Pocohontas + Random Facts

Outfit Details:   Kimono: xhilaration   Dress (worn as shirt): Kmart   Skirt: thrifted   Sandals: Philippines   Bag: Rue 21
I got called Pocohontas wearing this. Hmm, I wonder...perhaps it was because of the fringe bag? Haha, it was funny. I like all these little nicknames random people give me. 

Owl Ring: Philippines

So I've been given quite a few blog awards and I'm sorry if I've forgotten about them! Anyway, they all included making a list of random facts and tagging others. 
Well, I'll do the random fact list, because I think that's always fun to read about another blogger and find out more about them. But as for the tagging...well, if you want to join in on the fun, I say go for it! Haha, let me know if you decide to do one.

Random Tid-Bits About Me:

1. I play the guitar. I'm not amazing at it at all though! Haha, I can strum and switch between basic chords pretty quickly, but that's the extent of my guitar skills. Oh, and I can sometimes sing at the same time depending on the song. It's all thanks to my cousin in the Philippines that I learned. He visited me a lot and had the patience to teach me a few chords. Since then, I've taught myself by looking up chords to songs I like and teaching them to myself. I can't wait to see my cousin again so I can show off. :) 
Which brings a random thought to mind. Would you guys be interested in seeing me play a little song on my guitar? It might be an interesting mix to throw in with my outfit posts. Just don't be thinking I'm some awesome Orianthi chick or anything...aha, all I have is a simple acoustic guitar and some basic chords.

2. I was a total anime nerd. The show I obsessed over was Inuyasha. Oh, and manga? Yup, was into that too. And it'd be all too easy for me to be sucked into them again. Something about Japanese storylines...

3. Although I'd like to be one of those girls who's a mini Betty Crocker, I'm too dumb to navigate my way through the kitchen. What's the difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon anyway? I'll just grab a spoon in the drawer and call it good. Haha, I know it's just a matter of having the patience to learn, but...well, I find myself too busy to spend quality time in the kitchen learning how to cook. Maybe this summer it'll finally happen.

4. Paramore is my absolute favorite band! My taste in music can always shift around depending on my mood (from pop to country to classical, I listen to it all) but Hailey William's voice always get me.Plus, I envy her ability to rock flaming red hair. 

Lost my hat during my ecstatic jump! Haha, this one's calmer than usual, but hey, shout out to Josie over at 8bitgrayscale and Jenna at Bows and Leopard for calling a jump a "Linda jump" xD Haha, made my day!

5. For a brief time during my toddler career, I took tap dancing lessons. Don't ask how I did. The only recollection I have from that time is a sore rear from falling onto that stupid, slippery floor half a dozen times. Oh, and that my instructor was a big Asian man with a bald head but a long braid at the back. 

6. Also back in my toddler years, I would sneak around at our favorite buffet restaurant and sneak up on my parents. Looking back, I'm realizing I must not have been very sneaky...otherwise they would've panicked more.

7. I only just started playing sports on a team three years ago. Volleyball and basketball are so fun! After a year spent on learning the rules and how to play the game, I started at Varsity level in both, and I've had an amazing experience. Both have taught me how to push through and discover that what I think I can accomplish is far less than what I can actually do. Now I plan on continuing the experience and have signed up for intramural volleyball at the college I'm attending next year!

That's about all I can come up with right now. If you're curious about any other random things, go ahead and ask in a comment! 
I'll answer you in my next post. :)


allie said...

I need cute gladiator sandals like yours. And I absolutely adore paramore =)

erica marie said...

Love your fringe bag. That's so awesome that you can play the guitar, I've always wanted to learn.

xo erica

sip-n-wear said...

Great photos on the track!

Anonymous said...

Love the shoes and location! I would love to learn to play the guitar, but I ended up taking piano lessons for years and years. Keep it up! It's so wonderful to have friends who play the guitar.


FashionGeek said...

i love your outer piece! i believe its floral? love it!
can't wait to see you on my blog again!.

Stevia said...

your colorful pastel nails are too cute!
and i love your lace skirt :)

ooh.. I'm terrible in the kitchen too! My mom practically prepare a fire extinguisher every time I cook.. haha

The Sweetest Escape 

Alessandra Mazzini said...

Very cute pictures!! I like your bag a lot!

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

my favorite is the fourth photo , totally stunning esp with the lace skirt and the position of your legs! aha I see you have the blood of a musician even though you said you're not really good at guitars, but most of your fascinations are related to music!

Lisa said...

You definitely should play a song for us one day on your guitar! I love Paramore too, one of my favorite song is The Only Exception. And I love your fringe bag :)

The Lovely Memoir

Jenna said...

I would love to see you play a song! I love the kimono and bag! We totally call a jumping picture the Linda Jump now...hahaha so weird how it's like you are a part of our lives and we've never met.

Benlovesting said...

I love this outfit!! <3

when BABI speaks said...

I love your photoshoot location, so cool! and your fringe bag is much cooler, love it most!


Anonymous said...

Cute toenails!

Ewa Prokopczuk said...

I love those sandals, I can't believe they're thrifted. Ah Paramore...that reminds me of my high school days. Lol, I feel old.

:) Ewa

sillvvia said...

you have amazing blouse

Josie said...

hahahaha! I noticed you changed up your jump and now you're doing a more laid back/straight jump instead of the feet up (linda jump) haha! :)

And omgggg.. I was laughing pretty hard! I didn't know you were an OTAKU!!!! lol! hahah sorry, I HAD to say it, please don't hit me!! haha!

Also don't worry about the the kitchen thing. It's definitely learn as you go but I highly suggest you learn somethings while living at home before you move out (esp. if you are moving out during college). You don't wanna be another victim of the "Freshman 15" lol! (just trying to scare you, there are studies that show it's not "true").. but it makes life much more enjoyable knowing you can eat cheaply at home and eat well instead of just instant noodles :)

- Josie :: 8bitgrayscale

trishie said...

i think it's the fringe bag, your windswept hair and that lovely top, little pocahontas!

Candace Wu said...

i absolutely love your theme
gorgeous as always
i love reading your writing ! great post!
i love your nails!

keeep posting great quality work!


Rocío Larrea said...

I love Paramor tooooooo! love your handbag
Un Kiss

Amanda said...

I think is so cool that you decided to show us some things about you... I wanna learn how to play guitar so I can impress my latest crush hehe... would you teach me =) lol but seriously I think you are so cool... and we have some things in common... I like manga too and I love PAramore =)

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

You look lovely! =) Your nails are so cute! X

The Mind's Clothes said...

Very nice outfit ;)

-------------- said...

i love first picture, you're so cute <3
anyway, i do love play guitar. the other instrument i can play are drum, violin (a lil bit), bass guitar, and flute smetimes. but i cant do anythng with piano. i just boring look at those black and white tuts. lol
i also an anime freak, i was an otaku few years ago, its so fun <3
oh yeah, and i've change my link


Lola Finn said...

I need a yellow nail polish too!!! Looks so cool ;)
These are lovely photos! I like your flowered blouse so much :)

Paper Moon said...

i love the dress! it loos so comfortable and light xx

weeanah said...

love the location of the photos... nice to mearn more about you!!! i think the its a great idea to hear you play the guitar x

Sam said...

Hi dear, a lovely bohemian outfit, reminds me of some the stylish looks we've seen at Coachella. Gorgeous pair of sandals. it was so interesting learning new things about you, so cool that you play the guitar!

JANICE G said...

you look so happy in the railroad~ must be so free and relaxing!

the STYLE Fringe BLOG

NRC♥ said...

Your bag is soo nice

PRIYANKA D said...

love d kimono u look so pretty!!! :)
lovely shots!
new post on my blog

Beauty Follower said...

Nice sandals, like your nail polish!

Sandra Leiva said...

I love love love your bag, dear! <3

yiqin; said...

ytou look fatastic <3


Cute bag!

Haylee Mae said...

Natural and pretty, love the colors and the bag.


Vicky said...

Thank you :)
Your nail colour is great.

Cassie said...

so cute!!! I love the kimono! Target?? I have withdraws living in the UK due to no Target.

forward said...

Cute!! Very pretty too!!!

Check out my blog!!

Fashion Diaries said...

i love your bag and the shoes!!
thank you for your comment..
wanna follow each other just to stay in touch?
let me know sweetie!!


indie by heart said...

Great look :> Hehe, Yu have such a long dark hair and that fringe bag, no wonder someone called you that ;)

Thank you for the comments ! Have a nice weekend.


Indie by Heart

Joyce said...

Yay I love Paramore too, Hailey William's hair is so bright and awesome :D In middle school, I really wanted hair like her's. Your kimono jacket is so pretty, I love the pattern on it and it looks lovely with the fringe bag.

Joandy said...

sounds like you are very talented(guitar,tap dance)!!! lovely cardi,and cool bag!!!

Bonnie said...

You look very boho chick awesome in these pictures. Love the fringed bag. I had no idea that you play the guitar.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Marisa Violeta said...

Pocohontas is a cool nickname :D
I really like the boho style of this look!

Velvet Bloom said...

super gorgeous fringe bag! i also adore the fact that you play guitar..even if it's only a little haha i suck at it, soo much, i think is so hard, i'm a pianist though

Sarah said...

I play the guitar too, but I am terrible because I have no will power or patience, oh dear! I love your outfit here :), the kimono is gorgeous! xx

April Cheung said...

cool fringe bag! love how you took photos on a railroad track :)

Anonymous said...

You have beautiful hair!

Love your bag.


Clara Turbay said...

Interesting and inspiring!

FashionGeek said...

aww thanks for your sweet comments like always!
btw where is your beanie from? it looks so unique!
can't wait to see you on my blog!

Hanna & Christel said...

you look so wonderful! we are so much loving your blouse!

czarianonuevo said...

i love your printed top and it really goes well with the bag :)

wow! how i wish i can also take photos on train rail :)

ps: thanks for commenting on my blog post!

paint it stripes
New Look of my blog, Hope you can check it out and tell me your thoughts :)

Anonymous said...

Love your bag, and I can see why someone would call you Pocahontas because of it. :) I hate cooking also. Well, I don't hate it, but I don't care to ever become good at it. It's just not something I enjoy, so luckily I have a husband who likes to cool. And Hayley Williams does have amazing hair. Paramore is a great band. <3


Jennifer said...

love the bag and how you styled it with the blouse!

CookieCat said...

cute nails ^.^

Ancia said...

Lovely look. love the finges on your bag1

Carolina Spinola said...

As unhas são lindas :)


Satin and Souffles said...

Gorgeous bag :)

I'm having an ASOS giveaway, check it out?



Sparkle said...

oh this is super cute outfit! love it!


style-xyz said...

I love this bag! and I'm so jealous that you can wear sandals and bare legs :)


Izzy said...

haha the bag does have a rather Pocohontas feel to it! love the kimono print too. combined with the bag your outfit has a very laidback, boho vibe to it :)

Tamara @ Go Fish Style said...

great mix!

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

love the floral outwear!

do you want to follow each other? follow me and i'll follow you back


Hanna & Christel said...

Love the colors of your nails!


Amelia said...

love this floral piece, really beautiful :)

Shawna Hynes said...

Adore that floral kimono Linda! Also loving the gladiator sandals & your random facts. It's definitely interesting to read random little tidbits like that about your favourite bloggers :)

<3 Shawna
Serpentine Streets

My Cowlick said...

Such a cute outfit! And I love the pop of colors of your nails.

Aren't you afraid of taking pictures on a railroad? LOL be safe please!!


Amanda - My Cowlick Blog

My Cowlick said...

Oh and I had a great time reading about yourself :)

Amanda - My Cowlick Blog

Danie said...

beautiful outfit! i love your owl ring, green beanie, skirt and bag! im following you!

The Millers said...

Love your polish!!

Michelle Jiafang said...

Great post!! :) Love your bag!

jamie said...

i also play guitar!! woo hoo, we rock ;-) you look adorable in floral and i love your "Pocohontas" bag ;-)

xx james

Melissa Tchieu said...

Pocahontas girl heheh!!! :)
ure multi talented..guitar..volleybal...Tap dancing too.
URE SO ACTIVE in ur lifestyle. Filled with activities.
Always with the willingness to learn new stuffs. I can see ur determination when you decide to do something.
U hav some great accomplishments :)

Silkybow said...

Aw you look wonderful!
I too, also have pastel yellow nail polishon my nail xx

Yessica said...

Nice outfit! and love your nails. hahaha, yes, mayve because of the fringe in your bag, that's why you were called pocohontas. hahaha. :D

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