

Very pretty!!! Love the earth colors a lot!! :)

Seeking Style said...

cute sweater1

xo Jennifer


great post! i love your thoughts on just grabbing a cup of coffee :P
and you and your friend both look gorgeous in these photos!


♥ Ellen
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Pretty Tiny Things said...

Love yours Autumn pictures!

It will mean a lot if you'll have time to check our blog and if you like it maybe follow us ? ;)

Keep blogging girl !


Emily from Pretty Tiny Things

Elana said...

Coffee dates are the best, literally my favorite thing ever. I LOVE these jeans, they look amazing on you. And I love that you guys match! Also, pictures are looking amazing, by the way!

Tori said...

I love your jeans!

Lucie Srbová said...

I really love getting coffee with my friends but maybe just because I simply love coffee:) You both look amazing! And I love those dresses. Have to take a look:)

Kisses, Lucy:)

febrina utami putri said...

this post makes me think back to when i first met my boyfriend. we were on the same project group. i remember that one day the first time we went out together (not just the two of us but with my friends too) was to a Starbucks. i thought he was going to order something like frappucino with i really don't like. but he ordered Hot Venti Caramel Machiato instead and i thought 'hmm nice choice'. and it kinda changed my impression about him that day. just over a cup of coffee, i know. and i do realize you finally got the floral pants! it's so pretty, i envy you :)

Annie said...

Love coffee dates, and LOVE those ankle boots!

The Other Side of Gray

Girl and Closet said...

Ah, coffee! I love meeting up for coffee (well, tea for me) with a friend and just gabbing for hours. It's seriously the best... and, your look here is so pretty. Adore those jeans + so cute paired with the booties! xo

Emily Meyers said...

Hey lovely! I just found your cute blog and gladly added myself to your followers! I’d love to have you stop by and see a holiday hairstyle series I’m doing right now, and also I’ll leave the link to a $150 e.l.f. cosmetics Giveaway I’m having in case you’re interested:)

Hope to see you there, and thanks so much lady!
Xo, Emily

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Wynne Prasetyo said...

guh-reat outfit! love the subtle tone. oh i love coffee!

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The Chic Sheet said...

A good convo and cup of coffee are my favorite things ;)


Jessica said...

yes how could we live without coffee!!! love the pants with the comfy sweater


Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...

love your outfit

Stylish By Nature said...

Perfect and great outfit for Fall ... You look great !! Coffee has really become much more than just a drink

Win 3 beautiful Sarees from Pepperfry !!

bonnie_blog said...

Lovely photos, my dear! And awesome post!

Kisses from Russia!


Mirror of Fashion said...

Love your pants and your nail polish!

The Garage Starlets said...

Love the sweater and pants!


The Garage Starlets said...

Love the sweater and pants!


sharee said...

love the outfit! :)

anyway, love ur blog. so I just followed u,
mind to follow each other? :)


Kristin said...

Ahhh coffee - also known as 'nectar of the gods' back in college

And Love! the sweater

Lali pops of colour said...

I love your outfit!! those pants are amazing and I have to try that eggnog latte <3
Lali pops of colour

Little Rus said...

Love your outfits, especially the sweaters. Just like you I adore coffee moments, only I am more of a Costa/Cafe Nero kinda girl. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Lili Matic said...

Your pictures are so lovely <3 :)

Great post ;) Btw I adore starbucks ;)

And I loove your blog ;)

Would be great if we followed each other, don't you think so ? :)



Jen Hsieh said...

Coffee really does seem to bring people together! It's just casual enough to serve as a first date or a gathering of friends. :) I love this fall outfit though! I have a similar pair of boots and I might try out a similar look! Those jeans are fantastic.


Alexandra said...

Loving this look! All the colours are tied in so nicely, really loving those pants.

Alexandra xo

Caitie Schlisserman said...

love how comfy your outfit looks! love that sweater!


Annie L said...

I love a good Starbucks trip with a friend! And your jeans are so cute.
xo Annie

Mademoiselle Mode said...

Perfect style !
I love Starbucks :)

I love your blog

New post - Kisses ♥

celia vallina said...

Great blog honey! I´m your new follower at gfc and bloglovin. Feel free to visit my blog and do the same if you liked it. Kisses

stylewithoutstyle said...

Love these beautful autumn pics and ofc love starbucks :)

Domestic Sweetheart said...

I heart your blog!
I'm a new GFC follower :)

Jess Glam Diary said...

I just love coffee on these chilly days :) love your outfit by the way, perfect for fall.

- Jess

Halie said...

Love the jeans.

Touch Of Purple said...

I really love your outfit!
Coffee really is a magical time for conversations! =D
You would like follow each other? tell me... ^^

Big kiss,

Montana said...

Beautiful pictures in the gorgeous fall leaves! You are so right about coffee though, why is it we always use coffee as a go-to meet up? Whatever the reason, I enjoy it! xx

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