OOTD // Velvet Rush

Outfit Details:   Tshirt: Debs   Skirt: thrifted + diy   Socks: old   Boots: thrifted

Ring: Philippines
What do you think of my newly thrifted finds? I headed into my favorite thrift store determined to quickly browse the shoe section before booking it out of there. However, on my way to the shoe racks, I had to pass by the skirts (a huge weakness, in case you can't tell) and this crushed velvet material caught my eye.

The rest, as they say, is history. Welcome to my blog, little velvet skirt. 
It was of mid-calf length originally, but I didn't like how it looked and whipped out some scissors. I think I get scissor happy whenever I thrift skirts. (See HERE and HERE). And there are actually two more that I've thrifted and cut up that I have yet to show you.

Necklace: Vanity

Excuse my yucky scars...I rarely think about them but once I start baring my legs, I realize the toll volleyball and basketball have taken on my knees! So you may be seeing more of my battle wounds in future posts. Sorry!

I just have a knack for spazzy jump photos...haha, look at the claw that's my hand in that picture!

So when I finally reached the shoe section, I found these lace-up boots, which are exactly the kind of shoe I've wanted. Its ironic, because I originally had spotted these same shoes there a week ago when I was with Kirsten. I'd tried them on then, but she'd advised me they didn't quite look right. 
I'm positive it was because of the wide leg jeans I was wearing at the time. I just knew they'd look better with a skirt or skinny jeans. So glad they were still there for me when I returned!
 It was meant to be in my closet. :)

Oh, so about my field trip. It was a blast! Haha, got to hang out with some of my favorite guys in the world. Seriously, I'm closer to the guys in my class than the girls. Haha, and not in a weird way. They're like brothers to me. Which is so nice, since there's no awkwardness. We're just best friends hanging out.
I'll include a few pictures from the trip in the next post since I already made this into an outfit one.

Well, my spring break starts this upcoming week! Hooray! I'll try making extra nice posts for you guys. Thanks for all the support. It means the world to me that you actually take notice of my posts. 

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Josie said...

Oh whoa! I was between updates! haha, I came back and was like "hey, this is new?" lol

Really cute skirt, I love how you gave it new life by shortening it! I would love to see the shirt tucked in and a nice belt though!! To add more shape!

So sorry the black boots were gone ;( I hate when that happens! Just check back, some might get returned! You never know ;)

and Lol at you thinking of me! That is so cute haha :) Last time I was out with Jenna we saw something and we both agreed it was something you'd like! Because it was Teal. lol :)

- Josie :: 8bitgrayscale

Angelica Hennata said...

love ur necklace and ur ring! super cute >_<


LoveT. said...

nice Boots!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, i am in love with your skirt. I love anything velvet. You look great! Thrifting is so fun, I rarely find anything worthwhile though.
xx Jane

Rocío Larrea said...

Hi! i've just found your blog! I love your findings, the velvet skirt is amazing! I start following you, if you want, you can follow me back!
un kiss

Tone-Lise said...

Love the outfit, it's so pretty!
And damn, that ring is awesome:)


cute outfit!


-------------- said...

i do love thrift thing my dear, i often bought them with my boy in flea market
really love it <3
and those red velvet skirt is so cute


Self-Dressed said...

amazing nails!


Ally Munda said...


Anna C said...

Love the stripe t.shirts ! :D

Sam said...

Hi doll, beautiful look, velvet always looks the best in this rich red colour. I must agree with the boots, they are an awesome pair, think I would have bought them too.

inês prates said...

LOVE the skirt! ♥

Junah Cagang said...

thank you for visiting&commenting on my blog.
btw, cute outfit. now following ... :))

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ATACADAS said...

Hi! I like very much your style! I follow you! Please , follow me too!
Kisses from spain

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

Loove your new skirt :) And by the way, your nails look so pretty! xx

madzia said...

nice top and socks:)

Valentina said...

Really cute outfit!

Valentina de Pertis

Anonymous said...

That skirt is so cute. And I always head straight for the scissors too when I thrift skirts. Hope your weekend is glorious!


Anonymous said...

Love this skirt!! It is an amazing find!! I also love your owl ring! Super cute!

AnaCloud Vintage

WearAbouts said...

I LOVE those boots! They're like Dr. Martens! I in fact have almost the exact same pair (they're fake dr martens too). You totally look good in them...don't know what your friend was thinking! ;)
Follow me on CHICTOPIA
p.s. do you have any thrifting tips? You always seem to have such good thrift finds! I always come up empty handed or I guess can't see the potential in items. Advice would be AWAEEESOMMEEE! :)
p.p.s the new look of your blog is much better, Linda! Like how you still kept the flowers though. Much easier to read ! :):):)<3

Alessandra Mazzini said...

You look great!! Nice outfit!! :)

Style en colores said...

I follow your blog, I find really interesting with some outfits and in perfect style! I follow you! kisses, visit my blog to see if you like!

Evaila said...

I love the shape of this shirt and this velvet skirt looks amazing!

Plami said...

The skirt is so beautiful! You look lovely!


Jenna said...

I really really really loved that velvet skirt! The color is one of the best shades for velvet in my opinion. and those boots are so awesome! The look like Doc Martens from the pics and i LOVE Docs!

Jenna said...

Oh and congratulations on the STyle Recognized contest!!! Can't wait to see what you chose!

Analisa said...

That skirt is so gorgeous, what a great find! But the best part is your nails! I wish I could do that. And you're already almost starting spring break? LUCKY. Mine's not until April!

S said...

very nice tee/skirt combination!
Love your necklace!

Anonymous said...

nice outfit
i follow you and i hope you follow me back:)

Spencer. said...

beautiful skirt, love the texture, you look so pretty! x

Katie said...

Great blog, I am now following!
Katie xx

Dreaming of Forever.

Ali said...

oh crud, this is such an awesome mix of texture and pattern... red velvet and black and white stripes never looked so goood! I seriously dig it.

Qué Acierto! said...

I love velvet and this unexpected look is terrific.

ASZIYA said...

i like like like this skirt soooo much!!!

Jessa Belle said...

The photo of you jumping is so cute! I love the way you painted your nails here and the little owl is too cute!

Love & Lollies... Jessa

Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

sarahthestylescout said...

cute look!

BronsonBloopers said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment! I am going to enter for that pretty necklace! Just became your newest follower :)

Vivi K said...

Oh, the Keiko Lynn nails! :) I love that look!

Much love, Vivi

Tiffany said...

nice skirt! I really like it :D great outfit

Squared said...

super cute ring!!!

QT said...

Such a lovely shade of red!

Lisa H. said...

I love that skirt, and I love it more that it's DIY :)

The Lovely Memoir

Anonymous said...

We must seriously be on the same fashion wavelength! I just went to the thrift store and found a crushed velvet skirt in turquoise that I was going to DIY!! Unfortunately, my skirt was a straight skirt with no flair, so I was going to try to cut it up to use as fabric and then make the skirt, but there wasn't enough length to it. :( But we definitely had the same idea!! :) I love that color on you.

I do have a similar chiffon skirt in that color that i think i might wear tomorrow with some black thigh high socks. You've given me some inspiration! :) Have a great weekend girlie! <3


UnA said...

aww you have a very cute style.I love your nails. It's perfect. Very inspiring.

Following your lovely blog my dear!
Would you like to follow me back?

<3 Una

sip-n-wear said...

I love that ring!

Mica said...

the shoes are a great find! :)

Really like your striped tee too, I have something similar :)

Jelisaveta Đukanović said...

Beautiful photos and outfit! :)

Jess said...

aha so cute! yes you love those jumping shots! and great finds!! of course all the skirts in thrift stores are too long... that's why they're there haha. you look fabulous i love the high socks too :) and thank you so much <3

DXiredDiamond said...

I LOVE your velvet skirt and your top hun! It's so pretty! Beautiful pics hun! You look so happy! :)


just angelina said...

Love the combination of colours. Great outfit.
These 'happy' photos are awesome.

Have an awesome weekend. Following.

Alba said...

Love that ring :)

Clara Campelo said...

lovely look

Karys M said...

Great outfit and LOVE your nails :)

Karys x

Velvet Bloom said...

i adore the skirt

Aida said...

such a nice look !

have a great weekend!


Lucie Srbová said...

I just love velvet clothes and your skirt is amazing!!! really love it! Great boots as well and your owl ring is beyond cuteness!! I am madly in love with it:)

Kisses, Lucy!

Stefania Boccolato said...

Lovely accessories ! and love your nails!!! :D

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

sorry i missed some of your posts...lace up boots esp that color, you can't go wrong! They are also safe for long walks! You have the most creative nails I've seen, wow...

Kat said...

what an amazing skirt! i love this look! :D and your nails are sooooo pretty! ;D

Sergeant Fox said...

I love that skirt! I always buy skirts from thrift stores and shred them up too. I also really like your nails.

Rhe Beep said...

That Owl ring is too cute!


Joyce said...

The skirt is beautiful, I LOVE the crushed velvet and the red color. The boots are also pretty amazing, they could toughen up any outfit :)

Urszula said...

So cute !!

jiglycious said...

love your rings!!
new follower here,
hope we can follow each other


Cindy said...

new reader here, and i just have to say this: i lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove your blog header image/title cover!! ITS BEAUTIFUL!!! :DD and i love all your outfits as well! :)

Cindy C.

zoë said...

the boots!!!! i want 'em!
i wanna go to your thrift store! must be selling a lot of good stuff.

kathy said...

i love your outfit!
the skirt is gorgeous :)

thechicdairy said...

just found your blog and i am glad i did :)
you look so pretty and the outfit is so effortlessly chic !!

also i love the necklace :)
new follower !! hope you check out mine too :)

Madame McQueen said...

Wow, great outfit, So in love with your style!
Following, maybe we can follow each other? ; )

thestyleflux said...

I've always wanted to have that kind of skirt.. great look!

Kaye Awatin

Amelie Chatelier said...

Lovely outfit! :)

Ria Michelle said...

Love the velvet skirt, looks kinda like Mink Pink.

alex said...

This outfit!<3 I love your shirt!

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