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Outfit Details:   Cardigan: Sears   Dress: (thrifted) Route 66   Boots: vintage   Necklace: Debs   Ring: Philippines   Belt: thrifted

I've had this cardigan for quite some time and even though I always thought it was the perfect basic, I rarely use it. When I was cleaning out my closet, I considered how often I used it and felt ashamed. So I'm going to start adding it to more outfits, along with some other items I've kept buried in my closet. I'm actually going to try a tip I read on, which said to try hanging your clothes with the hooks facing towards you. Then, as you use each piece more, hang them the right way. After a couple months, the clothes still hanging on backward hooks belong in a bottom of a drawer or the Goodwill.

And since I'm not willing to part with this cardigan, I styled it with a favorite summer dress of mine. 
The feather necklace is a new favorite. It makes quite a statement! The only problem is "preening" it. ;) Haha, it flutters so much!

So, another bird-ish accessorized outfit. I wore my owl ring to complete the theme. Then a studded belt kept my waist defined and added a subtle, edginess.

It's pretty ridiculous how warm our winter is here. And from what I've read on other blogs, it seems this warm weather is everywhere! Its January and we've only had one decent snowy day. My classmates and I were discussing how this will effect our upcoming snowboarding days and we're considering not even paying the money to go now. If there's no snow, what's the point?

So...I go to a small school, where we're all pretty close and we're like a family. Since it's my senior year, I've been feeling so nostalgic just thinking about all of us separating and growing apart. It makes me so sad! It's been weighing on my heart and lately I've been treasuring all the laughs and moments we have together. I've got a special group of guy friends that have made my transition into the school much easier (I started going there my sophomore year) and feel so accepted. I'm a naturally quiet person, so switching schools is a terrible experience. I know I seem chatty here, but in real life I'm that quiet, bookworm type of girl. I've been working on it know, it's a work in progress!

Anyway, I felt like sharing that and just saying how much I love my friends. They make the school days so much easier to get through!

Speaking's Friday!



Joandy said...

another great outfit, these studded belt and feather necklace are awesome!!

Emm said...

love the neck piece!

Sarah Stright said...

Oh my gosh that necklace and the owl ring are adorable. Great accessories. I'm a new follower :)

Sarah said...

Wow that necklace is really amazing, I love that you have to preen it haha! x

Ruby Girl said...

Love the feather necklace with the cobalt dress and striped cardi. Very nice! Enjoy your last year with your classmates! Always bittersweet to leave something good, but I'm sure you'll have many new adventures with new friends down the road xoxo

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