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Outfit Details:   Jacket: Mixx   Shirt: Debs   Skirt: vintage   Flats: American Eagle  
Too often all I talk about in my posts in my outfit. I think this time I'll let my pictures do the talking and share a little story with you instead.

Necklace: antique + DIY

At my school, the Seniors are each assigned Kindergarteners to mentor. I think its a great idea, and I must admit, I've had the most endearing (and at times frustrating) times with the two little girls I've been mentoring. They're both adorable, and every time they see me I am bombarded with hugs and excited chattering. 
Now, this last time we visited, I was totally focused on them and in helping them complete a project we were all supposed to do with them. Then suddenly, Rueben (my friend and classmate), came up to me, his face red from laughing. 
"Hey Linda, my kid Aiden has a crush on you!" He shared.

Haha, he told me the rest of the story then. Apparently, while I was working with my little girls, Aiden had been staring in our direction and suddenly blurted out: "I wish I had a Senior girl."
Rueben asked why and he replied: "Just because..." and continued staring at me.
Then Rueben made the connection and asked, "Dude, do you like Linda?"
Then Aiden blushed and just ducked his head shyly.
Awww, what a little cutie pie! Haha, its both weird but sweet to know this little four year old has a crush on me. 
He's this little blonde, blue-eyed punk who's going to be a heartbreaker when he gets older too!
Haha, too bad he isn't my age!


Anonymous said...

Love your pocket watch necklace!

AnaCloud Vintage

mitchinheels said...

awesome skirt and top dear!! you look great,


QT said...

Hi girly- I like the way you combined all the colors...very cute!

CutestPrincess said...

so nice outfit, i always love stripe!

It’s a GIRL Thing

luckyno7 said...

so so cute! love the shirt :)

Nav said...

pretty layering!

ASZIYA said...

pretty girl love your shoes :DD

Ashley said...

Aww how sweet! We did that at my school too- I had a boy and a girl. They were so precious! Love your outfit, very beachy feeling:)



Adrienne KL said...

love this look! your necklace is so cute! xxx

WearAbouts said...

Awww that sounds so cuuute! I know right, I always see these adorable little kids and they're so sweet to me and I think, where are all the sweet boys in OUR generation? ;)
Anyways, I never knew you were a senior. it's silly of me but I always assumed you were a softmore like me. Are you 18 then? Goodness you're legal! :D
p.s. check your email ;)

sip-n-wear said...

Awww how cute!

PRIYANKA D said...

ooo cute look! love dat jacket n d flats too!! u look cute :)
new post on my blog

Analisa said...

i love your necklaces and the layering! That's so sweet that all the seniors at your school are assigned a kindergartener to mentor. Wish my high school had that, the little story you wrote is so cute!

nikki said...

ca-ute! love the fun clock necklace.

xo, nikki

weeanah said...

love ...very pretty x clock n eco lace is sweet as xx

lapetiteblonde said...

great look dear!!

Avi said...

Your necklaces are so beautiful! I love watches a lot! You look is so cute. How wonderful experience to take care some kindergarden kids :D

Kat said...

such a pretty and sweet skirt! :) i love your necklace!! :D

Sunny & Star said...

Absolutely love your necklace. And your skirt is amazing. You look lovely.

Melissa Tchieu said...

Love your header! so stylized!!

That boy is cute! If only he was older...haha


love the necklace!



-------------- said...

that boy is really cute. lol
and I love your diy necklace <3


Joyce said...

Awwwww that's such an adorable story :) The mentorship program sounds really cool, I wish my school could do that too!

The sleeves on your stripe top are so pretty and I love the bit of blue in this outfit :)

Rakhshanda said...

Love the jacket & skirt <3 You look fab honey!!!! Do check out my blog!

Viv said...

i adore the touch of teal in this outfit, the layers look great on you!

jamie said...

love the loose and relaxed feel of your top mixed with the dress ;-) hope you are well babe!

x james

FashionGeek said...

i love that necklace its so fierce where did u get it!?
can't wait to see you on my blog again.

Kultur und Stil said...

oh wow, i love this necklace, it's so cute! I want to have it too!

xxx Anita

Sabrina T. said...

lovely dress!

Patchwork à Porter

Jo Bao said...

I love your outfit, it's so springy! Aww hahahaha poor Aiden, being so embarrassed!! That is such a cute story, he sounds like a really cute child :)

Jo Bao ♥

Annie said...

Such a cute story! And lovin' that striped top :)

The Other Side of Gray

Alina Anghel said...

lovely skirt! xx

Tori said...

That is such a cool necklace!

Rogerio Rinaldi said...

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Super Glorinha kisses.

when BABI speaks said...

what a sweet story! anyway, I like your necklace! it's cute!


TheTinyHeart said...

What a cute story! We got to mentor a 1st grader when I was in junior high since the elementary school was just down the was a lot of fun. I love the teal with the stripes!

The Tiny Heart

Megan said...

Pretty skirt! And how cute that he has a little crush on you :D

Sera said...

such a story :D i love your necklace, it's so vintage

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

love your top! i have followed you back :)


indie by heart said...

I love your vintage clock, I have one too and made it to necklace hehe ! ^^

Thank you so much for the comment sweetie, I'm glad you like our bedroom :) Bit by bit I've decorated it nicer :)

x Satu

Indie by Heart

Stylish By Nature said...

That neckpiece and top is oh so lovely :)

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erica marie said...

what a cute little story! Love the pleated skirt.

xo erica

Marta said...

cute outfit! :)

Clara Turbay said...

Great and interesting!

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

oh i love this sweet story, its like my brother when he was little , he had a crush for his teacher. if only you can turn back time or write a story about it and make it something possible!! like you became young and met him in the middle. I missed your Hit of Teal, i like the dress on you, you should show more of your shape, you look fabulous, seriously!!!

Cassie said...

Just had a mosey around your blog and love it!! Thanks for the lovely comment. I will definitely be following.

P.S. That necklace is amazing. What part is DIY?


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