OOTD // Pretty In Pink + Missing Prince

Outfit Details:   Jeans: thrifted   Top: Rue 21   Flats: Wet Seal   Scarf: Ebay (gift)   Ring: gift   Earrings: thrifted

I feel all set for Valentines Day with these hot pink pants! I wore them over the weekend to try and brighten things up.

Unfortunately they're of the bootcut style, which is fine, but for brightly colored pants I'd prefer a skinnier version. However, I decided I'd wear these anyway. After all, my mom had so kindly thrifted them for me (thrifting is a family hobby for us) and I haven't worn them once. 

The top is a favorite of mine that I got on clearance from Rue 21. Isn't it lovely? I love the cut on the shoulder, how one side looks like a tank top and the other drapes. It's probably not as obvious in these pictures since I'm so white (I can't wait for summer so I can be tan again!).

Kirsten came over and we watched movies, checked out blogs, talked, and played a little basketball too. So it was good bff time.

However, as I'm updating this post, I have some disheartening news to share.
My dog is missing. :(

I've shown Prince on many posts before, and I absolutely love this dog. He's getting older and slightly more senile, but he's been a part of the family for about 6 years now. Over the weekend my dad went for a walk on a trail we often go to and took Prince with him. A gunshot rang out in the distance and spooked Prince (this has happened before), and he took off for the car at the base of the trail. When my dad got there, Prince had vanished into thin air. Normally, he's down there waiting at the car, but not this time. Dad searched for an hour, going up and down all the possible roads, but there was no sign of Prince. He was wearing his collar, but no one's called, so now we're afraid he got stolen.

Why does this have to happen? I stayed up late last night, unable to sleep, because Prince wasn't by my bed like he usually is. I just don't know what to do. We can hang fliers, but if someone is being dishonest, they won't call or try to return him. 

I don't know what to do.

Sorry to unload all that on you, but sometimes a girl's got to vent. I'll let you know if anything changes.

Anyway, keep a close eye on your pets!


Tonya said...

OH no, I'm so sorry to hear about your dog :'( I have three dogs and a very special cat at home and I would be so sad if they went missing. I wish you the best of luck that someone brings him back home!
On a happier note, I love how your scarf and shoes match...very cute!

Sarah Stright said...

First, I love those pants. Great color. But more importantly I'm so sorry to hear about your dog!!! I hope that he comes home soon!

Kassi said...

I love your bright pink pants and leopard scarf. I hope your doggie finds his way home soon too. I would be massively upset if my dog went missing.

Megan said...

I really like your pink pants!

Sarah said...

I just love your style - those trousers are awesome!!

I'm sorry to hear about your dog - fingers crossed you are reunited soon xx

Yara Simón said...

Great pants. So fun.

Ester Ulaya said...

i love ping, ur outfit is fab

Stephanie said...

Loving the pink! Your dog is adorable!

Life's a shoe said...

loving the pink shades! didn't realize they look great with pink! nice look!

Miss Donna Poesia said...

I love pink!

Nav said...

the pink details in the outfit are so pretty!

xo Nav

Shellena said...

I like the pink with the leopard.

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