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This weekend I went into town to meet up with one of my best friends, Saffron. I've mentioned her a couple times before, but I finally had a chance to take some photographs with her and share them with you. Then we ran into Kirsten, so it was just an all around great time with the girls!

Outfit Details:   Skirt: Rue 21   Tshirt: (thrifted) ella moss   Denim Button Down: Walmart   Tights: Forever 21   Boots: (thrifted) Faded Glory

So first, here's my outfit to go to the mall in. Aha, I felt like wearing my Rue 21 skirt that I hadn't tried out yet. It's burnt orange and has a "crinkle" texture to it. I love it! However, it is a rather fancy piece for a day outfit, so I dressed it down with a basic tee and denim button down. But of course, I had to add fun tights and accessories.

Bag: PacSun

Necklace: Forever 21

So this is Saffron. She's a free-spirited person who just that day decided she was going to try stocking her wardrobe with hippie-like staples. Like this amazing floral shirt! She'd just bought it and couldn't wait to rock it, so she changed into it right after purchasing. Haha, gotta say, this hippie style definitely fits her personality. :)

Hmm, I wonder why we get mistaken for sisters all the time? Haha! I decided to give my contacts a break and wear my glasses. Whenever I do, it always works out that I'm seeing Saffron that day. Then we always get comments asking if we're related. You should see us when we're with her actual sister, Amethyst. We've been asked if we're triplets!

A closeup of Saffron's floral print top ♥

Kirsten met us later, looking city chic and comfy. Isn't she too adorable?

Haha, okay, so the story here is that Kirsten's nickname is Sniffer. I think it's pretty obvious why. You should see her when we walk into Bath and Body Works! Girl goes crazy.

And a last departing shot. 
I've got to say, you bloggers who pose daily in public places? You are incredibly confident and I totally respect you!

It felt really awkward walking slowly across the street, all the while chanting to Saffron: "Just take the picture, take the picture, take the picture..." as cars and people passed by.

Any tips on how you deal with that? I'd love to hear them!


Purvi said...

loved your tights and the way you have played down the skirt :)
and you two really look ilk siblings :) :)

Purvi said...

following you now on both GFC and bloglovin

Irene Buffa said...

super nice blog!
u girls are so cute <3

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Steph said...

Your nails are adorable! Love them!Xx

Ioana Liliana said...

Such fun photos! You look very cute :)

Ioana of Fashezine

Alice McGenniss-Destro said...

the shadow photo is awesome!
nice blog i'm now following you :)

Vale said...

100!!!!!!!!!!Beautiful pics!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!
bloglovin follower

Francesca R said...

hey girls you are all looking fab!! I like the nail art!!

lapetiteblonde said...

greats looks =)super cute!!
thanks dear!and of course, follow you on google friends connect!!
kisses pretty and have a nice day=)

Sofia Rocha said...

like :)
i'm following you!

Bravoe Runway said...

You and Saffron are beautiful :) Love your boho chic influenced outfits!


how i love the pattern on your tights!
Kirsten's outfit stole my heart <3 great boots and knit outer
send my best regard to your friends


❤AdamAlexMommy❤ said...

the photos are gorgeous. there's nothing like a strong friendship... and being stylish, too. :) you guys are so cute... and i love that bag so much. love your friend's name--saffron! so pretty. :)


Kat said...

these photos are so cute!!!! love your outfits!!!! so pretty and sweet! :)
thanks so much for your sweet comment and for following! im following your wonderful blog now too :)

Emi Coco said...

Lovely post!

Shall we follow each other? I'm following you.


lolita said...

Loove your bag and necklace <3 x

The Fashion Moodboard said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean, I feel so awkward posing outside. So I just stick to my garden, can't give you any tips ;) Or what I do is go to Amsterdam, and pretend to be a tourist, because everybody is taking pictures there they don't notice it ;) haha.

Cute outfit btw and I'm now following you, hope you will check out my blog too :)


Bonnie said...

These pictures are too adorable! I just love the red skirt. It looks like you ladies had a great time.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

The Fashion Robot said...

you are and look very pretty, AMAZING OUTFIT

Brandi, The Beatniq said...

Oh I love this. I don't think I could do stuff in public places unless my photographer looked legit.

Joandy said...

so adorable, all of you!!!

Andy Santana said...

passei para conhecer o seu blog,
adorei aqui.

Anonymous said...

Awww isnt it the best when you bump into your girlfriends in town! It certainly looks like you trio had a blast together. Very cute outfits all around and even more incredibly cute poses <3


Josie said...

Awww! So cute :) You guys look like you're having so much fun! Enjoy that sun!

-Josie, 8bitgrayscale

Kassi said...

How fun! Looks like you ladies had a great time! I adore the color of your skirt. Super cute!

DXiredDiamond said...

Cute pics hun! I LOVE the shadow photo! That's so cool! Nice post!

LinasStyle said...

Cute accessories! loving the outfit!

Maria- CityLaundry said...

cute blog you have here!
love that floral print!

Marion said...

Love you in the red skirt!!
And the "sniffer" is the funniest nickname I've heard in a while...haha!

Oh, and taking photos in public is totally embarrassing and I still struggle with it. I guess it is good for me to work on my shyness :-)
XO - Marion

NaNa said...

Oh what a lovely day~ Your outfit is so simple but chic. Really nice. :)

Love, the NaNa girls x

Melina-Lajolie said...

beautiful post :)
would you like to follow each other? wish you a great day!

Sam said...

Such a stylish group of friends, love the vibrant skirt, very adorable outfit and great choice of accessories!
P.S I like your blog background

Sarah said...

I hope you had a lovely time with your friends, you all look fab! I know what you mean, I always feel so awkward posing in the street etc for outfit photos, I don't do it anymore haha! xo

Megan said...

Love the red skirt and that sweet little bag :) Posing in public is definitely awkward... I try to find places that are quiet with not too many people around, but it's difficult!

Rebecca from See Me Rwar said...

Such fabulous textures and colors together! And I love the bag!

See Me Rwar

Stephanie said...

Very cute photos! Interesting nails!


Liliana Santos said...

Thanks sweet! :)

Jenna said...

It looks like such a fun day! And I get taht totally awkward feeling while taking pictures in public as well!

Satin And Salt said...

three outfits for the price of one single post, love it! Looks like you have some pretty fashionable friends.


The Mind's Clothes said...

I really love the first outfit !
I follow you now and I hope you follow me back ;)

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