Lorraine Tyne x Trendy Teal Giveaway + OOTD!

I'm back with another giveaway for you guys! The winner for the InDressMe Giveaway was drawn (Chelsey A!), and InDressMe should be contacting her soon, but for the rest of you, here's something to get excited about - a $40 voucher to Lorraine Tyne jewelry! Here are just a few of my favorites from their site:

Also, remember this necklace and earrings set? It's from Lorraine Tyne. 

Once again, this giveaway is open internationally, so it doesn't matter if you're in the US or not. Just enter through the Rafflecopter widget below! :)

Now, on to the outfit part of this post.
Dress: c/o Sugarlips   Vest: gift   Necklace: Phrenzy (won via giveaway)   Flats: c/o My Hot Shoes   Glasses: c/o Glasses Shop

Have I ever mentioned that when I started this blog, I almost used a different color to inspire the name? I love teal, but my second absolute favorite would have to be purple. So when I spotted these flats on My Hot Shoes, I knew I had to test them out. They're studded smoking slippers in a rich purple hue - I'm so glad I picked them too! They're incredibly comfortable and I walked all over campus in them, plus took a little walk with Kirsten later. We found a new shooting spot too! It's a gorgeous area with a nearby river, so everything is alive with greenery. I can't wait to come here when more of the leaves start changing color - it's going to be beautiful.

Ring: c/o Oasap   Earring Cuff: c/o Romwe
I'm certain other bloggers can understand the excitement that comes with finding a beautiful shooting location. Haha, we hit it just right too, because the sun was slowly sinking, giving off that golden glow to these photos. As we took these, I couldn't help but get excited over the thought of doing this again next time - only with my new, DSLR camera! It's not here yet, but I'm so ready.

Soooo...remember how I voiced my fears of Patrick discovering my blog? I never mentioned it, but he actually found out about it... He likes seeing pictures of me, and since him and my mom are friends on Facebook (that cursed stalking site...), he saw the page "Trendy Teal" that my dear, supportive mother had liked. He recognized the picture as one of me and clicked on over to see what it was about. You can imagine my panicked surprise when I got a text reading: "So I was checking out your mom's profile and I ran across something called Trendy didn't tell me you were a fashion blogger! :D That's so cool! You're full of surprises."

I was so embarrassed, I'll admit it. Because who knew what he had read, right?? Haha, but I talked to him about it, and he said that while he enjoyed what little bit he saw of it, he would respect my privacy. As he said, he likes getting to know me in person - it'd be like cheating to read all my thoughts on my blog. And you know what? I absolutely trust him. I'm positive he's kept his word. And now, I wouldn't even mind if he did read it.

Now that he knows, he's gotten to hear all about my excited chatter over my incoming camera and has offered to play photographer. I'm planning on taking him up on this offer too. Who knows, he may have a knack for photography and we can turn into one of those awesome photographer-boyfriend/fashion blogger-girlfriend duos! How cool would that be? :)

Anyway, during this shoot with Kirsten, we had a random, interesting moment. We were walking along the trail back to my car, and this guy on a motorized scooter came towards us. He had a tiny dog riding in the basket, and he told us she was friendly and we could pet her. So us girls, being the dog-lovers that we are, took a moment to scratch her ears. As we did, this man introduced himself as Jonathon Huddleston, and he lived at the top of the hill nearby.
"You two ladies are very beautiful. Be safe! And don't forget, it's Jonathan Huddleston."
And with that farewell, he motored off and left us sputtering out awkward thank you's.

Was that not out-of-the-blue or what? Haha, but it was funny and we giggled over it the rest of the way. Life is definitely more interesting with random people like him!


Sissly said...

Beautiful look :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that P didn't know about your blog. Yeah, who knows, maybe he'll be taking your photos going forward. Curious to see how it evolves... xo


Rhianna Nelson said...

I really enjoyed this post!! It's fun when posts have a mix of photos (beautiful outfit by the way!) and stories about little things that make life fun. Thanks for that :) Rhi xx

PS. I am so jealous of your DSLR!! Have fun with it :D

The Wildest of Dreams

dina vanessa mercado said...

Nice post and outfit!
Following you now.. ;)
Hope you'll Follow back. Thank's A lot!

Kisses from VV!!

Bea said...

i love that outfit! the shoes are so great! and you're so lucky you can still wear your summer dresses :) here it's so cold already ..:)

Yulie Kendra said...

wow great article ! i love the photos!!! Maybe we follow each other ? Let me know if you like my blog too ;-) Greetings from germany


d ring n flats r sooo cuteee! love d outfit :)
new post on

AVY said...

Very cute shoes!

/ Avy

Mica said...

Great giveaway! Love your outfit too, what a lovely but slightly eccentric man to have met when taking photos! He sounds nice but very random indeed like you said.

Ali Hval said...

oh my goodness, to have a boyfriend photographer blogging duo sounds MAGNIFICENT. I wish you two the best. :D :D that is just too perfect!

Oh, friendly old men. They're so nice--I had something similar happen at Starbucks, haha. I think sometimes people just want a little conversation. :)

Those purple loafers are totally cute. Studs galore! <3

Rory said...

YOU LOOK AWESOME! Love the flats--purple is my fave color, too! :D :D
Also...OMG DSLR???? SO EXCITING! I can't wait to see how your pictures turn out now! And AH I WOULD FREAK OUT IF MY GUY (yep...i think i've found one :D) saw my blog...and i dont even talk about him on there! GAH! i guess its good though, since like you said now he can take your pictures! :)

Forever Fashion said...

Such a cute outfit!! Omg to have a bf photagrapher would just be amazing!! It's hard to find! haha :)

Helmiina said...

Gorgeous necklace and you look great!:) just love the outfit! xx

Adeola Naomi said...

Stunning look dear!!!!

Karola said...

Weeeeeird! ;) Oh, well, strange ppl out there... ;)
Love the flats! And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your cooperation with Mr.P.! ;)


Ang Lam said...

Nice giveaway!!! Love your outfit!!! Just hype you on lookbook :) The dress is very lovely!!

Jayne Wilson said...

I love that dress and the shoes!
I've had my fair share of random people like that and they're hilarious!

Followed your blog! Would love it if you would follow back! (:

Sara said...

Wow that is a beautiful place! I wish I had such cool, inspiring places to shoot--you're very fortunate!
How adorable is that boy of yours! :D


bossa nova said...

i love your flats and earings ! they're awesome ! <3

dina vanessa mercado said...

Hi! Thank you for the visit and comment. Following you now.. ;)
Hope you'll Follow back. Thank's!

Kisses from VV!!

dina vanessa mercado said...
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Chris Ed said...

Hi dear, really cute look and colors! I love your dress and shoes!
kisses chris

ellakii sedgwick said...

my dear this post is adorable, and you have an amazing blog
i'd love to follow each other with gfc and bloglovin,
kisses from,

yiqin; said...

you always look awesome <3

Jodie said...

Fantistic giveaway! Your too generous.
Fantastic flats and great look.
So lucky your going to have a willing photographer :)

Victoria said...

I love your jewellery! :)

- Victoria

Sparkle said...

great giveaway!
love your dress dear, you look so cute :)


Maiken said...

the last photo is my favourite. such a cool feeling and beautiful location :) oh and those studded loafers are something I looove but don't own a pair (would like to though :P). btw, it's great when your so called other half can take the photos! ;)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Elana said...

I love this dress, it has such a great print! And the shoes are beyond awesome. Aw, I had no idea that Patrick didn't know about your blog. That's so exciting that you can share it with him now :)

Nav said...

i love those flats!

The Chic Sheet said...

Great look ;)


Julia said...

Aw that would be so cute if you became one of those photographer/fashion blogger couples! I've started to include my bf into some of my posts, he recently photographed my "An Evening of Art" post, hehe :)

I love your random story of the motor guy and his dog :D and oh yes, NICE studs on those shoes!! Very cool.



awesome giveaway! and i love your outfit


♥ Ellen

Joyce said...

omg that would be so cool if you and patrick were a fashion bloggining/photographing duo! And I LOVE that dress, the feather print is so cute. ahhh I love loafers too (that purple color is gorgeous) but now I really want to buy even more loafers! :)

Elle Sees said...

I entered! cute outfit :)

Surbhi Suri said...

I totally love ur accessories !Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog ! If u want we can follow each other on gfc n bloglovin. Let me know.

Harija said...

Love the outfit and you look stunning as always!
My Lyfe ; My Story

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