LIFE LATELY // Missing Prince Found!!!


Okay, so it's been two days since my dog went missing and I only posted about it today. Well, ironically, it is today that he came home!!

I'm so happy I have my Prince back!
(In case you can't tell from all the exclamation points!!) :)

It was thanks to Facebook, where I posted about Prince missing. Neighbors heard about it and came over to offer up suggestions on getting him back. One mentioned how Prince may have been hiding out in some nearby buildings and a factory near the trail where we lost him. 

Well, turns out Prince has been wandering around there for two days now, just waiting for us to find him. 
My parents didn't tell me about it because I didn't see them until my basketball game started tonight, and they figured they'd make it a surprise.

So when I walked into the living room, and the lights came on, there was my Prince, wagging his tail and yelping excitedly just like he always is. 

I dropped everything I was carrying (which included flowers - it was Senior night, so I got honored before the game started) and dashed over and smothered him in a huge hug. Then of course, since I'm a sap and I absolutely love that dog, I broke down into tears of happiness. :')

Aha, poor Prince was whining wondering what was wrong. Silly boy. I am never taking that dog for granted again!

Anyway, just a quick post to update you on that. I'll probably talk some more about it in tomorrow's post.

Thanks for all the sweet comments on my last post!
I appreciated them. :)


★ JASMINE ★ said...

ah! good! i can understand that feeling! i've had my animals go missing for a few days long ago, and i couldnt sleep a wink!

love the blog hun!! happy to be your newest follower <3

would really love it if you could visit me sometime and follow back ?


audrey marie said...

i dont know whatd i do if my pup went missing!! so glad hes back.

NaNa said...

aww glad you found your prince !! hope you enjoy more time with him ^^


yiqin; said...

soo nice <3

Sandra Leiva said...

That picture is really beautiful, dear! <3

Pop Champagne said...

love the last picture, you look adorable and awww the pup is just so snuggly looking!

Megan said...

aw nice, what a sweet picture :)

Emi Coco said...

Lovely post! :)

Shall we follow each other?


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