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Dress: Pacsun   Vest: Aeropostale/DIY   Necklace: garage sale   Bag: Target   Flats: Philippines

Hey guys, I'm back from my first week of college! Hope you enjoyed those guest posts and got inspired for back-to-school fashion. I know I was!
So here I present to you what I wore for my first day. I wanted to be comfortable so I stuck with some sequined flats with a pretty dress.
Anyway, how to convey to you what's gone on this past week? I believe I'll attempt putting it into a list format.

- I think I was one of the very few girls who actually wore a dress. It made me feel slightly self conscious because wow...I thought it'd be different here, but it seems every place has that unspoken dress code for girls. Here, it's usually: tiny denim shorts or skinny jeans + flip flops/sneakers + a generic, cute top.
I was kind of disappointed. But I see a few fashionistas strutting around campus, so I won't be completely alone in my love for skirts/dresses! 

- College schedules are soooo different from high school. I love it though! I have my smart classes (Eng102, Communications101, Music Appreciation, and College Algebra) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and my fun ones (Volleyball and Modern Dance) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

- I ran into my old buddy, Jesse, after my first class. It was unbelievably uplifting to see a familiar face! I had an hour break and he was done for the day, so we went to Jamba Juice and caught up. That put me in a better mood for the rest of the day. Then in my last class, Algebra, it turns out my other guy friend Rueben is in it! Haha, so it was good to see those boys again and reconnect with them.

For any wondering, that key chain is the Filipino flag. Gotta represent my heritage! :)

- I found my way to my Modern Dance class on time, and I think I'm going to like it. I'm kind of nervous because there are more dance majors in there than I thought (my friend had assured me total newbies - like me! - come in all the time), but I'm going to stick it out. 

-I went to one of the funded college events that night, and it was a blast! It was at Skateland (yes, dorky, I know), and we had to use the old school roller skates if we wanted to get by for completely free. A lot just paid to rent the roller blades, but since Saffron and I didn't have cash, we decided to tough it out. We ended up being a couple of the few girls who were able to skate without wobbling or completely losing control. I got to meet a lot more kids that night too. 

-Funny moment from that night was this one hockey player who was showing off on his roller blades. We got to know him a bit and he definitely seems like the kind of guy I could be friends with, like Rueben and Jesse. However, when I was left alone with him, he kept skating with me and talking as we went around. He was goofing off, skating backwards in front of me and all that, which gave me a sneaking suspicion he was...well, interested in me. Then during the last song, as a joke, he slid across my path in his skates and I jerked awkwardly to avoid a collision and ended up going down myself! He hadn't intended to send me sprawling, and he was so apologetic as he helped me up. I didn't mind at all since I hadn't hurt myself and it was the only time I'd fallen. Aha, but still, after that, I rushed Saffron out the door once our skates were off. I didn't want to give him an opening to ask for my number or anything. I'd much rather avoid that awkward rejection!

-And in case you're wondering where Patrick was, he'd been on the road during that week! Aha, he was helping his friend move into the dorms at an out-of-state college. It was crazy how much I missed him during that time too...

- The campus was already much more familiar to me. I knew exactly where my classes were held so I arrived much less frazzled and felt more prepared. I can definitely see why comfortable shoes are a good investment to make for college! I'm getting quite a bit of walking in.

- Already I was able to pick out some familiar faces, so a quick smile and hello was usually exchanged. It feels good to be able to slowly acclimate to the college campus and kids. Haha, I'm such a freshie - I'm just soaking everything in and enjoying becoming a part of it!

- Modern Dance was a lot more tough this time. Our teacher was rapidly advancing us through the warm-up routine she has us do, and while it's still fun, I felt more lost and confused towards the end. I think I have to record it or something so I can practice at home! Ha, there were multiple times where I felt like a bumbling idiot. But still, if I can just master this, I will be so proud.

- We did some serving in my Volleyball class and played 6-on-6, so that was fun! I'm already looking forward to Tuesday so we can pick up where we left off. I want to work on hitting next, but we'll see what the teacher has in mind. A lot of the kids in this class are pretty experienced players, so it's intimidating, but at least I feel more comfortable and like I can hold my own (unlike Dance class...)

-After classes, I dropped by my old high school and was attacked with a barrage of squeals and hugs from my friends Hanna and Rachael. It was so good to see those girls again! I came by at the perfect time - it turned out they were having their first game that night. I went to go see it and sat with Jesse, where we cheered as loud as we could the entire match. It was a fun night!

-Afterwards, I left to go see the college event they were putting on. This time it was a comedy, sort-of-improv play. Guess who I saw first thing as soon as I walk through the doors? That flirty hockey player from Skateland...seriously, what are the chances? He waved at me, so I waved back before pretending to scan the room for someone else. Well, that didn't work. He came over and struck up a conversation with me. I will admit, he is a nice guy, but still, its not like I want to lead him on, because I can tell he's interested in getting to know me more...So then I used every girl's magic excuse of "going to the bathroom" to escape. Don't you girls love that one? Haha, well it didn't work with this guy! He just said, "Oh yeah, I think I'll head over there to get a drink from the fountain."
Yeesh. The good news is that he wasn't waiting outside the restrooms when I came out. Haha, if he was, that would've been just plain weird!

- Man this was a long day to get through...I woke up early and went to all my classes which didn't end till 3:50, and then I rushed straight from the campus to work, where I stayed from 4 till about 11:00. I won't lie, it sucked. But I got through it, and I'm glad it's over with! I hate closing, but they always have me do it on Fridays. Ah well, I'm getting really good at setting record times in mopping the floor haha!

- Otherwise, college was good. Classes really are different from high school ones. Its a step up, requires more critical thinking, and you have to be responsible to find out what's due and what you need to study for. I'm so grateful I bought a planner for this year, because I am certainly using it! I'm one of those people who has the memory of a goldfish, so I need to write stuff down if I want to remember it.

So anyway, that's about all I can sum up about my first week of college! I'm sure there will be plenty more stories and events to share, but for now, I'll end this long post.

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!


Mia said...

Lovely dress darling! :)

With love,Mia

QT said...

That's a very cute look for a college girl!:)

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to read that you had such a good first week at college. Please don't conform to any dress code, stay true to yourself! Hope you'll be reunited with your bf soon. xo

Marionetka Mody said...

lovely set! You look so cute!

Lida Vinnikova said...

nice dress
Love your blog!Hope you'll love mine and follow me back)


Amanda said...

Oh Used to do modern and lyrical and I absolutely loved it... I kinda want to start again... Ps your dress is gorgeous!

Mesmerize said...

so lovely dress:)!!

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

I love polka dots so love the dress, and the denim vest over it, perfect for back to college vibes :) xx

Mica said...

Love your dress, you look great in dresses and skirts so should continue wear them no matter what others are wearing! :)

Sounds like such a busy week, but lots of fun! Hope you can manage the college workload, it will be really busy for you indeed!

Ali Hval said...

Isn't it weird how even though you're kind of taking less classes in college, they take so much more out of you?? haha, I'm always pooped by the end of the week. But I'm glad you got adjusted well and that you look so cute!

Yeah, our college dress code for most girls is a giant oversized sorority T-shirt and Nike shorts... fun, huh? At least your people wear jeans! ;) and I'm glad you saw some fashionable people there--there will always be a few like you! <3 You looked super cute and comfy on your first day, and I hope that everything goes even smoother for you next week!

Francesca said...

Wow at your first week. Sounds like you're having a good time :) You look great!

Haylee Mae said...

Aw well hope that first week was absolutely incredible.

You look stunning as always.



Sarah Stright said...

So fun to read your recap. Reminds me of my college days (now I feel old!). Hope it keeps going well for you!

Rory said...

LINDA!!!!! it sounds so amazing!!!! :) :) I love your outfit...SO SO MUCH! Yours was definitely the best of all the first day outfits this week heeh...good thing it really was your first day outfit! It's awesome that you saw some friends from high school, too. And man modern dance sounds hard...that's impressive that you're sticking with it ! I"m so awkward and can't dance AT ALL, so i'm prettty much in awe of you haha :) ANyways, it was awesome to hear about your first week! Can't wait to hear what roller blade guy does next hahahahahahaaa....I know you'll be in some situation soon where he asks for your number. AND I WANNA HEAR ABOUT IT! :) It's moments like those--even though they're totes awkward--that make life funny hehe :) Can't believe he came to the BATHROOM WITH YOU! ANyways, i very much enjoyed hearing about your first week. best of luck on your second, ma friend! <3

Sparkle said...

that dress is gorgeous!
oh, collage :) hoe it goes well!


Anonymous said...

what a great outfit. you look really pretty :)
WhiteCloset Fashion Blog

Jessica said...

you are just breaking hearts all over the place ;) hahah sounds like things are going well there is always a learning curve but it will become second nature soon enough! i want to go put on some old school skates now


Stefania B. said...

your dress is so cute!!! :)

Victoria said...

The dress is so lovely! :)

- Victoria

Stylish By Nature said... look like a cute girl jumping around in her cute dress :)

New post up...

Adeola Naomi said...

Gorgeous look and great dress!!!

Maiken said...

oh my, such a long post for sure but it went pretty quickly since your week was definitely an interesting one! it's great that everything is working out for you. but when that guy keeps coming back, you can always say you have to meet your boyfriend in a sec and then "search" for him ;)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Forever Fashion said...

Wahoo!! Another freshie like me!! ^.^
College is so different and exciting!! I only have 3 classes this semester but hopefully next semester I can get into a Dance class and a French class!
Have fun!

Taylor Laree said...

College is so great. And I'll admit that I am one of those girls who doesn't adhere to my school's dress code, but I figured out people more admire you for it & always say they wish they dressed up like I do.
Haha, it's always kind of nice to hear :)

Danny said...

College is great, you'll love it. ANd that guy is so into you! shah You were very pretty :)

yiqin; said...

you look amazing <3

Alexa said...

this outfit is absolutely amazing <3 love it! good luck with college girl :) can't wait to hear about all your adventures!

Alexa <3

Bumbleberri said...

Sorry, my comment was meant for this post haha: Ahh love your back to school (college) post!! The chronicling of first week in photos and text form is perfect. I'm inspiredto do something of the like on my first week as well :)

want to follow each other?
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UGStyle on Twitter!

Bea said...

have fun at college and your outfit is stunning again! I love polka dots anyway, I could buy houndreds of clothes with polka dots on though ;)

Sam said...

Hi dear, your first impression of college sounds really fun, so glad to hear you're enjoying it! I bet you are one of the most stylish fashionista's there!

Anonymous said...

Cute first day outfit! My school has the same unspoken dress code, but I wear my skirts and dresses anyways :) Good luck in college!

Christine ♥ said...

gorgeous outfit!! i really adore your fashion style :) you look amazing. XO

Your blog is fantastic :) it's so much fun and very inspirational!
I really enjoy reading your posts, they make me smile =)

Let me know if you want us to follow each other,
I'd love to read more from you and stay in touch :)

hope you have a fab day hun! ~ XO
Chriissydollxo's Blog

Jessi said...

sounds like you really had an eventful week!! You look so cute in that dress with the denim vest. What a great combo, makes me wish i had a denim vest too!


Tariro said...

Ahhh I can't wait for college! Your week sounds like it was interesting hahaha. Love your dress!

Julia said...

Woo college girl! Sounds like a very good week if I do say so! I love this "first day of school" look. It's pretty and put together without being too outrageous (and that would have people staring, that's what I always thought when I was in school haha)


Elana said...

So happy to see you back and that you made it through your first week alive! The first week is always the toughest to get through and as you know, I can definitely relate to being one of the only girls on campus in a dress. Luckily, you look ADORABLE. This dress is too cute. Looking forward to more updates!

Kym said...

Adorable; purely adorable.


Caro * said...

Very cute outfit ;)

Apoorva Singh said...

I loved the part where you said, "Gotta represent my heritage" That's so sweet! The Filipino bag is supercute...and so is the dress!!! Ultra chic look. Follow me back n be a member on to stay in touch! xoxo

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