OOTD // Belated Winter Blues

Outfit Details:   Cardigan: Old Navy   Top: (thrifted) Julie's Closet   Skirt: vintage   Tights: Target   Boots: Route 66

Ring: Forever 21

Necklace: garage sale

From my school's gym door. The snow started at 9 and never let up!

Wow, it was really coming down today!

We finally got a decent snowfall :D
And of course, right now it is raining, and the snow is turning to slush.
Well, at least we were able to enjoy it for a while. I'm still crossing my fingers for a snow day. I could really use a day of relaxation. 

It was rather dim in the morning and the snow lent my pictures a blue tint, which I actually kind of like. Aha, I know they're not the most clear photos, but I tried for you anyway. That's the problem with having sports right after school. By the time I get home it's dark! So my only time to take outfit pictures is in the morning before I leave for school.

I got these olive tights from Target for sale, and I've been trying to incorporate it into my outfits. Thankfully, I've got a lot of olive-hued clothes to go with it. And I've kept this headwrap for years and practically never used it! So glad I dug it out. I love the tribal print on it. And like how I wore it? Haha, I decided to try it hippie style and ended up loving how it looked. What do you think? 

My fuzzy boots were the perfect shoes for the snow! My feet stayed toasty warm, and with all the layers I had (I also had on a thick, winter coat on top of this cardigan), I stayed plenty warm. 

Let's hope the snow keeps up and there's no school/work tomorrow! ;)


★ JASMINE ★ said...

love the boots and that ring is gorgeous!


TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

oh wow.. look at all that snow! Loved the pictures!
You look great! All warn and cozy :)


Marion said...

I love Target for tights! They seriously have some great options and they rotate colors often so I always check back.

As for your pics, LOVE them! You're super adorable in the first one :-) And you gotta love a good boho look in the snow!

XO - Marion

Alexa Bennett said...

great pictures! I love your jewelry!

x Alexa

Kassi said...

I super love your accessories. Those boots look toasty and also really stylish. Cute look!

Life's a shoe said...

I love your scarf and ring!

my mini bag said...

Love the ring and the heart necklace. Cute outfit too. Looks extremely warm and cozy.

New follower.

jas said...

cute boots - look cosy!

Catherine said...

Love love LOVE that heart necklace!

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Valeria said...

Thanks for your comment!!! I start following on BLOGLOVIN and GFC, hope you'll follow me back on both!!!xoxo from rome

Cristina Lupu said...

your blog is amazing!! especially this post!!!!great job!!

V. said...

I love snow!!! but here in Italy we didn't see it much this year!

stop by my blog if u get a second!


Audrey said...

love the stripes! x

Megan said...

Awesome ring! Love the snowy background :)

Haute Eyes said...

Love the dusting of snow that was left behing from the falling! Love your furry boots! So cute! Would love it if you could check out my latest post and tell me what you think! Follow me, I follow you?


Sandra Leiva said...

Looking great, dear!
I love your boots and your accesories!
Following you!
Check out my new post! <3

Haylee said...

Lovely photos, way to still look cute when the snows coming down. I usually get lazy when the snow comes around, but this is inspiring. :)


She's Dressing Up said...

Lovely photos! I love your big ring! <3

Elisabeth. said...

Nice pictures! ^-^ Do u want to follow each other? (:

xx from

Velvet Bloom said...

i adore ur ring! and those boots

Jessa Belle said...

So cute! I have a very similar necklace and I adore it! Still no snowfall here... =( I'll keep my fingers crossed that the sky's open up on you and keep you from school! =D

Love & Lollies... Jessa

Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

skippysays said...

That ring is so pretty! And I love your headband too :)

Jenny said...

What a dreamy winter day. And you look so cozy warm in this lovely outfit :-)

Viv said...

cute outfit for the winter! love your style ;)

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Gorgeous ring! I really love it. Hope you're staying warm in all that snow.

Sarah Stright said...

LOOOOOVE your ring! Fantastic. And thanks for your comment. I accidentally deleted it and can't figure out how to get it back. Boooo :( Have to remember not to approve comments on my iPhone when the delete button is RIGHT THERE. :)

April Cheung said...

cute turban <3

DawnieP said...

You look so so adorable. I love your mukluks and your ring, totally adorable!


Elisabeth. said...

Hi beautiful! tnks a lot for ur lovely comment! ^-^ Of course, i follow u back!!

xx from

poziomka said...

Nice pics :)
I love your necklace!

Heather said...

That head scarf looks so cute on you!!!


Little Tree Vintage said...

loving the big ring!

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