OOTD // Afterglow

Outfit Details:   Parka: (thrifted) Worthington   Top: Kirra   Skirt: Old Navy   Boots: mom's   Necklace: Debs   Ring: Claires

Something about sunlight on wet pavement that gives it a pretty glow. I'm quite pleased with how these photos turned out!

The last one shows my photograph of our car window after driving through a lot of puddles and rain. Good close-up, huh?

So, it's basically raining buckets here, and me and Kirsten are trying to find something to do besides paint our nails. Any ideas? What do you like to do on rainy days? I'm voting for a stack of movies, cozy pajamas, and some hot tea!


Anonymous said...

Love this!
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Marion said...

Love the teal color on you! And these are great photos...I love how you captured the light as the sun is just getting ready to set.
XO - Marion

Lisa H. said...

Your bumble bee ring is so cute! :)


Sarah Stright said...

That ring is amazing. I want it. Can I have it? Pretty please? :) And the last picture is super cool.

Josie said...

For rainy days I like to snuggle with a TON of blankets, watch movies, drink hot chocolate, and cuddle with my dogs :)


omg cute outfit! and these pictures are gorgeous!


Sophie said...

Really cute!

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Vale ♥ said...

Loving your pics, and that bee ring =) I also like to stay inside when it's cold and watch tv series under a blanket with hot tea, yay !

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yiqin; said...

so nice :)

yiqin; said...

pretty ring <3

Ly said...

I love your ring! It's so pretty.

Michelle Lee said...

love that ring

Fashion and Mie said...

Like the green colour of your blouse!

Would you like to follow each other?

Missy Ann Rinfret said...

such a cute ring!

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