Why We Love Converse

Hey girls, how's your day going? I'm rather busy and haven't had time to take decent outfit photos, so today I'm bringing you the story behind everyone's favorite pair of sneakers instead! I'll be back with more outfit posts next, don't worry. :)

If there’s one brand of shoe that just about everyone remembers owning, it’s
a pair of Converse All Stars. And what’s not to love? They’re affordable, they look good,
and, most importantly, they’re comfy.

Whether they’re worn kicking back on a skateboard, rocking out to punk bands,
or running round basketball courts, Converse All Stars are a brand for just about

What most people don’t realise when they spot the familiar blue star and red writing
is that it’s also one of the oldest clothing brands around today. And that’s all thanks
to a basketball player from Indiana in 1917.

Charles Hollis “Chuck” Taylor was not your typical sportsman. He had brains and
ideas and, fed up with coming off court with sore feet, took it upon himself to visit
Converse Shoes in Chicago where he vented his frustration.

Luckily for him, Mr Peltz, an avid sportsman, was working that day. So impressed by
Taylor’s determination and ideas, he gave him a job on the spot.

They set about producing a comfier, more protective shoe for playing basketball in.
Within a year of being hired, he had given the shoe greater flexibility and support,
and included a patch to protect the ankle.

The iconic All Star logo was added to the patch, and by 1923, Chuck Taylor had his
name on it – where it still remains.

The All Stars, which are nearly 90 years old, have changed very little to this day. And
that’s testament to Taylor’s design.

In the late 1940’s, they were the trainer of choice for Olympic athletes and were
customised for the US’s first all African-American professional basketball team – the
New York Renaissance.

But it’s not only comfort and usability which is offered by these shoes. They have
been both the soul (or should that be, the ‘sole’?) of various cultural movements,
from the Ramones and punks in the 70’s, to Kurt Cobain and grunge in the early
1990’s. Dear old Chuck can even take some credit for helping win the Second World
War after the American Army adopted his design as their official training shoe.

To have remained at the height of fashion for nearly 100 years is an astonishing and
unrivalled feat, and Taylor could never have realised walking into a Chicago shop
would have such an impact. So, when slide on your new pair of black Converse All
Stars, spare a thought for the man behind the fashion.

Now check out how others have styled these classic kicks and get inspired!:

Aaaand a look at a recent outfit post on how I styled my own Converse :)
 Hope you enjoyed this and got inspired!
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Say me Justine said...

great inspirations!

Jasmine of ❤AdamAlexMommy❤ said...

i cannot live w/o my converse sneaks. it's a must-have for not just a fashionista... but everyone. :)

hope you have a great wknd!! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I adore Converse, they're the most versatile pair of shoes i've met yet. Love the inspiration pictures.
X Jane

K said...

I was inspired! And being such a fan of converse, this was interesting to learn about :)

Anonymous said...

Great ideas!

Iqra said...

Everyone needs a pair of chucks in their wardrobe, they're a classic ! Great post, it was very informative :)


Sandra Leiva said...

Yay, I love Converse!
White ones for me, haha.

Have a nice weekend, darling <3

Mary Kapsi said...

Love converse!!! :D Great blog!

Olga Choi said...

thanks for inspiration~ I need to wear mine more often )))

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

great post <3 I only recently bought some white converse, I had some when I was a kid and when I was about 17. I love them now though! xx

Mica said...

Converse are such classic shoes! It's so good to read the history of them :) I really should wear mine more often!

bleufountain said...

In mint colour are great - my must have :)

Jenesuispas Milano said...

I have a post on converse shoes too on my blog

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Mik said...

oh wow, this was very informative, I had no idea how chucks came to being. Good job!


LaJune16 said...

Very nice :)

April Cheung said...

awesome post! love the looks :)

Danny said...
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Danny said...

Converse are probably the only sneakers I like to wear. Oh, Vans too.

Amanda said...

Great post! I cannot believe I dont own a pair! Shame on me =)

Rory said...

My converse are a ratty old pair from 7th grade lol. They aren't just plain black, which would make them COOL, they're black with stars and funky prints that just look tacky to me now. To my seventh grade self of course...all the craze :) I want a solid black pair of low-tops now. I love how bloggers wear them so awesomely! Or like you, Lust for life, and Cheyenne meets chanel maybe a pair of pastel colored ones...yumm :) I like this new post format, Linda! I think you should do more stuff like this <33
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V A N E S S A said...

I LOVE Converse, I wear them very often <3. Thanks for sharing, love the pictures.

Allison said...

Definitely LOVE converse! Love how you are wearing them also!


great pics! amazing styling!
new post up

Petra said...

Hi :)
Thank you very much for your lovely comment on my blog. I appreciate that. I look around your blog and I like it really. I am your newest follower. Maybe you want to follow me too.
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sip-n-wear said...

I have some convers too, but they hurt my pinky toe... I like toms better... Sooooo comfy

Tessa: said...

Beautiful inspirations pictures!

Anonymous said...

like all the others before me already said: couldn't live without my converse sneakers! I have a grey, a black and a pink pair... and I wished to have just so many, many more! :)

Great post! ;) I love your sneakers - such a lovely colour!

Anonymous said...

like all the others before me already said: couldn't live without my converse sneakers! I have a grey, a black and a pink pair... and I wished to have just so many, many more! :)

Great post! ;) I love your sneakers - such a lovely colour!

Lisa said...

Good ole converses or chucks as my friends and I use to call them in high school. I still have a few pairs somewhere in my room. I might have to pull that back out sometime lol.

The Lovely Memoir

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

i love them <3


Amanda Nguyen said...

Thank you for the history! Love how you and the other bloggers styled these classics :)


Ali Hval said...

I had a few pairs in middle school--black (which was adorned with AFI lyrics, because obviously), light pink (because I changed my style every day and needed some that weren't covered in AFI lyrics, obviously), and plaid (because I wanted to be preppy AND a hot topic chic every week. obviously). LOL there's my history. But I really like them now and would like to own a pair--those aqua blue ones sure are pretty!

brookemeagan said...

Great post and thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I absolutely LOVE Converse sneakers and would have a pair in every colour if I could (someday!). I really enjoyed reading about the history of these iconic shoes. It's truly is a testament to Taylor's design that they've been able to stand the test of time. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! XO

Stephanie Lin said...

Oh I love how these different girls styled Converses!

Ionela said...

I love your blog! This post is awesome!
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Stylish By Nature said...

Love Converse indeed !! Comfy and stylish touch to any outfit :)

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StyleKULTUR said...

Converse sneakers are just Must-Haves! I love the white ones!
Should we follow each other?

Minnie said...

converse ♥♥♥
love the chucks the most ♥

JANICE G said...

great photos to explain why we love converse! :)

thanks for visiting my blog and left me a comment :)

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ASZIYA said...

great inspiration i love chucks

mochaccinoland said...

this gals look so chic in converse shoes! i wish i could too.

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Fashion-Bridge said...

Great photo collage and a very nice look! I love your dress!



A Stylish Affair said...

Mhm pretty sure everyone owns a pair of these, or needs to! Love the inspiration photos

Ulrika said...

I <3 Converse.

My favourite pair (I have four pairs, btw) is a peachy, light orange. Mmmmm.

Love your outfit !

Kisses !

jamie said...

such a cute trend!!!

<3 james

Riski Novianti said...

pretty! your blog is cool!
mind to follow each others? :D


Miška said...

pastel colors <3 gotta love it

OctoberSong said...

wow love this post.. love finding out stuff like this, so cool!^^ love my chucks too.. they're so a classic but still can't decide what I prefer.. ankle or short. Then again who does?? we should all prob just have one of each!:)

Fashion Lookbook said...

I love them in color.

RaeAbigael said...

definitely inspired! :)

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So Fashion said...

I love the versatility of styles in these pictures!

The Chic Sheet said...

There is a picture of Elin Kling in a denim suit and chucks that I LOVE!


Shawna Hynes said...

Great post Linda! Your pink converse are super cute, & I love the inspiration photos you chose as well - particularly the first two! :)

Serpentine Streets

kathy said...

Great post!
Really interesting to read :)
Love how you styled the converses

Victoria said...

So many great outfits! I love the second one :)

- Victoria

kira said...

cute! love the looks

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

love converse, and how they're styled! Now following :d

Xo Megan

czarianonuevo said...

a pair of Converse sneakers is really must-have!! LOVE how all the girls in this post styled their sneakers, of course, my fave is your outfit!! :)

ps: thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog post! i really appreciate!
pps: excited to see new outfits from you!

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Peach Punch said...

I have never worn the sneakers before :) I guess I'm a weirdo! :))

Check my new post!
xoxo DIa!

FashionGeek said...

oh i love how you and olivia lopez styled it!
can't wait to see you on my blog!

FashionGeek said...

oh i love how you and olivia lopez styled it!
can't wait to see you on my blog!

Kat said...

i love converse! :D i actually dont have a pair, i should really get on that :P

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