In Love With Litas!

Litas: c/o Style Recognized
I cannot begin to describe the surreal feeling that came over me when I found out I'd been one of the winners from the Style Recognized giveaway. I've had to wait for these babies to arrive since they were sold out, but Su didn't fail, and she got them out to me sooner than I actually thought they'd be here!

So first off, go read Su's story here.
Seriously, I know it's a wordy post, but it's worth the read. She's amazing and so inspiring. The reason why she does such generous giveaways? Its because she has a generous heart! 
Isn't it amazing how certain events can just change a person's entire view on life? I hope to one day experience something like what she did. A life-changing moment is unforgettable!

Now...prepare for a barrage of photos...I got a little excited about showing off my gorgeous new Litas!
I can say I officially own a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Its been my dream! :D 
For these photos, me and Kirsten explored at the local fair grounds and to our delight, found it utterly abandoned and open for our investigation. I had a fun time feeling like that entire stadium was mine! Haha

Outfit Details:   Shirt: Vanity   Skirt: Rue 21   Bag: Rue 21

Now when I started researching these heels, I read the reviews and didn't fully believe it when some said they could run in them. I mean, come on! It's almost a 6" heel! 

But ladies...they were right. I tested the theory myself.
Oh, and of course, did a little spazzy jump in them. Didn't roll an ankle or even fear about tipping over. They're that stable and well-made.

So to bribe Kirsten into joining in on the modeling fun, I loaned her one of my favorite tribal tees. This fun little fringed number! Its one of my faves, but funnily enough, I haven't worn it yet for the blog. 
So I had K model it for me, and I must say, she looks smashing in it. :)

Then we found a tree stump and balanced the camera on it so we could take a few together!
It was quite humorous because of the height difference. Haha, normally we're about the same, but my Litas boosted me past her.

Which is ironic, because look at a photo we took together last year:

Haha, heels are a girl's best friend!

Once again, thank you Style Recognized for my marvelous gift. I will treasure them and will never fail to be inspired by your generosity!


UnA said...

I love the both outfitS

I love your LITA color. amazing


Melanie Liliana said...

I am SO jealous! I've always wanted a pair!


FashionGeek said...

omg theyre gorgeus! and i love the maxi skirt!

underthewillowtrees said...

Cute photos. your shoes are amazing! I would feel so 'swish' in them, haha xx

sillvvia said...

i love this shoes.. are amazing

Lola Finn said...

Your shoes are so cool :)
Thank you so much for your compliment!

my thrifty closet said...

cute boho chic outfits...your shoes are awesome! How did you managed to run in those shoes! Adorable pictures, you're such a natural.


great shoes!!
i love your running pose.. natural and still cute :D


Rand T said...

wow amazing shoes!

madzia said...

great shoes :)

czarianonuevo said...

wow!! i so LOVE your shoes!! they're so high but uber beautiful!! your outfit really matches well!!

ps: thanks for commenting on my blog post!

paint it stripes
New Photo Diary is up, Hope you can check it out :)

Cassie said...

gorgeous! you're photos are lovely as well. congrats on winning!

Anonymous said...

I love your shoes !

Bisous, Valentine,

sip-n-wear said...

Wow... those booties look hard to walk in and you're running and jumping in them!! that's some talent! :P

Sam said...

Congrats on the win doll, they are a truly amazing pair! Very fun and charming photographs as always!

Abi said...

love your booties!
visit my blog! :)

Dominika said...

Congratulations on winning the giveaway, you totally deserved it! I love your Litas, they look amazing... what colour are they? Buttermilk, Taupe or something else? :)

Sparkle said...

love, love, love them!
you 2 look so cute :) amazing pics!


style-xyz said...

great post! :)

Natalie said...

i love the picture! made me smile!

Fashion Tales.... said...

Congrats! They look great on you, I love the photo with the teal benches. have a lovely weekend. :)

WearAbouts said...

WOW LINDA!!!! Everyone wants Litas at style recognized haha if you look at all the posts, that's what most people chose! I must say, you ROCK them girl. Good color choice, too. If I were you I'd be wearing those ERRYDAY. You just look so HAPPY. I'm really hoping I win style recognized, but I'm okay if I don't. It's just fun to see how happy Su makes other people! If I win though, I'm going to find some way to thank her. Writing thank you cards is a personal value of mine, but i suppose an email will suffice. She seems so wonderful :)
ANyways, back to your outfit:

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

Oh my oh my, what an amazing giveaway prize!! You look fab in them, I still don't believe I could run in them until the day I try it out myself ;) I'm off to check off the story behind it.. xx

Kate said...

Lovely pictures, amazing Litas, can't believe you won them! Jealous!

yiqin; said...

LOVE your shoes

Stylish By Nature said...

Great pair of Litas and I absolutely love your happy pictures !! Congrats on winning them :)

Enter 3 winner Lotus Mendes ($180) Giveaway

Annie L said...

Love the lighthearted nature to your pics! Those are amazing shoes (lucky you) and I love how you styled them
New follower!
xo Annie

Julie Khuu said...

Gorgeous mix hun! Love the Litas paired with springtime florals...that blouse is perfect for this look!

I’m hosting 5 days of GIVEAWAYS in honor of my blog’s 2yr anniversary…would love for you to stop by and check it out!

Peace. Love. LOL!


snls. ♥ said...

both beautiful :>

Sarah said...

Oh wow, they're gorgeous! Congratulations on winning them! I can't believe you can run in them either, maybe there is still hope for me walking in heels! xx

kathy said...

omg they are so lovely!
i'm so jealous

Analisa said...

Wow, you're so lucky! I've always wanted Litas, and you got them in my favorite color! I've always heard people rave about how comfy they are, but being able to run in them? That's AWESOME. Congrats! :)

Jenna said...

Gorgeous gorgeous shoes!! I know exactly how you feel. It's like a dream and you can't believe you actually own those shoes! Ugh I still feel the same with my Hellbounds! They look amazing! I love that color and got it in the faux version. Can't wait to see all the outfits you put them with!

April Cheung said...

love your Jeffrey Campbell LItas!!!!! <3 cant decide if i want the tan ones or the original black leather ones

Sunny & Star said...

Both of you look amazing. That fringe tee is so cute. And I so love your shoes. Amazing.

We are having a giveaway over on our blog, please come by and enter.

Sunny Days and Starry Nights


Daisy said...

thanks for your cute comment on my blog. Anyway, you're a beauty as well :)

x Daisy


Mica said...

Love those shoes! Congrats on your win! You picked a great outfit to wear them with, really showcases them.

Stephanie Huang said...

i love this color palette and your shoes look so good on you <3 :D you are such a cutie!

Mish Rendon said...

hi dear! love your shoes! thanks for dropping by my blog. followed you back! Anyway, please join my giveaway: LBD and Onesies x Summer Giveaway! (Open Internationally)


FashionGeek said...

i see why your in love with them! where are the from? C:
can't wait to see you on m blog again!

Stevia said...

your lita is so pretty!
and I love Kiki in your tribal tee.. such a fun top!

The Sweetest Escape 

DailyGlamour said...

Nice pics ! Come to visit my page and follow me if you love it !

Lucie Srbová said...

I am so jealous! Those shoes are totally fab! I really need to buy a pair:) Also love your shirt and skirt! I love the height difference in those two pics! It is so funny what heels can do!

Kisses, Lucy!

Sabrina T. said...

love litas...nice place here

check out

Patchwork à Porter

JANICE G said...

you guys are so cheerful!

thanks for visiting my blog and left me a comment! :)

the STYLE Fringe BLOG

Bernadeth G. said...

ahhh i'm so jealous! i also want a pair of Litas :)

Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

Kat said...

aww so lucky!!! im happy that you got litas :) you look amazing :)

Karola said...

Love your photos girls!!! So fun! Love checking out your blog!!! <3
Thank you for your comment dear. Hope you stop by my blog again sometime soon. :)
Have a lovely rest of the weekend.


jamie said...

litas are definitely cool and you look great!

<3 james

Meanz Chan (Koi Story) said...

Love your flowy top and the litas of course!

Josie said...

Congratulations! How exciting! I think this color/fabric matches your style/wardrobe a LOT.

I was wondering where your gift was!

- Josie :: 8bitgrayscale

-------------- said...
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omg i love your shoes! and your outfit! great style!

im half way through readings this girls story and its really interesting, thanks for sharing!



Plami said...

Oh girl these shoes are so gorogeus!


-------------- said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
-------------- said...

I am a shoe-fetish and Litas is one of my favorite shoeeeeeeeeees
They're so damn cool and pretty <33


Raji said...

You lucky thing, they are beyond gorgeous
Lovely photos

DEMI said...

likeeee your blog! :):)
keep posting and go for it!!!


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