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Now, on to the outfit part!
Tank: c/o Very Honey   Scarf: Hot Topic   Jeans: (thrifted) Bullhead   Flats: c/o My Hot Shoes

This is what I wore for classes last Friday (yeah, this was a while ago, sorry!). I got quite a few compliments on both my scarf and studded flats. What I love about these slippers is how they don't leave blisters on my heel. A lot of flats do that to me after a full day of walking around. Thankfully, these are well-made and are mercifully comfortable all day long.

So Kirsten and I decided to practice some longboarding on campus this time, and thankfully it was mostly clear of students when we went. It was so much fun just whizzing along the cement trails. We're both starting to get a sense for it - definitely could use some more polishing up, but I'm feeling more confident. Maybe soon I'll use it during the school day... ;)

There was this one embarrassing moment though. Haha, so I put too much weight on my back leg, which made the board slip out from under my feet and go flying across the sidewalk into the grass. I went after it and picked it up, and right as I stand, this guy on his longboard goes pushing past and kind of smirks at me before saying "Hey."
Mild moment of embarrassment. Aha, oh well, I know I just need to keep spending time working on it. I'll get it eventually - I'm determined to pick this up!

Patrick gave me some links on where I could check out longboard reviews and watch videos on the different kinds, so I've been doing a little research. Naturally, the one I want is one of the more expensive ones. Sigh. Its actually the same brand as this one that I'm borrowing. Patrick's being really sweet though and told me I could use his for this semester since he has another one. Yay!

A photo session for a wedding was taking place in the background in case you're wondering.
So college has been testing my procrastinating ways. I really need to get a handle on that bad habit. My excuse however, is that I work better under pressure. I really can not focus on my work until I feel that time crunch. Then I can whip out exactly what I need and stay zeroed in on what I've got to do. 
In other college updates, I've fallen into a love/hate relationship with my dance class. I get intimidated from all the dance majors that are in there, which makes me lock up and not move as smoothly. Its incredibly difficult to let go of inhibitions when I have no clue what I'm doing, and it looks like everyone else does! Luckily, I've met two other girls who are new to dancing like me, so we like to stick together throughout the drills.
While it's frustrating, there are moments where I truly enjoy the dance sequences we're learning. Some of the dance moves feel so good and freeing. Our instructor even praised me today, when I thought no one was looking. Aha, she was walking us through this one movement and I was imitating it to practice, and all of sudden I hear: "Yes! Exactly like that, that was beautiful Linda."

I'm hoping by the end of this semester I'll at least be able to move more smoothly and gracefully. You have no idea how incredible some of the other girls in my class are. They move as if they're living art.

I'd like to continue dancing into next semester, although perhaps not as rigorous or advanced as this class. I hear there's a beginning class that teaches you how to do dances like the waltz, fox trot, and many other partner-dances; I'd definitely like to try that! I mentioned this to Patrick and he said he might like taking that class too. ;)


Rachel said...

There are those awesome flats again!
I've had one to many embarrassing moments on a skateboard >_< Haha.'

xo Rachel

Elana said...

So awesome to see you long boarding! And it doesn't surprise me that you got so many compliments, both your scarf and flats are fantastic! Also, your jeans fit SO well! I'm really jealous.

Lisa said...

I just entered! I'm so excited! I love your outfit too, the skull scarf is so cool!

The Lovely Memoir

Alessandra Mazzini said...

I loooove longboards!!! You look great linda! :D

Elly said...

I love your studded loafers and scarf! The longboarding looks really fun! :)

April Cheung said...

this outfit is sooo cute! the whole look just looks really appealing, haha. love the studded flats and awesome scarf. aww, and you two are just way too cute

Jodie said...

Love your scarf- and good luck with the dancing, the phrase "living art" is a beautiful description I might have to borrow it
Thanks ir the comment on my diy- I knocked up a studded pair last night in about an hour too!

Anonymous said...

I can fully relate to the 'bad habit'. It was the same with me - long nights right before deadlines. But it worked well in the end. xo



omg awesome outfit! love it!
and entered your giveaway!

♥ Ellen

Lyosha said...

you look very cool and fun! Adore your shoes and thanks on advising this shop! It's very cool!

Inside and Outside Blog

Andrea said...

I love yourloafers so much!! ould you pease consider following each other? Twitter: @shineonbyandrea Instagram: shineonbyandrea

Giulia Nori said...

Love your blog and your shoes! <3 <3

Following you dear and would love if you check mine and follow back if you like :)
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Maiken said...

I really like this outfit and the first photo of you is my favourite.
those studded loafers make such a cool combo with the skull print scarf and the pink'ish top adds this feminine side at the same time.
good luck with your studies (all of them ;), btw!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Viv said...

pretty fabulous to be long boarding AND stylish.. kind of reminds me of what i was writing about in my post about fashionable ladies riding bikes ;)

i totally didn't expect the scarf to be from hot topic.. it looks very alexander mcqueen-esque. anyway you look great.. jealous of the studded slipper loafer shoes.. you're simply fantastic!

ElleMichele said...

I love that you're wearing this outfit and running around on that board! So cute. Love the shoes especially <3

Elle Michele

Jessica said...

it is always good to push yourself into doing things that are uncomfortable haha it helps you grow :D


Ashley said...

Love your longboarding cute! It's awesome that you are beginning to feel more confident with it. I'm dying to try now! xx

Apoorva Singh said...

Made an entry!
And the outfit looks great, especially love the scarf!


Adeola Naomi said...

Lovely shoes!!!

Chris Ed said...

I love this look! The shoes are so cool!
have a great weekend!
xx chris

Caitie Schlisserman said...

nice scarf!


Sara said...

Looks like fun! I wish I was brave enough to try! ;) I was gonna take a Dances of Africa class last semester--how cool would that be?! Does your school offer a class like that?

Jess said...

so fun and cute linda :) love studded flats, glad to hear they are comfy :) and good for you learning how to longboard. I wish i could :) would have been very helpful while at college too!!!

Rebecca said...

Love that pretty scarf & those flats are so're chic for school!!


Joandy said...

those flats and scraf are the best part of this outfit, great outfit!!!

Elise said...

Your shoes are very cute! <3


Alexa said...

loving this adorable outfit! the jeans look soo good on you :) so jealous that you can longboard! my brother tried to teach me and i failed...haha <3

Alexa <3

Alexa said...

loving this adorable outfit! the jeans look soo good on you :) so jealous that you can longboard! my brother tried to teach me and i failed...haha <3

Alexa <3

Mica said...

Glad you're doing so well with your longboard! Practice makes perfect - am I'm sure that applies to dance too :)

Really like the scarf with the pink top, nice casual outfit :)

Sam said...

Hi doll, particularly love this look because its very much close to my own style, Love the scarf and shoes. Good luck with the dancing!

Ali Hval said...

Lots of people really do work better under pressure and hey, if it works for you, then it works for you! ;) I'm glad that you're getting the hang of le dancing a bit--I'm sure you'll be as amazing as those other girls in no time. Soon, you will be dancing in your sleep! :D

Those loafers are amazing, and I adore this post since you've got yourself riding around with your longboard. That's so fun! :D :D LINDA AND HER HOBBBIESS <3

Daisy Nguyen said...

Cute outfit - LOVE the scarf!

-Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

Gita Andreina Ang said...

Your flats is sooooo awesome!!
And i'm also entering your giveaway :)

Fashion Lookbook said...

Those flats are gorgeous.

Agatilla said...

You looks very nice! I love your loafers :)

xoxo, Agata

Wynne Prasetyo said...

i looove the flats so much


Sandra Leiva said...

Perfect scarf and perfect shoes! <3

Midheta Agic said...

Your blog is just amazing, I am loving it !

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Ionela said...

Check out my blog, write your opinion and maybe...follow?

Margaret said...

I feel the same way with my chorus class. All of the sopranos (except me) are voice majors so they're all flaunting their "bel canto" voices, making me feel like I'm the worst singer possible! I'm a mediocre singer so I try to sit close to the altos, where my non-vocalist friends are. :)

-------------- said...

Your shoes are gorgeous,, and you always look awesome with your natural beauty. love it much deaaar
miss you :*


The Garage Starlets said...

Love this shoes!

Julia said...

I love how much a scarf pulls an outfit together, and it's such an easy piece!!

And remember to have fun in your dance class! Since you aren't a dance major, take this as an opportunity to NOT be perfect, and instead just enjoy the practice! Think of how stressful it must be for the actual dance majors where their career depend on it... ;)


Izzy said...

ah shoes that don't actually give you blisters, what a blessing!! I love the studded flats- slippers can look daggy sometimes but the studs give them that extra bit of edge. love the scarf too! :)

QT said...

Love the casual vibe going on with your outfit. The scarf is especially lovely. I wish I had taken some dance classes in college. it sounds fun! :)

Hanna & Christel said...

you look awesome and the give-away is great! we've entered :)!


Lali pops of colour said...

great outfit!! love the shoes <3

Lali pops of colour

Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...

love your studded shoes

Jenee C. said...

Ah chic and comfy that's the way I like it!

xx Jenee C.
{camo meets couture}

Marilia and Cristina Maz said...

I want your studded shoes!!!!!

And btw thanx for your comment <3
Christina xxx

LiaM said...



Girl and Closet said...

Oooh, look at you on the board... Martin has the same one, and is in love with long-boarding!! I have to admit it looks pretty darn fun. And your denim look is adorable, the flats & scarf are such lovely touches!! xo V

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit, I absolutely love your shoes!

Rory said...

LOVE the studded loafers. With that scarf, perrrfect! This look is so awesome. And those jeans make your legs look FABULOUS, girl! <3 I am seriously impressed with your longboarding. I can't skateboard or anything like that for the life of me. So that you can even stay on it for any amount of time is an accomplishment if ya ask me! :) I can't dance either, so i'm equally impressed that you're sticking with it even though its hard. You go girl! <3
CLICK HERE to enter the Miss Viss Giveaway! !

Karola said...

Loving this casual outfit! Especially the scarf and shoes!
Oh, and my sis wanted to try the longboard stuff but... kinda didn't... ;) It's so nice of P to lend his board to you! Cool!


The Chic Sheet said...

Cool accessories!


Fashion Tales said...

Love those edgy shoes! I was never great at longboarding, loads of fun though. -xo

madzia said...

my fb- Magdalena Jezierska

indie by heart said...

Great look & photos ! :) Nice giveaway. I loe their clothes & stuff ^^ Already followed them before on Pinterest.

Indie by heart

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

i love those loafers & that scarf is so cute. looks like a nice campus!

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Molly McIsaac said...

LOVING those shoes!

Joanna said...

Skateboarding fun! Love the scarf! Aren't they the best accessories!
ox Joanna

Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

Looking amazing and great giveaway and of course I entered.

<3 Marina

Admirably Pretty said...

What an amazing give-away! I entered :) Lovely blog you have, you've got a great sense of style!

Xo, Imke

antonella said...

LOVING those shoes!
entered !

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piukina said...

entered thanks ^^

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Francesca said...

Please ente me! *_*

GFC: Francesca
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Finger crossed! ;)

simonagiveaway said...

I just entered!I love your outfit!


dede81 said...

great outfit, lovely!!!
entered =)

Ln said...

I love your shoes! I think you have a great blog!

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Anonymous said...

I love the outfit!

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love the outfit!

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Anonymous said...

I love the outfit!

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Loredana said...

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Endless Summer said...

Thanks for the great giveaway! I hope I win!

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