OOTD // White Flash!

Oh my, look at that white tummy. I say I need some tanning time, ASAP!
I just so happened to catch this shot on my self-timer, and it was the only jumping one that turned out great. It really caught my happiness at how warm it was last weekend! Haha, I could finally bust out my shorts again and soak up some much needed vitamin D!

Outfit Details:    Shirt: vintage    Vest: thrifted    Shorts: Levi Strauss    Wedges: thrifted    Sunglasses: vintage   Earrings: Vanity
Seriously, this has got to be an outfit of some of my best thrifting finds. All the vintage pieces are from this dusty little old shop in our small town run by grandmas, and once you get past the musty smell and start digging, you can find amazing things!

Bangle: Claires    Watch: Philippines    Ring: Forever 21

Can't. Stop. Twirling!

So here are some more of my finds from last weekend. The long, draping summer vest is so fun to capture on camera! Haha, I seriously could not hold still in it.

Spring is finally here! I was so thrilled to bust out my shorts again.

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Happy twirling ;)


Zorian said...

Great post. Love the red shirt.

Nik said...

You are totally adorable!

Love from NY,

Anonymous said...

You look like summer! I love it.


lemondeselonmesbaskets said...

Oh! It's alreday summer... shit, it's raining! Amazing look♥

Laura said...

Where are you from girl? :D I also want such a good weather! :)) I really like your blog :) Going to follow you :)

Pop Champagne said...

the floral blouse is so pretty, ahhh love the outfit and the weather you're getting! we still got snow here!

Anonymous said...

I love your wedges! Can't believe you thrifted those! So cute!


LéaChou said...

Yes it's nice penguins! And your photos are beautiful, you're a ray of sunshine!

Ruth Logan said...

Love your shirt, it really suits you. Cute photos :)

Ruth xxxx

Dominika said...

That's such an adorable outfit, it's amazing what you can sometimes find in thrift stores :) By the way, could you please follow me back?

Rachhh. said...

really pretty pictures. I love the detail on the vest and the shirt is really cute! xo

Mary Lou said...

oh darling this red shirt is really fabulous, it calls sooo for summer that i´m lovin it;)

Jenna said...

This outfit looks so refreshing and comfortable! I really like the feel of this whole outfit!!!

Mica said...

Love the shirt! Great jumping pic too, so fun!

Avi said...

Hi girl!!
Thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog.
Of course follow back <3
Love your outfit!! You look so pretty


-------------- said...

you're so pretty dear <3
those top is super awesome!
anyway, mind to follow each other ? ^^


Laura said...

Such a lovely spring outfit, love it! You look beautiful!
Fashionhypnotised girl

Anonymous said...

Yay for the jumping shots! I think I've attempted a jump once, but it was really hard to get height in my heels. LOL. Oh well. LOOOVEE your shorts! They look like the perfect pair of slouchy boyfriend shorts. Those are my favorite kind of jean shorts. :) And yay for twirling. There's no such thing as too much twirling! Have a great weekend! <3


Evaila said...

This photos are so funny and happy I wish it was so sunny in my place right now!

Veronica said...

Gorgeous shirt!!

You have a beautiful blog =] You have yourself a new follower =D


Madd said...

I love your shirt and ring! :)
Your outfit is great! As always :)

PRIYANKA D said...

o u look so pretty! i love ur shirt n ring so much!! :) u hav an amazin collection of accessories! :)
check new post on my blog!

Sam said...

Hi doll, you look so adorable, great print on your shirt and it looks great with the white vest over.

sarahthestylescout said...

love!! the Hawaiian print is so cute and fun! the vest matches perfectly!

Dominika said...

Hey, I have a couple of tag questions for you on my blog. Hope you will check it out and join the game :)

xoxo, Dominika.

Nicola McLaughlin said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog!
I am now following you! follow me back? xxx

Lisa said...

Thank you for the comment !
I love the red ring and the red blouse. I love you blog so I follow you :)
Lisa x

Gillie said...

So cute, I love how summery this look is!

xo Gillie

Lidiya said...

You look adorable, such a cute shirt, I love the pattern! And I'm so jealous of the sunshine <3

Karola said...

so much fun it this post! :D love the pics and the clothes! :)
thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! :)


Lisa LaTroisième said...

Hey ciao!
Thank you to have visited my blog and left a nice comment!

I like your blog too and I am following you now: hope you will follow me ;)

Enjoy your weekend!!

Rachel Emma (Daydream Frenzy) said...

The weather looks beautiful on your end! I'm jealous.
Awesome thrift finds by the way! I like thrifting, but
it's very rare that I can find something I like that fits
and doesn't have a vomit or pee stain lol!


-------------- said...

hahaha, those parfume has sweet scent dear, really sweet and thick. it just like stain on your cloth or skin, stay for a long time. lol
thank for following me. follow you back <3

kathy said...

really cute photos!

Lisa H. said...

Red is so your color! Great thrift finds!

The Lovely Memoir

Angela Marie said...

Love your finds!
Amazing giveaway, just entered :)
Now following!

but first, coffee

Ally Munda said...

so cute. perfect summer chill outfit

Joyce said...

This is such a cute summery outfit, I love the shirt and shorts. The shirt has such pretty flowers on it :)

Izzy said...

the entire vintage outfit is just gorgeous! I love the blouse and I'm so jealous you got so many fantastic thrifted finds! :D

NaNa said...

awesome twirling & thrifting is always a pleasure, thanks for sharing hun xoxo

Josie said...

Okay chica, this has to be the BEST and my MOST favorite outfit of yours! LOVE IT completely!

I love that red top so much! All are incredible finds!!! And I agree, you really gotta get past that musk and just keep walking forward, don't look back! And then dig, dig dig!!! Gotta get that treasure :)

And i LOVE jumping shots! They're my favorite! I take them all the time on my old camera but not on my cell phone because it can't capture them. It's so funny, I have a TON I took today I was going to post later, lol But I can't jump the way you did in yours! Maybe if I didn't have shoes on?? haha

-Josie, 8bitgrayscale

Josie said...

PS- I really like your new background! It's beautiful :)

t said...

Nice look!

Hazy Days. said...

Oh darling, I love your blog! I was looking for nice blogs through my friend's blog and found yours, if you would like we could both follow each other? Let me know in a comment lovely! Mine's:


Saritschka said...

Wow, such a lovely outfit, I love the blouse!
You look so happy and sweet.

Xx, Saritschka.

Blaming Beauty said...

Your shirt is gorgeous, I love the pattern!xx

Vale ♥ said...

Loving your shirt, it screams summertime ! <3

If you want we could follow each other on gfc, bloglovin and facebook !
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Ayantika said...

I am your newest follower...hope you will follow me back :)

Tonya said...

yay!! What a great floral top you've found! It's so perfect for the spring! :)

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

Feels like its getting warm out there, I like the red top and the over-top flowing white!! They matched the new background which is actually so pretty!

DXiredDiamond said...

OMG! I adore your outfit in this post! It's so gorgeous and chic! It's simple but sexy! Fab pics love and you show off that cute figure/shape of yours hun! Gorgeous! :)


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