When I started reading fashion blogs, I loved seeing the fresh, creative outfits that looked so...well, just so good! There were some I didn't want to forget, so I created a folder and started saving pictures to it so I could find them later and try re-creating the outfits myself.

When I looked through the folder, I was shocked over how much I've stored!

I decided today I'd display the fabulous outfits I've found on others' blogs for a change (and I apologize for not remembering where/who each one came from!)
I've always struggled finding a good outfit to rock knee socks with. I think I just found my inspiration for it.
This shade of blue and orange together? Just perfect. I love the maxi dress she's rocking!
Isn't her polka dot sweater just perfect!? I'm still searching for something like it.
Hi-low cut dress! It's still on my lust list. Now to find one in my budget...
I love this girl's feather print dress!
This girl always has perfect style. I've almost never seen an outfit on her that I don't love.
Tonya always brings her unique tweaks to every outfit she rocks! She has a very distinct rocker, vintage style that I love. :)
I consider this girl my summer inspiration blogger. She's from southern California (of course) and always has some awesome clothes that make me want to go shopping.

For example: this sequin jacket.
Never seen an outfit by Veronika that I didn't love! She has that perfect girly style that I adore.
Here's another blogger from California, and man, has she got style! Just check out her blog. She also has some fierce poses that I'm just too chicken to attempt.
Another favorite blogger of mine. Just check out her blog and you'll see.

Having photo overload yet?

Haha, there's a lot more in my folders, but what do you think? Want to attack your closet and come up with some new outfits yet? That's my reaction! I'm feeling quite inspired for this upcoming week. :) seems my weakness is skirts. Haha, skirts, lots of layers, and boots!

Hope you're all having a fantastic day and that this inspired you to perk up your basic look!

PS: Thanks for all the positive feedback and comments on my last post! :) I'm glad you're liking the new banner. I thought the old one was pretty dull. Haha, it's because of comments like yours that encourages me to keep posting!


The Daily Fashionista said...

I always love finding inspiration from other bloggers!! You chose some fabulous photos to keep in your folder!


Aw, yay thank you so much for including me in this lovely post!! You're an absolute sweetheart and gah, I LOVE so many of these outfits, such lovely inspiration! xo V

Tonya said...

Absolutely amazing inspiration...I'm really loving the first one. And thanks so much for featuring little ole me in there too :D So sweet of you!

Sarah Stright said...

Wow, these are really great inspirations! I love so many of them! Great post.

G. said...

Skirts & boots are the best! You can never have enough of both :)

★ JASMINE ★ said...

Such amazing outfits!

Each and every one of them!

thanks for sharing!



Jess said...

thanks sweetie you are awesome! I have done the exact.same.thing!!!! I checked my folder and I have almost 800 photos!!! Geesh! and i have the same photo of keiko lynn! lol! i bought white knee high socks because of that photo and now I don't know what to wear them with... anyways keep it up love!! :)

Silkybow said...

so much nice inspirations!
everyone is soooo stylish D:

Kassi said...

These are all beautiful, stylish and inspiring ladies. Gorgeous! Love it all!

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