Back to School Edition: April from Delicately Fierce

Hey guys, so today's guest blogger is April from Delicately Fierce! She's always got some amazing trendy pieces (see below - crochet shorts!) and cool outfits. Check out her back-to-school outfit tips.

Hello readers of Trendy Teal! I'm April from Delicately Fierce. I was asked by the lovely Linda to guest post here for her back to school series, and I'm so excited to share my style and tips with you all. This is my ideal back to school outfit (well for me, it would be a first day of college outfit). I'm from California and the heat here is sweltering, so chances are it's probably still going to be just as hot when school starts. I decided to style my look around these lace shorts. I chose these lace shorts because they are feminine and not your typical kind of shorts. Because my lace shorts are the main focus of my outfit, I decided to keep everything else simple and casual. As for accessories, I would wear these playful heart sunglasses. 

Here are some tips for your back to school outfit :)

TIP #1: You don't want to look like you tried too hard for your first day, so pick one piece from your wardrobe and style your outfit around that. In my outfit, I chose my lace shorts and chose to pair it with this simple black top and black wedge sandals. Notice how I chose something complex and then simplified everything else. In this way, you get a fashionable look without looking like you tried too hard. You can also add your favorite accessory to give your look that extra style like I did with my heart sunglasses.

TIP #2: Be comfortable! You're going to school, not a fashion runway. So wear something you can comfortably sit in all day. I chose these lace shorts and black top because they are super comfortable. Also, these wedge sandals have a little boost in height but are still very comfortable. If your feet get cold easily especially in air conditioned classrooms, I'd switch out the sandals with some oxfords. 

TIP #3: Bring a light jacket in case you get cold. Some of my classrooms were freezing cold, so I always had to bring a jacket or cardigan to keep warm in those classes. I would go with a leather jacket because it matches everything.

TIP #4: Bags are important accessories to your outfit! Why not go for a trendy backpack this year? My back to school backpack choice would be this floral backpack I spotted at Wet Seal the other day.

Hope these tips were helpful! 

If you have any questions/comments, feel free to drop by at my personal blog:


Anonymous said...

Cute shorts! Have a successful back to school.


Carla Florendo said...

i love her shorts definitely!

xo, Carla


wow blogger guest! I wish i'll feature on your blog someday :)
Love that floral backpack!


Meera said...

This outfit is amazing! What a lovely guest post. I love those shorts.


Maiken said...

I like this look. it's simple but at the same time has this wow-factor, i.e. your cute shorts. and all your tips are so correct when I look back to my own school and university years :P

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Wynne Prasetyo said...

ohh it'd be wonderful if shorts could be a part of my back to school outfit!


Adeola Naomi said...

Simple, classy and adorable!
I love the shorts!

My Scrambled Style said...

Nice outfit. Your glasses, so cute :-).

Happy weekend!


Mia said...

Amazing lace skirt darling! :D

With love,Mia

Sandra Leiva said...

You are so beautiful, I love your shorts!

Have a nice weekend, dear <3

stylemailbox said...

i have white lace shorts like this (from zara) that i'm obsessed with :-)

Taylor Laree said...

Cute, & good tips as well. :)

Ileana said...

Wish I needed a back to school outfit! :/
Love ur shorts and ur lolita sunnies :D

Joandy said...

cute sunnies and shorts!!!

April Cheung said...

thanks linda for letting me guest post!!! <3

Megan, said...

want those sunnies
Xo Megan

Marionetka Mody said...

backpack is perfect!

Margherita Devalle e Marta Falcon said...

trendy bags, i saw it on Accessorize

visit our music blog!

Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

Looking gorgeous doll. Rocking those lace shorts.

PS. Following you back now. Come visit soon.

<3 Marina

Daisy Nguyen said...

LOVE this outfit - the glasses are so cool!
-Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

Rory said...

I love april's style! Those shorts are awesome--i have the same one's in black heeh! :) Can't wait wait wait to see your first day look Linda!!!! <3

Chezka said...

Makes me wanna go to school all over again :) love these shorts so much, and the cute backpack, this would've definitely been one of my own school outfits :)

Love what you did to the blog sweetie :)

Mica said...

Love the heart sunnies, too cute! :)

Velvet Bloom said...

beautiful shorts!

Fashion Lookbook said...

This outfit is so cute!

Bumbleberri said...

Ahh love your back to school (college) post!! The chronicling of first week in photos and text form is perfect. I'm inspiredto do something of the like on my first week as well :)

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