Celebrity Inspiration: Vanessa Hudgens

So put aside whatever thoughts you may have for actress/singer Vanessa Hudgens, and just focus on her style. Sometimes she has flops, but I find her fresh, bohemian style refreshing from most of the celebrities in Hollywood. I've always loved seeing what she wears, and oftentimes I'll draw inspiration from it. I'd have to say, if I had a celeb style muse, it'd be her! The look above was perfect inspiration for wearing my new crochet top.

Top: c/o BaBassu   Jeggings: Debs   Bag: garage sale   Litas: c/o Style Recognized   Sunglasses: vintage          Earrings: Rue 21

This would be my version of her look. I was uncertain about the high waisted jeans at first (normally I wear oversize blouses over this pair to hide that), but with a belt I felt it looked better. It definitely did wonders for my legs, especially paired with my towering Litas!

I'm SOOO excited over this new score - the leather satchel! Can you believe I picked this up at a garage sale? It probably is a testament to my craziness over cheap bargains, but Saturday morning I got up after 4 hours of sleep (I had done the newspaper route that day) to go garage saling with mom. It's always been our thing to do together. Ever since I was little I remember having fun hunting down treasures with her. Every place we'd discover, I'd get excited over the possibilities of what I might find. It often yielded in disappointment, but when we found something...oh man, it was worth it.
Just like this amazing satchel bag! I never thought I'd find one, much less for under $3!

Haha, that would be my "What you looking at?" face. I can't even remember what Kirsten said that made me give her that look! xD 
I know, very attractive, right?

A big thank you to my newest sponsor, BaBassu, for this amazing crochet top! I've had one on my "To Get" list for forever. Good thing I waited too. This is the perfect option. A scalloped and cropped version? A big fashionable yes to that!

Kirsten took all these photos for me (again) since we ended up hanging out today. It was definitely some much needed bff time! We baked, watched Iron Man, and then explored places to take pictures at. 
We always have some fun talks to. She's such a blessing in my life and I'm always so grateful I have her as a friend! Like Patrick, she is one of the few people I feel completely comfortable being myself around.

One of our conversations was about swimsuits. Haha, what with an upcoming trip to our local swimming area, we had to cover that topic. Something that's bothered me is how strongly people and magazines push the idea that you should wear a bikini. 
Now, first off, DON'T get me wrong! I've worn a two piece when I was little and I have absolutely no problem with them on others. However, I don't feel comfortable swimming in them now, and I prefer a tankini or one-piece style of bathing suit. It's not that I'm unconfident in myself or anything like that. However, I know that others often will perceive me as a prude or bashful simply because of my swimsuit choice. 
Why is that? I just feel more secure and confident in that style! It bugs me that today, people my age think you need to break out a bikini to go swimming, and if you don't you're weird.
I'm sure there are those that don't think like that, but it feels as if the majority do!

Ah well, that's just my thoughts. Perhaps I'm just paranoid. Haha, either way, hope you all have been getting plenty of sun (with sunscreen applied first) and are enjoying this summer weather!

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FashionGeek said...

Omg that bag is beyond amazing what a find! i would of purchased it in seconds! it looks so vintage too!
can't wait to see you on my blog!

Anonymous said...

You look amazing, I actually thought it was another picture of Vanessa Hudgens! I love that top!
X Jane

jamie said...

super cute look! love the inspo and the last shot of you is greattt!

x, james

Heather said...

yeah she can be cute sometimes but sometimes I think she is trying a bit too hard to be a hippy when she's obviously not, haha!

monica said...

love love love the lace top. such a cute summer staple

Anonymous said...

Ever since having a baby and not looking good in a bikini anymore, I've come little by little, to embrace the cute retro one pieces. I was a swimmer for 7 years, so a one piece to me was like the racing kind or the mom kind. But I recently found a super cute retro looking one piece and I think I feel more confident in that than I did when I was my skinniest in a two piece! Plus you get a lot more compliments because you look "rockabilly" and not one of the crowd. :)

Anyway, love that crochet top, and those high waist jeans. They do look great on you! <3


Janna said...

Thanks for your lovely comment! I like your look more then Venessa's, your heels are so much more awesome!

Wanna follow?

Michelle's Style File said...

You look amazing! Love the lace top.


Alex said...

Hey dear, I adore your crochet top :)!
Would be a pleasure if you visit me on my blog too!

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

That's very much like her! Your crochet top is so adorable

The doll on fashion said...

Love your litas and especially the last photo!

The doll on fashion

Chloe, Wardrobe Quarry said...

Such a pretty lace top.

Wardrobe Quarry

Mica said...

Love your inspired look! :)

That bag is a great find, bargain price too :)

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

This outfit is amazing <3 I looove the lace top, and the Litas look great! And the leather bag, what a find! xx

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

I love her style, your outfit is great.


Viv said...

great outfit, love the lace top, you wear it perfectly! and the lita's are obviously awesome ;)

Mia said...

Amazing lace top :D

With love,Mia

Adeola Naomi said...

Love the lace!!!!

erica marie said...

I've always loved Vanessa Hudgens' style! Pretty outfit here, love the lace top.

xo erica

sip-n-wear said...

i never really liked venessa, but you look so cute with that crochet top!! and the very last picture is so coool~!!

Ali Hval said...

A bag for under $3? Whaaaat? Girl, that is an incredible deal. It's finds like that that make you want to keep on thrifting and such. :) Also, dare I say that you look better than Vanessa? Dare I? Because you totally do. Those litas are just perfect!

OH MY GAHD I am now convinced that we are the same person. I, too, wore a two piece when I was younger, but now I can't even do it. I just don't feel confident in one. I have a one piece swimsuit that I wear during the summer and my mom actually just took a vintage one piece swim suit of hers in so that I could wear it. I don't think there's anything wrong with it at all! Plus it leaves more to the imagination, no? ;)

Kristin said...

Wow- that bag is fantastic! Fab find :) And really like that last picture! As for the swimsuits...oh I feel your pain but I too say do what feels right for you and makes you comfortable - and second the vote for retro inspired styles-will be unique in a sea of sameness :)

Sam said...

Hi sweety, hope you've been well. Missed your style while I was away. This is probably one of my most favourite of your looks, love that lace top, so pretty

Wynne Prasetyo said...

she's a great fashion inspiration to look up to!


Always Maylee said...

Love it, you look amazing, great interpretation! Love the top!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

CopyCat smashinbeauty said...

Love the short and shoes :D


Jenna said...

I LOVE Vanessa Hudgens and her bohemian style! She is so gorgeous! I really love this outfit on you! The shoes are so amazing every time obviously and I really love the top! I have been wanting one for a long time too but haven't found my perfect one yet. I think the jeans were a perfect centerpiece for the top and shoes hahaha... It all went together so perfectly!

Jessica said...

lovely top and the purse is such a good find!! i think im going garage saleing this weekend


Amanda said...

Ive been traveling so much and I haven't been able to visit you blog! Sorry about that!!

I thought you did a great job with this inspiration! and that is freaking amazing that you found that awesome purse at a garage sale! what a great find :)


Kacie said...

I love how you recreated this look!

ola said...

great bag! and I love the top.


EverythingPrettyGirls said...

First, you look absolutely gorgeous. I love this entire look. The top, the shoes, that BAG!!! (How crazy is the person for selling that?!).

Second, I totally respect that about bathing suits, and i say more power to you! It’s important to dress and wear whatever you feel the most confident in - there aren’t too many one pieces for younger women, which is totally a shame!!


Brae Lu said...

This is definitely my favorite outfit of yours so far! You really nailed Vanessa's look. I'm super jealous of your bag! What a great find.


Allison said...

Love Vanessa H! And your lace top!
A's Fashion Files

Xixia said...

That is a great lace top! Such a good fit. And those boots are great too.
I have never really noticed Vanessa Hudgens or her fashion sense, but from that picture, I think I like it. :)
♥ xixia
visit my new blog?:

By Larissa said...

Great top dear!

Riley Ellise said...

Lovely outfit! Check out my giveaway if you like.

Anonymous said...

i never realized how much i like Vanessa's style. loving your shoes, too

Ramen Couture said...

Gorgeous outfit! Looking fabulous.


Tanya said...

I love your lace top.

Anonymous said...

so sweet and classy! ;) i love your shirt - it suits you perfectly!

i don't know anyone who has such a great taste in wedges like you do. ;)

Danny said...

you look amazing in your new top!

Bonnie said...

I don't like V-Hud, but she does have a killer sense of style. Love your inspirational take on it -- I actually like your outfit way better than hers.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Giovanna said...

Fun inspo! Loving your top and bag! That bag is such a great find!


Julia said...

Ooh I really love that lace top! It's perfect for summer-wear if you ask me! :)

Cup of Tea

dwitafirina said...

I really like your style.
I am following you now, hope we can follow each others :)


Ashley said...

thanks for your very sweet comment on my blog! okay so vanessa hudgens is totally one of my style crushes and your are killin this look!! i adore everything about this outfit, but your sweet crochet top, awesome bag and lovely litas make this outfit pure perfection. adore your style...following you, dear xx

Head to Toe Chic said...

What a gorgeous shirt!! I love everything about it. This outfit definitely looks just like the inspiration picture.


Rory said...

You channeled it perfectly Linda! I love that top ( i think yours is better!) I have a crochet top too but mine is like off white and really thin and poor quality from OASAP :P
yours looks good and sturdy and i bet it'll last longer than mine! And i'll never tire of your lita's. I'm like you--i feel so self concious in a bikini. I'm a lifeguard, and they all wear skimpy little GUARD bikinis to work and there i am in my conservative one piece that serves for some lovely tan lines. But to parties and stuff with my friends i feel like i HAVE to wear a bikini...if i dont i feel like people will think i have something to hide ya know?? and i dont...all of my friends are just skinnier than me. Ahhh issues. You are so much more confident with yourself and your body than i am! I'd love to flaunt a cute tankini to a pool party (i like ACTUALLY think they're cute!) but i just dont have the guts...ah well. maybe someday ill realize it doesnt matter in the grand scheme of things :)
p.s. the people from the giveaway i won from you still havent emailed me? Do you know when i should expect...? hehe im just so exciteddd :D
Luckiest Clothing store credit giveaway!!

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

love yours more than hers!

Xo Megan

Anonymous said...

great job on the look! I love the bag!

Blush said...

thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :)
you look so gorgeous, love your litas <3

Joyce said...

I love this vannessa hudgens inspired outfit, your outfit is awesome! I LOVE the high waist jeans with the crochet crop top:) Gives such a boho vibe to the outfit. And ughhh I totally agree with you on the swimsuit thing. I swim on a swim team and it would be ridiculous to wear a bikini because it might fall off during a meet or something when we have to dive. But even though I don't usually wear bikinis, I really do like the high waisted retro swimsuits. lol I want one.

The Chic Sheet said...

Your lace top looks beautiful :)



your bags is really cute <33

Jenee C. said...

I love all your celebrity style pics. Gorgeous!

xx Jenee C.

FashionGeek said...

thanks girl! in love with your shoes too! amazing!
can't wait to see you on my blog!

Stevia said...

I actually like your outfit more that vanesa's!

your bag is too cute!

The Sweetest Escape 

Anna said...

The detailing of this outfit is stunning! I love the lace top. Your sense of style is amazing.

jamie-lee said...

I love how you take inspiration from a celeb and turn it into your own.

As for the swimsuit debate, I prefer a two piece, but it's because I'm more self conscious in a one piece.. if that makes any sense!

Paulina said...

Pretty boots! <3

Chezka said...

Another amazing look! I like Vanessa Hudgens, even more so now - great take on her look - love your crochet top =) and I loovvve your bag, I can't believe it's from a sale, so cheap! Oh and nice Litas - in other words I love everything

- Che

Lyosha said...

you look gorgeous! I love your bag so much! it's absolutely stunning!

Inside and Outside Blog

Olga Choi said...

lovely color combination and I am really in love with this bag~! )

tuwentytri said...

i love vanessa hudgens style :) yours is so like her very pretty! <3

bleufountain said...

You look like Vanessa :)))
Beautiful shirt!

Megan said...

Cute! And you kinda resemble Vanessa! Love your top and those sunglasses :)

Victoria said...

I really like your boho chic look! The top is super cute :)

- Victoria

Self-Dressed said...

You look gorgeous!! like Vanessa! ;-)
I just started following you on GFC and Bloglovin'!
Like to follow back? It would be great, we can stay in contact!
kisses from:

Coffee Cream and the Caffeine said...

i'm in love with your top... i love white and it's a perfect fit for your outfit :)

Mish Rendon said...

cute ensemble! :)


Joandy said...

absolutely stunning, loving this whole look, the best ever, i could totally used this one on my weekend:))

mochaccinoland said...

love your shoes!!

//collar necklace giveaway on my blog//

Kat said...

that top is beyond beautiful! i love it :)

Sandra Leiva said...

You look better than her! haha.
Great outfit, darling <3

*Oasap giveaway on my blog*
*Sheinside giveaway on my blog*

Joana Sá said...

Hi dear
Thanks for your comment some weeks ago on my blog
so stylish outfit

Kiss kiss.*Jo

Mary Lou said...

wow i think you look even better than vanessa hudgens! i go crazy for this fabulous bag!!!!
love and kiss,mary

Marlena said...

i love her style- it's so carefree. and i think you channeled her perfectly!i love that crochet top- and i like how you made it fancier with those amazing shoes. this looks awesome!

anies said...

Simple and nice daily outfit ;)


Pop Champagne said...

cute outfit, LOVE the lace top you are wearing!!

Jasmine of ❤AdamAlexMommy❤ said...

what a fab recreation. :) love your bag!!


Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Ooh, how was Iron Man? Also, cute outfit! You really stuck close to Vanessa's outfit! :o

Daria said...

great blog :)

please visit and follow me:

Tiffany M* said...

This bag is simply stunning! Love it and the lace shirt your wearing

Kym said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! I LOVE your outfit! I have also had a thing for lace lately. Specifically a white, scalloped, cropped one. Looks like great minds think alike :)
p.s. - now following!

Louisa said...

Love her top, and your top! Your outfit is gorgeous, the jeans look amazing on you and the shoes are to die for :)

Seeking Style said...

You pulled it off so well! I love your boots!

xo Jennifer

ArtsySisters said...

YOu look really nice! Your top is fabulous! Nice blog.

ArtsySisters said...

All around great look, from the shoes, the bag, the earrings and oh, that dress! Lovely!

Sabrilett said...

Love your version of her outfit, that lace top is so pretty and the high waist pants look great on you!

Sabrilett's Armoire

zoë said...

This is such a knock-out!!!!
I love how you created this look!
To be honest, much better than Vanessa's.

Your BAG is adorable!


sweeteelou said...

Every summer my friends and I challenge ourselves to find the cutest one piece swimsuit. It's because they are the only ones we can wear to our church retreat to PCB.
Now we love 'em!

Love, Evan

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